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Man Goes Out For Milk, Leaves Family For 23 Years

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Richard Hoagland's wife and kids had no idea what happened to him after he disappeared in 1993, this until he was found living in Florida with a brand new life! Follow Me: https://twitter.com/jamarispeaks https://www.instagram.com/jamarispeaks/
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JAMARI (4 months ago)
Thanks for watching! Kick your feet up and enjoy this video to end your week! Hit me on my social medias @jamarispeaks. Much love, peace out! - Jam
DahRocker (2 days ago)
JAMARI do you rap dude
Cody Kicklighter (8 days ago)
why did you make fun of the family for losing their house? you're pretty heartless.
Zreddx (1 month ago)
How the fuck am I supposed to litterally kick my own feet up?
Gordon Ramsey (1 month ago)
U gey
Feralbam1 (2 months ago)
~did you just say '' wanna get away lookin ass '' as if you were black hahahahaha the de evolution of the US is finaly set in stone. Black people are mongoloid do not copy them they are not cool they are bird brained shit heads.
McChicken 125 (23 minutes ago)
I bet it was some good milk.
Anthony Molina (2 hours ago)
Nibba really said, Dip.
[ADHD] Trach!99 (3 hours ago)
Who else thought of Richard's dad from gumball
Burdu (3 hours ago)
Kevin Calderon (3 hours ago)
I would visit him just to eat kfc chicken in front of him Finger licken good batch
Guapo Ballout (3 hours ago)
Real boss nigga 💯
Kool-Aid Man (6 hours ago)
Badass Coop (8 hours ago)
I thought he would be black
Shortstufz (8 hours ago)
*sees title, lol same
Amir Dayyef (11 hours ago)
This is a real life meme
rane rong (12 hours ago)
no joke i just found this joke meme
water wonders Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ (13 hours ago)
My dad went to get some beer , it's been 20yrs and he hasn't been back yet . Must be a very long line or store is far away to get his special beer
Rukia Kuchiki (13 hours ago)
I'd be so mad if my dad was gone for 23 years and than was found later remarried
flower power (18 hours ago)
Typical dad shit
I just found your channel and I had to sub keep up the amazing work!!
FREEHECTOR MUSIC (22 hours ago)
Plot twist he was really james bond
Doomsday _TheHeroKiller (22 hours ago)
Let’s just say that the son is gonna make a sequel to this..
Kim Cortes (23 hours ago)
ZxCv XNightly (1 day ago)
I mean it's all about patience. He's looking for a good bottle
Dakota Eventing (1 day ago)
*The real question is,* _did the kids ever get their milk?_
PinkVampire21 (1 day ago)
I think the title meant milf, not milk 😂 that's why he had a new wife
Peetu (1 day ago)
I knew these comments would be gold
Jack The12th (1 day ago)
Damn I thought this might be my dad
The1andOnlyPapisita (1 day ago)
Legends say, he's *still* getting milk...
Birf certificate
Stephanie K (1 day ago)
the detective kinda looks like a cleaned up jonah hill
AceFakey (1 day ago)
Did he get the milk?
GamingNCrap (1 day ago)
You’re an actual dick by making fun of her mom said she was Bigbird🖕🏻
agent smith (1 day ago)
What a legend
Pain Uzamaki (1 day ago)
Imagine 23 years without milk how sad :(
Riley Byrne (1 day ago)
This man is a hero and no one can tell me otherwise
Riley Byrne (1 day ago)
Nvm it got sad cause the man brought him down
DropZ (1 day ago)
t0es (1 day ago)
why does this sound familiar
Tyrese Patton (1 day ago)
Anyone else here for the memes
aquipt (1 day ago)
Who knows how many other families he has?😂
Liam Loughery (1 day ago)
It was a long line ok
Sunny tv (2 days ago)
Definitely give me the LOLZ for the day, I’ll sub
Andrei Budris (2 days ago)
*what a fucking loser*
cantlastoneminute (2 days ago)
Man the title is so relatable
Bill Bilson (2 days ago)
He protecc He attacc But most importantly The line at walmart was whacc
Listeed (2 days ago)
Sounds like my dad except he went to a job in Manchester
Vivares 76 (2 days ago)
I am the milkman. My milk is delicious
SuckMyPeen (2 days ago)
Funny, my dad is still at the store getting milk too. Wonder what’s taking him so long?
Abdelqader Abusharar (2 days ago)
Is that the real version of wakefield movie by Bryan Cranston??
depressing love (2 days ago)
Wait, no milk for 23 years? EXCUSE ME I NEED MY BONES TO GET STRONGER AND, wait. Dad? *Wait, that milk would be really spoiled tf is this parenting is he trying to kill me me?*
peachymyg (2 days ago)
*mine too bitch he ain’t special*
Eric Pulu (2 days ago)
Ok...ik this isn’t the time but...isn’t this what happened to Richards family in the Amazing world of Gumball?
Draco Padilla (3 days ago)
He need some meelk.
Murcia Bitches (3 days ago)
I want to be rich as my dad.*he went on vacation when I was born and still hadn’t come back*
Cesar (3 days ago)
must be some pretty good milk
I support the dad bitch was looking crusty
Carefree A. (3 days ago)
This is the do-over’s script
Anonymoos (3 days ago)
iTripReport (3 days ago)
Marianna Bahena (3 days ago)
he need some mi- 23 years later: -lk
Rip Aidan (3 days ago)
what a god
Magenta Diabla (3 days ago)
hey.. he looks familiar... *dad* !?
jason cr. (3 days ago)
Levels yo. Sound levels jumping all over the place. Set em once in the one room you record in. Done. I can't binge if I gotta try to play with myself and keep the shit from waking up the wife, jumping on my volume knob.
Star Warrior (3 days ago)
Protect Attack... I just want my dad back
Justin *-WHY-* (3 days ago)
Husband: Honey! I'm going to get some milk! wife: ok. *closes door* _we'll be right back_
Hawksfanboy11 (3 days ago)
Sounds like my dad
*Dad* *?*
Gus (3 days ago)
Garrett Conner (3 days ago)
Okay but who’s that white guy in the thumbnail
Colby Webster (3 days ago)
Father is it you
Dp Sm (3 days ago)
He's the man He's the legend
Fahad Hossain (3 days ago)
he forgot his way back to home
Sarcastamus Raconteur (3 days ago)
Man goes out for leaves,milks family for 23 years....now that's a story...
Tesco is Cool (3 days ago)
I think I found my dad
01987 N?a (3 days ago)
I usually only wait 3 minutes at the most in a queue but 23 years that’s absurd. Why didn’t he use the self service checkouts?
TeAniMate (3 days ago)
My dad is like boomerang...I hope
彼の目を盗む (3 days ago)
Idk why there complaining you know how dangerous the *Quest For The Best Milk* is? It’s very rare for a family to see there father ever again after the father takes on this dangerous quest, personally I’d be honored to know my father went on this quest *Fucking peasants*
That One Witch (3 days ago)
Look it’s Deku’s dad!!
彼の目を盗む (3 days ago)
*This guy is a living meme*
Joseph Figueroa (3 days ago)
Why isn't he black
Lazy Exe (3 days ago)
Wait. did he get the milk tho?
Itz Striker (3 days ago)
I wouldn’t even be mad 23 years like damn it really be like that sometimes
shellshocked 69 (3 days ago)
I feel like most people who liked this don’t have dads. Trust me it’s really a good feeling to watch this too.❤️
Best In Class (3 days ago)
Hey, *that happens with me but instead cigarettes*
Moses Johnson (3 days ago)
This reminds me of Richards Dad from The Amazing World Of Gumball
Robo Epic (3 days ago)
"Damn the line felt like it took years"
Ccg 64 (3 days ago)
I can’t believe when he came back he didn’t have the milk
RottenBreadstick (3 days ago)
He’s not even black bro
Lash (3 days ago)
*he said he was gonna buy me a gift and told me to wait inside the car. He never returned*
Lash (3 days ago)
*my dad still hasn’t returned.😿*
PiKaZaRd O (3 days ago)
Well I guess he *_need some m i l k_*
Brizz The Grizz (3 days ago)
Legend says that he is still trynna find the milk
Aggressive Yeet (3 days ago)
Reads title *straight up my life*
Heather Iverson (4 days ago)
You ain’t special
a soggy owlini (4 days ago)
only 23 years? fucking amateurs
Gay-K (4 days ago)
That sucks I bet they really needed some milk
Dynamite Gaming_YT (4 days ago)
That's one long queue
Matt Ryan (4 days ago)
Your videos are solid man. Nice balance of commentary and original content, your tone and speech volume is on point, and most importantly your insights are witty and comical. Thanks for the content and keep up the good work.
IeatNsleep Gmz (4 days ago)
That man thought he was black
Dam Playz (4 days ago)
The milk kidnapped him and raped him
Dude my dad went to the hospital he never came back lol thenurse said the computer thing was beeping.
Fignewter 6 (4 days ago)
Lol relatable
Hussein Ali (4 days ago)
What if he pulled a ,”oh, this new house that I’m living in? Glad you asked, cos I’m starting a cow farm, so I can personally produce the best milk for my family! The supermarkets were not up to standard.”
LeShawnDeQuea (4 days ago)
I didn't know this was a real thing, I thought it was just a joke that's been running for a long ass time.

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