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Man Goes Out For Milk, Leaves Family For 23 Years

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Richard Hoagland's wife and kids had no idea what happened to him after he disappeared in 1993, this until he was found living in Florida with a brand new life! Follow Me: https://twitter.com/jamarispeaks https://www.instagram.com/jamarispeaks/
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JAMARI (16 days ago)
Thanks for watching! Kick your feet up and enjoy this video to end your week! Hit me on my social medias @jamarispeaks. Much love, peace out! - Jam
NSC SHMEBS Playz (1 day ago)
JAMARI 🌚🌚🌚🌞🌞🌞
waterlegend72 (3 days ago)
YO! real life Yoshikage Kira.
memelord (3 days ago)
Dude wtf y u goin like fuken nuts to butts on this guy, I mean it’s bad but he doesn’t need to get like fuken raped in prison or some shit
Jack Duncan (3 minutes ago)
Gotta say you're not so smart and kinda judmental. Do you even know how many fathers ended up committing suicide because of an unhappy marriage and financial burdens from his family ? Do you even know that up to 50% of marriages ended up in divorce ? Do your research before you make vids like this? You're bringing the wrong content to people! Making them misunderstood
Mystic_Overlag (4 minutes ago)
25k liker😀
rodrianos alia (7 minutes ago)
dead_banditø (9 minutes ago)
who’s this dude...😴
brian ochieng' (39 minutes ago)
That interviewer and his triggering questions lmao
*Dan * (40 minutes ago)
Im waiting for my next awesome recommendation
KINGxGTA (59 minutes ago)
Sounds about black
Donny Yario (1 hour ago)
That line at Wal Mart ain't no joke
Yo Yo (1 hour ago)
To bad he didnt get away with it. I would totally do this lol
Pleasant Grove Bones (1 hour ago)
He didn't like his current build, so he made a new account.
La Féte (1 hour ago)
Bro this narrator funny as hell
Faizal Iqbal (2 hours ago)
why is this on my recommendation? *What are you trying to say Youtube?*
Tyler Najera (2 hours ago)
This seems like it would make a good comedy
Johnny_98 (3 hours ago)
Maybe the identity thing was a bit too much but maybe he should have made up an identity that way if they found him then it would have just been a cool and sad story to tell the kids
Gwebb (3 hours ago)
That’s Michael from college humors dad
Gordon Sun (3 hours ago)
It seems he missed the restart button.
slapnut :v (3 hours ago)
don’t blame him the Kruger’s was closed so he had to get it at Wawa
Elongated Muskrat (3 hours ago)
*Imagine leaving your family for 23 years to win a hide and seek game with your sons*
Out spoken (4 hours ago)
Have this poor man found some milk yet?
I think this is a former professor of mine...
Ernest Jay (4 hours ago)
He actually got a tons of debt, that's why he ended stealing identity and pretend to be died on his old family.
Chris Breezy (4 hours ago)
*Reads Title* 𝘏𝘦𝘺, 𝘵𝘩𝘢𝘵 𝘳𝘦𝘮𝘪𝘯𝘥𝘴 𝘮𝘦 𝘰𝘧 𝘮𝘺 𝘥𝘢𝘥!
Izaiah Black (4 hours ago)
This man is a legend... this man is like... a fucking legend,
Michael Haney (4 hours ago)
Normally it's going out for a pack of Cigarettes.
digital warfare (4 hours ago)
This is every black kid ever LOL
ElijahSaurusRex (4 hours ago)
For the sake of youtube recommendations i will watch this.
Pedro Enriquez (5 hours ago)
thats what my dad did,still at 7/11 btw
tseawell90 (5 hours ago)
His wife looks like a real nagger
Emanuel Tovar (5 hours ago)
Oh ......... so this is where the joke came from
Actually this is kinda a movie
AlexD (5 hours ago)
Darion LV (5 hours ago)
Hes used the old reliable “going out for milk”
RayJ Styles (6 hours ago)
1:47 xDDDD
Daniel Cazarez (6 hours ago)
My dad might beat that, he went out to get groceries and it’s been 18 years
I hope that man finds his milk
oh yeah yeah (6 hours ago)
Til this day they still didn't get the milk
Allan Arce (6 hours ago)
*Yeah, That seems about right*
Jesus C (6 hours ago)
Dude you're funny! You're going places.
I read the title and didn't look at the thumbnail and I swear this generation is so fucked up I thought his name was going to be "Tyrone"
Youssef Zehry (6 hours ago)
dude imagine what the kids felts, they probably remembered their dad every time they saw a milk jar.
The Diamond Miner (6 hours ago)
Honey Im home! Did you get the milk? Oops! Be right back!
headset cat (7 hours ago)
Aw SHIT im so stupid i thought the titled said man leaves milk out for 23 years
Tezerct (7 hours ago)
Hey look it’s my dad
Anchovies_ (7 hours ago)
Still looking through the milk aisle after 23 years.
Pussy Slayer (7 hours ago)
Well that’s one way to avoid child support 😄
Siddharth Alagh (7 hours ago)
earned urslef a sub this vid hilarious (besides better get than curry good milk)
slasher (7 hours ago)
Well, obviously he's a secret agent going on an important mission. Tsk, dummies these days.
Slim Shady (7 hours ago)
Bro😂😂 I’m subscribing
Garrett Sampson (7 hours ago)
23 year journey for milk.. ok
y33tboy (8 hours ago)
Fucking legend
Minifridge (8 hours ago)
he just escaped to drink that quality ass zepherhylls water
Flaninty (8 hours ago)
Imagine he comes back and he bought the wrong milk
Clorax Bleach (8 hours ago)
Oh my dad must still be looking for milk as well.
Freddy Pedraza (8 hours ago)
My dad was in the hospital one day, said he was taking a nap and never woke up, still waiting for him to dig himself out
Matthew Chen (8 hours ago)
Amazing World of Gumball?
Jose Lemus (8 hours ago)
Merch plz
Rumor has it the milk was expired
1.5B views (8 hours ago)
Basically it's dekus dad
Ben Davies (8 hours ago)
Wait he's white and didn't return. Strange world.
Patrick Yates (9 hours ago)
Papa? You came back from the store. Yes Nelson, I came back
Cringley 1 (9 hours ago)
My dad's on a 18 year milk trip..... Hell be back soon......
carter mcdonalds (9 hours ago)
My dad never came back.like if u also don’t have a dad
Zidane Steiner (9 hours ago)
his old wife was terrible obviously.
Link The Alchemist (9 hours ago)
Yo I know how traffic be out here.
heka Cha (9 hours ago)
The man who regrets nothing absolute legend
Trey Biller (9 hours ago)
Chichopuente (9 hours ago)
Woha, my dad left without warning
Awsomecfs TC (9 hours ago)
Wait... He’s white?
ToxiicWarfare (9 hours ago)
He doesn't look black too me🤔
White Knight (9 hours ago)
Jorvikson (10 hours ago)
That gran is a fucking savage.
Kutlaca (10 hours ago)
He was emaranced to come back, cuz he drinked whole milk on the way home
Tomb Runner (10 hours ago)
Nelson Muntz father anyone?
The Unknown Psycho (10 hours ago)
You know the sons get hurt every time they hear that joke about the dad leaving for milk.
Gabriel Santos (10 hours ago)
Has anyone seen Gavin!?
Clay Anims (10 hours ago)
Reminds me of simpsons
So he went to airport to buy milk but they dont have any at that time ... and he scared if his wife gonna kick his butt so he trying to hide...blame the airport since they didnot sell him any milk... legits!? 🤣
Okay (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) (10 hours ago)
This is now a meme
Legendary Niwatori (10 hours ago)
This shit really happens? Damn. I thought this was just a cliche that writers used to excuse the father's from storylines.
Alberto Ferrer (10 hours ago)
I feel a coincidence with richards dad in the amazing world of gumball...
Broccoli Sauce (10 hours ago)
Explains my dad 🤷‍♂️
Cody Harden (11 hours ago)
😂Man really wanted the best milk for his kids why you mad at him he’s still prolly looking
Filip Kasprzyk (11 hours ago)
*_I'm surprised he's not black_*
Max (15 minutes ago)
that's gonna be a yikes from me dog
The One The Only (11 hours ago)
Ryan K (11 hours ago)
That Walmart line ain't no joke
Jesus Christ (11 hours ago)
Did he get the milk though
Adzz (11 hours ago)
*that epic gamer moment when your dad leaves you for 23 years but you get the victory royale!*
Hush Up (11 hours ago)
That mick at the end
Harsh Raj Always free (11 hours ago)
A man providing for his family at best
Ethan Hoffer (11 hours ago)
Oh my god! Amazing World of Gumball They referenced this. Richard Waterson’s father left him after saying to get milk
Caleb Heflin (11 hours ago)
Guess the store ran out of cigarettes
Captain Comedy (C.C.) (11 hours ago)
Been here since 4k subs, hope Jamari Remembers me
Adrian Ellis (11 hours ago)
Yeah my dad went out to get (blank) and never came back. Sounds like the slogan of the single mom help hotline
ibraheem gamer (12 hours ago)
24 Years!!!! OMG 😂😂😂
Bundy 4Prez (12 hours ago)
Damn! She must have been a big pain in the ass.
Mister Vaulty Jr (12 hours ago)
Punch em
Enrico Shippole (12 hours ago)
Don Draper
A Fantastic Meme (12 hours ago)
Wait. U mean my dad who went for milk yesterday. Isnt comming back
Ajusdonbilivit (12 hours ago)
Plot twist: he’s not black

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