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I Shouldn't Have Sent Selfie Pictures To My Boyfriend

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By Abigail | Subscribe: http://bit.ly/sub2storybooth | Record your story @ https://storybooth.com or our iPhone app for a chance to get animated. Comment, like, share this story. It all began when Abigail started dating this boy who she was truly head over heels in love with - she thought he was total boyfriend material. They'd only been going out for a short while but everyone knew they were a couple -- boyfriend and girlfriend - and one night they were texting and he asked her for picture without her clothes on, he wanted to start sexting with her. And here's the thing, before you judge her - she really believed that they were meant for each other and that he was a good guy - so, she said yes, she would send him a picture of herself without clothes. Really, at that point in their relationship she felt like she would literally do anything for him. We've all felt that way about someone before haven't we? Me She sent him a selfie photo, well, it wasn't a full selfie without clothes, it was a half without clothes pic, but still, half pic is only half clothed, in private. It wasn't THAT bad, not as bad as it could have been if she had sexted him a full without clothes. But she made him swear that he wouldn't share it, spread it, or send the picture to anyone, and that included everyone! But then, according to him, one of his friends took his phone, sent the picture of Abigail to himself, and then proceeded to send it off to everyone in their grade at school. The day after the pic got sent around she remembers walking into school and absolutely everyone had this picture of her on their phones. It had only been meant for this one person, her boyfriend, the guy she was going out with, and it shattered her confidence and feelings of self-worth. She felt broken, all because of this one mistake, this silly picture - hurt and so embarrassed. It was all over social media, After two weeks of this selfie picture going around, and Abigail having such a rough time of it, the teachers found out about it and she was called into the principal's office and they told her that she had to go and tell her mom and her family what had happened AND that the police were going to get involved as well. This just overwhelmed her and made her so sad, she burst into tears. She just never could've imagined herself having to talk to the police about this stupid mistake she made. The picture had been leaked, sent, and circulated to everyone and she'd been getting practically cyber-bullied and stalked over it - these rude boys who felt the photo gave them some power over her. The police were really kind, and told her that this kind of thing happened all the time and that it wasn't her fault, that her boyfriend should never have shared that photo. Those boys got really badly told off and into a ton of trouble. Abigail assumed that they'd learned their lesson, but they hadn't. After a few months had passed Abigail made another very common mistake, she got back together with this same boy who had hurt her so badly and betrayed her. He had apologized and she really thought he meant it. He responded by saying that it was all her fault in the first place for sharing the picture with him, and then he blocked her on snapchat, and she unfollowed him, and still, to this day, he bullies her and speaks really badly about her behind her back - calling her horrible names that she would never call him. Sending A Picture To her Boyfriend was the biggest regret her life. Abigail shared this story as a warning to other girls all around the world to be very careful about sending those kinds of pictures to people. It's easy to caught up in it, and it's easy for things to go wrong. It could happen to anyone. _____ What's your story? storybooth wants to hear it! LINKS: Website: http://www.storybooth.com Instagram: @thestorybooth twitter @thestorybooth https://www.instagram.com/thestorybooth G+: https://plus.google.com/+Storybooth Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thestorybooth/ Tumblr: https://storybooth.tumblr.com/ If you liked this storybooth animation and love storytime / story time story booth kid videos, watch our themed playlist collections: Being Yourself: https://goo.gl/89enEN Love and Heartbreak: https://goo.gl/mfaoKw Embarrassing and Funny: https://goo.gl/5GjxrW Bullies and Mean People: https://goo.gl/THS3LB Overcoming Challenges: https://goo.gl/pbxRa9 #storybooth #storyboothOnlyTrueStories
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storybooth (6 months ago)
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Nyerica Davis (2 months ago)
She is nasty
uncommon wolf (3 months ago)
Im a boy so this vid is realy helping me know what not to do when i have a girlfriend: DO NOT ASK FOR NUDES
sonia shoily (3 months ago)
I love the story ‘s
Kayla Morales (35 minutes ago)
Just rise up
james zehna (41 minutes ago)
At least he didn't also get you pregnant.
cay sha (6 hours ago)
Rachel Rio Hernandez I sent your pictures out to porn magazine I should be getting a check worth the money. I told them you were a prositute. So the want more pics from you
Princess becky (16 hours ago)
james zehna (18 hours ago)
0:38 Why did you have to portray the innocent boys who got the picture like that? I am hurt and if anyone reply's, ask yourself if you would say this in person.
girly gamer 2009 (19 hours ago)
I am glad that they got in trouble I really want to punch them in the face until they die
Foxy Moxi (1 day ago)
Not only girls I’m a boy and a girl asked me for a pick and a same thing happened
hollie burns (1 day ago)
i feel so sorry for this girl!!! she didn't deserve this!
Alejandra Serrano (1 day ago)
Yo that sucks so sorry he is a B*****
Alexis Do (1 day ago)
What I have learned through life is that you can’t trust anyone,love isn’t real, this world is full of sin, people gossip too much. MEN THEY ARE DIRTY AND THEY TURN THEIR BACKS ON YOU LIKE MAYONNAISE LEFT OUT IN THE HOT SUN,...SO STAY SINGLE AND STICK TO KETCHUP! changed but mostly quoted by the actor in Bunk’d “Kevin Quinn” mostly known as Xander McCormick.
HighNeder Mapper (2 days ago)
I thought selfie picture is when you take a photo of your face?
Lưu Mỹ Quân (2 days ago)
And people say that feminism is overrated
Sparkle Kitty (2 days ago)
I'm in frurst grade but I'm so sorry about that but I like you
PirateJesse26 (2 days ago)
I wish I could go to Britain.
layal darino (3 days ago)
I really don't know how a girl could be stupid like this
Santino Milan (4 days ago)
TEAM ANIME CAPCOM (4 days ago)
Girls if you take a photo like that don't send it guys at all because that sounds like an age restricted picture cause I'm the first male right here that's respecting women because guys in high school take it really necessary and it should be thier fault what they're not suppose to do because that's just disrespectful to ladies when you tell men as they're told not to do it never! gentlemen! if you guys are reading this don't fuckin do it at all NEVER EVER! I'm being fuckin serious you boys better do what I say in the comments respect women!
Lizzy call meh (5 days ago)
Ya know hes bitch and not you don't listen that trash whore girl
JULIUS CAESAR (5 days ago)
That little weasel deserves to get 40 lashes
Litevery Dayz (5 days ago)
Ok its not her fault but she went the extra mile to send nudes all he said was "Send a pic" that's all
Lps weirdisawesometv (5 days ago)
You shouldve smasheshed him and his phone to pieces
Pewdiepi e (6 days ago)
Only faggs ask girls for nudes Like if u agree 👇
Nemi M (7 days ago)
Chuchu 777 (7 days ago)
Your story so sad
Alinne Juarez (8 days ago)
I have done this before & my parents were well my mom got angry 😡 , my father was worried 😧 when my brother told them I didn’t know it was going to happen 🥺😭😢 so yea😞 it was my bf but he’s gonna respect me I still love 💕 him I forgive him even tho he’s missed me , so do I he says i’m Sorry I’ll treat you better I promise 😢😭❣️ So...
daniel yilma (8 days ago)
Its your fault for sending the picture to him
Sara Shene (8 days ago)
He’s a bitch
Catlin sung 2207 (9 days ago)
ZandraTheZebraa (9 days ago)
I hate that boy
Cringe Comp (9 days ago)
Slap em
Zoe March (9 days ago)
20 seconds in-WHATS YOUR NAME!
Ruth Hunter (9 days ago)
Kill him!!!!
mydoeza (9 days ago)
sHE beLIEveD
Nin Chea (10 days ago)
Bruh that dude is gay gay I mean GAY!
Edna Dickerson (10 days ago)
The girls faces vs the boys faced omg our world is so sad.
Chen Sam (10 days ago)
Annabelle Watson (10 days ago)
This girl shouldn’t never send that nude picture it’s not her fault her boyfriend asked her and you should’ve said no
Rani Begum (10 days ago)
I feel you GIRL
Kawaii Ninja Chan :3 (11 days ago)
Now I want to kill him
Alexa Gaytan (11 days ago)
You should say thank you because he said bich b for beutuful and I I love You chill
Ashley Smith (11 days ago)
Stupid girl just sent an inapporipate picture to her boyfriend don't she know that there are perverts out there that pray on little girls like her Hopfuly all you little girls who decide to do this please don't there are sickos out there who pray on children like you Hopfuly this video teach you a lesson.
GD MewPinkCat (11 days ago)
I would hug you
A MYSTERIOUS GAMER (11 days ago)
The boys are stuuuuuuuuuuupid
DJ Nastee (12 days ago)
If someone ask you a picture just them a roasted pig!
Nathan Mtz (12 days ago)
If the infinity gauntlet I will wipe him out to dust
yes. weshare (12 days ago)
Okay this girl keeps talking crap about this guy but you should have never ever sent that pic. It's absolutely her fault.
amanda wallace (12 days ago)
Jessie Del Torro (13 days ago)
One slap for the boy
Skeptic Bros (13 days ago)
Nudes are dangeraous BOIS, DON’T SEND YOR SOSIG.
Jordan Price (14 days ago)
OMG. I would not do she's so stupid!⚠️
Sayuri Suzuki97 (15 days ago)
I love her Aussie accent
shelby byers (15 days ago)
I got betrayed by my crush and he got married and it didn't destroy me it made me angry but my friends got me through it
JetBlueChest Pro (15 days ago)
🙁I feel bad for here cuz it's her dad voice
latifa brewster (16 days ago)
Dit kan niet bij iedereen gebeuren want als jij niet zo stupid bent om die foto’s in de eerste instantie te sturen dan had hij het ook niet kunnen lekken, dus ja het is wel jouw fout en je had het gelijk uit moet maken toen hij het vroeg want als je het had uitmaakt krijg je deze onzin niet dus je hebt jezelf aangedaan sommige meisjes zijn echt stupid ja ik weet echt niet hoe je zo naïef kun je zijn maar oké
MotorSport Fan (16 days ago)
xSakura (17 days ago)
All those aggressive sighs though
Ariel Gamboa (17 days ago)
Jennyandrea G mad (17 days ago)
Girl you should kick his nits and leve him crying
Sharky (17 days ago)
🎶 I got the belt up in my back, metal in bat hmmmmmmmm🎶
veronica lang (18 days ago)
I will kill him !
veronica lang (18 days ago)
JayJay Fresh (18 days ago)
Ok so I was texting my bf today and I said I look like a Thot in my pajamas and he said no you don’t then just send pics I thought he meant nudes but he wanted a picture with my clothes on I was so relieved he said I looked cute and that he didn’t mean it in a weird pervert way😅😂
Jodi Adylene Rencio (19 days ago)
Eehhhh! Ppppfft u didn't wanna hear that what did I do with the boys I didn't say bad words but I told them many times that when your in highschool its time for me to get your soul and I said that many times times and sometimes that one day they were scared and why? Cuz they think they might die in one foot step of me one step of me and they'll die but I was scaring them....ahahaha their scaredy cats!!!!
james zehna (19 days ago)
Shot through the heart And your to blame You give love a bad name Play my part and you play your game you give love a bad name
I want to kick him in the nuts 😈😈 😈😈😈
Caroline Whitehead (21 days ago)
so he was like "send me a pic of ya!" i would say ok and send a pic of my face!
watermelon canteloupe (21 days ago)
One like equals 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 slaps for the idiot's that sent the picture to everyone
Bubble Edits (22 days ago)
1 like = I one price of Lego he steps on | | V
Thea (22 days ago)
i really understand this the same thing happent to me
Indoraptor Kill (22 days ago)
FBI open up
Serenity (23 days ago)
i going to fight that guy
Moto moto likes you (23 days ago)
0:27 WTH
This story just sweared She needs to learn herself
Emily and Beth 000 (24 days ago)
Also, this kinda sounds like the Alex's Willy story the NSPCC made
Emily and Beth 000 (24 days ago)
I feel like this story's been on here before
NBAFortnite Gamerxd (24 days ago)
Why the f*ck would you do that
I’m not Glen phelan (24 days ago)
My bf told my crush I liked them so I told his crush he liked her
L1ghtZone (24 days ago)
Congratulations on 100k LIKES!!
Bảo anh Đỗ (25 days ago)
I want to slap him >:(
alisworld (25 days ago)
2:46 yes it could happen to girls but it can also happen to boys to and this video is really offensive to boys fuck you bitch slut if i see you i will stamp on you head breaking your skull and i will fuck you up real bad so just watch yourself
juan Carlos club (25 days ago)
Freaking ewwwwwwwwwwwwww😨😨😨😨😨😨
Victoria Ellis (25 days ago)
The only guy a girl can depend on is her daddy
Elizabeth Sanchez (26 days ago)
At the texting mad at boyfriend um she said the f word they should censor it better YouTube please!!! ;-;
Rakesh Mishra (26 days ago)
I destroyed the guy who betrayed me
Vegan YT (26 days ago)
im a boy and i hate them too!
Yadiel Lermos (27 days ago)
You earn it you sent it👥👫 no
Marjery Gonzalez (27 days ago)
I wanne beat this guy up you he said i won't tell any one and went Here dude
Tere Villagra (27 days ago)
He is a big bich he can go suck on a big buck and you go click his balls ok girl you do that if you are still mad
Angel Bell (27 days ago)
Him:send me a pic Me: sure Sends pic of naked grandma on google Me: laugh on that jerk
I'm the queen 916 (27 days ago)
that guy is so flicking mean
CCo DoNut FortyFive45 (27 days ago)
Oh wow your boyfriend is a bitch
Elisa's Lyfe (28 days ago)
just send a close up photo of gordan ramsey's forhead wrinkles
that was the right thing to do swere at him hes a idot grate job !0 out of 10
Emma Railey (28 days ago)
greg laboucan (28 days ago)
That boy was immature to do that I would not send nudes what an ass to tell and I hate when people call others name like it's mean and hurtful and broken I hate immature boys how bout you guys.
What's your language 2:08 there might be kids watching this
Riley Butler (26 days ago)
Don’t worry it’s censored
halima (29 days ago)
if someone asks you for nudes send them a pic of kylie jenners palette in the shade nude. *works everytime*
Darius Liek (29 days ago)
So fuckin stupid

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