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The Wizard of Oz 75th Anniversary Collector's Edition Blu-Ray 3D Unboxing

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Text Comments (38)
Gun Runner (4 months ago)
Currently 29.99 at Walmart
No Lakkin (6 days ago)
Gun Runner I might buy myself another one cuz the one I own is damaged and fucked up 😂
No Lakkin (6 days ago)
Gun Runner I was about to say that lmao 😂
MiQuel Quiles (1 year ago)
This is an awesome unboxing I love this movie and I know I'm late as hell but I'm getting mine in the mail today really excited for this can't wait to get my hands on it.....
littleXXcookie (1 year ago)
Kms :( 😭😭 i wish I had this
Angus Mcfadden (2 years ago)
great unboxing man is there a widescreen version of it in here or is it all full screen
brandon smith (3 years ago)
I will be going there for my sister's birthday
Guilherme TP (3 years ago)
Great video, this movie is one of my favorites! Can you tell me the dimensions of this box set?
Patrick Bateman (3 years ago)
I think the companion book not being included in the deluxe set is kinda messed up.
Ink Pen (3 years ago)
Wow, this was a perfect review, and sraight-to-the-point. Thanks for sharing, I want one! I have just a DVD, but I want an actual collection like this one, I love the box and all the items that come inside. I will definitely have one, thank you for sharing!
Toxic Boy (3 years ago)
I just bought this for $27 on ebay brand new
Toxic Boy (3 years ago)
+Ink Pen I think I just got very lucky! If you want to score a bargain like I did, my advice would be add a bunch of the auctions to your watch list as some auctions go by without much of a bidding war. Also try searching for the item but with spelling mistakes, because if the seller lists an item with spelling mistakes it's harder for bidders to find and you can score a bargain that way. good luck!
Ink Pen (3 years ago)
Really? I'm trying to find one, I haven't looked there yet. I'm going to check it out
Blackout (4 years ago)
Whoa that map solves the age old mystery of where to red brick road leads too. It looks like it just leads to houses in Munchkin land.
Alan Cooper (4 years ago)
The USB Stick is missing from your collection! It is formed after legs of munchinks
CursedKeyblade1 (4 years ago)
It's a Amazon Exclusive
conor mccarthy (4 years ago)
I'm currently looking to buy this what region are the DVDs in and can u buy them in uk region?
Javier Albadalejo (4 years ago)
@conor mccarthy OH, You mean the DVDs included in the box? Um.. I don't know, if it's old should be Region 1, but if new, should be Region free, however, I think the boxset is worth a try
Javier Albadalejo (4 years ago)
It's region free, and if you have a credit card, you can import it through Amazon. :)
Lynsey Attwood (4 years ago)
Great review.. I love those little pins! Its my favourite film too :)
Jack Anthony (5 years ago)
You have a great taste in movies XD
swissmrkc (5 years ago)
and subbed :)
ELTheGeek (5 years ago)
thanks swiss :D
swissmrkc (5 years ago)
currently 50 bones on amazon
ELTheGeek (5 years ago)
wow that's a steal.
will fribourg (5 years ago)
The usb is only if you order the set on Amazon
Shaneeza Khan (1 year ago)
will fribourg DISNEYALICEANaTORSStor
Charles Neri (5 years ago)
the usb slippers are missing!!! =O
DrewS80 (5 years ago)
Would have been nice if they included a slip for those who want to keep the movie out of the box. I'm not interested in owning huge collector's editions like this, but it's nice to see an Unboxing video for them! lol I'm going to try and find the Emerald edition at a great price since I also have no interest in 3D.
doctormoons brother (5 years ago)
I dont think their is nothing wrong with dvds, i prefer a physical copy of a movie or tv show then a digital.
ELTheGeek (5 years ago)
Yeah I'm really enjoying it. Even if I don't watch anything in it because I already own everything the extras really made it worth it for me.
ELTheGeek (5 years ago)
Yeah it was totally one of those oversight moments where I was thinking with the childhood and not with the mind that all of these things sit in boxes in the back and don't get handled with the best of care.. I surely took a loss on this one.
ELTheGeek (5 years ago)
TV show? I'll have to look into that then..I can always use something new to look at on Netflix.
ELTheGeek (5 years ago)
Thanks :D
playstationBEAR (5 years ago)
Losttouchjs (5 years ago)
When I go to the store and buy a Blu-ray the first thing I look at is the condition of the case. That's just a habit that I've always done. If I would have bought this 75th anniversary box set it would have been went over with a magnifying glass, lol. The case is got to be perfect or I don't buy it.
mp4podcastDOTcom (5 years ago)
The Wizard of Oz and Alice that the SyFy channel made are really good I think those movies are even on Netflix. I do know they are on DVD and Blu-Ray/
LilK832 (5 years ago)
Good video

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