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Quite often, we only manage to think of a suitably sharp and witty remark hours after the conversation has ended. Here’s is a collection of true text conversation gems. Subscribe to Bright Side : https://goo.gl/rQTJZz For copyright matters please contact us at: [email protected] ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/brightside/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/brightgram/ 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: https://www.goo.gl/8JVmuC  ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit: http://www.brightside.me/
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Text Comments (9229)
BRIGHT SIDE (3 months ago)
More hillarious text messages! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fzEB2lkSbAQ
why didnt u comment something in june 2017
Random Stuff :P (1 month ago)
BRIGHT SIDE these are *not* even funny bro
Gameefan YT (2 months ago)
To jasna storna ma angielską wersję? Ciekawe
So Lovely t (2 months ago)
Lynn Kanerva (1 hour ago)
#29 exactly.....
Samich_Gaybie (12 hours ago)
This was awesome. I laughed so hard. Number 6 was my favorite.
XxxGACHALIFE Xxx (14 hours ago)
What is the app
EvaL Toys (16 hours ago)
5:33 why did you name me this way
Noushin Nazar (23 hours ago)
number #13 is soo hilarious!!!😂🤣
master mind333 (1 day ago)
carrie who?
abhinav soni (1 day ago)
Most of the chats has pending update notification 🙄
SKEND EDRBEU (1 day ago)
Lycaon Pictus (2 days ago)
I saw that. Not impressed.
John Vivek (2 days ago)
Totally fake. You made all this by your own
Darius Trolls (3 days ago)
11:12 but the mother’s profile...
Rakib Rajin (3 days ago)
I am enjoying more in comment section than the video 😂😂
Da_PandaGirl ' (5 days ago)
Plz stop making curse texts
Mona Mass (8 days ago)
R these sms real?
Malte Voltaire (8 days ago)
Kendra Lee (9 days ago)
When you search up I N T E R E S T I N G meme and you get a full screen of what you're looking for (Two set Violin a/or 60 minute something or what not) and you scroll down the tiniest bit and you see this. INTERESTING/10
abuhuraira Jamil (10 days ago)
5:42 ... The dad was a big miser😂😂😁
nicole ross (11 days ago)
Daughter: mom am i prettu Mom: why dont u ask tour boyfriend Daughter: what boyfriend
Niko Salter (11 days ago)
They stole all these text fails
FoolTang 78 (12 days ago)
A question: When messaging, does it always starts with a capital letter on whatsapp when you using a phone?
Savannah Ward (13 days ago)
11:12 Savage mom is real
Aaryam Dev (13 days ago)
Fake but funny!!👍
Lu Wah (13 days ago)
The real one Is from asdf Son: Dad i hungry Dad: Hi hungry, im Dad Son: why did you name me this way? Son: why Why WHY?
Sophia Sherzai (14 days ago)
My dad accidentally texted his old boss "I'm sorry about earlier, I love you." (my mom and dad had a small fight) and his old boss texted back "I assume that was meant for someone else but i love you too"
Irene Ralte (15 days ago)
Im Irene,n my borther's Barry..just sayin😊 oh n my son's Aaron!😄
jacob weli (16 days ago)
8:58 tho
Stephanie Buck (16 days ago)
5:28-5:44 made me laugh so hard that my lungs almost came out of body
Michelle Martinez (16 days ago)
These aren't funny tho
Jennifer Johnson (17 days ago)
They said its 40 when its actually 39+1
Fish N Chips -Roblox (18 days ago)
I feel like you just making these texts up
Jason Brody (19 days ago)
I finally discovered what's wrong with my brain. Listen up. ON THE LEFT SIDE, THERE IS NOTHING RIGHT AND ON THE RIGHT SIDE, THERE IS NOTHING LEFT....
The saddest thing in there is that the batteries of their phones are low, like u agree. 👇
Wolfwarrior (21 days ago)
Not to indult but these messeges are so fake
ACLmusic (21 days ago)
He should have said “Dad I’m hungry”. “Hi hungry I’m dad”! “Why’d you name me this way”? “WHY WHY WHY”?
rasul KR (22 days ago)
Evelyne Ernest (22 days ago)
Some texts are just hilarious 🤣
Iziah Hooks (22 days ago)
He didn't answer because he's nervous, which I must say was pretty funny, I guess!!!!mmm
Iziah Hooks (22 days ago)
Which means you're late for work, right???
Iziah Hooks (22 days ago)
Mom, that was over the top mean I hope you know!!!!!!
Iziah Hooks (22 days ago)
What's a radio controlled helicopter gonna do, it would be better to have a baby boy or girl!!!!!!??????????????!!!!!!
Iziah Hooks (22 days ago)
I get it but NO Andrew NO!!!!!!!
Iziah Hooks (22 days ago)
And who is this one less pedestrian???????
Iziah Hooks (22 days ago)
Your shotgun, you have a shotgun after all these many many years of me telling you not to get one, uh NO, NO I HAVEN'T SEEN YOUR SHOTGUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Iziah Hooks (22 days ago)
But I have been trying to learn from the best!!!!!! And you're the best!!!!!!!!!!!
Iziah Hooks (22 days ago)
Iziah Hooks (22 days ago)
Did he or she really rename ALL the contacts in your phone???????
Iziah Hooks (22 days ago)
Jerrimee, or however you spell it, that was not funny... Not at all dude!!!!!!!
Iziah Hooks (22 days ago)
Really Oliver, really???
Iziah Hooks (22 days ago)
Good one Dad... Real good 👌👌👌👍👍👍👍👍💪💪
Iziah Hooks (22 days ago)
I know right, Teddy wants something good not good for him...
Iziah Hooks (22 days ago)
Yeah, "mom", that was super super mean!!!!!!!!!! No joke about it but it was a little funny too. Anyway peace out mom
Summer Sky Creations (22 days ago)
I wouldn’t call these fails more awesome comeback texts
Doug Montgomery (23 days ago)
Perfect/Pregnant? Sounds like a Freudian slip!
world famaus (24 days ago)
Param Singh (24 days ago)
Go nd watch the video don't waste ur time in reading comments
AwesomeSauceMinecraft (24 days ago)
Hi graham!
Carlee Butler (24 days ago)
This is Emma 👩🏻‍🦰 👗 🥿 Her age is 1 One like= one year How old can she get??????
that was like the most boring text video ever and the constant loop with the music? have a selection with the music otherwise, it gets annoying
Teleport King (25 days ago)
10:34 😂 😂 😂
HungryFries11 (26 days ago)
The one thing to cause a break up 1:17
Jordin White (27 days ago)
has anyone thought "were do they get these messages"?
Balrajda savage (27 days ago)
They are all fake
Bluue Charky (1 month ago)
I knew the thumbnail, I knew this vid probably wasn’t gonna be to my standards like always but I really like that text story so I clicked just for it
arze ttam (1 month ago)
i dint laugh try harder
Gerbert Nanninga (1 month ago)
Here is a way you can make your text/SMS video: https://jvz8.com/c/1233115/324379
Lizzie G (1 month ago)
i hate how these are fake
Layla Benhila (1 month ago)
Number 18 😅😅😅
Lobo easter (1 month ago)
Your amazing
Justifier (1 month ago)
6:03 school be like:
Justifier (1 month ago)
‘Dad, I’m hungry.’ “Hi hungry, I’m Dad!” ‘Why did you name me this way?’
Justifier (1 month ago)
Who can add the cherry on top first?
Bob Pancakes (1 month ago)
6:49 who chats that early?
Tofazzal Hossain (1 month ago)
0:58...most franky message ever!
Tredreamchi Sangma (1 month ago)
evlredsun (1 month ago)
i <3 2 bar repetitive music!
Mr. Gramajo (1 month ago)
11:18 MOM ROAST!!!!!!
I am depression (1 month ago)
0:32 dat face
SuperMonkey Rat2006 (1 month ago)
I'm sad. The subtitle person isn't here ;-;
Stabhammer (1 month ago)
none of this adds up
Carinne Smith (1 month ago)
EnderS (1 month ago)
Why are almost all of these men freaking phemonist
Reynaldo colon (1 month ago)
Ok number 36 is kinda savage
Master Musab (1 month ago)
Welcome to the show touch read more! Boy:I❤️💛💚💙💜 u! Girl:💑 Girl:💏 Girl:👰 Girl:👪 Girl:👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Boy:🏃 SO what did u think!
chidera kasumu (1 month ago)
the laust one kills😭😭😭😭
BLOXIE (1 month ago)
Lol that text at 8:54
Gennie (1 month ago)
5:28 they stole that from it's muffin time but the rest are funny though.
Rosie The Chihuahua (1 month ago)
Adithya Pk (1 month ago)
10th one.....SAVAGE😂😂😂
Catherine Richter (1 month ago)
I do running. Asi in competitive running yes.
Ghoskull War (1 month ago)
1:54 when Steven hyde chatting with kelso
Gassen Hauer (1 month ago)
29th and 33th Boooooyah
Elle Kosalanuntakul (1 month ago)
I love the first one
Moon Eclipse (1 month ago)
Dang that mom just roasted her child!
Robert Jett (1 month ago)
i am the Night 😂😂😂😂
Hala Ashoor (1 month ago)
lol number 24 WAS SO FUNNY!
Theofanis Bumbaris (1 month ago)
These aren't even funny, just cringe
Emon Khan (1 month ago)
Any one want to see funny chats,,, im give you all a funny chats ,,, subscrib me for funny chats

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