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Legend of Zelda : Donkey Breath

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Nate Lozano (1 hour ago)
Can we get a review on this amazing game kind sir
Jimmy John Joe Jr. (2 hours ago)
One thing I just realized is that he uses like 6 or 7 different segments of the video just trying to kill the two red bokos on the great plateau
bonn (6 hours ago)
めちゃくちゃ笑った 日本語字幕ありがたいです
JazzyCherry (9 hours ago)
Moblins are kinda cute
ズラトコ (9 hours ago)
John Weaver (10 hours ago)
The SS Piece of Shit.
regina obrien (15 hours ago)
Haha good luck trying to kill me with a leaf! 5 seconds later... Why did I give him the leaf that’s the best weapon that I had
StuckInASock (16 hours ago)
"Like they always say; hide under a tree. That way you can't get hit: **gets his by the tree**
Thi Linh Nguyen (20 hours ago)
So funny
Bloopers. INC (1 day ago)
0:51 horse: if you don’t get up in 15 minutes I am legally allowed to leave
Temple Terror (1 day ago)
abdulla hassan
Why did the title get translated?
Taske (1 day ago)
Oh i realize today that you are from Balkan :) Put hearth if you are from Serbia or Croatia :D
OwlKing (1 day ago)
How am I seeing this video now
猫マロン (1 day ago)
L (2 days ago)
Lmao best video i ever seen on zelda
AliCatz (2 days ago)
If Botw ever becomes a movie I nominate this guy to voice link
Descendant of Kraff (2 days ago)
You know a game is amazing when Dunkey can't make it look bad.
qwerttzizzi (2 days ago)
You got a new subscriber! Last week after two years of release I finally bought the game..and I am addicted
ねっこねこ (2 days ago)
私日本人でこの人がなんて言ってるのかはわからないけど楽しそうにしてるっていうのはわかって字幕だけでも楽しめる! 昔の動画に言うのもなんだけどこれからも頑張ってください🙌
el samuu (2 days ago)
1 minute of silence for the ones who understood that cuccos are stronger than ganon but when they had 3 hearts
the hostage fuze (2 days ago)
あなた (1 day ago)
AleXX (3 days ago)
Wow so smart Dounkey I didn't think to ask Paulie to help me while playing video games! Very clever! Good YouTube Dounkey I loved the funny voice and the funny face! Do more of them!
Am ph an. (3 days ago)
2:24 *jacksepticeye screams* TURIKURRRRR
CelestialGaming (3 days ago)
3:05 is my favorite part of this video.
Doctor Kurama (3 days ago)
Ya got yourself a subscriber😂👍
TheDiamondLemon (3 days ago)
3:08 World War 65
Metallica Swamp Witch (3 days ago)
みかんいろり (14 hours ago)
やけめだま (23 hours ago)
うーたん【リア友に返信】 急に出てきたけど、その割にかなり面白かった
Dillon Trausi (4 days ago)
Did the leaderboard get your permission to use your footage if so they don't credit you nor are you in the description.
aki__ (4 days ago)
I’m so glad I found this guy he’s so funny I’m crying 😂😂😂
Jayce Allen (4 days ago)
Song at 0:02 ?
Matthew Leonhart (4 days ago)
Whats the song at 4:02 ?
Viktor the victor (4 days ago)
1:40 Chris Hemsworth: That was an incredible catch!
What a shit game wtf
rohan verma (4 days ago)
Best channel ever
MLG NINJA2 (4 days ago)
MLG NINJA2 (4 days ago)
You were literally sniped at 0:51
Gabriel G.M. (4 days ago)
Good video! Thank you for the translation to Spanish!! 😄 I subscribe!
Rani San (4 days ago)
Wow you killed a guardian. Lol i couldn’t
Ali Syed (4 days ago)
The best weapon in the game the leaf lol
Rani San (4 days ago)
Wait. Did you go on plateau with 8 hearts
CrashJay (4 days ago)
Ayo my boy could I get that thumbnail art for my desktop?
RogueTNT (5 days ago)
Moral of the story: "Don't trust Paulie"
MAT YOU (5 days ago)
超有趣23333 薩爾達超多日常趣事
99Re: a (5 days ago)
JONESY IS OP (5 days ago)
perfect vid munkey
Hedgehog Gaming (5 days ago)
How to you attach the balloons to stuff I forgot
Ice Ice Baby (4 days ago)
Throw them at whatever you want to elevate.
우르프 (5 days ago)
ㅈㄴ 골때리네 이새끼 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
DemonB (5 days ago)
This channel has 5.555 million subs. This won’t last long so enjoy it.
Brody (5 days ago)
3:22 the most intense showdown in history
Kyudo Kun (5 days ago)
Suffice to say that this game looks more gorgeous cause you played it entertainingly.
Alonzo Taylor (6 days ago)
2 years later (of playing the game very little) and I'm still finding new things you can do.
Why do the people look like picor?
Mr.Psych (6 days ago)
Dunkey is the cleverest donkey in all of donkeydom
ashraf ibrahim (6 days ago)
What if you.... Wanted to go to heaven, But God said: “ 4:00 ”
Noony (2 days ago)
I think I'll use ur comment here --> 4:52 😋
me le epic (6 days ago)
He kind of sounds like the old albertstuff
care (7 days ago)
ah yes my favorite tom and jerry episode
SelfAwareRoboticSquid (7 days ago)
We need Slavic Link. Link in an Adidas tracksuit squatting with vodka in one hand and the master sword in another.
theshady mage (7 days ago)
Wait link can fucking kick
Pato Potato (7 days ago)
Breath of the ogre
Studio Goolsby (7 days ago)
I didn't know bokoblins could hit "stasis'ed" blocks and make the arrow bigger... but then again why wouldn't they br able to do that...
Hussain Bould (7 days ago)
0:27 Oh my god, it's broken!
Joel F (7 days ago)
Åsnans andedräkt Me: Vad har hänt med mitt liv.
Galaxy Mew (7 days ago)
"Oh don't try to kiss up to me now!"
きのとら (7 days ago)
NumberJ42 (8 days ago)
SS fucking piece of shit fucking brilliant
pickle dickle (8 days ago)
That was the funniest video ive ever seen tbh
Splootchy (6 days ago)
Why hasn’t dunkey replaced Reggie because dunkey makes me want to play Nintendo games too!
ThE_wEeB_iN_tHe_TrEe (8 days ago)
1:30 when you do a speed running trick
自称ラスボス (8 days ago)
Dr Phil Daddy (8 days ago)
This isn't even funny he's just letting himself get hurt
Cats 2079 (9 days ago)
Link-"What you gonna do now? You don't got any weapons." Moblin-"everyone is my weapon."
김서연 (9 days ago)
이 영상으로 구독
4:30 MGS!!!!!!!!
garko (9 days ago)
I bought this game just because of this video
Giuseppe Castellese (9 days ago)
Zelda V TPP
Jeff LaClaire (9 days ago)
I think dunkey is the most killedest guy
Seb Money (9 days ago)
STOP SHOOTING F****** LASERS gets me every time 😂
mytears (9 days ago)
This is so hilarious! xD
Nicholas Rendon (10 days ago)
That Martin Yan sound bite tho.
Link From Botw (10 days ago)
Donkey breath stinks
DoesNotInhale (10 days ago)
vro (10 days ago)
pretty sure ive watched this video over 10 times by now
Orion (10 days ago)
Just saw watch mojos video on botw. They literally copied everything dunkey did. Watch mojo is a dunkey clone.
Crispy Banana (11 days ago)
I really think dunkey should voice a villain in a disney movie
bruh moment (11 days ago)
can’t wait till the sequel so “breath of the wild: donkey breath 2” comes out
TheFrankAttack (12 days ago)
MiGamer A secas (12 days ago)
Katsune (13 days ago)
När titeln är på svenska
Now with the sequel coming out, I can’t wait for his video about it.
Brian Foster (14 days ago)
Who’s here after Breath of the Wild sequel announcement?
TayoEXE (14 days ago)
I'm here because everyone for some reason took Dunkey's sarcasm for the BotW sequel seriously and forgot he loves this game.
Jonah Clark (14 days ago)
the SS Fucking Piece of Shit
CHP (14 days ago)
Legend of Zelda: Åsnans Andedräkt
MAarshall (14 days ago)
How come the title is in my language? Legend of Zelda : Åsnans Andedräkt. I doubt the uploader speaks Swedish.
justin ., (10 days ago)
@Will Harvey yes sometimes
Will Harvey (11 days ago)
Does YouTube have autotranslate for the titles?
RTP (15 days ago)
I came back because of the sequel getting announced today, it brings me back to the first day I bought the game
Diesel Marcus (13 days ago)
yurmom gay (15 days ago)
Hell yeah! The sequal has been announced!

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