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Wall Street Warriors Season 1 Episode 4 - Work Hard, Play Harder

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Wall Street Warriors Season 1 Episode 4 - Work Hard, Play Harder On Wall Street, when you work hard, you get to play even harder. This week, it's all about spending quality time and of course, quantity money. Tim tees off on the golf course before a night out with a model. Meanwhile, out in the Hamptons, Guy fits in some family time, and Sandra hits the polo club. Trading Strategies Live Trade Coaching Binary Options CFD's Futures Equities Commodities FX
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Text Comments (72)
Timmy better wtch out trying to get that model drunk before he ends up like Bill Cosby
ll SLAY ll (5 months ago)
Tim did you ever plug her
imtiaz hussain (11 months ago)
Hellow Welcome every body
The Resale Boss (11 months ago)
3 dates, if no sex, don’t waste your time. The Russian said he could live were he wants, that is very questionable considering he lives in a shack.
imtiaz hussain (1 year ago)
Thank you very much Sir
imtiaz hussain (1 year ago)
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imtiaz hussain (1 year ago)
I request everybody for help in this case
imtiaz hussain (1 year ago)
Nicholas W (1 year ago)
Guy de Chimay is a convicted criminal. He admitted to lying and stealing money from clients in a Ponzi scheme.
Nicholas W (1 year ago)
he is in prison now. =)
Verne Fits (1 year ago)
Shilla looks nice
Terry Gibson (1 year ago)
17:50 I'd love to go long on her
Waka Male (1 year ago)
Decision fast is not the exactly right pattern to follow in sentimental life ahahahaha
Logan Strain (1 year ago)
emily (1 year ago)
The blonde robot looks
Mark Murphy (1 year ago)
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EthIN (1 year ago)
The Street Talk segment makes me cringe.
D H (1 year ago)
Tim seems like a total cunt
jerry danstan (1 year ago)
hahahaha tim is crazy
Louie M (2 years ago)
I love it!! My favorite episode by far.👌
Danni Duffy (2 years ago)
Wow, Tims so adorable! Such a cute sense of humor.
Max Peter (2 years ago)
hahahhaa tim is the best xD
Spence (2 years ago)
guy de chimay hahaha what a fraud
oliver geddes (3 years ago)
that German bish a robot nigga
Verge Cryptocurrency (3 years ago)
at least tim is having some fun and not taking life too serious
Verge Cryptocurrency (3 years ago)
that blonde is a fucking robot. jesus
JOHNOWNSYOU Lai (3 years ago)
This woman needs a good fuck!
SM Smoof (2 years ago)
My name is Steve, she can ride me. :)
Leggo My Ego (3 years ago)
+JOHNOWNSYOU Lai Beware, she would eat you afterwards. She's a black widow.
TheSpaceshuttle7 (3 years ago)
I feel like this guy with the model has a pathetically small dick, that's why he acts like one.
Blusuck (3 years ago)
11:38 lol
Samuel Westall (3 years ago)
Gold Star Group one of the hottest traders and these lot make money the old way & they may be rich but lets see the real figures they produce on paper ...Staged show to show success in the industry but none of these are truly successful in life
filshtea (3 years ago)
wow so boring! jesus! stop talking about yourself and show us what you actually do.
Demetrius Jackson (3 years ago)
rich woman, you never see her with a kept man. Rich man, you always see him with a kept woman....
Alex Alejandre (3 years ago)
Super awkward date she could care less about what he's bragging about lol and he tries to sneak in something money related every 2 seconds she like ugh
KingDT2007 (3 years ago)
Guy is a convicted ponzi scheme artist look it up
mawcrew (3 years ago)
That is my teacher!
Dfrogman (4 years ago)
Tim is great! He's got the right idea golfing
Dan (4 years ago)
little bitches complaining about shit in the comments
SegwayJesus (4 years ago)
I just felt pain watching the asshole play golf and the gold digger play tennis, it looked like they were retarded.
FetalJuice88 (2 years ago)
SegwayJesus That should be the most motivating thing about this series... if these autistic, ill-mannered retards can succeed in this world so can you
John Sommers (4 years ago)
The only time I felt sorry for tim was when he was on the date lol.
Kristian Peros (4 years ago)
Tim your date though! Dime
Tyler Petri (4 years ago)
That model looks like what we call a 'hyper bitch'. Run Tim
NATA BERI (4 years ago)
DON FETUCCINI (4 years ago)
22:52 to 22:57 is the best advice I've heard from this video. 
L_J (4 years ago)
i hope tim sealed the deal he was trying hard!!!!
Billy Jean (4 years ago)
He went in the fucking lake haha. Some ppl do anything for people with money.
Billy Jean (3 years ago)
"hey go in that lake"  what if someone said that to u?  its an ego trip on tims side.
Milorad Rodic (4 years ago)
she wow
CISMD (4 years ago)
See how all that stock desk sitting affects his running form lol, same posutre
Toni Capone (4 years ago)
Tim is an asshole... Wouldn't give him a dime of my money.
Alex Charles (4 years ago)
seems like he has millions now...so I don't think he would need your dime
Susan Stephen (5 years ago)
The girl is not truly rich, she just mooches off of other people
Nicholas W (1 year ago)
exactly, and that's nothing, compared to whom she hangs with.. She also never owned / managed a hedge fund like she said in ep 1 she would do. She is just a socialite deal-maker.
TheRealNiBi (4 years ago)
@Thomas Steven, I'm sure her salary is in the hundreds of thousands.
Jakmere jim (5 years ago)
i cant believe that girl said he's "the exception" to the rule that most of his colleagues are boring and up tight.  Him? what a sycophant that girl is. Even though he's a jerk, and i don't know how anybody could like him (even his doting mother who he has no respect for - calling her a bitch on camera and telling her to "shut up"), he's hopefully not stupid enough to really listen to a word that girl says.
conor court (5 years ago)
A Russian living in Newyork with a Jamaican shirt. And you guys have to understand Tim Sykes is not your average business man, yes he's sleezy but he's a damn good business man and I'm willing to be the made more this morning before his coffee was done than you have in the last 6 months.
byouno93 (5 years ago)
Yes but you have to remember the basic tenet of finance: the highest rewards are gained through the riskiest means and there's a reason there are really only risk averse investors in the market.  All the risk appetite investors have been liquidated.
guitarplayer22100 (5 years ago)
ah.. the old wall street 
TheGrasspond (5 years ago)
I wouldn't give Tim one nickel of my money.  He is the quintessential punk, spoiled little brat that lacks life's wisdom.    Sad for his mother who obviously loves him but does not have the strength to turn him into a man.
scam buster (1 year ago)
Sykes is a huge scam artist. Notice how he gets promoted by the JEW media because he is a Jew. Same thing with Tony Robbins, another JEW con man... This is what Jews do to SCREW gentiles with scams.
Dynamicviber (1 year ago)
That's what mothers do - they love and protect. Tim's mother is protecting him - from predators, should you mean turning him into a man by getting him a wife to do his dishes, laundry, n coock. By the way, what difference does it make?
FetalJuice88 (2 years ago)
Richard Lewis You give a lot of condescending advice for someone who can't spell LOL
Patrick Sanchez (2 years ago)
read shakespear my son .. that's smart, i just put 2 and 2 together.. for you to say he came from nothing is almost a sin.. you might worship him but 1 day u might see the light n whn u do i hope u remember our lil exchange here
Richard Lewis (2 years ago)
sounds like you are trying sound really smart while coming across as an arrogant fool.
stoney renegade (5 years ago)
haha happy gilmore at 7:40...he even looks like adam sandler hahaha
MrJakeAndo (1 year ago)
/simple jack from tropic thunder
TorontoLibertarian (5 years ago)
I thought Tim said she was bright.

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