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Woman Spends 3 Years Trying To Catch Stray Dog | The Dodo Faith = Restored

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Woman Spends 3 Years Trying To Catch Stray Dog | This stray dog refused to be caught for 3 years — but the woman who loved her never gave up 💜 Special thanks to Matthew Daughters and Kristine Munir for rescuing Lulu! For more of Lulu's story, you can read more details on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/maydaydaughters/ Introducing Dodo swag! https://thedo.do/2N3zRSb Love Animals? Subscribe: http://thedo.do/2tv6Ocd ¿Hablas español?: https://thedo.do/2BsuN4o Follow The Dodo: Tweet with us on Twitter: https://thedo.do/2Jast1M Howl with us on Musical.ly: https://thedo.do/2qFkbGT Take a peek at our Snapchat: http://thedo.do/2gkVhsz Love our Instagram: http://thedo.do/2agAEce Like us on Facebook: http://thedo.do/1dJ9lmn Read more on our site: http://thedo.do/KWDoNt For the love of animals. Pass it on. #thedodo #animals #dog #cat #kitten #puppy
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Text Comments (1929)
Deutschrap Alben (4 hours ago)
I cant believe how all u dumbasses hatin.. for real? If u hate them for that u stupid and dont know whats going on in ur own country there are enough people who would be happy to find a stray dog just to beat him up but i mean if its better in ur opinion🤷‍♂️
Dan Kim (5 hours ago)
What about her pups in the woods?! 😭😭😭
Mark (5 hours ago)
So much ridiculous hate for the woman trying to help out a dog. Yes she messed up with the feeding technique by using plastic bags, but the love and affection the dog gets now is so much better than it trying to survive alone in that canyon. Y'all some messed up people trying to ruin something good. Y'all must be fun at parties lmao.
James Weirick (6 hours ago)
Such great people!
My Name Is Blue Canary (7 hours ago)
I wonder who down across the canyon never saw their dog again.
Cheekeescroub S (7 hours ago)
She might have had pups in the canyon and was returning to those pups every day
Mack Maine304 (8 hours ago)
You guys are AWESOME
Zenon t (9 hours ago)
Let's just hope she wasn't taking all that food back to growing puppies, I feel like they should've tried harder to track the dog to it's home.
Sammy Chankla girl (9 hours ago)
Answer:hope for paws
Sam Lucky (11 hours ago)
God bless those who care about animals
MrReatardsRus (14 hours ago)
What if she had pups in the canyon?
Rasheed Miller (14 hours ago)
I thought that was weed
TheOutlander82 (20 hours ago)
there are some good ppl out there, shame just some
Teelicht (21 hours ago)
Rescue abadoned or injured dogs: okay! Catch happy wild living dogs: not okay!
Larisa Pearson (22 hours ago)
So y'all took the puppy from freedom and in caged her like jail this is not a rescue story that dog look nice and healthy was not in any danger this is a kidnapping story
Diamond Ocelot925 (1 day ago)
I get this but I think I’ve always been in a sort of ‘if they’re happy, leave them be’ I mean I get that some people don’t agree but in this case I would’ve left her 🙄
Weston Anderson (1 day ago)
Crazy idea, just let the dog live. I'm sure if she felt she had no where else to go she wouldn't be so quick to get back to her life.
Tezlar Smith (1 day ago)
4 months later she collapsed into a heap and died of cancer.
Little Rascals (1 day ago)
The tree hugging libtard comments here are pathetic & hilarious!
SAAGE ••• (1 day ago)
I don’t approve of this
Thomas TheGreat (1 day ago)
Title says woman tried for 3 years Thumbnail shows man hand feeding elusive dog
Mark (5 hours ago)
Not hand feeding, giving a pack of food to the dog, a process that he does to gain it's trust. What's the problem?
Ue Mackay (1 day ago)
Selfish people, you did all of this for you and your own selfish reasons. The dog didn't need you, you had to trap her to make her stay. Sad really.
David Watt (1 day ago)
why would u leave her outside 3 fucking years u monster
Nick Bottorf (1 day ago)
I bet that dog had puppies that you forced her to abandon
Lucy Lum (1 day ago)
She took all those plastic bags what happened to them all
bluemonkey223 (1 day ago)
Beautiful animal
Luca Johnson (1 day ago)
What if the dog had baby's down there???
Tiberius Le Vasco (1 day ago)
If you think about it, these people are fucking morons.
Marvin Merten (1 day ago)
Tired of seeing so many people that think she should have left it living in the canyon (as if it chose to live there). IT'S A DOG!! Not a wolf, it most defenetly has a better life now. It was probably living by scaveging garbage and eating dead (rotting) animals. You can see that it isn't very healty and her one eye was probably caused by other stray dogs when fighting over food (or a really horrible person). But the way she captured it was insanely stupid. First I think its kind of selfish of her to just keep feeding it and trying to become it's friend just because she didn't want to scare it. Hey lady it's a STRAY DOG it's not going to come by itself, all she acheved by feeding and filming it was a few likes on facebook. She should have called someone ASAP, the longer its out there the more its going to suffer. And finally the fucking ziplock bags WHY WHOULD YOU DO THAT, you have bowls right? Even if you don't think it hurts the nature and wildlife around you, (which it does.. ever heard of microplastics) its stupid from an economic point of view I mean 3 years of ziplock bags insted of ONE bowl!!! It's SO STUPID on so many levels. All in all a good ending to an unnecessarily long and painfull journey.
kvsingh (1 day ago)
All that plastic littered in the canyons now.
sergio lozano (1 day ago)
What if she had babies or something.
Aaron Reyes (1 day ago)
If only we treated people this way
Phillip Fry (1 day ago)
I bet that woman has no kids
camtwan1 (1 day ago)
Rescued?? That dog didn’t look unhappy or unhealthy at all. Basically stole the dog
voltz 19 (9 hours ago)
Before you comment do your research he had parasites and he was dirty which could have lowered his life span don’t even comment you don’t have the decency to say anything nice.
Satan Ybarra (13 hours ago)
STFU & go eat a biscuit
chop suey (1 day ago)
3 years ? They're probably stupid lol
winxphantom (2 days ago)
Why didn't you just put a sedative into the food?
Joey Thomas (2 days ago)
Fucking dumb ass lady
wayne C (2 days ago)
All you whining liberals. Its fine that they got a pet. Dogs are wild animals if not domesticated, nothing wrong with dogs living in the wild. Every dog doesn't need a home.
Goku Black X (2 days ago)
Watch the dog had puppies and she was bringing the bag of food to them then the lady came and took her away 🥺
Tom Green (2 days ago)
3 fucking years????? You're not a hero, but a moron. Their are plenty of organizations that would have picked him up in less than a weeks time.
sugarcube700 (2 days ago)
Maybe she had puppies somewhere...
Johnny Mnemonic (2 days ago)
Beautiful souls. Ignore the armchair quarterbacks commenting that had nothing to do with rescuing this dog.
Geffenleffen (2 days ago)
Man 3 years... me and my old man spent 4 days catching 7 pet rabbits that where dumped into out neighborhood with simply food/live traps. Also most of that time was waiting for them to go for the traps and them working properly. I mean I'm glad that the dog has a home now, but esssh thats a long time... the more time i spend learning to trap/hunt and just be self sufficient I realize a vast majority of people would be in alot of trouble without modern essentials /conveniences at their disposal.
René Kruse (2 days ago)
How disgusting the dog was not hurting anyone and wanted freedom and you robbed it of it, you should be ashamed, you are not a hero you are a kidnapper
Queen Alice Kingsley (2 days ago)
As she got older and was losing her sight this was a good thing. Beings caring for being's 💖💖💖🐶👧🧔
Thurnis Haley (2 days ago)
oh please don't try and tell us you were worried for this dog in the 60-70 degree winters you get
Dan K (2 days ago)
This lady kinda sucks.
I hope you also let her go back to the canyon a day or two later. For all you know she has children, friends or a lover. But I'm sure you didn't. Because you selfishly wanted the dog.
HRGiger88 (2 days ago)
I hate when people aren't realistic just for the sake of trying to be positive. If someone really cared and wanted to help/catch a stray dog it doesn't take 3 years. This woman probably didn't really care. It was more so for making an appearance. Maybe to post on FB how shes this compassionate dog rescuer. Or again this video. In all honesty it probably took so long cause she was so worried about spending money or the cost of saving it. That's how Jews are unfortunately.
PUBG Mobile (2 days ago)
"She didnt wanna be captured, but I refused to give up on her" White people..
Dragon Beast (2 days ago)
She wasted her life
Orrin NL (2 days ago)
Dogs are wild animals just like anything else it wasn’t necessary to take it out of it’s Home for someone’s personal enjoyment so they could feel like they accomplished something let dogs roam wild it’s what they do
Max (2 days ago)
Touching, but weird how they obsessed over it
ChopStickZero (2 days ago)
Wasnt anyone worrited that dog is going to choke on all those plastic bags you gave him. Dogs cannot open plastic bags, not sure if these two knew that, I cannot imagine how much plastic the poor dog has in the stomach. Surprised they didnt give her unopened cans of dog food. Andd FFS, left eye, left eye, left eye, left eye,.......how can you leave it so openended ?? Obviously she had a cataract or some other eye issue which are ofter pretty routine surgery while at the same time improve the dogs life immensely. You even mentioned it in the beginning. So what happened? Did it get fixed, it seemed not, she still had it after settling with new owners?
alan vroman (2 days ago)
You guys suck
Maria Petrie (2 days ago)
The dog looks like an Anatolian shepard which is a live stock guarding breed. Are there any farms in the area? Particularly with sheep or goats? Maybe a lair was never found because the dog was returning to the farm everyday. She never appears to be starving or pregnant, which you would expect with a stray dog. Also, why not paper bags? Why not paint a bit of blaze orange on the bags so you could track the dog?
Karl T (3 days ago)
3 fucking years?
Karl T (3 days ago)
3 fucking years?
Karl T (3 days ago)
3 fucking years?
Morgan Bon Bogul (3 days ago)
She obvioslu had good intentions, but hope nobody else tries "rescuing" any dog the same way
NoitatYal (3 days ago)
Fucking selfish Americans
trevor aldrich (3 days ago)
I saw a kid one time living on it's own. I'm gonna wait till its elderly, that way it's easier for me to catch lol
kazan0217 (3 days ago)
Great story. It's a great feeling to adopt a senior dog.
Steven Bee (3 days ago)
Ziplock baggies of dog food!? Do these canyon poisoning twits think dogs have opposable thumbs? Glad Lulu didn't develop any fatal digestive tract issues from all the plastic she innevitably ingested, but I'm sure a lot of other canyon critters died in their quite frankly idiotic 36-month-long apprehension plan.
Colin (3 days ago)
Also might have been better if you cut the fence and put a gate in and then dog bowl on inside the fence and have weights on it so the dog had too eat the food out of the boll
Colin (3 days ago)
Three years you haven't you and that would make it a lot easier if you got a push mower mow the grass on that side of the fence
Hefty Sack (3 days ago)
Very nearly cried after watching this.
Bryson Wiley (3 days ago)
A dart gun would have brought it from 3 years down to about a month… just saying. But props to this lady for sticking with it!
Don Dan (3 days ago)
Mentally ill people spending more time and effort for random animals that they will ever spend helping a human being.
James Dooling (3 days ago)
Amazing story. Amazing rescue. Amazing people.
dmitriy40 (3 days ago)
3 years worth of daily plastic bags which the dog tore up and left in the canyon??? Don't let "moter Earth-loving" environmentalists see this video!! They are an aggressive bunch, they will get you!
Steven Bee (3 days ago)
There's also the matter of the potential serious health consequences of a dog innevitably ingesting torn bits of plastic regularly... But don't let "dog lovers" see this video, amirite?
Walln Cuz (3 days ago)
That was not smart! She probably had puppies back in her den and thats why she didnt wanna be caught. You could have put the leash on and let her take you directly to where she lived and you would have probably found other dogs or puppies. And rescued them all...
Sophia Gillette (3 days ago)
What if she had puppies?!?!
ツʍ૯l¡¡¡ทα (3 days ago)
0:26 is anybody gonna talk about the message?😂 only me? ok...
Ato mas (3 days ago)
No way this Lady set a foot in the Canyon....look at her Size
Acid Productions (3 days ago)
Lunacy Dreamz (3 days ago)
She prob had babies.
nina koko (4 days ago)
1. Do u know that some animals enjoy the freedom? Not all animals likes being with humans in the captivity 2. What if she had lil puppies and she was feeding them and u just took their mother away?
vergiss meinnicht (4 days ago)
Why is everyone complaining about this couple? They did a great job and gaining trust needs time. Jod job. Stop spreading negative vibes
Steven Bee (3 days ago)
I guess some people think 1/4 of the entire life of a dog might be a bit excessive to gain it's trust when professionals can pretty adeptly capture and care for stray dogs in a few hours.
Lucy Braithwaite (4 days ago)
What if the dig had puppies and she was feeding them
I see many wonderful Higher Conscious and very Aware comments below, this is a Beautiful sign for Humanity and for this video <3 I am from Jersey east coast and now in far Northern Cali for the past 4.5 years. I stopped the video at 46 seconds in to shake my head at the endless plastic bags and the so called "trying to rescue her" as the lady smiles as if its "funny". She said Canyon and her personality has California all over it, lets see if this is where she is from, be right back... I will research after if they are from Cali. Like many said below, "3 years????!!" and the "Plastic Bags?!" are more then ridiculous and not calling a professional rescue. The guy hands the bags to her and never thinks about not giving it to her and seeing if he can pet her and put a leash on her the first time? Also the girl below wrote something so very important, "Also, what if the dogs owner died in the canyon or something? Should've followed the dog to see where she was going." What if? This is a very aware comment and very important one at that. Great to see rescues, but many times you have to skip to the end to avoid the head shaking and just enjoy the end results. Humanity on many levels seems to be raising their Consciousness and Awareness and this makes me smile and happy when I read comments like some below. Lots of love to you all. Love Chris <3 Ps I checked facebook page and yep lol Santa Barbara Cali. Folks its a whole nother world out here. Beautiful State for Nature, but the peeps are freaky!
Marian Murphy (4 days ago)
I thought the reason might be that she has pups somewhere she is taking the food to
Animu (4 days ago)
I don't get why if they spent 3 years dedicated loving that dog trying to get her to trust them why they gave her up to someone I mean wouldn't you want to keep LuLu after all your hard effort
Danny (4 days ago)
Women are so fucking stupid bro smfh
Victory Saber (4 days ago)
All I see is drool...
T T (4 days ago)
Well, she did SOMETHING which is more than most people would do. Most people would not bother calling a rescue org.
Tom Green (2 days ago)
Actually she made the situation worse by littering nearly 1000 plastic bags in the canyon.
Braldoca (4 days ago)
Goddamn why do i keep watching this stuff? I always end up crying, damn you the dodo
Chris H (4 days ago)
2:44 Just kinda broke my heart.
Joe Mullin (4 days ago)
It's almost as if she made this video to stroke her ego 3 years is way too long some professional assistance could have brought this dog happiness much sooner then you sitting around the table having coffee patting yourself on the back for throwing him a chicken leg I think you should have done more most people would have
Toxy (4 days ago)
Outsmarted by a dog for 3 years
Cracka Smyle (4 days ago)
You think Matt and Kristine got together?
Jake West (4 days ago)
I’ll give you a hint....her layer is the area surrounded by hundreds of plastic ziplock baggies!
ChopStickZero (2 days ago)
lol... I hope that is where they ended up,even though plastic is killing our nature. But better than eating it, imagine how much of that plastic wrappings that poor dog ate.
Feizaan Bashir (4 days ago)
Lmao she said the dog was too smart for her 😂 yh that sounds about right
Neil Baldwin (4 days ago)
This! My god so much is beautiful in this.
Julio Finardi (4 days ago)
Congratulations. Thank you!
saba1978 (4 days ago)
that dog probably had it better in the wild, now she haft to stnad out with annoying people all day hahahaha
Leah Bee (5 days ago)
What if she was feeding her puppies😿
RDC Tarantula (5 days ago)
So the canyons are littered with all of these plastic bags?? That’s awesome.
Hamza Jay (5 days ago)
I'm sorry but sometimes nice people are irritating dumb fucks
Lendrick Begay (5 days ago)
This couple also so selfish her home was out there in the wilderness but they took her out of that she obviously liked it out there more than living with them 3 years of the feeding proved that

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