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Alexander McQueen Menswear Spring/Summer 2019

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Alexander McQueen Menswear Spring Summer 2019 Full Runway Fashion Show Collection by Sarah Burton
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Mr Funky (20 days ago)
Smooth and funky, w/no after taste !!! The way modern men should be dressing NOW
Den Gray (20 days ago)
Pure class!
Alex Oyarzabal (20 days ago)
why all the models have faces like they are smelling shit ?
PAULanthonyROMERO (1 month ago)
Gorgeous at 7:27. looks inspired by Judy Garland in 1967: @ .45 https://youtu.be/NjG-A4Ol_1Y
Elvin Knight (6 months ago)
Excellent film photography
Fashion Lust (7 months ago)
呂 Lu韞璽 Sunny (7 months ago)
Rudy Labsilica (7 months ago)
The designs of the overcoats are cool!
leeinsyd (7 months ago)
Wow. Beautiful!
Massimo Giordano (7 months ago)
Big confusion ....

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