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Splitting Volta Region - The Pulse on Joy News (16-1-17)

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Youth resist partitioning of region.
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Text Comments (73)
Alex Agykum (1 month ago)
Sessi why haven’t you spoken to your MP?
Alex Agykum (1 month ago)
Why are these people waiting their time on this issue. Volta Region is part of Ghana divider or not
Sam T (2 months ago)
Mediocrity and jealousy has been passed on to these young boys whom should have been taught how to use their brains and God's given talent to develop communities we find ourselves rather than always crying on governments. You should money is what is used for development so go to the other regions and learn from them how they do it rather than being envious of them and how they make their money.
Akua Aya (5 months ago)
Volta region is one of the poorest in Ghana. N someone want to help u development n u want. Take urself 20 years of JJ n he did nothing for his own region. Mmmmm
Awoonor Eli (12 days ago)
U are a fool kokolovi
Kwadzo Awaya (4 months ago)
Pls shut up what did you know about Volta region? Kese
Yêʋê Êʋê (5 months ago)
The truth will prevail.
Eric Bottah (6 months ago)
Jesus Christ, lady, know your grammar. The past tense of split is split. Never splitted. That is brofo bonee. Splitted paa, agyei mawu.
justice armah (1 month ago)
Eric Bottah so?
Godwin Doe (7 months ago)
Western Togoland,present day Volta Region is an independent state which cannot be devided into regions simply because it wasn't a British colony neither was or is it a British protectorate.Western Togoland together with present day Togo has been and is a separate state(country)on it's own.Togoland is not a French colony neither their protectorate.The French and English intentionally forced themselves into our land after their European war.Gold coast,present day Ghana(British Colony,property)can be split into bits.We weren't defeated by Britain or France for us or our land to be their property.
Edna Awo (7 months ago)
Mr jordan you and your staff are doing a great job god bless you all
Edna Awo (7 months ago)
Mr jordan you and your staff are doing a great job god bless you all
Lilian Flynn (8 months ago)
Akuffo Addo ..you dare split the Volta region and you will be doomed
Pkow Psalm (8 months ago)
Kwame Baffour (8 months ago)
These kids are just agitating for the sake of doing so. Constitutionally, they don’t understand what necessitated the process for the creation/ splitting of the region
Uncle Bright (7 months ago)
Kwame, I don't think you understand it either.
Lilian Flynn (8 months ago)
It's not the Ashanti region that split so crawl back to your region
Phillip Mikason (9 months ago)
Good job guys I'm in support of ur ideas
Prince Jadon (1 year ago)
Who is he if you are president so what damn president
SkiLD Survivor (6 months ago)
How’s tha president better than him .. go educate your silly ass self hoe
SkiLD Survivor (6 months ago)
Hoe go suck some dick !!! Bitch
Dey Dey (9 months ago)
The president is 10000x better than your whorish mother and your foolish father who masturbated and ejaculated in your mums pussy to get you foolish ayigbe self born to disturn the properity of ghanaians
Togbe Amega (1 year ago)
Akuffo will see where power lies if tries this useless political foolishness. Do you know the history behind the us Ewes? If he can't govern he should get the fuck out. I guess Ghana don't want peace.
KCTV (1 year ago)
Division will not bring development is Volta region too big for Ghana to develop
Phillip Mikason (9 months ago)
@Dey Dey You just keep quiet ur dirty mouth
Dey Dey (9 months ago)
You are clearly ignorant in your thoughts
Anthony Affrim (1 year ago)
Cho boe! we the youth from Oti should also form our Concern Youth of Oti. Joy Fm should have invited indigenes from Oti to have educated these small boys from Togo
Phillip Mikason (9 months ago)
My Brothers are more educated just keep quiet
Phillip Mikason (9 months ago)
You Anthony if you don't have anything to say just keep quiet
William Ohene (1 year ago)
Brilliant Ewe boys ,good job
Lilian Flynn (8 months ago)
Go boys go go all the way
Dey Dey (9 months ago)
What is brilliant about this? He doesnt know what he is talking about... This is clearly an unpatriotic man causing treason.. In his mind, he is calling for the seperation of the so called Western Togoland from Ghana. Who said the Dagombas wants to be part of the Ewe, who said the Guams want to be part of the Ayigbes.. As far as I m getting this, these fools are on their own... Ghana One... Ayigbes shut up with your noise
Daniel blonzy (1 year ago)
Don't come and divide our people we want to come together and work as people
Dey Dey (9 months ago)
Your people? I think you Ayigbefoc think that everybody that lives in the volta region is an ayigbenii... I beg we the Guams are not Ayigbe and we do not want to be ayigbe.. Fucking jealous premitive assholes
Immanuel Agbozo (1 year ago)
What do you mean by 'what do we know'? We are maintaining our land that our ancestors fought for to our generations to come. We are right of our property. Are you telling us that we don't have a say in every thing going on our land? What country are we living in???????? Is it what is called DEMOCRACY???. We don't need any division!!!!!!
Dey Dey (9 months ago)
Its about time you ayigbe people stop making those foolish comments of 'our land' 'our land'. Which land? Do you Ewes own the volta region? In your dreams... Wake up before it turns into a nightmare.. You guys are just jealous of the ashantis. @Immanuel Agbozo, talk for your self massa, you personally dont need division of the volta, I personally want the division of Volta... Hw3 ayigbefoc nso 3rep3 nkoa. Aaaaa Awurade tena soro hc aaa
Anthony Affrim (1 year ago)
masa, whose land are you maintaining? come again. does the guan lands belong to you the ewes? don't make i bore kraaa wati. I hope you know where your ancestors came from? i don't blame you but rather my ancestors for liberating your ancestors, we ahould have allowed you to suffer in Notsie
Immanuel Agbozo (1 year ago)
Yes, we don't need any division in Volta region. We are one people one region. No Division!!!!!!!
Michael Fiagbedzi (5 months ago)
We are on the way for an independent, the western Togo Land is not for Ghana, this joy FM are lies ignorance, look at headless question she is asking who are ashianti to jealous nonsense
Dey Dey (9 months ago)
@Anthony Affrim I agree entirely...
Anthony Affrim (1 year ago)
we are different people, with different culture and way of live and even different mindset. We the people from Oti need to be uniquely identified as a distinct group from Ewes
gilbert yevisson (2 years ago)
in fact he can never do that or else we go back to our old state as western togo-land we are nt ghanaians but just in union with them, we r a country on our own
Anthony Affrim (1 month ago)
@MS. NUNYA heh!! don't bring yourself okay, nation wreckers like you. Apuu! what the fuck do you know about history??? if you think you can carve a nation from peaceful, loving Ghana thru lies and deceit, I'll advice you to rethink your diabolic and barbaric nonfa lies of garbage. menk) ti ah 'history" mtsewwwww!!! do you even know the boundaries of the then British Togoland???
MS. NUNYA (1 month ago)
@Anthony Affrim ignorance is a bliss. learn your history. all ewe region attach to ghana is togo land and you guys are trying to steal part of it to name it otis. God is coming after you.
Pkow Psalm (8 months ago)
If u dont feel ghanaian then leave sharp.NDC looses
Dey Dey (9 months ago)
@Togbe Amega which language are you speaking? Even your name... your name alone makes you stupid. Shut you fukcing ayigbe bastard..
Dey Dey (9 months ago)
Hw3 ne kwasia, Western Togoland... Even if you will set up a name for a country, you will not even use names as Ghanavii, Ghanalor or even Ghanagbe to indicate that you hail from us. You want to use Western Togoland. You guys are extrememly funny and unpatriotic people. Infact, I will be in favour of driving the indigenous ayigbe people from ghana. Thus those living in HO, Keta.. Those Togolese
J k (2 years ago)
loo, no president ever in ghana showed clear intension ,,they all have hidden motives. why split volta region? why not split ashanti region? motherfuckers
AKAN TRIBESMAN (1 year ago)
Ashanti has already been split by Nkrumah, Ahafo in the Brong Ahafo and also part of Akyem and Fante was part of the Ashanti Region
Ed MacGee (2 years ago)
Such a prominent media entity should not entertain such mindless fools. Period. Why can't these people leave Ashantis out of their senseless agitation.
Dey Dey (9 months ago)
@kovinda wimalachandra We ghanaians dont know any Western Togoland. It does not exist for us. We do know some ayigbefoc bi who are unpatriotic and think that the can do better.... hahahahahaha Kotoka and JJ Rawlings all hail from that ayigbe land... count yourself how much economic contributions these useless minds did to our dear nation. Ayigbefoc wei paa, aaa Awurade tena soro hc a
kovinda wimalachandra (1 year ago)
Ed MacGee why cant they leave the western togoland to go so that you will be free
Gameli Ayivi (2 years ago)
Dey Dey (9 months ago)
Hw3 ayigbenii bi nso..
Stephen Brako Antwi (2 years ago)
It's difficult to understand why people always portray gestures of tribalism under the pretext of a petition. 1. What has Asantehene got to do with your petition? 2. How can you allude to the fact that the President doesn't respect the chiefs mentioned in their petition? 3. No such demarcation have been done yet, where is the unconstitutional-ism here? 4. He confirms a section of the Voltarians sending a petition to the then Presidential condidate, upon which basis they voted for him. Why should we listen to him and not those people? Please don't entertain such mediocrities on your network. They don't respect, judging from the tone of their so called petition.
Yêʋê Êʋê (5 months ago)
Very soon history will repeat it self again. If you people won't believe it just wait patiently. It's not force to believe but seeing is believing. The time has come.
Anthony Affrim (1 year ago)
you said it all wae. don't mind them. Oti is happening live gidigidi kraaa. )mo nteasea ah, they should go back to Togo
Thomas Benyingi (2 years ago)
Is true there children's, am from VR north the president should split
Phillip Mikason (9 months ago)
You people you know nothing just shut up
kovinda wimalachandra (1 year ago)
Only independent will do
Anthony Affrim (1 year ago)
correct papapa
Palms ventures (2 years ago)
lol 😂😂😂😂 see this children with diaper what do you know mtweeew
Phillip Mikason (9 months ago)
He knows nothing
kovinda wimalachandra (1 year ago)
He knows what you don’t know
Anthony Affrim (1 year ago)
tell them oh my brother. Oti nu aky3 kraa dodo
Peter Sunkwa (1 year ago)
What do u mean we are one people ?since when we became one people.

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