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"Weird Al" Yankovic - Word Crimes

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"Weird Al" Yankovic's new album "Mandatory Fun" out now on iTunes: http://smarturl.it/MandatoryFun Amazon: http://smarturl.it/MandatoryFunAMZ Google Play: http://smarturl.it/MandatoryFunGP http://www.WeirdAl.com Music video by "Weird Al" Yankovic performing Word Crimes. (C) 2014 RCA Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment
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Text Comments (39876)
Leviticus Cornwall (1 hour ago)
My 7th grade English teacher ruined this by pausing it everyday and making us examine each new mistake.
Çhlorïnê (3 hours ago)
I once corrected someone who said “I could care less” on an online game. They then replied, “I couldn’t care less.” At least they learned.
Rob Vespa (10 hours ago)
Another parody so much better and more clever than the original...
Harrison Shaub (12 hours ago)
There is a LOT of glass breaking
Tigorahan (12 hours ago)
The one thing that I don't agree with; leaving out Oxford commas. With the Oxford comma: We invited the strippers, JFK, and Stalin. This means, JFK, Stalin and some strippers were invited. Without the Oxford comma: We invited the strippers, JFK and Stalin. This means JFK and Stalin, who are strippers, we're invited. Oxford commas have a good reason for existing. Also yes, I stole the example from the somewhere in the internet.
Mino Re (14 hours ago)
and there are nearly 8K poeple who've taken the time to downvote this. Why? Whether you followed or not, was it not captivating of your attention? Do you just like to pee in the general pool for some reason?
Actuallyisriny (20 hours ago)
George NEwman!
Anna Michelle (21 hours ago)
2:24 My favorite part.
Abigail Medin (1 day ago)
I've been listening to this song, and I love the bat family. If someone made a video with this song for Jason Todd, I would be SO HAPPY! ...Because he loves literature.
darrenmuse (1 day ago)
I literally think this is the coolest song I've ever heard! Any one think so to?
Tess McMurray (1 day ago)
This is the one comment section on YouTube that will have very few grammar or spelling mistakes.
Any English teacher that doesn't start their school year with this song is not living there best life.
cehlers41 (4 hours ago)
ethan brown (2 days ago)
ethan brown (2 days ago)
2:41 a wedding is sopped to be the happiest day of your life but its raining so it was ruined thats irony and its a coincidence. the fire is a good example of irony. But what a amazing song
kallahari edwards (2 days ago)
Kendyl Babino (2 days ago)
Why did I see this in class today
Thank you.
Jillian Weaver (2 days ago)
We watched this in English class today!😸😹
fresh blood (2 days ago)
i can't remember originall version of this
Sam O'Neill (2 days ago)
I love how he puts the trash can into a biohazard bin
Pimp slayer (3 days ago)
boxbreaker2011 (3 days ago)
This is LITERALLY better than the original song!
ngumbo (3 days ago)
This is SUCH a funny, clever song, and the video helps so much in catching every little joke. Go Al!
Lady Tarianna (4 days ago)
This is fricking hilarious
Amy (4 days ago)
Oh my god I just found this and it's amazing
Joshua Schmidt (4 days ago)
Ben C. (4 days ago)
Weird Al should do a parody of Billie Jean calling it Jimmy Dean
Eduardo Arantes (4 days ago)
It's so good. Grammar nerds unite!
MangoMan Power (4 days ago)
i kN0W im l8 but im stil goingto post a pre*dick*ble coment srry
Johan Wolfs (4 days ago)
I just noticed at the Irony part that it's a reference to Alanis Morriset's Ironic. Rain on wedding day! Subtle joke. Its at 2:41
Alexandro Julián (5 days ago)
Good grammar is key to correct writing. The problem is most people don't study English in depth and are used to casual, informal language. Al should know this since he uses words in the video like "wanna". Huh? Al, do you mean "want to"? Teachers don't "wanna" go to school, they "want to" go to school.
Maddyy paigeee (5 days ago)
When i was in 7th grade, my English teacher showed us this song Shout out to mr. Guthrie I still can't right
Bubba DooM (5 days ago)
3:20 PM 1/12/2019
Southern Spook (5 days ago)
Why couldn’t he have done this back when I was in school?
Joey Bohanon (6 days ago)
People on YouTube need this
KingCraft Aiden (1 day ago)
+Joey Bohanon 'cause you write like a spastic
Joey Bohanon (2 days ago)
(that was sarcastic)
KingCraft Aiden (1 day ago)
+Chris that was sarcastic.
KingCraft Aiden (2 days ago)
Wut r u talking about its not like im bad at rite or anething i literally died when i sa this
Paloma Crew (6 days ago)
Penis joke at the end. We really did it gamers.
Medic64 (5 days ago)
if I get 100 likes ill show this to my English class Its a joke
Medic64 (5 days ago)
+Chris Also, if it bothers you I'll put it as a joke.
Medic64 (5 days ago)
+Chris r/whooosh
Chris (5 days ago)
There are so many things wrong with this comment, aside from begging for likes. *You didn't capitalize first letter of the sentence. *You need a comma after like. *You didn't capitalize the i in I'll. *You need an apostrophe in I'll. *You need a period at the end of the sentence. Also, this video is over 4 years old, so the chances of your comment even being seen by that many people is quite slim.
Steve Jarvis (6 days ago)
A song every drumpf supporter should listen to.
A Noyd (6 days ago)
*write only in emoji Not "only write."
Fran Saul (6 days ago)
Just fabulous
Jonathan Robertson (6 days ago)
Love this, and agree with almost all of it, but the use of quotes for "emphasis"... oh crap... I just did it. Hmm.. But using quotes outside of indicating a conversation has a useful and legitimate purpose in designating something questionable.
Chris (4 days ago)
+Jonathan Robertson Thank you. Best to you as well.
Jonathan Robertson (4 days ago)
+Chris Hey Chris... that was what I was trying to get at. Full disclosure: I thought the idea of quoting the word emphasis was a funny way to burn the point. It was my attempt to be clever. And like almost always, resulted in abject failure. Language is a living thing, so it progresses, but it is also the tool with which we think, so I admire your tenacity to not let it get sloppy. Best to you.
Chris (5 days ago)
+Jonathan Robertson The way you used it in this reply, is not as an emphasis. It is implying that someone SAID what I wrote was a form of logic, which it is, therefore the quotation marks were actually used correctly in your reply.
Jonathan Robertson (5 days ago)
+Chris You have convinced me then. Your "logic" is impeccable.
Chris (5 days ago)
No, it does not. They are called quotes for a reason. When you used them in your comment, you were quoting him, not emphasizing anything. Maybe you need to look up what emphasis means.
Awesome Raccoon Gamer (6 days ago)
Justin Justice (6 days ago)
7,807 people will never learn proper syntax.
Cursed Content (7 days ago)
This song seriously helped me
21AngelaC (7 days ago)
Wow. Yes! This was an amazing video. Even though I'm super bad at grammar and all that, I can at least do the basics. Such as apostrophes. I'm also partially annoyed at people who text using "r" instead of "are".
Derian Trost (7 days ago)
This song is on every English teachers computer...even if it isn't it SHOULD be.😋
jass :3 (7 days ago)
lol we watched this in english today......very nice parody!!!
Best English class I ever took
Corey Baumann (7 days ago)
English teachers should be showing this to their classes at least once a semester.
Joao Paulo Grassi (7 days ago)
haha man, this is timeless. So good!
tallaussiebloke (8 days ago)
Nobody noticed Al snuck Cunnilingus in there? (In disguise.)
Poop267267 (8 days ago)
0:55 WORK ON THAT GRAMMER -2 lern some grammer-
Music Or Lose It (8 days ago)
00:35 Isn't "I'll try to educate ya" a word crime?
Keith Pixton (8 days ago)
et cetera not ex cetera have gone not have went even better not more better much versus many do not suffer from RAS syndrome (ATM machine, etc)
Abdallah Ashraf (8 days ago)
Stannis Baratheon is proud ..
chesucat (8 days ago)
You never want to say "I do good" unless you're special!
Eric Panissidi (9 days ago)
Yad me a cowbell got to have more cowbell
Be Feerless (9 days ago)
*_Aw, SYKE_*
Nightfox (9 days ago)
your so awsome at makeing s0ngs
Amatsu Kami Mikaboshi (9 days ago)
Actually Literally has always been used by well known authors in a figurative sense but was only gotten construed as a grammar issue in the latter years.
Mark Otto (9 days ago)
Darn. I *still* write like a spastic!
Will Wisinski (9 days ago)
Roldan Robles (9 days ago)
He would have been a great teacher. No one would skip his class.😁
x ppP (7 days ago)
I literally 💓 this toon...🎶 But Al, an ironic situation is a coincidence in Reverse of what you expected. So it's still a coincidence ....just in reverse. What about the apostrophe that's supposed to go after the word to show ownership "Possession " and they put it before the S as in Builder's Warehouse Shouldn't it be builders' ⁉️⁉️⁉️🤣🤣🤣🤔
Awesomeness Gamer (10 days ago)
There are so many references in this that I didn't get when it first came out...
Berlin Isabelle (10 days ago)
lol this should be pear's theme song (you know from annoying orange)
Andrei Tache (10 days ago)
I _figuratively_ can't believe how great this song is! ;)
Alec P (11 days ago)
This was amazing...wow
abram03 (11 days ago)
Great song! And here's a fact: people who nod their heads with a sense of superiority as they listen to this song SCREW UP JUST AS BADLY when it comes to other aspects of English word usage and grammar. Nobody's perfect! And remember -- it's very nice to help people correct their writing when they ask you, but it's pure, unadulterated snobbery to correct their speech, so long as you understand what they are saying.
JENNIFER MANGUM (12 days ago)
Bart baker should take notes from weird al!!! Because bart baker is just annoying
Oscar Slizys (12 days ago)
Trogdor! 1:38
AFA Films (12 days ago)
AFA Films (12 days ago)
I flipping' LOVE this song. Schools should play this. #wordcrimes
Nickster (12 days ago)
I believe I got about 80-85% of the grammar correct.
Jared Nolastname (12 days ago)
Wat r u saying ? 🤔🤔🤔💩💩💩
Poppy Chimera (12 days ago)
bc/ru are these words: be cause/ are you. not be see are you.
Sydical (12 days ago)
Why do I remember the name of this song better than the original?
gibbel zoob (12 days ago)
0:51 doge confimed
Crash Factory (13 days ago)
0:05 weird al also #wordrimes #yankovic #youdbetterslowdownusetherightpronounshowtheworldyournoclown #somecunningliguisttohelpyoudistinguishwhatisproperenglish
Sarcastor (13 days ago)
"Cause you write like a spastic" Summary of the whole song xD
Marla Secrist (13 days ago)
fiuck you dork
The Random (13 days ago)
I had to listen to this in school and everyone was laughing at the crobar part.
Cherry Pepsi (13 days ago)
My teacher played this in class. I’m gonna go yeet myself offa bridge.
thecrunchytaco (14 days ago)
Can we get an unrated version of this video too?
DinaTheSaurous (14 days ago)
My English teacher chose to present this to the class as he just couldn't make the lesson interesting. However, the bell rang before we could finish it so I went on a hunt for it. I never wanted to send the internet a video so badly before.
foleyosha the first (14 days ago)
He has a huge dictionary.
D'ondre T (15 days ago)
2019 we have a fallen hero
Dick Sapp (15 days ago)
Yes but can you tell us what the definition of "is," is?
fifty fifth (15 days ago)
---* 2019 *---
Jackie Miller (16 days ago)
They should make kids listen to this in school.
isaac webber (16 days ago)
This is actually my favorite music video
Michael Klein (16 days ago)
Should be required viewing for all Trump supporters.
Peter (17 days ago)
2019 anyone?
Black Cat Wrath (17 days ago)
This is exactly what every English teacher needs to show in their class.
Johannes Romanides (17 days ago)
Preston King (18 days ago)
The its and it's thing was actually educational.
Billy mays (18 days ago)
Lol my English teacher showed this to her class.
lori rizzo (19 days ago)
Nina Lutgen (19 days ago)
A fun way to learn lol. Or a fen wa 2 lern
Mohamed Adel (20 days ago)
"Word Crimes" Everybody shut up Everyone listen up! If you can't write in the proper way If you don't know how to conjugate Maybe you flunked that class And maybe now you find That people mock you on-line (Everybody wise up!) Okay, now here's the deal I'll try to educate ya Gonna familiarize You with the nomenclature You'll learn the definitions Of nouns and prepositions Literacy's your mission And that's why I think it's a good time To learn some grammar (What!?) Now, did I stammer? Work on that grammar You should know when It's "less" or it's "fewer" Like people who were Never raised in a sewer I hate these word crimes Like "I could care less" That means you do care At least a little Don't be a moron You'd better slow down And use the right pronoun Show the world you're no clown Everybody wise up! Say you got an "it" Followed by apostrophe, "s" Now what does that mean? You would not use "it's" in this case As a possessive (no no no) It's a contraction (yeah yeah yeah) What's a contraction? Well, it's a shortening of a word, or a group of words by omission of a sound or letter Okay, now here's some notes Syntax you're always mangling No "x" in "espresso" Your participle's danglin' But I don't want your drama If you really wanna Leave out that Oxford comma Just keep in mind that "be", "see", "are", "you" Are words, not letters Get it together Use your spell-checker You should never Write words using numbers Unless you're seven Or your name is Prince Everybody wise up! I hate these word crimes (I hate them crimes) You really need a (I hate them crimes) Full-time proofreader (I mean those crimes) You dumb mouth-breather Well, you should hire Some cunning linguist To help you distinguish What is proper English Everybody wise up! One thing I ask of you Time to learn your homophones is past due Learn to diagram a sentence too Always say "to whom" Don't ever say "to who" And listen up when I tell you this I hope you never use quotation marks for emphasis You finished second grade I hope you can tell If you're doing good or doing well Everybody wise up! You'd better figure out the difference Irony is not coincidence And I thought that you'd gotten it through your skull What's figurative and what's literal Oh but just now you said You literally couldn't get out of bed (What!?) That really makes me want to literally Smack a crowbar upside your stupid head Everybody wise up! I read your e-mail It's quite apparent Your grammar's errant You're incoherent Saw your blog post It's really fantastic That was sarcastic (Oh, psych!) 'Cause you write like a spastic I hate these word crimes Everybody wise up! Your prose is dopey Think you should only Write in emoji Oh, you're a lost 'cause Go back to pre-school Get out of the gene pool Try your best to not drool Never mind I give up Really now I give up Go away!

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