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Password Policy in Oracle Unified Directory (OUD): Password Generator & Validator

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Password Policy is one of the common tasks OUD Admins & Architects work on. Apart from having Custom Password Policy, this video also talks about validator & generator. You can check other videos related to OUD on our blog at 1) ODS: OUD, OID, OVD, ODSEE http://k21academy.com/oud11 2) Install & Configure OUD in 5 Steps http://k21academy.com/oud12 3) Confused 4 Solution in ODS i.e. OUD, OID, OVD, ODSEE at http://k21academy.com/oud13 4) Interview Questions related to OUD at http://k21academy.com/oud01
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Ganesh gani (1 year ago)
Is it true that the cloud will reduce many dba jobs in the future?

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