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Daddy's Girl Tries on a $16,000 Dress! | Say Yes To The Dress

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Emanuela Defalco wants a huge ballgown with a huge price, but first she will have to convince her father to stretch the budget. Catch Say Yes to the Dress on TLC - Sky 140, Virgin 162, BT TV 323
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Saja Abdelkarim (21 minutes ago)
I think she needs to reduce those lip fillers
Saja Abdelkarim (22 minutes ago)
Total brat yes I have what you call a sugar daddy but when there’s a budget I stick to it
Saja Abdelkarim (26 minutes ago)
The first dress was ugly
Julie the great (56 minutes ago)
her poor poor poor husband
Julie the great (57 minutes ago)
she never said yes to the dress she said ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Hridya Praba (2 hours ago)
Juwaria R (3 hours ago)
Bad choice with d dress
Juwaria R (3 hours ago)
Her sister was so right.. There are days when u dont need to flaut taht area..
Aleeshya Wilson (4 hours ago)
She looks terrible omg. Her dad spoiled her way too much. Poor man..
cherryl aurelia (5 hours ago)
Why the hell does her face look manly? ://
sofia renals (5 hours ago)
I was cringing the entire time
DanceInTheRain 77 (6 hours ago)
Is this girl for real? Maybe $8k could cover her boobs a bit more.
Stefanie Valdivieso (8 hours ago)
Worst episode I seen
Syarria Stafford (10 hours ago)
Omg gag me 🤮
lemonspy _fj (11 hours ago)
I understand it's a big day but you're going to wear it for one day or you're gonna give it to you're child😱 my budget would be 5,000
aubrey manry (11 hours ago)
I need an ATM daddy!!!!
Mia Aqilah (12 hours ago)
When she starts working she will understand and when her child is getting married they should ask for 20k for only the dresss
Mia Aqilah (12 hours ago)
Pity the dad and future husband
Mia Aqilah (12 hours ago)
Spoiled forever
JulezWorld 2.0 (14 hours ago)
I need a bank of dad rn 😩😩😩
Caralyn Ware (14 hours ago)
I mean, you do you but I wouldn’t put my areolas on display at my wedding 😅
kDestinyGachak kris (18 hours ago)
What a brat
She loks cute
Daysha Thurman (19 hours ago)
That's not her dad, that's her ATM
Mellbinha Bincheski (19 hours ago)
Omg i hate this girl
Antonia Long (21 hours ago)
Water..... Fuck man... Bring me champagne 🙄
huis ayoub (22 hours ago)
She is gold digger
Dieba (1 day ago)
The importance of education !!! You seat on national tv saying your dad is crazy !! 🤦🏽‍♀️
Netball Yo-yo (1 day ago)
Spoilet 🍭
Sarah Burke (1 day ago)
Cute family. Supporting and loving. No matter what!!
aussiechickusa (1 day ago)
Goss. Her face looks like plastic. She looks like a bloke. The boobs in that dress are distasteful eek. Only she can make an expensive dress look cheap
kaykay (1 day ago)
LMAOOOO the shadeeee thrown
Kristen Labra (1 day ago)
“You like a turkey”
Brielle (1 day ago)
She said her dad needs to get it together GIRL no you need to get it together with that 16,100 dollar dress! THATS WHY SHE FELL LMAO
Valeria (1 day ago)
Please tell me I'm not the only person who hates bows on dresses,especially wedding ones
Lazy Af (1 day ago)
It's hella revealing
Can this bride BE more ugly?
Greta McDole (1 day ago)
She kinda sounds like trisha paytas
PastelPeyton (1 day ago)
"I can shed a tear and my dad will be like putty in my hands" *spoiled*
julia gacha_Life (1 day ago)
She is a spoiled brat and she is ugly
Got a lot of money but cant get a decent surgeon
She a fat barbie
Pemika NIn (2 days ago)
She's so ugly and she doesn't make money to buy that dress so she might as well just buy it , she looks like Michael Jackson gone wrong 100x
Victoria Holden (2 days ago)
That dress is horrible
tae bae (2 days ago)
“Are you saying yes to the dress?” Her: *SCREAMS*
tae bae (2 days ago)
“I’m okay with the $16,000 price tag” UH YEAH CAUSE YOU’RE NOT PAYING FOR IT
Abbey Cooper (2 days ago)
she looks like a lobster in the dress
Lilli Skiles (2 days ago)
Hanna Lin (2 days ago)
She is just a gold digger and just wasting all her dads money.
xAmaix (2 days ago)
her lips are _so_ natural. _love_ it!
Who the fuck wants to wear a turkey for 16000
Marty Is scared (2 days ago)
Sandra Ellis (2 days ago)
Nobody: Dad: She looks like a bride. Sorry, she looks so trashy with her boobs hanging out. That thing barely covers her nipples and I'm shocked nobody else saw fit to say it.
ATR (2 days ago)
She looks very plastic. Like a Barbie. With a mrs potato head touch....and Kim Kardashian
Aichi Toshiki (2 days ago)
Pray for the father who needed to be stricter with his inconsiderate and probably lazy/irresponsible daughter and the man who was crazy enough to marry her, who may be broke very soon in the near future, may they rest in peace
Shubha Goel (2 days ago)
This woman,girl whatever...is so spoilt and honestly her "husband" is gonna have a expensive life!!😂😂
Emory Pruitt (2 days ago)
She have never got all that damn plastic it makes her look ugly 😂😂😂😂
Emory Pruitt (2 days ago)
Omg how much plastic does she have 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
heatherdanielle85 (3 days ago)
Who has their boobs on full display at their wedding? Eesh.
Brianna Wunder (3 days ago)
I feel sorry for her dad
Alina Danos (3 days ago)
I can see her nipple walk-in down the path
Alina Danos (3 days ago)
Nip slip
Sage Artucilla (3 days ago)
Her nipples gonna pop out
Michele Garrett (3 days ago)
She’s a brat....
Kerry Stone (3 days ago)
Um, what about when she accidentally steps on the front of her dress and it completely comes off her boobs! A little more coverage in that area would probably be a good idea, just saying. And maybe a little less spent on the dress and some cash spent on maths tutoring 😂
Phia Griffith (3 days ago)
She needs to get her own job it’s okay it the dad helps pay a little but 16,000 wtf
chelsea channel (3 days ago)
The guy was secretly warning the dad 😂
Barney the Labrador (3 days ago)
Lol this makes me feel soooo cheep.I was planning to buy my wedding dress from amazon😂😂
oof (3 days ago)
this is like a sugar daddy/baby relationship only its her actual dad. kinda gross ;///////////
Meep (3 days ago)
Oof spoiled brat filled with plastic surgery 😬
Srija Singh (3 days ago)
This girl is really spoilt! She needs an attitude makeover.
It's Camilla Taylor (3 days ago)
Randy keeps it so real, thank god lmao
Sarah Salinas (3 days ago)
Literally her privates WERE sticking out in the second dress. And I can’t believe she was talking about her dad like that I mean he is the sweetest and he’s just trying to be supportive
Sandra Diaz-Vazquez (3 days ago)
God Lord!! Those boobs were about to be set free!!!
pastel Moonlight (3 days ago)
I know it’s her special day and her wedding but ... I don’t like her attitude of like “I can shed a tear and daddy will be putty in my hands”
Kaye Quintero (3 days ago)
I'm praying her boobs will not peek.. I mean her nipples 😁
yashfa Javed (3 days ago)
I am a daddy's girl and my dad is always on my side but I dont take advantage of him😐
Casey McLean (3 days ago)
I tried on a $2,000 dress ball gown lovely I loved it but I only had a budget of 1,000 my mom picked it out and it was $758 fit perfectly no alterations it came to $1000 after we got the skirt under it to puff it out and the tiara and veil of course lol my wedding budget is $4,000 all I can day is it can be done on a low budget when you have people helping you out and stuff
chelsea eisele (4 days ago)
I cant even get child support outa my dad
Mimi_26 YT (4 days ago)
‘ I could literally shed a tear’ Brat......
itskim 15 (4 days ago)
Why her boobs so big?
Y Dv (4 days ago)
She probably did surgery there
Fotimaniso Rustamova (4 days ago)
The dress is too open showing to much skin and it’s not that big in my country girls have like big ass dresses like damn it’s bigger than my life time and it doesn’t show to much skin it’s just perfect
Something Calvin (4 days ago)
At least she not that bad like all the other spoiled girls that be on other shows
sailsix621 (4 days ago)
Why pay for a whole dress at that point, just find her a really nice skirt and some cute white pasties.
Iamellao (4 days ago)
We got the same name 😭
Jess Bowhey (4 days ago)
My budget for my entire wedding was $5000 and I only spend $3500
Love For Long Locks (4 days ago)
Too revealing top, it does not suit her, too much show off
Diedre Cowart (4 days ago)
Fluffy Llama!! (4 days ago)
1:26 why does this girl have to be so spoiled?
Gabby Hernandez (4 days ago)
From the side, her face actually looks looks like Kim Kardashian.
SN 16 (5 days ago)
Everything is open to watch fr 16000 dollars
Kaylah Barmby (5 days ago)
spoiled brat alert
Rhea Garcia (5 days ago)
Ummm...the dress isn’t really that cute for $16,000 and she needs to learn how to be respectful to her dad I wouldn’t even care for the budget
Elena Mei (5 days ago)
She's so spoiled
Sarah loves Pandas (5 days ago)
Your dad is not the one who has to get it together honey. Its YOU who needs to get it together
Marie TUCKER (5 days ago)
Ugly personality
Marie TUCKER (5 days ago)
That face...not gonna age wrll.
George T (5 days ago)
I thought she was a guy. She's ugly just like her personality
Brooklynite C (5 days ago)
#1 She's an inconsiderate brat #2 she needs to do something with those breasts #3 Her dad is sweet
Dia Jahan Ali (5 days ago)
Emerald Cantu (5 days ago)
Her face looks painful

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