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Buttercream is of the staples in cake and cupcake decorating. With a wide variety of techniques, types and flavors, it is quite hard what to choose in terms of sweetness, consistency, stability, preparation, ingredients and cost. If you're looking for a stiffer not so sweet buttercream, this recipe is for you! This recipe holds its shape very well, and holds flavor and color as well. *shortening is very important for the stability of this recipe *chill your condensed milk for a few hours to help in stabilizing our buttercream *use softened unsalted butter *you can flavor and color this recipe very well Ingredients: 1 cup softened butter 1/2 cup vegetable shortening 1 can sweetened condensed milk 2 tsp vanilla LET'S CONNECT! FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/MortarAndPastry/ INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/mortarandpastry/ SUBSCRIBE TO OUR CHANNEL: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyJz_PdyLJO94qx6vdOYfJQ Checkout our trending MILO CAKE! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tuFASCE-YBM MUSIC: Italian Morning by Twin Musicom is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/) Artist: http://www.twinmusicom.org/
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Text Comments (1344)
Lynn Webb (5 months ago)
Absolutely beautiful, I've never in 30yrs of making and decorating cakes made such an incredible butter cream, i followed your recipe and i couldn't believe how easy and quick it was !!!.it looked beautifully silky and smooth and the taste was so very different from ordinary butter cream, it wasn't too sweet and it just melts in the mouth !!!...anyone wondering if they should try it, please do, you certainly won't regret it, that's what I'm going to make from now on !!!...thanks you so very much Xxx 😊☺😉😍💝🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂
+Lynn Webb we have the same thing here it's called original Crisco
Harriet lrishac (25 days ago)
Thanks for yours suggestions my friend
zpyang (29 days ago)
+Marietta Barbara Itliong mine was too runny also, I refrigerated the condensed milk for almost 2 hours, and as I started to mix it it looked like it was trying to separate. Not sure what I did wrong trying to salvage it and put it in the fridge, hopefully that helps solidify it.
Dee so (1 month ago)
+Arooj Amjad maybe lard
Tannica Palmer (1 month ago)
Girllll ....from your good comments I'm die-ing to prepare this recipe....cant wait I will tell u how it come out ok
Jamaica Stiff (3 hours ago)
Hello, did you used Golden crown butter?
Ruby Francisco (11 hours ago)
Any substitute for shortening.?
chio chio (14 hours ago)
Alguien podria decirme las cantidades en gramos x favor? Muchas gracias
Jolene Rocchio (16 hours ago)
I made this icing on lemon cupcakes,the combination was great. My sweetned condensed milk was cold, I had it in the fridge for a few days.
BeeRavie (20 hours ago)
I tried and it was a soupy mess!! Not sure what I did wrong. Is it possible to overwhip? Or can the shortening and butter be too soft?
Seema Sreekumar (1 day ago)
What can we substitute in place of vegetable shortening? Could u plz reply
ligghtx (2 days ago)
What does it mean to let the condensed milk chill? And for how many cupcakes is this?
Rebecca Korusamy (6 days ago)
It doesn't have taste at all👎
harry rod (6 days ago)
What is vegetable shortening
carlatops (9 days ago)
Gosh genius!!
Grace Inot (14 days ago)
hi po..i hope you notice me,dito sa amin may margarine na d nilalagay sa ref like binibenta sya per kilo at room temp. .. is that considered veg.shortening?
qeedabelly (15 days ago)
hi, how to keep the remaining of the buttercream?
Sun Flower (15 days ago)
san po nakakabili ng vegetable shortening?
Mortar and Pastry (13 days ago)
Hi! Sa mga supermarket meron or sa mga baking supply stores. I got mine sa all about baking :)
JanLloyd TV (17 days ago)
Ed Sosa (19 days ago)
Saan po nakakabili ng shortening?
How many ounces was your can of condensed milk? What size can?
Perla Llanto (19 days ago)
Hi i don't have a mixer can i use blender instead? Is it possible?
TheCoinDiva PR (20 days ago)
Awesome, Thanks.
ayisha Nazeer (22 days ago)
can I make roses or any flowers out of this cream
Mark Hins (22 days ago)
Paano kung wala akong shortening.... Ano pd substitute nun....mam
paprika (23 days ago)
Already tried..wow..its perfect..thank you so much for you sharing.
paprika (22 days ago)
Hi M&P..if i want to make cream cheese cake..when i should add the cream cheese on to the bowl? Thank you.
zoren narvasa (24 days ago)
ok lang po ba pag hindi na maglagay ng veg. shortening?
Florence Anne Quitalig (24 days ago)
Is there an alternative for the veggie shortening?
Merçedas (26 days ago)
If i was to store this overnight in the fridge, will it harden or do i have to re-whip it?
fudge brownie (27 days ago)
I'm sad this didn't work out for me. I don't like the taste of this frosting. Followed it, but the taste of frosting with shortening had an awful aftertaste. My family didn't like it. I had to make a new batch of frosting without shortening. The texture may be nice but the taste is not for me. 😭 It's just my opinion though.
Sy Garcia (28 days ago)
Can i do this recipe while only using whisk?
DavaoXC Events (29 days ago)
if i want to add chocolate flavor and color to this recipe ano po ang ilalagay and the measurements?
Mortar and Pastry (23 days ago)
Hi! Pwede mo panoorin dito yung chocolate version nito: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2rwMSyGA0Q8&lc=Ugw-JADIjJM8ovDTwzV4AaABAg Thank you! :)
zpyang (29 days ago)
just made it it was too loose and started to from what it looks like separate flavor is good though note** I did not chill my condensed milk overnight I chilled it for just an hour or two in the fridge, also this is not enough to frost a layered cake double the amount
Optical Power (30 days ago)
MY friend ! GREAT JOB ! You need nobody to inspire you ! ... YOU ALREADY GREAT ! YOUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL IS GREAT !!! JUST KEEP GOING !!!! BELIEVE IN YOURSELF MORE !!! and thanks for your video ... Advice : DO MORE DIFFERENT ANGLE :)
Osephinejay (1 month ago)
I'm sorry but this was a complete fail in my house. It tasted like straight butter. I found myself adding powdered sugar to give it some other taste. But nothing worked. It was also very loose (even after I added another half cup of shortening to try and thicken it) and ended up with the frosting falling off the first dozen. I ended up throwing this all away and making a different recipe.
kusum sharma (1 month ago)
I was never ever be comfortable with buttercream due to excess of sugar couldn't get the desired result. thanks alot for sharing this recipe of butter cream.i have yet not tried but sure to achieve success with b.cream icing.God bless you.
Roda Lomotan (1 month ago)
Pano po b magkaroon ng lasa? Prang matabang po kc sa panlasa...lagyan q po b ng confec sugar?
Mortar and Pastry (29 days ago)
Hi! Yes ang maganda sa recipe na to ay adjustable ang sweetness. Pwede ka mag add ng icing sugar a little at a time until maachieve mo yung desired sweetness :)
Denira Thompson (1 month ago)
I love this frosting will try on my cake
Safiya Barudgar (1 month ago)
Is it necessary to use condence milk ? Can't use powder sugar ? Plz answer
cortney rowe (1 month ago)
Blown away!
clara Davila (1 month ago)
Im new to baking whats shortening?!
Sandy Myers (1 month ago)
I sing "Praise Him praise Him Jesus our blessed redeemer" just about everyday. Love the song. Thanks for the video. 😊
Laurie H (1 month ago)
Next time I make frosting, this is it!
Naila Begum (1 month ago)
Hello .really very nice n easy recipe.if you kindly let me know that if we dont want to add vegetable shortening due to some health issue n instead add more butter than the result would be the same .thankyou
Is this recipe healthier than regular buttercream with confectioners sugar?
Kurlee Gurlee (1 month ago)
Hi! I tried this for my cream cheese frosting but it turned out runny. I added 1 bar cream.cheese to the recipe but too runny. How do I revive it? Or is it hopeless at this point? Please @mortarandpastry help! Thanks so much!
Lennie Watson (19 days ago)
I want to try this recipe however I need a substitution for the sweetened condensed milk. I'm diabetic and I am learning to redo a lot of the cooking I have been doing. I have been using Swerve sugar substitute for cake and brownie recipes. What can I use to substitute for the sweetened condensed milk?
Sandra Roberts (1 month ago)
How large is your can of condensed milk? They come in more than one size. Thanks.
Raymundo Gallrda (1 month ago)
Thank you for show us, but do you know if i can put some color?
Johi Hi (1 month ago)
watch the help the movie for vegetable shorting
K Smith (1 month ago)
Shortening? I'm out...
K Smith (1 month ago)
+Agrillot6 // Since it's still a free country, please feel free to indulge all you like. I'm gonna have to pass.
Agrillot6 (1 month ago)
They don't make it with hydrogenated oil anymore, it's not that bad. It's literally VEGETABLE shortening, not petroleum.
Antonietta Di Paolo (1 month ago)
what is vegetable shortening? Sorry i am italian, è margarina? ? Grazie
shamapes (1 month ago)
Would you use cocoa powder to make it chocolate flavor? I guess using melted unsweetened chocolate would melt the butter/shortening?
Patrick Mcsherry (1 month ago)
What is vegetable shortening?
fairymairah (1 month ago)
! ! ! !
Lady Midnight (1 month ago)
I'd like to try this recipe, since some of my family does get tired of me using the confectioner's sugar butter cream frosting on my cakes all the time. I think this will be a hit, if I use it on every cake I make from now on, especially since I'm using color to add something special as well! Thank you for sharing!
Jianne Taburada (1 month ago)
Where can we buy vegetables shortening
candace in jersey (1 month ago)
Bet you could substitute coconut oil for that shortening.
Analiza Bides (1 month ago)
Is there any other option beside the vegetable shortening?
alsen ningyu (1 month ago)
Gracey Liscious (1 month ago)
For that tall icing, how many cupcake can you frost with this recipe?
Mortar and Pastry (1 month ago)
Hi! You can frost one dozen of cupcakes :)
Miss Collins (1 month ago)
Is there a different between a glaze and icing
King Mufasa (1 month ago)
What is shortening?
rebecca (1 month ago)
No mine was runny like pudding. And yes I did it right it wasn't hard it just was not pipeable it was again pudding a mess
rebecca (1 month ago)
No way that's pipeable like that that milk then all that vanilla watery as hell I tried it knowing this and could pour it lol please stop doing this
Maria Rodriguez (1 month ago)
i live in texas..always humid and hot..how does hold up to these temps..for example an outside wedding?
Nature Oliver (1 month ago)
'Frost Like A Boss'👍Awesomeness! Ty for the share. I eat cake for the icing.😉💜
sonal porwal (1 month ago)
What is vegetable shortning
Mama chicken (1 month ago)
R Rodrigo (1 month ago)
I’m scared of that half cup veg. Shortening (lard) I might try using coconut oil instead.. looks so yummy tho
K Smith (1 month ago)
Thats a good idea. Please update your comment to let us know how it turns out.
Jennifer (1 month ago)
i love how cleanly he scrapes the bowls lol (but for real tho)
Monic G (1 month ago)
Hi LOVE this! Thank you Just wondering with it being a can of condensed milk would it/the cake need to be refrigerated or is it good to stay at room temp? Thanks in advance x
Mortar and Pastry (1 month ago)
Hi! It's good on room temp and can stand over a long period, unless you will be storing it you can keep it in the fridge for about a week :)
Laura Defilippis (1 month ago)
Can this be made ahead of time and stored
Mortar and Pastry (1 month ago)
Hi! If you will be storing it you can keep it in the fridge for about a week and just let it soften and beat again for a few minutes before using :)
Sassie Pen (1 month ago)
Now I realize why I am so fat. 😑 durn sugary sweets. Tastes so good but oh so bad.
Royalty 56 (1 month ago)
Just found you new subscriber, let's support each other
Laura Chavez (1 month ago)
I loved it,thank you
Ana R (1 month ago)
You got me with the title and lost me at the VEGATABLE SHORTENING. Are there any substitutions?
Im A Mistake (7 hours ago)
+m 11 ... why? Here, we even made frosting with just shortening. Thats because we couldnt afford expensive butters. But it tastes alright? And this recipe has only a tiny bit of shortening too... Yeah we live in a 3rd world country if youre wondering.
m 11 (1 month ago)
Yeah that was awful, not happening.
SHAHED GH (1 month ago)
Ana R nothing stabilizes buttercream like shortening
Mortar and Pastry (1 month ago)
Hi! You may replace it with more butter instead. I just added a bit of shortening to make it more stable for piping :)
Lilli Mantilli (1 month ago)
Do you have to refrigerate the cup cake or. Cake after frosted? Where do you get hi ratio shortening? Thank you.
Danielle Douglas (1 month ago)
so no sugar?
Mortar and Pastry (1 month ago)
Hi! Yes, no sugar was added to this recipe. Sweetness will be coming from the sweetened condensed milk. However, you may still add powdered sugar if you want it a bit more sweeter. It makes easier to adjust for the desired sweetness :)
I'll have to try this one for sure! My favorite is Swiss meringue buttercream and I have a recipe up on my channel, but this looks like a lot less work.
+Mortar and Pastry do you mind if I do a recipe review on my channel? I would, of course, give you credit for the recipe and link your channel as well.
Mortar and Pastry (1 month ago)
Yes indeed! Thank you for watching!
Neas hart (1 month ago)
is this recipe stand for a room temp?
Mortar and Pastry (1 month ago)
Hi! Yes it's stable and sturdy enough to withstand in a room temp for a long time. Just make sure you use cold but soft enough butter and chilled condensed milk and add enough shortening for stability :)
sunkiss candy (1 month ago)
wonderful recipe..i just wondering if its ok to add chocolate,for different flavor ? and any recommendations of what kind of chocolate should i used if ever?coz itsa big help for me if ever u will reply on my question..thnx so much😍
Mortar and Pastry (1 month ago)
Hi! I have made a separate video on how you can turn this into chocolate buttercream using beryl's dark chocolate. You can watch it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2rwMSyGA0Q8&t=2s
Catherine Greene (1 month ago)
Oh, my goodness! So yummy!!
Mortar and Pastry (1 month ago)
Thank you!
megan huggins (1 month ago)
Shortening and condensed milk?? Nasty.
It's Britney Bisch (1 month ago)
Any alternative for vegetable shortening?
Jennifer Dills (1 month ago)
Add more butter. The shortening is to make it more stable for piping.
Mary Rose Sebastian (1 month ago)
How many cupcakes this buttercream can frost?
Mortar and Pastry (1 month ago)
Hi! Depending on how much you put in, you can frost about 12-15 cupcakes from this recipe :)
Krizie (1 month ago)
Can it be refrigerated? What kind of coloring is the best, water or oil based?
OMG! You are genius!!!!!!! Thank you so much for sharing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mary C (1 month ago)
Nice, but needs a dash of salt, like 1/8th tsp.
Leleth Kairu (1 month ago)
The softening is scary
Cinnamonand spice (1 month ago)
Look good but that butter and shorthing will clog up you arteries. WOW
How sweet is it? Does look amazing!
Mike Ivy (1 month ago)
I shall try this...I mastered my own butter cream after years of practice .. . So I make a good buttercream...well my family thinks so.... but I’m going to try this. It looks beautiful and easy...thank you!
khan khan (1 month ago)
What is vegetable shortening
Why ruin it with lard?
Yeye Vetus (1 month ago)
What brand of shortening did you use?
Newlight Forward (1 month ago)
Just tried this buttercream, flavor is exceptional, But it was very soft, did not stand up like the one on the video.
A Murphy (1 month ago)
I must try. I've decorated for 40 years and have never heard of this.Thank you for sharing.
Looking Good (1 month ago)
A Murphy well ??? How did it come out
iheartthissong (1 month ago)
This is used in south america a lot! Grew up eating it. It does not do well in hot weather so make sure you keep it in a cool place or else it will melt. A trick so it does not come out rynny is to use chilled ingredients and I also chill my glass bowl where I will be whipping my icing. Is so yummy.
Lora Meregildo (1 month ago)
Pag wala pong vegetable shortening, ano po pwedeng substitute?
Kim Sai (1 month ago)
Ive been looking for a buttercream recipe that will suit the hot weather in our country and I hope this recipe will work. I will try this for my graduation cake.
hani foot (1 month ago)
how much in grams plz
Apsara A (1 month ago)
This is the only recipe I use when I want a buttercream. Everyone loves how smooth and creamy it is. Not toooo sweet, either. For the haters of shortening. Visualize!... its 2018, and things are refined, better, safer, healthier; AND, its not like you are going to be eating large gollops of shortening with every bite. Think about it, it thins out to be very little. Its there for support to the icing. Reading these comments makes me chuckle, its ALL in your head!
R Rodrigo (1 month ago)
It’s all in the gut too!! 😂
is it? lol
Cindy Strother (1 month ago)
zafara hendi (1 month ago)
Is it ok if i use margarine instead of butter?

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