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How to: BOX BRAIDS | Rubber Band Method | Won't Pull Your Hair Out!

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How to do box braids using the rubberband method - Perfect protective style for natural hair in any season. The rubber band method for box braids and the tips & tricks I share, are beneficial to healthy, natural hair because they are SNAG-FREE and LOW-TENSION! These jumbo box braids will NOT pull your hair out. With fine natural hair, I need braids that are not too tight and are actually a protective style. Let me know what you think in the comments below, and feel free to share your own tips for box braids. I am using nine (9) "packs" of jumbo braid hair - 3 packs of 3 I recommend a combo pack to save $$$: http://bit.ly/2xHLstJ Other Products I Am Using in the Tutorial: Clear Elastic Bands http://amzn.to/2yLixtI Rat Tail Comb http://bit.ly/2yqQWNs Creme of Nature Argan Oil Perfect Edges http://bit.ly/2xIgRAY C.O.N. Argan Oil Perfect Edges (Extra Hold) http://bit.ly/2zqmLUC C.O.N. Argan Oil Perfect Edges (Black) http://bit.ly/2yMPlTi Seal & Moisturizing Oil http://bit.ly/2ykdTCv You can also shop these items in my Amazon store https://www.amazon.com/shop/thebrilliantbeauty ⇣Check out my Twist & Braid Styles https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL3wZ0hUMe2hJ5uhGAgVWX91si2qYkwVyL ⇣KEEP UP WITH ME INSTAGRAM: @thebrilliantbeauty SNAPCHAT: brilliantb3auty TWITTER: @BrilliantJodi FACEBOOK: The Brilliant Beauty PINTEREST: The Brilliant Beauty Booking email ⇢ [email protected] --EQUIPMENT I FILM WITH-- Canon 80D http://amzn.to/2a3vnHQ Ring Light http://amzn.to/2arNbfA --MUSIC-- Youngbodzy - Do It For Me https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H8Ym96vTylg Paul Flint ft. Chris Linton - Watch the World Burn (Courtesy of NoCopyrightSounds) Watch: https://youtu.be/le7HOQHrN2s Free Download / Stream: http://ncs.io/WTWBYO IZECOLD ft. Molly Ann - Close (Brooks remix) Courtesy of NoCopyrightSounds https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bzehQ60b3XI Youngbodzy - Damilohun https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l4NFhTl07CA Otis McDonald - Here, If You're Going (YouTube audio library) FTC: Not sponsored! Thank you babes for watching. xoxo
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Text Comments (727)
TheBrilliantBeauty (1 year ago)
Do you braid your hair UNDER or OVER? Wanna see something 🤔
alician starr (17 days ago)
How many braids did you make out one pack of hair ?
Kyra Brooks (1 month ago)
TheBrilliantBeauty under
Norah Goldston (1 month ago)
Rebecca Goodridge (2 months ago)
Fee Fee (2 months ago)
Under, I lose my mind braiding over lol.
halee logan (1 day ago)
Can you go ahead and section all the hair off before you start each braid or is that a bad idea
One & Only J. Korbyn (2 days ago)
***Make your real hair one of your three strands*** This is the method I prefer. The other method tends to get tangled and I also lose track of which one to pick up. Anyway, NICE JOB.
Lady Lark7997 (3 days ago)
I tried these but it was a major fail😩😩😩
Ki'Ara Trice (4 days ago)
Will be doing tomorrow
Jada Hughes (5 days ago)
How many braids did you do ?
Akimana Annie (5 days ago)
how long did they last?
Andrea Santos (5 days ago)
Olá querida, adorei seu tutorial. Belo trabalho parabéns!!!! Sou brasileira. Beijos.
Laurie Beeko (6 days ago)
Love it!!!!
DeMoonlite D (8 days ago)
Thank you this video has made it easy for me to DIY. I been to a salon and had to wait for 5hrs when I was told to be there at 8am and still wasnt ready for me. I couldn't deal with the wait any longer and left. So I know I can dont these simplu stlye on my own. Never like salon anyway. Thank you
tashaune Batts (10 days ago)
Do you happen to remember where you purchased this shirt from? I know it’s old 😭
U U (21 days ago)
How long does this style last in weeks with good care?
The Vlog Life (23 days ago)
I will be trying these in the next day or so
Cherish Okwelu (25 days ago)
I usually do my hair in the bathroom, where I have two big mirrors, but I usually fail when you comes to the back of my hair. Plus the back is so much shorter then the front so I can't even grab it properly and have to thread it sometimes
Selma Diniz (26 days ago)
Hey, can anyone tell me how much time this kind of braids last?
Lelia Gray (27 days ago)
it was good and all but when she kept slowing the video down that got kinda aggravating like really
Hydeia Sanders (28 days ago)
How long do they last?
Michelle Beasley (1 month ago)
How do I not make them so long? What if i just want them to come to my breast rather down my back
peachezj (1 month ago)
Nice makeup
Lina (1 month ago)
They look SO GOOD
kaydenpat (1 month ago)
I did this!! Doesn’t look half as good as yours but I just pulled it all back into a bun and it will last for at least a month. Thanks for your video tutorial!
Melissa Edmondson (1 month ago)
Awesome job and you are stunningly beautiful😍,glad I found your channel, you now have a NEW subscriber❤.. I'm a care taker of foster kids in a group home, I have all kinds of hair types to take care of and keep up with, I am going to try and put box braids in for the VERY first time tomorrow in a young lady hair, She is so excited she has always wanted. However I'm so nervous lol!!
Patrice Washington (27 days ago)
Melissa Edmondson ...Thank you for opening up your heart and home to the children! How did your braids turn out?
Becky Emil (25 days ago)
*Ok, so for those asking how many braids she had in total, i was interested as well, so i tried pausing the video minute by minute n i counted them 😁😁, anyways 😎😎 it's 21-22 braids in total. You welcome hun 😙😉😁, Don't argue with me please 😂😂*
Becky Emil (13 days ago)
Breuna Travis u wlcm love 😙😙
Breuna Travis (14 days ago)
Thanks girl
Becky Emil (18 days ago)
Deidre Weatherspoon 😂😂😂 Sis am loving my place 😂😂😂
Deidre Weatherspoon (19 days ago)
Sis, you are the GOAT! You have reserved your place in the annals of black history!!!! Lol 👑👑👑
Becky Emil (25 days ago)
Raw Cienna 😂😂 i got you bae 😘🤗
Eloni Brown (1 month ago)
how many packs of hair do i need
Nefertiti Townes (12 days ago)
In the description it says that she uses 9 packs of hair
Lashira Mone (1 month ago)
Definitely going to try this on myself for the first time. Weird question how many braids do you have ?
Monique Langford (1 month ago)
You go girl
vickie sanchez (1 month ago)
Hey Guys !!! I need your help I'm going on vacation and was wondering if this method is safe for someone who will be in the pool and beach water for a few days. I'm afraid of the rubber bands not allowing my hair to properly dry . What are your thoughts? I'm leaving in a few days and really wanted to do the box braids myself since I plan on talking them out once I come back from vacation.
minchii's mins (1 month ago)
I actually braid under when braiding on my own head, but when i deal with other's hair I find it most natural to braid over.
ryah (1 month ago)
Definitely wanna try this😋 my natural hair isn't very long tho
Gabrielle Ragesdale (1 month ago)
I find that when I’ll use elastic bands, they will break more easily within the braids than rubber bands, but I try not to give up on elastic bands
Amber Allen (1 month ago)
Just tried it! Awesome! Quick question, how long did you keep them in? I know this is old but still worth a shot!
Crystal Light (1 month ago)
Hey do you glue the ends?? Mines keep unraveling and it’s annoying so I added glue.
Karasha F (1 month ago)
You can dip the ends in boiling water to seal them and they won't be crunchy or scratchy like they would've been if you burned them.
화이트나오미 (1 month ago)
Your video gave me life, i was starting to lose hope on doing my own braids. Love this video Thank you so freaking much like wow.
makingslimewith aj (1 month ago)
Do you braid in DC or MD
Noel Nguemmogne (2 months ago)
Thank God for your beautiful eyes
Bailey Logan (2 months ago)
People talking about paying 100 for people to do their hair...where?? I miss those days fr fr 😂 over here it’s 150 minimum...the only people offering less are the people working outta their homes. And I don’t got time for that. But anyway, I’m happy I found this video. I’m trying to save money AND my hair. So I needed protective styling I don’t need to pay an arm and a leg for. This is great. I’m not sure if I’m an over or under...I gotta try this tomorrow and see
WestWard Pomona Gyrl (2 months ago)
Those elastic bands dont work for @ all for me, they pop within minutes. I’ve tried Every kind, black,white & clear. Cheap 1s to the most expensive plastics🤦🏾‍♀️😹.Don’t wanna use rubber 1’s, but they work.
Moleka Diferente (2 months ago)
Oiiiiii do Brasil para você
Sarah Ruth (2 months ago)
gosh it seems so easy. you can really make money if you come to norway
dj-lc de macaé (2 months ago)
Linda eu amei suas tranças vou fazer também
dj-lc de macaé (2 months ago)
Linda eu amei suas tranças vou fazer também
Kat Jat (2 months ago)
666 comments so it’s my duty to make it 667!😭😂
Angelique Burke (2 months ago)
The hardest part is starting the Braid! I want to learn to braid under
Alecia FavoredbyGod (2 months ago)
I like this method , thank you.❤👍
Psycho_L/ L (2 months ago)
I‘m not black but inward this so badly and I will do it
Glenda Anderson (2 months ago)
How long did this take please respond I really want to get box braids
Claudia Okyere-Fosu (2 months ago)
So helpful, thanks 😀
Cami McGill (3 months ago)
Should we blow dry our hair before we do it ? Or just do it after a wash. What’s works best?
Karasha F (1 month ago)
It really depends on the look you're going for. If you want it slick you can blow dry it straight, if you know how to tuck hair you can leave it curly or stretched, but its a little harder to work with.
Brittany G (3 months ago)
I watch this video every time I do my braids. I was just in the bathroom crying until I remembered this video
Nena Omi (3 months ago)
Thank you soo much! I did this in my daughter's hair... girlfriend this is the bomb. com!👍🏾🌸😉
Shanell nelson (3 months ago)
How many inches is your braides
serlatha jones (3 months ago)
With the elastic band method does your hair still grow as good like it does without them
Tigea Benton (3 months ago)
I use elastic bands for my one year old. Well... I used to. Stopped at 9months because they are annoying and break for no reason. I literally sat there and watched one pop and unravel while she slept.
lilmama100812e (3 months ago)
I'm horrible at doing my own hair do you know where I can find somewhere to get this done
KITTY KAT KATTITUDE (3 months ago)
how many braids did you end up doing?
Shemiah Landlord (3 months ago)
I tried the rubber band method and it was easy to come out, literally, in 2 days they just slid right out
Ambre Mango (3 months ago)
How many braids?
Leslie Myrieckes (3 months ago)
Where is the video for braiding the back?
Diane Roberts (2 months ago)
That's what I want to know
Kiratookute (3 months ago)
I learned how to braid under so it’s just more comfortable for me
Snooks (3 months ago)
girl so neat and pretty, i am doing my first box braids tomorrow !! Luck for me
Michelle Mabine (3 months ago)
How many packs of hair would you say i need for jumbo box braids?
Jaycee Chavez (3 months ago)
How many inches was the hair? Looks cute 😍
Abrill Ellis (3 months ago)
Okay, so I was a total jackass with box braids watched MULTIPLE videos and still NEVER got it.....then I came across this AWESOME video and I must say I love your video, I love you for making it, and I love the simple chat you did with the elastics....I now have box braids and was able to teach my mother how easy it is so she could do the back for me! Thank you so much, you rock girl!
Michelle Robinson (4 months ago)
Thank you for this video .... 👏❤️🙋🏽 OMG. The BEST how to video I have ever seen , this helped me so much girl I will be doing my own box braids myself thanks to your video AWESOME 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏❤️❤️❤️
Tyanna Gross (4 months ago)
I'm curious how many braids you have? How many parts?
killa bee (4 months ago)
My hair is kinda short and won’t stay in the braid I’m about to lose my mind trying to get this to work please help
Shay Ferreira (4 months ago)
Great tutorial!! Just to clarify you take hair from BOTH strands to make up for the "own hair strand"? Or just divide ONE of the synthetic hair to make up?
kanra kanra (4 months ago)
You are beautiful !
seouled (4 months ago)
Under braider
Sheryl Elaine (4 months ago)
Can you do a skincare routine.
Nadia Binitie (4 months ago)
This is so bomb😭😍😍
Tameka Jeffery (4 months ago)
Your braids are gorgeous. Whats the name of the hair? I clicked the link but the product is no longer available.
Chat Pointer (4 months ago)
So true. Don’t use the black rubber bands. I just took mine done and had a ton of shedding only after three weeks
Nairre23 Shurk (4 months ago)
Wow! Now I’m trying the rubber band method I don’t really know how to boxbraid
Dietra Dixon (4 months ago)
How many packs of hair did you use for this look?
stxy fxded (4 months ago)
How long will the tips last from boiling them before they reshape themselfs
spicy. Dalaysia (4 months ago)
I just have 1 question..what will happen if the rubber band breaks after you done finished the braids
kay kay (4 months ago)
Nothing the braids will still be secured. Ppl use rubber bands to get a better grip
kisshelle Detrick (4 months ago)
No rubber bands s at the end?
Queen T. (4 months ago)
Is this safe for edges? I’m trying to grow my edges out
Loren Siovahn (5 months ago)
Questions 🙋: About how many braids/sections did you do? Can I use gorilla snot for the edge control? How many bags did you use? Does your hair have to be dry/blown out? Thank you! Doing this on my own for the first time ☺
Athila Denny (1 day ago)
Mayara Goncalves (5 months ago)
Perfeitoooo. Pesa mais ?por serem grossas ...
????????? (5 months ago)
My name is jody tooo
B89Stranger (5 months ago)
Beat tuturiol.
Sarah Ruth (5 months ago)
i wish i could braid like that. imaagine i spend 80 dollars in a saloon
Jasmine Toby (5 months ago)
11:44 can anyone tell me the song
Kim Williams (5 months ago)
Amazing 😍
Pretty Crissy (5 months ago)
I have the black ones in my hair right now😱😱😱
Tomi Antwanette (5 months ago)
Why not just split the hair in 3 then braid it’s much easier
zebra head (5 months ago)
How long does this last ?
Manel Manel (5 months ago)
can i do it with my natural hair ? and can you do makeup tutorial please you are amazing love you .
budiski y sus locuras (5 months ago)
Easiest tutorial ever thank u so much am going to try ur method today wish me luck! Ive never braided before.
Michelle YRG (5 months ago)
Nice love it doing my hair this week
Takiya Jones (5 months ago)
How many packs and what brand of hair did you use?
Kiyanna Kimbrough (5 months ago)
thas so pretty 😻😻
Bianca Ashe (5 months ago)
Thank You This Is More Easier I Love Your Hair Beautiful Art Hey Where Did You Buy The Mirror From To See Your Back And Side Hair.
Joseph Raymund Antonio (5 months ago)
Mrs Natoya whyte (5 months ago)
Herminaw Williams (5 months ago)
I bought the clear elastic bands at Target
Yvonne Stevenson (5 months ago)
I braid over too but it also make my braids look funny to me lol
Felicia Brown (5 months ago)
Can anyone awnser how long did this take to complete this hairstyle?

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