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Jumbo Box Braids| Regular Speed

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HOW TO START BOX BRAIDS: https://youtu.be/MnhpfYzaznk PRODUCTS USED: 1. Creme of Nature Argan Oil Edge Control: https://amzn.to/2sa1ywh 2. Rubberbands: https://amzn.to/2KR3911 3. 3 Packs of Xpression's Braiding Hair: https://amzn.to/2KQG6TO Keep Up With Me: INSTAGRAM = @Dopeaxxpana Snapchat = @Bigbrowneyeguh FOR BUSINESS OR COLLABS: [email protected]
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Text Comments (2027)
Erica Renee (5 hours ago)
❤️👍🏾 headed to the store now girl you just inspired me . FYI you did a way better job then the inspired picture ❤️❤️
ItsyourgirlD (1 day ago)
well... love it !! I finna do this today 😍
Aysha Koundoul (3 days ago)
Love the begining
DeVah She'Mean (3 days ago)
This is awesome! I would be discouraged but your details especially about how you separated the hair!
Sharelle Powell (3 days ago)
Halima Khatun (4 days ago)
I havent got short bushy hair i have straight long hair so will the fake hair be needed?💗
DOPEaxxPANA (4 days ago)
Halima Khatun if you want want this look yes, i have a video on my channel achieving a similar look with straight hair
Keniyah London (4 days ago)
Very neat and cute I love this ❤
Melinda Hoye (4 days ago)
Best braid video I’ve ever seen!!! Thank you !!!
Jade Jada (5 days ago)
Yessssss hunny
Celine Bruce (6 days ago)
Love how you tucked her hair from the beginning. I’ve been trying to do the other method of gripping but I just can’t seem to get it. Definitely trying this the next time I’m braiding... love it!❤️😁
DOPEaxxPANA (6 days ago)
No i don’t ! Thank you so much !!
Celine Bruce (6 days ago)
And follow up, do you use pre-feathered hair?
Britanniã Rose (7 days ago)
My first time watching you and I just want to mention how much this has helped me !x ...thank you soo much😘
You did a great job with the video.
Bravebold Cancer (8 days ago)
I just wanted to saying amazing talent beautyfuull i actually did my hair like this using rubber bands...but never thought about box braids this is real neat a pretty keep it up B.L.AC.K Q.UE.ENS.
Zubaida Fattoe (8 days ago)
I love this hairstyle
royalty_k a y Kay (10 days ago)
How do I get in touch with you because I want to set up an appointment
Neissa Antoine (10 days ago)
So buetiful your hands are blesses🙏
KeyToLife (11 days ago)
You did a really nice job! Thank you for sharing!
Tamika Odom (11 days ago)
Thank you!! I was rebraiding my hair and I couldn’t remember the last technique I used, but strolled and saw the way you add the hair! This is soo much easier and quicker!!
Dera K. (12 days ago)
What product are you using on her hair?
Darling CoCo (12 days ago)
How many packs used ??
Zakia Childs (12 days ago)
Darling CoCo She used three
almatoobanji (13 days ago)
Heyyy, I wanted to know about how long did it take?
Vicki Faith (14 days ago)
Ur doing an excellent job👌🏾👌🏾
Rosy Serna (14 days ago)
What does the hot water at the end do for the braid? Is it hot water? Lol
niya is pretty (13 days ago)
Seal the hair
DOPEaxxPANA (13 days ago)
Yes it’s hot water ! It seals the ends and also loosens up the braids bc they are stiff once they are completed.
How do you know how much hair to use for each braid for even-size braids?
+Roqee Rose Will do. Thank you.
Roqee Rose (7 days ago)
Cassandra Diamond Lavender at the start lay out all ur pieces to make sure their even x
Her hair looks great
Vanessa Bonner (14 days ago)
I so happy to see someone have the same placement as me when starting a braid. Most the other videos have different gripping techniques that I just can’t get the hang of yet
Miss Nia (16 days ago)
I followed this technique and my client was the happiest camper! Thank You
DOPEaxxPANA (16 days ago)
Yay ! That is the best feeling ever!
g ree (17 days ago)
Thank you for your video my daughter loves how I did her hair n i dont know even know how to braid but thanks to your easy to follow video n instructions I Am well on my way lol at least with my daughter.💞💞Thank You!!!!!
DOPEaxxPANA (16 days ago)
yessss Thank You!
Anas Ahmed (18 days ago)
Wow 😍😍
DOPEaxxPANA (16 days ago)
Lisa Russey (19 days ago)
This video made it ‘click’ for me! Thank you 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽
DOPEaxxPANA (16 days ago)
Your welcome girl go slay some heads lol
Crystal Hamilton (19 days ago)
The video is going too fast
Kay Santiago (19 days ago)
My daughter. Mix. So she haves really long curly hair as is but she really want. Mermaid box braid 😒 so watching helping me. Ill post a pics soon wish me. Luck
DOPEaxxPANA (16 days ago)
Good Luck girl YOU GOT IT!
Were are you located
Official Cess (21 days ago)
You probably didn't even think about it but I wanna say thanks for that clock in the background✊😂 lol its random but I'm a beginner stylist and I'm working on my time efficiency so I always want to know how long it typically takes people to get through certain styles so I can compare myself. Lol so thankyou and beautiful job of couurse❤🙌🏿
GODSbaby 1 (22 days ago)
Hi, I love love your technique coolness and patience !!! I'm a beginner and I totally understand and learned everything you just demonstrated !!! 😎😉👍🏽 That's exactly what I've been looking for on the tube ✌🏾👌🏾Thank you very much 👍🏽❤️ Just wish you could do mine lol 😁❤️💕
Janice Dubreë (23 days ago)
Was that wax on your hand?
Alicia B. (23 days ago)
I’m a beginning braided but in case someone was to ask me how much do i charge what do you recommend? I don’t want to over charge them or under charge myself. Thanks
Queenie Melanin (24 days ago)
Did this hairstyle on my head and it came out amazing 😉
DOPEaxxPANA (16 days ago)
Ashley C. Peterson (24 days ago)
I appreciate this detailed video, thanks boo! 💕
DOPEaxxPANA (16 days ago)
You're welcome!
Jacqueline Bolton (24 days ago)
why she did not get color
DOPEaxxPANA (23 days ago)
Jacqueline Bolton ummmmm bc she didn’t want color lol
Tiffany Harvey (24 days ago)
Your work is amazing! I 💙 her braids. Thank you so much for inspiring me. #newsubbie
Nobody (24 days ago)
Where is you located I need my hair done 😌
Yadira Cintron (24 days ago)
we like ti
XxXalexxanXXx Lil (25 days ago)
Thnx for the helpful video. Your work is very neat!
dabzzy (25 days ago)
Your amazing 🙌🏾👏🏾
Fënix (25 days ago)
Comeee to atl!
Tiffeny Winter (26 days ago)
So lovely
FatprincessNfatrolls (26 days ago)
Also can u use jell to put on the hair and keep it neat in the Braid or should it be some type of hair oil like coconut oil? Getting the supplies today
FatprincessNfatrolls (26 days ago)
What do u do when u run out of ur own hair how did u keep the 3 sections
MISICK MONICA (26 days ago)
Im not sure why she haves any negative reviews. Those braids are so good. She is talented. Keep it up!
DOPEaxxPANA (16 days ago)
Thank You!
Typical Tip (27 days ago)
Ppl be so extra.. If u dnt know to moisturize the hair u shouldn't be doing hair! I love your videos you always do a great job!!!
DOPEaxxPANA (16 days ago)
That Part lol
Laurie Gordon (27 days ago)
This is cute
DOPEaxxPANA (16 days ago)
Alia Guerin (1 month ago)
Hair art:)
Xclusive._. maii (1 month ago)
Thank you this helped me so much I’m am going to be a hairstylist when I get older so thank you so much‼️‼️
Silvia Fernandez (1 month ago)
Very neat!
Coffee Girl (1 month ago)
Super neat, just too tight! I get it though, nobody wants loose braids! You're amazing!
Ziona U (1 month ago)
This is soo helpful for a beginner like my self. Thank you!
Roxanne Myles (1 month ago)
Cute but too space out
bussdwn wtorii (1 month ago)
You braid so good
DOPEaxxPANA (16 days ago)
Thank You!
Hayat Elmahdi (1 month ago)
Pretty neat and no heat😍👍
Giovanni Wint (1 month ago)
How did you get the ends to look so neat? I always struggle with the ends; hot water not much of a big help because the ends of mine comes out looking thick. Can you please do a video
SuNNySiDe_ Brie (1 month ago)
My mom does that method 👌🏼
Beatrice J (1 month ago)
Great job gurrrl
Pink Diamond (1 month ago)
Omg that pile of toys is definitely my son's corner. Nice job btw.
Shavonne Jefferson (1 month ago)
Sharlea Ellison (1 month ago)
As you are braiding, what product do you add to keep the natural hair tucked?Like what is on your hand, gel? Also, would you suggest jam to slick down the hair or just edge control or both? Ima try this method on myself.
Quita K (1 month ago)
U did so good. Omggg I'm gonna try this with my 10 yr old this wkend . Thanks 💓
Bibi (1 month ago)
But howling wil the parts stay neat like that cause my edge control can last me up to 3 days
Patricia Shaw (1 month ago)
lameya gadsden (1 month ago)
Was this a tutorial 🤔
Loveli Me (1 month ago)
I love it!
DOPEaxxPANA (1 month ago)
Grayz Kas (1 month ago)
it's superd! oh my gosh...
Espérance Kapya (1 month ago)
Angel Near (1 month ago)
Damn girl you are so detailed. 👏🏽♥️🙏🏽🙏🏽 I’m so appreciative I could cry thank you girl
Danelle Marsh (1 month ago)
Very pretty and neat Box Braids is one of my favorite styles along with tyzillions...good job girl💜!!
Wellington Lekgothu (1 month ago)
Hey days nice anywr wat du u apply on de hair jel or moisturizer plis
Laika (1 month ago)
I love doing jumbo braids as great practice braiding on myself with extensions
Jenine's_VSG (1 month ago)
Why do you talk so much in the vlog😂
Life as Forever (1 month ago)
How do u know the hair is even
Louise Jacobs (1 month ago)
I feel like yours was exactly the same but better 🤫 what kind of lighting do you use?
Sierra Foy (1 month ago)
Please help, if I’m looking to put 30 braids in, how many parts would be in each row?
Chrissy H (1 month ago)
You could do 5 or 6 rows and divide the 30 parts amongst them
Devin Pinkney (1 month ago)
Devin Pinkney (1 month ago)
What are you using as protection on hair plz
Jekayla Stephens (1 month ago)
you be doing good
Domenique Covington (1 month ago)
i’m so glad you made this video!! next time i do my sisters hair i’m definitely trying you method! i STRUGGLE struggle with hiding the rubber bands.
Brittany Davis (1 month ago)
How much would you charge for this?
Sonia Samuel (1 month ago)
Luv this , it helps soooo much😁😄👍🏽
6reyanna a. (1 month ago)
what kind of braiding hair is being used?
Jessica Land (1 month ago)
Girl you just expired me to do my own braids .. like I’m literally about to try today. This was the most helpful video!!
Lydia Akortia (1 month ago)
Many thanks...I can box braid now
Lydia Akortia (1 month ago)
Many thanks...I can box braid now
Maurkevis Kenon (1 month ago)
What product did you use too braid her hair with ?
thompho simba (1 month ago)
Which jell are you using
Jamie Gweh (1 month ago)
What product did you used as you were braiding the natural hair with the braids? Ya gurl needs to know. Keep up he good work. Did you use gel and is it okay if I use blueberry bliss or edge booster?🤷🏾‍♀️
Nyasia Pettway (1 month ago)
Sis. PLEASE do my hair.😭
sheldon ferguson (1 month ago)
I'm a Father who wants to learned this method for my girls to help keep them looking good
Maryam Kibushi (8 days ago)
Thats amazing
Debbie O (14 days ago)
suha abdalhai (16 days ago)
DOPEaxxPANA (23 days ago)
sheldon ferguson awwww your the best !
ayeni fisayo (1 month ago)
More fathers like you would be nice ❤️
INteRnEt PRinCeSs (1 month ago)
It looked better then the picture 😂💗👏💗💗💗
Rafael Reynoso (1 month ago)
Push me to edge. All my friends are dead 💀
Shan S (1 month ago)
You like you braid tight as shit😬😬😬😬😧😧
DeeDee C (1 month ago)
Hi how do you keep the length the same for every braid at the bottom?

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