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White Flag

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This is my protest against homophobic YouTube flaggers. Go ahead, flag it. See if I give a rat's ass.
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ClementinaClementina (5 years ago)
At the end I read " Kick my ass" ahahah, I'm tired. Ps: Well I prefere to think about Kate Capshaw than Crystal C. <_<
inkpot (5 years ago)
Don't be bullied by ignorant idiots. Keep posting. Hugs
ambruz90 (7 years ago)
you're great!continues, dont give up!!
Angel Missa (7 years ago)
well...3 years and still here....gooooooood!!!!
reuvilyne (11 years ago)
tacvul thank you for this video... it's very fantastic.. keep up your talent... who cares with this flaggers... or i should say flaggers go to hell... what a heck.... please keep on posting... more power to you...
Sydney Songer (11 years ago)
flagged or not I really really liked this. Nice job. now......what movie was that from cuz...I'd like to watch it now :D

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