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Girls gone wild [A Nidalee Gameplay Video] - League of Legends

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Hey guys! This is my first video showing some ingame Nidalee scenes. I know my WinMovieMaker-Skills aren´t the best, but I still hope you enjoy! Any feedback is appreciated, but please keep in mind that this video is not meant to show any skills or something like that, it´s for pure entertainment only. Build Order, runes, masteries etc. answered here: http://www.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=414396 Music (in Sequence): 1. A-Team Theme Song 2. Bill Conti - Gonna Fly Now (Rocky Theme Song) 3. Bill Conti - Redemption
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Text Comments (48)
PenguinCrazy (7 years ago)
Where Do u play??? Eu Nordic???
Sly Ryder (7 years ago)
With a spear rather
Sly Ryder (7 years ago)
I'm just saying I 1 hit a rammus with full hp lol he only built armour silly no mr rammus XD
AlboProds (7 years ago)
i miss the winter map :(
TanviTiger (7 years ago)
I`m getting better but still stink with her /sadface XD love being a kitty tho :D RAWR POUNCE I WIN!
Teun ter Velde (7 years ago)
@Luolapeikk0 It has no end-game value and it's to expensive for the stats you gain.
CSS footage G (7 years ago)
3:56 was sick!
Lojesad (7 years ago)
@Danroedraco there is an AS fiddlesticks in the video?
Luolapeikk0 (7 years ago)
@teun911 Rather, Guinsoo's is an absolutely amazing item, and it's perfect for Nidalee.
Maudie Maude (7 years ago)
omg ur so pro i suck with her =(
ratttttyyy (8 years ago)
chase and escape from 1:55 was PRO (i'm learning this champ atm)
Chad Roye (8 years ago)
She got slighty nerfed now but i still faceroll with her, that spear is jesus
SilasWolfe (8 years ago)
+1 for A Team theme.
lllL1lll (8 years ago)
Nice video! The only thing I've to say is about the music....it's not so good with Nidalee :/
asdf (8 years ago)
@teun911 you sir dont understand how nidalee works at all.
Teun ter Velde (8 years ago)
@yoPipIsDa Guinsoo's is bad, it's not worth it.
Karnaras Anargyros (8 years ago)
rofl /.... you say at end.. hotstgg sais you are balanced...hotshotgg is a gay sissy noob pornstar haker...if he sais you are balanced he means you suck ... but actually you are realy balanced man ^^ nice video dude please make another one
MrDjOver (8 years ago)
NegaShift (8 years ago)
good vid.. i can never calculate the damage the cat form is goin to make.. u seem to know every time
alithat1 (8 years ago)
nid is beast if played right
Opqw1v (8 years ago)
Oh i love nidalee so much! AND I'M GOING TO BE THE BEST MUHAHAHA xD
Hannah (8 years ago)
@PotatoTomatoBeef Nah, all Nidalees just mash qwer so you never know what will get activated first.
PotatoTomatoBeef (8 years ago)
Why do you activate q before e on cougar form? Doesn't q do more dmg when the persons hp is lower?
khmarabroona (8 years ago)
@vaan99CRO nah she may be one of the best chars 1v1 when played correctly but in team fights she cant do anything and a simple stun will take her out easily... nice gameplay tho first rly good nid ive ever seen
ApoQi (8 years ago)
Best LoL video seen so far. Good Job man
CrazySkullll (8 years ago)
lol That akali "Ownednerd", ive played against him, he sucks hard...
xiouNaiw (8 years ago)
some good spears :)
Yung Badman (8 years ago)
@gnomegolem i kno wen i play her i dont do much damage late game lol
hyfe (8 years ago)
Very nice at 3:59. Fun vid.
Noctem Sprite (8 years ago)
John John (8 years ago)
Andrew Mcfee (8 years ago)
Brilliant Gameplay, I'd love to be half as good at nid. What really amazed me though was the quality of some of your allies. That Gragas and You Destroyed them!
Cody Jones (8 years ago)
@yoPipIsDa how do you check ELO?
masuat (8 years ago)
@Ryushihotshot No kidding.
Blunderbustify (8 years ago)
If you don't play Nidalee you're doing League of legends wrong!
PinkPummy (8 years ago)
The revive pantheon made this video epic xD
seiiholm (8 years ago)
sad you dont buy mejas soulstealer xD
Josh Oh (8 years ago)
the music fits the video so well! Anyways, you play a beastly nidalee! Makes me want to buy her now lol thanks for the sick vid
Alicia Gonzalo (8 years ago)
what skill do you max out first?
WeKnowxpc (8 years ago)
Pretty good vid
Robin Nie (8 years ago)
that first kill was niiiice
NG Michel (8 years ago)
This is... -put glasses- bestial.
shiresk (8 years ago)
Awesome! Nid ^_ ^
Adam S (8 years ago)
lol epic rocky music
Jmamic (8 years ago)
wow, you are really good, i always thought nidalee was OP, but after this i'm sure xD
Felon Falcon (8 years ago)
Ftwpala (8 years ago)
Great job,but is there a recording program for windows like that . i'd love to know.....btw Hybrid nid rlz!
Yung Badman (8 years ago)
what the crap! how does nid do so much dmg?

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