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Nutrisystem Fast Five 4 Week Plan w/ Weekends Off with David Venable

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For More Information or to Buy: http://gather.qvc.com/item/nutrisystem-fast-five-4-week-plan-w-weekends-off-autodelivery-A265932/?cm_ven=YT&cm_cat=AU&cm_pla=DAVIDVENABLE_20150111_7GZmtCXprow&cm_ite=HOU_TGA_PRODUCTDETAIL_A267645 1-800-455-8838, item# A267645 This previously recorded video may not represent current pricing and availability.
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Text Comments (44)
teammm (1 month ago)
It takes him 5 minutes to eat one Oreo lmao
Carolyne M Gonzales (4 months ago)
I like it so far they actually have good meals. Small portions. But good meals. People that complain it doesnt work? Or its just processed food. I mean people have different body figures and different health issues. Just enjoy the dam nutrisystem. If not then why are you even watching it? I like it. Yes good for me. And people complain about the price but its the same price where you going to spend $100 $200 dollars on groceries. There certain people that like there good already prep and some dont. Whats the big deal!
despinagali (6 months ago)
why do you need an apron when you're eating microwaved food?
T Prior (8 months ago)
Marie hungry😭
Kyle houlihan (10 months ago)
I miss nutrisystem I was on a streak it just costs too much.
Sakib khan (4 months ago)
Nutrisystem Coupons And Promo Codes 2019 - Get 40% Off Plus 3 Weeks Free Food Enjoy now; shorturl.at/agmpq
Taylor Humes (1 year ago)
Want to punish your worst enemy? Feed them nutrisystem.
Dabour's Garage (1 year ago)
the definition of fake people when you watch this video lol
Elke Bartz (1 year ago)
I'm sure it works if you have lots of money like Marie Osmond and personal trainer told exactly what to do every day make the company money
Brad Penn (1 year ago)
Get 40% off your first Nutrisystem order: https://sites.google.com/site/nutrisystem40offsale/ I'm in my late 50's, I play a lot of tennis and am very active biking and other things but the weight just keeps coming on year after year. I tried working out harder, eating healthier, dieting by cutting carbs, cutting fats etc. None are easy to sustain and really only helped me maintain my weight. Using Nutrisystem I am losing weight and feeling more energetic without feeling hungry or that i am on a diet. This is normal eating but better.
Lance McGrew (1 year ago)
IDEAL PROTEIN PLAN same price better results
butterfy ish (1 year ago)
medifast is the diet that work for me
Sparker408 (1 year ago)
Its a great product but man that guys annoying
Hammond Miers (1 year ago)
I've found great handbook on Woo&Pep page. Good solutions for everyone I think.
Sakib khan (4 months ago)
Nutrisystem Coupons And Promo Codes 2019 - Get 40% Off Plus 3 Weeks Free Food Enjoy now; shorturl.at/agmpq
sjtom57 (2 years ago)
David is so phony acting like he loves that junk.
Joe O (2 years ago)
I wish they did pay me. nope it just a great plan.
mike neun (2 years ago)
Why is Marie snacking on all the display food.....Cause shes STARVING!!! Dam you nutrisystem
Joe O (2 years ago)
Love Nutrisystem , lost 29 lbs in 2 months. Maintained 1100 calorie a day. Great food. Lots of choices. I wish I could have it the rest of my life. Its that good.
Collin (2 years ago)
do they pay you to write these things ?
GermantownFamily (2 years ago)
I like how she talks "real." "I did not even read the book....." Someone that is real finally!
Christina Reed (2 years ago)
I guess they snuck Marie on there to boost the ratings, no doubt. I agree with Galina G that you should treat your body like it belongs in nature and eat real, wholesome, natural food and not processed junk!
Carolyne M Gonzales (4 months ago)
Everything is bad for you? EVEN THE AIR? Whatever you eat from restaurants are bad too. Drinking beer is bad for you. Alcohol is bad. Buying process meat at a store is bad also?? So what makes it different with the food there advertising?
Lush Studio (2 years ago)
I admire Marie's weight loss, and it was quick too. But I see here high carbs and processed foods. My best diet is all natural whole foods and no refined sugar, no dairy and no grains. That is best for me.
jr lomibao (2 years ago)
David should be on nutrisystem himself !
Charity Miles (3 years ago)
I'm on this diet and it works great I purchase them at Walmart
Grayson Hill (3 years ago)
trying this out just to see if it works...i'm on day 5 of the Fast 5 and i'm already 5 lbs less than when i started. I also have been cheating with popcorn snacks in the evening. I"m not saying i burned off fat or its just loss of water weight, but I can honestly tell you I am 5 lbs lighter after 4 days. I will come back in a week for another update. good day.
Galina G (3 years ago)
I have one major problem with what I'm looking at. Salads and fruit is great! But, the food in those boxes are PROCESSED FOODS!! My suggestion is to go to the store and buy fruits and veg, and EVERYTHING that is not in a box, can, jar, etc. Eat like you live on a farm, not a factory!
Kimberly Enriquez (11 months ago)
Yeah that sounds realistic. NOT! Watch someone over weight try eating salads all day long they’ll gain weight on binging! Sometimes some of us what we need is specific portions and exactly what we’re gonna eat that day to lose weight. 🤦🏻‍♀️
Michelle Arseneau (1 year ago)
If you're not wanting or liking Nutrisystem then why are you on here??????
11spiritwarrior (1 year ago)
Lily Lorraine z
Angela Wallace (2 years ago)
I agree! Its wonderful to eat whole foods and diet naturally but if you have turned to Nutrisystem it is probably because you have tried that and realized that portion control and structure is what you need to get your eating habits back on track. Many people complain (besides its processed) that it is to expensive...and no it isn't cheap but you save money by not eating out and if it helps you get your eating in line than its worth it. And no..no one thinks this a rest of your life thing...its temporary until you can do it naturally on your own.
Xtian (4 years ago)
the donut diet works for me
J Sevilla (4 years ago)
Everyone needs to watch the real commercials. It shows a disclaimer on all that she didn't use fast 5 to lose weight. Everyone needs to start the donut diet. Eat 1 donut every morning and lose weight*. "*when used with proper diet and exercise program."
Mia I (1 year ago)
Airborne it’s actually very possible when u have a lot of weight to lose. The higher the weight the faster it comes off. When someone’s just a little chubby it takes more time.
Gail Grim (4 years ago)
@Gail Grim
Gail Grim (4 years ago)
Thomas Malloy (4 years ago)
Yes, fast 5 and 2 month supply, just following what they say to eat and working out every day, it works, its all portion control

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