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I Survived The War But We Lost My Sister

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By Zahra | NEW CONTEST: follow us on Instagram https://Instagram.com/thestorybooth to enter for a chance to get you as a character drawn by us | Comment, like, share this story | Subscribe : http://bit.ly/sub2storybooth Zahra's Dad is from England, and her Mom is from Iraq - but she was born in England. When Zahra was seven years old her Mom suggested that the whole family go back to Iraq to see her side of the family, and she wanted to stay for awhile so that Zhara and her sisters and brotherts could really get to know them. Her Dad thought it was a crazy idea - that her Mom was out of her mind - after all, there was a war going on, it was dangerous, and not everyone there in Iraq was guaranteed to survive. But her Mom felt very strongly about it - she wanted Zahra and her sisters and brothers to see the place where she had been born and raised, where her family was - their grandparents and other relatives. And so, finally, their Dad gave in and agreed that they would go - war or no war - and they moved. Everything was fine for a couple of years, until Zahra turned nine. One night - it was actually 4:00 AM - Zahra woke to the sounds of yells, screams, and crying. She was confused at first, but something was definitely going on outside on the street. She went to the window and there, across the street, an entire building was on fire. She rushed into her Mom's room, woke her, and dragged her down the hall to her own room to show her. Her Mom let out a scream and then went quickly to wake the rest of the family. It didn't take long for them to realize that the war had come to them, their city was being attacked. Bombs were falling. There was nothing much they could do, in order to survive they needed to shelter in place and try to wait it out for as long as they could. But, after a few weeks they were running very low on food - they had been inside trying to avoid the war and survive since those first bombs fell. Her Dad saw that they wouldn't survive much longer without food and supplies and so he and Zahra's older sister packed some gear, gave out hugs and kisses to the family, and set out into the war torn city in search of food. After four days without any sign or word from her Dad and sister her Mom started to panic and they all started to fear for their safety and survival. They began to lose hope as time continued to drift by without their Father and sister returning, and finally, they felt there was nothing they could do except to pray, and so they did - and, a miracle, a mixed blessing, but a blessing nonetheless - their father appeared out of the smoke and haze of the street, alone. He was injured, exhausted, and not in good shape, crying - Zahra's sister was gone, forever. It has taken time, but Zahra has faith and a strong belief, and she knows that there was a purpose for her sister leaving this earth. And, she realizes that now her sister will be with her, by her side, forever and no matter what. As soon as they could they moved back to England, and now at thirteen years old, she is happy again. Her life is good and full of blessings. She survived the war but lost her sister, and she misses her of course, but, she also knows now that no matter how tough things get, even in war, they can and do get better. - - - What's your story? storybooth wants to hear it! LINKS: Website: http://www.storybooth.com Instagram: @thestorybooth twitter @thestorybooth https://www.instagram.com/thestorybooth G+: https://plus.google.com/+Storybooth Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thestorybooth/ Tumblr: https://storybooth.tumblr.com/ If you liked this storybooth animation and love storytime kid videos, watch our themed playlist collections: Being Yourself: https://goo.gl/89enEN Love and Heartbreak: https://goo.gl/mfaoKw Embarrassing and Funny: https://goo.gl/5GjxrW Bullies and Mean People: https://goo.gl/THS3LB Overcoming Challenges: https://goo.gl/pbxRa9
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Text Comments (39373)
Mimi Ortiz (2 hours ago)
I think it’s the moms fault her sister died cause she was the one who made her family go
Sally 8864 (3 hours ago)
Where I was born which is Syria 🇸🇾. There is a LOT of war. all the houses have gunshots. house Broken but thanks to god it’s all over now
Ansley Verdugo (8 hours ago)
i fell like this is fack
Ansley Verdugo (8 hours ago)
Dark Pencil (13 hours ago)
War really needs to stop, they think they are doing the right thing when actually they are just making things worse for the citizens to lose their loved ones
Mea Stack (17 hours ago)
What the heck why did her mom want to flat out move to Iraq when she knew there was a war going on?????
Aethan Santos (18 hours ago)
It's the moms fault he knew there was a war in Iraq she doesn't listen to the dad
pop tart 173 (1 day ago)
soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sad
Jackie LA (1 day ago)
Rip Iraq...
Janie Allard (1 day ago)
Couldn't they just go after the war???
Danna Estrada (1 day ago)
Sorry for your lost...
The Family (1 day ago)
How can I get my story's animated?
John Hegstrand (1 day ago)
I have a story about my dog 🐶
Just us Justice (1 day ago)
My dad was in that war
Grant laxa (1 day ago)
What war was going on is happening right now in 2019
bernakels (1 day ago)
Zahra's sister died because it's all the mom's fault because she was too impatient for the war to stop.
crazy girl (2 days ago)
I cried
Xx1tzN1n4 XD (2 days ago)
Why did your mother said you guys should go there and then you lost your sister..
Perla Qaryaqos (2 days ago)
I use to live in iraq😭 I lost my dad their💔 but me my stepdad my mom sister and brother are living safely in America
Fun with Kelsey (2 days ago)
You can really hear the pain and sadness in her voice....its so sad... 😪😭😭😢😢😭
Deena Joyce (2 days ago)
I love my sister so much but my mom and dad think she treats me mean but she doesn’t aka her name is niree or renira
Araina Mia (2 days ago)
Omg! Me family is whole Iraq. But I live in netherlands
*macroni * (2 days ago)
This is sad
Peck Peck (2 days ago)
The Iraq War Was a War against Insurgents in Iraq which brought US Involvement into the war that started in 2003
Im sorry For you
Hannah Gutierrez (2 days ago)
Why would the older sister go and not the mom?
Rana alfariji (2 days ago)
My parents are from Iraq
God world war 3 is here or finished idk well Iran 🇮🇷 and uae 🇦🇪 are fighting I am from uae not iran
Shrek eats Onions (2 days ago)
Thanks to some dumb us president I'm actually from Britain but I hear stories
Magical Cookie (3 days ago)
Your the best person ever i just sorry you lost your sister i know how that feels a lost my auntie while she was in hostipal and im deepressed but you made me feel better thank you...
POSIA FEILOAIGA (3 days ago)
Losing part of your family is heard I hope she's ok
Kimee Gonzalez (3 days ago)
Now I feel it's the moms fault they shouldn't went a week ago
Woolly Alpaca (3 days ago)
RIP to u sister I'm sure she was a wonderful person😭😊
Dj Thomas (3 days ago)
I get why the mom wanted to see her family but low key she probably the reason why her daughter got kill and she new that the war was going on there
JimmyLikesPizza ! (3 days ago)
“My sister didn’t come back” Me:ITS THE MOMS FAULT
hermelinda Alvarado (4 days ago)
Bless your big sister
I eat bees (4 days ago)
moms fault
TheDeadman Dies (4 days ago)
It’s the moms fault that she died
I think I have a baby brother that die when I was a baby now I have a little sister
fun boy (5 days ago)
I live in irak
You guys are my favorite you guys are my favorite people and I will not stop thinking about you.Lol you ok bye. Love you so much for your help.
Mess Around (6 days ago)
I almost cried because... My mom was cutting onions
Jennifer Brooks (6 days ago)
Guys be happy if you still have your sis or sisters
Felix Lopez (6 days ago)
Im going through a war right now and i am only 8 and i olmost died
Night Galaxy (6 days ago)
My mom is liveing in turkey and it wes a war but she survived
Ray Caz (6 days ago)
Iraq 🇮🇶 🙏🏻
Ray Caz (6 days ago)
My dad from México 🇲🇽 and my mom from Dominican Republic 🇩🇴
Lupita Lomeli (2 days ago)
@Ray Caz fine both of them are from México 🇲🇽🙄
Ray Caz (2 days ago)
Lupita Lomeli I’m not I’m just where your parents from
Lupita Lomeli (2 days ago)
@Ray Caz Im not even marryed yet 🙄
Lupita Lomeli (2 days ago)
@Ray Caz don't be a creep 😠
Ray Caz (3 days ago)
Lupita Lomeli where’s your parents from
Nadija Spahić (6 days ago)
It is all this mims fault
kit kat cutie (7 days ago)
I thankfully survived a war in Iran but my dad died RIP dad 😢😓
Shrek eats Onions (2 days ago)
I'm sorry about your loss even though I don't know you
gacha banana sisters (7 days ago)
Wait she might not be dead she might still be alive just lost if you go back and if I was right that she still in Iraq then your lucky but sorry for her loss she didn't deserve it
MuffinAdventures (7 days ago)
Not to be mean or anything, but it was kinda the mom's fault for taking the kids to Iraq, even though she knew a war was going on. I guess she just wants to see family really badly.
MuffinAdventures (7 days ago)
I'm so sorry for your sister.
Amna Almemari (7 days ago)
I am crying alot poor iraq
Ren D'Attilio (7 days ago)
Why would you want to go to Iraq I mean it is chaos there but I give my condolences to the family
巴PipSophia (7 days ago)
Ok where in your moms mind did she think that moving to a country in a middle of a war was a good idea?? I’m sorry for your loss and I couldn’t imagine what I’d do if I lost my sister. 😔
Lamb_FlameMan K (8 days ago)
Dylan Thao (8 days ago)
It's so sad😢😢😢
Silas Ales (8 days ago)
I'm sorry
xd space (8 days ago)
Who is here cuz oompaville
Budi Rach (8 days ago)
Fyuh i dont have any sister
Rhonda Williams (8 days ago)
Poor man sorry
Cat Nerds (8 days ago)
So sad
Mikah Tunjic (8 days ago)
My dad was in war
Iddrisu Shaibu (8 days ago)
It the moms fault
2010lilliana (8 days ago)
1 like=one pray for there sister
Elara Nova (9 days ago)
Her mom must feel so guilty for pushing so hard for a decision that ended up putting your whole family in danger and even taking your sisters life
Army Girl (9 days ago)
Okay im crying.
June Playz (9 days ago)
Don't worry your sister is in a better place now
Alzahraa Thamer (9 days ago)
I don’t know about that.. i mean i live in iraq and most cities are safe except for 3 that were attacked 4 years ago by isis If she was in one of them.. some shit happened before these cities were attacked Isis literally threatened them that if they don’t surrender they would kill them ! And everyone knew about that, So why didn’t you escape before all that happened?
•belle• uwu (9 days ago)
Wait i live in iraq :( but i didnt see a war ;(
lola wilcox (9 days ago)
Pore girl why did she have to😵😵
lola wilcox (9 days ago)
That mad me 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😥😣😣😣😣😣😣😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥 so BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Abdihakim A (9 days ago)
Sara your family is islam my family is islam to
Abdihakim A (9 days ago)
My sister is named sara
Yanika Attard (9 days ago)
i would rather die than lose my sister💕💕in really sorry for your loss and I'm really glad I don't live in any war and also glad that my sister is healthy and safe😘😘like if you love your sister
Yaya Lizard (10 days ago)
I hope the mom feels guilty for her action, since what she did was completely selfish endangering her family just to please her needs.
Galaxy Mermaid queen (10 days ago)
😢😭😭😭😭 she's in a good place
Autumn Greenberg (10 days ago)
😭 that’s so sad 😭😭😭
Owen Guerrero (10 days ago)
Sad 😞
Andres Ramirez (10 days ago)
I was going to England for a while and no lie we loved it i love there fish and chips also war has to stop ✋
sister spooky 2 (10 days ago)
sister spooky 2 (10 days ago)
Sammi Ullom (10 days ago)
I’m sorry that you lost your sister I lost a lot of my pets and they were hot and it was heartbreaking I think it was Home well I have watched this before and it was heartbreaking for you I know that LOL don’t you love your sister and your always have a hole in your heart for her like I always have a hole in my heart for the pads in my family that died you’re a great person and you were cool or cool that’s what I likeThat’s what I meant
Peter Bouhuizen (10 days ago)
im bornd whit wierd thinks
Corrupted Healthy (10 days ago)
This is why I hate Israel lmao
Tania Al-arari (10 days ago)
I am also iraqi and i was so scared as what was happening fuck amarica #freeiraq #freepalistine
Vincent Mangione (11 days ago)
She had a demon and a angle right next to her the demon said go to Iraq and put her family in danger.and the angle said don’t while there is war just wait a couple more days until the war was over and she picked the demon and then her poor daughter passed away and it’s all her fault that’s messed up kids the moral of the story use your brain and don’t be retarded and be an idiot to go see her family while a war is going on pulse we only saw her family in the picture that’s why brain is the size of an ant that the mother of course
Vincent Mangione (11 days ago)
Her brain is the size of an ant
LEGO STOP MOTION (11 days ago)
I know god is always with us
Mario Link (11 days ago)
My advice for everyone: Please NEVER travel in a country or a state where war is!!!
Valerie (11 days ago)
first iraq is filled with sickos that hate israel and we send bombs since they start sending and they have horrible defence.
Zaara Shepherd (11 days ago)
My name is Zaara
Blame Saddam Hussein
1967core (11 days ago)
so you and your dad were born in a city? i mean, everybody knows england, arkansas.
Claire Bear (12 days ago)
Yousef Aldaoor (12 days ago)
Both my mom and add was born in Palestine🚈
Joshua Delmaestro (12 days ago)
its like my story because my big sisster died when she was about 2 month old I wasn't born
Hashem Yousef (12 days ago)
I stile live in there
Ketut Ghoz (12 days ago)
I live at iraq and i lost two of my family members my mom and my brother
Lina Tjung (12 days ago)
spoiler alert her sister is actully alive 😹😿 not actully true
Jan-Ida Ripton (13 days ago)
It's the mother's fault she lost her daughter. Why would she decide to go & visit her family in a country where there's war going on & she knew about it? That's just plain stupid! Why would she put herself & her family at risk like that?
Megan L Schultz (13 days ago)
I love your videos give me a shout out please 🌹🌹🌹🌸🌺😁😁

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