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MY 2018 REWIND - 44 flights, 19 countries

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It's been an incredible year and perhaps the best year of my life. I've been fortunate to explore some amazing countries around the world and I want to summarise the highlights of this with you guys today. This doesn't cover the full list of countries i've visited this year and is only a summary, you'll find more videos of my trips this year on the channel. Music used: Keep Walking by Rodrigo Vicente https://www.hooksounds.com Creative Commons — Attribution 4.0 International — CC BY 4.0
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Aaron Explores (3 months ago)
44 flights, surely that's a world record? haha you had so many bangers in this video. Nicely put together!!
Aaron Explores (3 months ago)
+Trek Trendy You're welcome bro, I agree, takes a while to go through all of the footage too lol. Wishing the same for you =)
Trek Trendy (3 months ago)
Thanks Aaron - it's really crazy when you look back at the year in one video, was actually the most fun to edit as it brought back so many memories. Wishing you all the success for 2019 bro

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