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DIY Fishing Bells - My Fishing Alarm Tip and Trick for Carp Fishing

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Free fishing Alarm, tip and technique for Carp Fishing or any other type of fish. Fast, easy, simple and cheap way to make your own fishing bells that really works better then bells you can buy in fishing store. So many times it happened to me that my bells fall down in water or mess up in line while I have fish on the line. Because of that I made new system with fishing bells that works better and it's absolutely safe and plus is cheap so I can enjoy in BBQ while I'm waiting my bells to start ringing. Thanks for watching How to Fish channel and feel free to leave comment and subscribe!
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Text Comments (26)
RgProductionFX (6 months ago)
Cool tip! Thank you for sharing!
bob ris (1 year ago)
thank you!, and you can find bells from your christmas ornaments.
notoriousdjones (1 year ago)
nice idea! does it get wrapped around your line when casting or a big fish gets on?
GodIsReal (1 year ago)
good idea, ty
Gin N Juice (2 years ago)
Awesome! Looks much more durable for the bells as well, unlike some clamp type bells. Love your videos, keep it up 👍
Liam Iris (2 years ago)
i have a bell like that on the thumbnail
lawgasman (2 years ago)
were did you buy the jengle bells from
Gin N Juice (2 years ago)
lawgasman You can buy them from most fabric stores :)
Krystal Morales (2 years ago)
fishingnana72 (3 years ago)
Gin N Juice (2 years ago)
fishingnana72 Fabric stores :)
fishingnana72 (3 years ago)
can you still cast accurately
Loganeffecto (3 years ago)
Very good! Thanks.
Martina Dittmer (2 years ago)
Inga kommentarer ännu en
john mccallan (3 years ago)
2 bells and a bread tie is a lot easier
How to Fish (3 years ago)
+john mccallan Hi John, That could work good as well. Thanks for your comment!
nl25c (4 years ago)
very good idea, I was night fishing and was thinking about something like this
Bells are so annoying....to everyone. Trust me. Just put 8" glowsticks that you buy at the dollar store on the end of your rod. Check out my playlist and it's under "Fishing Hacks".
Anthony Maske (3 years ago)
+How to Fish nah ... gutting the fish is messy ... this is crazy simple genious ...!
How to Fish (4 years ago)
It looks messy but it works perfectly!
Very cool 
How to Fish (4 years ago)
Hi Robert, I know it looks silly but works great. Thanks for watching How to Fish channel
That's a great idea...I'll give it a try. Thanks for sharing
How to Fish (4 years ago)
It looks messy but it works perfect. Thanks for watching!
That's a great idea...I'll give it a try. Thanks for sharing

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