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Wayward Frenzy Red/Green | Guilds of Ravnica Gruul Deck [Magic Arena]

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✔️ Twitch: https://twitch.tv/NoxiousLive 🎨 Thumbnail Art: https://scryfall.com/card/rix/150/wayward-swordtooth 📝 Decklist: https://mtgarena.pro/decks/wayward-frenzy-1/ ✔️ ✔️ Twitter: https://twitter.com/coL_noxious ✔️ Discord: https://discord.gg/Dm3CUfw ✔️ Tip Jar: https://streamelements.com/professornoxlive/tip All card images are from Scryfall.com
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Text Comments (204)
Rafael Brochini (1 month ago)
Eu gosto muito de suas jogatinas
Josh Whitmire (1 month ago)
Last game- attack with vie mare, don’t play Thalia and use band fire for 3
Guilherme Rompe (4 months ago)
It's time to revisit this deck with gruul!!!!
D-N (4 months ago)
What about puting in the new Gruul cards ? Rhythm of the wild and Gruul spellbreaker instead of Steal Leaf and Vine Mare..? Making hasty Galta as an other win con' and Spellbreaker blocking any interruption of the Frenzy combo.
TheMrTropicalgamer (5 months ago)
I might be retarded but how do you play so many lands in on turn on the second game, pls answere
Juliano Rolandi (5 months ago)
maybe gayas blessing because of milling yourself?
Slider Gamer (5 months ago)
You may pay 10 land and target oponent with banefire.
Plebaroni (5 months ago)
New text layer
Gregory Bauman (6 months ago)
I don't know if you check these or if it has been answered, but how are you playing multiple lands with Experimental Frenzy? Reading the rules on it, it looks like you can still only play 1 land a turn. Can anyone explain this?
Phoenix Fire (6 months ago)
God i love Banefire
Nj Njhjh (6 months ago)
CJ & Sword (6 months ago)
This deck is sick bro
Josh Hayes (6 months ago)
U could have banefired for game like 5 times
Tim Chirananthavat (6 months ago)
21:40 experimental frenzy deck is experimental
awollsd (7 months ago)
funny thing, i watched your "kill or mill" vid before this one just now (been watching you on twitch just started checking out your vids here love them btw) but in that vid you went against that mono red that ran frenzy and that artifact (forget name) can tap to send top card to grave and you was saying how you liked that but thought it should be in something other than mono red and my first thought was red/green then next vid is this vid where you're running frenzy in a red/green haha. just thought it was funny how the deck i thought during that vid happened to be very next vid i watched lol
JSYantiss1 (7 months ago)
Just finished building this deck tonight. Have won a few games so far. So hilarious, and so wrong!
poopoopants111 (7 months ago)
@16:00 why not banefire to the face for lethal?
poopoopants111 (7 months ago)
Ohnesorge oh right. I always forget about that, so annoying
Ohnesorge (7 months ago)
You cannot target the controller of Shalai, if she is on the board. She gives all creatures and her controller hexproof.
Poote TheRanja (7 months ago)
Mamma Vraska don't like OB-NOXOUS Frenzy, get the flip flop to the back of the head
Carl Pride (7 months ago)
Wiebe-Marten Wijnja (7 months ago)
I came here after watching the "Gain Life or Die Milling" deck, in which you encounter an "Experimental Frenzy + Wand of Vertebrae"-deck. Would it make sense to add Vertebrae to this "Wayward Frenzy"-deck (instead of, or as well as the treasure maps maybe?), or is there a reason not to?
Scringo Gaming (7 months ago)
The banefire could have killed your opponent
Trent Davis (6 months ago)
He could have vivian on shalai
BlinkandDie (7 months ago)
May the fun, and the luck be with you noxious
Ferdi Franzen (7 months ago)
Not playing 2nd Frenzy and just keeping it on top to draw is often better, so you can destroy your current one and replay once your hand is empty again
Killu47 (7 months ago)
Hello , iam new player and enjoying ur Videos , can u Make some dinosaurier Decks or Tricks ?
raiynen (7 months ago)
How do you feel about this deck when the next set comes out and brings a whole bunch of new Gruul cards into the mix?
Cedric Christensen (7 months ago)
personally i can't WAIT
29names (7 months ago)
15:55 spot the misslethal
BlinkandDie (7 months ago)
Shalai makes the player hexproof. So he couldn't banefire face
JSYantiss1 (7 months ago)
My own remix: "Soot, Soot, riot.....throw back a bottle of beer..."
Ex Queue (7 months ago)
Being able to use extra lands/cycle lands is unreal in this deck.
lehman (7 months ago)
Frenzy is crazy. Don't forget you can jumpstart from graveyard while under frenzy.
BlinkandDie (7 months ago)
Jump-start from graveyard, no way. This deck seems to have so many viable variations
Szypher (7 months ago)
@9:21 That moment when Noxious became a Planeswalker.
Szypher (7 months ago)
@16:00 Why didn't you just Banefire face for 10?
Gushers (7 months ago)
Enter the unknown would be a fun include in this deck
Jorge Barnardo (7 months ago)
lol he fucked that first game so hard
Hamsa Hamsa (7 months ago)
Why don't you change Druid of the Cowl for Dryad Greenseeker? Makes much more sense in the deck.
Sayanos o.o (7 months ago)
I run a similar list but only play the ramp cards and green mana only with manaliths/that 3 cost that makes all your lands every color/Draw a card make a land every color. It runs a lot of aoe removal and a lot of draw/ramp. Blockers are your ramp creatures and the legendary bombs you can throw down with all the ramp you've got going for you. Also, you can bomb the board with Jaya's blaze, but, the main win condition of the deck is the banefire to the face. That being said, you're running bombs like Zetalpa, Etali, shalai so usually you can win the game regardless of the bane
Lupo Reed (8 months ago)
I need to make this deck when I finish my Esper Control's land base.
Ricardo8388 (8 months ago)
Add Beast Whisperer?
KROO MIESTER (8 months ago)
Cool to see you play this deck! Jim Davis' version of this deck is quite different and pretty awsome.
Akoni808 (8 months ago)
Dylan Smith (8 months ago)
Just got to gold using this type of deck but using jund and vertebre it is nuts 2-4lands a turn and shreadding through my deck winns normally turn 3 but consistantly turn 4
Cedric Christensen (7 months ago)
still no link :( @Dylan Smith
Andrew Mensor (7 months ago)
I will try to see on my computer later, thanks anyway :)
Andrew Mensor (7 months ago)
I'm sorry, but i am not being able to see the link on my cellphone
Dylan Smith (7 months ago)
@Andrew Mensor here
Dylan Smith (7 months ago)
@Dragaan here
MrMcCoyD4 (8 months ago)
No wand of vertebrae?!
robinbergacker (8 months ago)
NOX, Really Like your channel! Could you please try this deck I brew. Its such a fun deck. 4 Wand of Vertebrae (GRN) 242 3 Search for Azcanta (XLN) 74 4 Chemister's Insight (GRN) 32 4 Nexus of Fate (M19) 306 4 Shock (M19) 156 4 Lightning Strike (M19) 152 1 Risk Factor (GRN) 113 4 Murmuring Mystic (GRN) 45 4 Beacon Bolt (GRN) 154 3 Tormenting Voice (M19) 164 10 Island (RIX) 193 8 Mountain (RIX) 195 1 Sulfur Falls (DAR) 247 2 Steam Vents (GRN) 257 4 Evolving Wilds (RIX) 186
catdogpigduck (8 months ago)
Great deck I love how quickly you play.
Paulo Nunes (8 months ago)
Seemed like a legit deck with that Run
Artemis Gray (8 months ago)
Ob Nixilis? Pfft; how about Ob Noxious.
Echoed GamerYT (8 months ago)
I just saw the Expiremental Frenzy in a Gruul deck that works!? I now really have a strong urge to build this.. Do you think it'd be viable for tabletop Standard? Edit- I heard a while ago in one of your videos(streams?) about the idea for Elder tribal, could you try it for the fans like me at home?
Diogo V. Kersting (8 months ago)
I think the lifegain deck is basically someone that upgraded one of the default decks. That said, I don't think it's a good ideia to play that deck in any constructed event.
Krushion (8 months ago)
I like your content but you fake laughing every 30-45 seconds at stuff that isn't anywhere close to funny starts to wear video after video after video.
Piar0 (8 months ago)
I was actually writing "wtf dude you're so dumb you didn't kill his flying angel with your Vivian Reid on game 1 you're such a noob" but I noticed the Immortal Sun. Sorry.
SSP Gaming (8 months ago)
I've been on a 5 game losing streak with this deck. It's WAY too unpredictable.
Kelly Miller (8 months ago)
Great video Sir Ob Noxious. You have slain them well.
Bowbermen (8 months ago)
How about enter the unknown? With frenzy it's almost a zero mana explore.
SSP Gaming (8 months ago)
I miss Thundermaw Hellkite in RG beat down :)
Incredibly Stoned Gaming (8 months ago)
Nox"I so happy smashing new players"ious
Dr Moe Lester (8 months ago)
I'd love to see BO3 with some of your decks. This is a great fun deck, I've been playing around with frenzy and wayward. Control just craps on it in game 2 and 3 when they work out what's happened.
scott cisek (8 months ago)
I played against this deck last night with my golgari saproling deck I absolutely spanked them lol
Doryan PEROTTI (8 months ago)
This deck is awesome, and it kind of reconciliated me with green color ! (I am more of a control/combo player, and having a 30/30 turn 2 is usually not what I like haha) but with the dinosaure and the top deck enchant, it is absolutely awesome ! Nicely done !
Cronone100 (8 months ago)
Viven can kill flying creatures!
Daniel Martínez (8 months ago)
20:21 KAME... HAME... HAAAAA!!!!!
raiynen (8 months ago)
Lovin the Gruul deck.
Anaverageguy41 (8 months ago)
Have you thought about throwing in Helm of the host in here too? Played against a similar build that popped off once they had mana
Artur Sobczyk (8 months ago)
Why not add Wand of Vertebrae ?
luana fofinha (8 months ago)
legenVD make an similar deck, but on magic online
14:48 Best part of The vídeo kkkkkk
blankman10203 (8 months ago)
Just Banefire for the win lol
Addisalis Gullington (8 months ago)
Hey that’s me in the second match! The lifelink token deck. I didn’t realize it was nox til the very end. Just about lost my shit there. I knew i was boned though when i saw the first banefire. Shoulda attacked w/ lifelink more but I guess i was dead anyways. ggwp
Viktor Komarek (8 months ago)
Please. Make this deck: 3 banfire 4 this enchantment 53 mountains
William Torres (8 months ago)
Why is your name Noxious? Is it because Ob-Noxious? LOL There... You asked for it! XD
Shin Byorun (8 months ago)
Can we play cards from sets out of rotation that shares the same name with a card in a set that is still in standard rotation? Also anyone got spare close beta reward code? I really want to have those alternate art.
James Bessant (8 months ago)
Ob-noxious Nob-xious No-sweetener in my almond milk-xious
BlinkandDie (7 months ago)
I like the third one the best
Dmike (8 months ago)
Love the vids, keep em coming.
Justin Schmitz (8 months ago)
It's interesting that all these Ixilan cards are getting there time to shine now that Kaladesh has rotated out. You have to wonder if Amonket would have been more popular too.
Hendrik (8 months ago)
Justin Schmitz same with shadows and bfz, what a bummer
Cédric Usureau (8 months ago)
what about a Red/Green Dragon version ? :)
Hunter Newberry (8 months ago)
Vincent Forest (8 months ago)
Do you think it would be playable in paper, in BO3 or is there too many answers in sideboard ?
Sylph Sylph (8 months ago)
...after hearing now is...they really need to make a druid of the cow x)
PraetorGix (8 months ago)
The elf is not the problem. The problem is lack of good removal for the elf. Spells have become crappier and crappier over time while creatures are more and more OP. If a Llanowar elf can pump a SLC turn 2, and there are only 4 cards in 2 colors in the entire standard format to answer this with one land, the problem is not the elf, at all. Standard and modern day MTG is becoming creature-centric at a disgusting rate. A mana dork wasn't problematic for the first 15 years of the game because the fricking game wasn't a pokemon TCG clone. I hope MaRo retires already. We started with a mathematician and now we have a script writer making the cards, see how that worked for us...
You just compared Llanowar turn one to Pokemon? I think your entire opinion goes out the window there.
Gabriel Talbot (8 months ago)
You can play any amount of lands per turn with experimental frenzy ? This is broken..
Ryan Skolnick (8 months ago)
Gabriel Talbot he had wayward sword tooth, you can’t just play extra lands
TARDIS915 (8 months ago)
If this was available on Mac, I would totally try to build this. Looks super fun.
Pao Lo (8 months ago)
Doesn't Vivien have destroy creature with flying?
Pao Lo (8 months ago)
@Ryan Skolnick right!! thank you sir!
Ryan Skolnick (8 months ago)
Pao Lo immortal sun locked her out
Edmilson Rocha (8 months ago)
5:39 Noxious is a Leonin Vanguard
Alessandro Guagneli (8 months ago)
Oh my.. The first match, c'mon man, WHY.
Phil Carpenter (8 months ago)
Obnoxious? More like "sub2noxious". I'm sorry. This deck is disrespectful. That's some rad gameplay.
rafael Bak (8 months ago)
That decks seems awsome :D how are you about adding Karn for more draw?
Bazagi Derp (8 months ago)
Just tell your wife that you had a long day at the office.
fearmymastin (8 months ago)
Dude wtf, How do you have so many wild cards. I've spent like 100 bucks and do my daily quest and legit have maybe 1/10 of that if not less.
BloodLegaZ (8 months ago)
Streamer, probably got a special account from Wizards.
Dogmayor (8 months ago)
wtf, who doesn't like horses?
MrTimmyGT (8 months ago)
I love playing the mono blue tempo deck you did a video on but would not try to bring it to constructed event lol
Tadeu Barreto (8 months ago)
Why not just banefire to the face on second game?
Addisalis Gullington (8 months ago)
The angel gave my face hexproof. Shalai or w/e
VickFan (8 months ago)
Tadeu Barreto his face had hexproof because of the angel. So he couldn’t banefire face.
Vlad1m4ra (8 months ago)
Noxious? More like OBNOXIOUS LOL
Chad Small (8 months ago)
PrObNoxious. For Prof. Obnoxious/Noxious.
Carlos The Howling Husky (8 months ago)
Hi Noxious, i would like to see a deck with Arcades, the Strategist maybe its a challange to build a Wall/Defender deck =)
George Brown (8 months ago)
Dude I love my liBERRY. better than that library bs.
Murlock (8 months ago)
Im sorry, but why at 8:20 did you play on main 1?
Noxious (8 months ago)
Oh, I do that all the time. I'm not a pro and make mistakes, especially when I produce content. Off stream I don't really blunder as much, but when recording/streaming I get pretty distracted.
Jason Brown (8 months ago)
why do you not play rabid bite for green removal?
MadMax (6 months ago)
because red removal is better and should play red removal instead
Alexandre Jesus (8 months ago)
Act of treason for monored against ghalta
David Theissen (8 months ago)
Hey youtube! I'm the Selesnya token dude with the nuts draw at min 44! By defeating nox i demand all his fame!
Grim Skin (5 months ago)
well, it was really suspicious when Emmara got tapped for tribunal))
David Theissen (7 months ago)
@Cedric Christensen at least i am honest so suck it :3
Cedric Christensen (7 months ago)
the real reason you get no fame @David Theissen
David Theissen (7 months ago)
@BlinkandDie i actually tried to snipe him, i'm not taking time to evaluate my hand at the beginning of the game, i was rushing to open twitch on my phone xD
BlinkandDie (7 months ago)
Oh shit! Did you notice during that game you were playing against noxious?
WildEagle 1989 (8 months ago)
Love this deck. So are you thinking this is tear 2 and maybe a tear 1 with a little more work. Honestly I thought it looked really close to 1
Dobromir Manchev (8 months ago)
1:00:22 :D
thylaldrass (8 months ago)
Is it weird I have a man crush on Noxious?
Senpai Ophiron (8 months ago)
Hi Nox. Don't know that there is a large quantity of requests for this, but could you make an intro video for people who might be interested to get into magic, but find it a bit overwhelming. That's how i feel anyway.

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