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Blind Man at the Bus Stop | Funny Clip | Mr. Bean Official

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Mr Bean is desperate to be at the front of the bus queue. He tries to trick a blind man into moving down the queue. Stay tuned, click here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkAGrHCLFmlK3H2kd6isipg?sub_confirmation=1 Welcome to the Official Mr Bean channel! To find out more about Mr Bean visit: http://www.mrbean.com Mr Bean on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/mrbean Follow us on Twitter http://www.twitter.com/mrbean Best Cartoon Moments Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t_cY2AWQOTE&index=1&list=PLC1EDzqtkrh_Zj67UUTZZmRfrgqwyZNlW
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Text Comments (213)
abishek david (2 months ago)
Jimins vlogs Vs suga (4 months ago)
The blind man got away he was like i stand here if you dont mind lol 😂 comment if you agree
C Ky (5 months ago)
Mr. Bean suggests the real social phenomenon of the British - mean, sneaky and devoid of humanity
Fidnig (3 months ago)
It's a comedy show before people were like that...
INSIDE GURUJI (1 year ago)
Wow that's great
Jim Xu (7 years ago)
I need to do my homework. Last Mr. Bean video.
Karan Mali (7 years ago)
Mr bean rocks
Will Grigg (7 years ago)
thats totally epic hi ollie
MrOlliemaster (7 years ago)
epic vid
todoroki -san (4 months ago)
MrOlliemaster a like after 6 years
Jimbob Jo (7 years ago)
Depending on where he is in London, he could have taken the London Underground or Overground
Mister Pohtaytoh (7 years ago)
Grrrrrr Tssssssss Hahahaha this guy is the original troll
Lucifer Tai (7 years ago)
why don't let mr bean get on the bus?
kirk jason beltran (1 year ago)
Lucifer Tai because the bus is full
MrXalouvas1 (7 years ago)
@Laurelindo one detail.. mr bean is a genius he isn't stupid
todoroki -san (4 months ago)
a like after 6 years
Isabelle Chezc (7 years ago)
@Laurelindo Hm, I guess I misunderstood that, sorry btw, have a good day :)
Laurelindo (7 years ago)
@Hodenkobold92 I know Rowan Atkinson has a degree in that, I'm talking about Mr. Bean.
Isabelle Chezc (7 years ago)
@Laurelindo "MrBean", who you called stupid, has an graduated in university in electrical engineering ..
Sybreeds (7 years ago)
How did I not notice the same characters?
TEKUINHUU CANAL (7 years ago)
Karma is a bitch!
Sanae a slug (7 years ago)
They don't release the evil Mr Bean episodes so that kids wont do the same
Bulletzz448 (7 years ago)
i want a magic potato
Melodii (7 years ago)
aw :'(
spongerockerx (7 years ago)
1:22-1:35 Psssssssst (bus coming) best :D
Matheus Guardiano (7 years ago)
EBS BRO (7 years ago)
Bojan Kekezovic (7 years ago)
brmbrmbrmbrm brm rm PSSSST ahhhahahahhaahhHAHAAH
JALFR3 (7 years ago)
I now realize how much the background laughter is needed
joske vermeulen (7 years ago)
@Laurelindo in real life he is a very serious man
Marin Marković (7 years ago)
FinchieX (7 years ago)
@XortiXz exactly my friend exactly
AbHearn1 (7 years ago)
Poor mr bean
XortiXz (7 years ago)
@FinchieX how can the blind man look at something ? lol
Diogo Moreira (7 years ago)
Hector Wang (7 years ago)
Thomas George (7 years ago)
this is cool
Misspaparazzixx (7 years ago)
@TheUglyNigga hahhaha lol
Angel Lee (7 years ago)
FinchieX (7 years ago)
i wounder what the blind mas was looking at at 0;29?
SprintGlide (7 years ago)
omg best twist ending ever
imas ks (7 years ago)
hi I,m from ksoOva,my name Its toni,and I like too much mr.bean
Laurelindo (7 years ago)
I swear, I had a classmate in junior high school who looked EXACTLY like a kid version of Mr. Bean - he even had a similar voice. XD The only difference was that he was just slightly more serious, and that he wasn't stupid. =P
00781BAC (7 years ago)
this is too funny. Evil mr bean!
0zero0360 (7 years ago)
he is so evil!
Tim Touch (7 years ago)
Mr Bean Rocks.
AlexandraCyrus (7 years ago)
@LiLMaTTxX they can't see it, they're blind ? duuh -.-
Georgeman Manmanman (7 years ago)
@LiLMaTTxX How they can find the dislike button :S?
MsTArray (7 years ago)
@SuperMrBentley Tooooooooooooooooooot Hhhhhhh
Kwack (7 years ago)
Cheers for all our blind friends who can't see this video.
Panterisu (7 years ago)
Mr. Bean doesn't usually talk in these skits.. But when he does, his voice is SO sexy and deep. Rowan Atkinson's voice is the bomb.
plowenson (7 years ago)
never seen this before :P thought I saw them all ;)
Valencianista1984 (7 years ago)
they never showed this one on tv
Xin Zhao (7 years ago)
Keep pressing 1 and observe the lady in blue.
Robinson mikez (7 years ago)
my favorite actor...,i watch ready movie...,johnny english
matejmatejovski (7 years ago)
27 people must be blind and missed the like button
sharkyand (7 years ago)
or 1 ... to see something more special :))
sharkyand (7 years ago)
press 3 to see the blind man jerk off
Nick Kentsin (7 years ago)
@CharlieTheKopite missed the like button
Hammerchichi (7 years ago)
Its because the bus is already quite full,thats why.Mr Bean would end up boarding the bus if he stayed in queue,leaving the blind man waiting for another ride
abdo naje (7 years ago)
m2m1992 (7 years ago)
nice voice effect
Samúel Lo (7 years ago)
no laugh track??
aldebaran899 (7 years ago)
why they didn't let him take the bus ?
Campbell (7 years ago)
tricked by a blind man
omegaSQU4RED (7 years ago)
Keep pressing 5 to tease Mr Bean :P
william avalos (7 years ago)
press 7 i mean
william avalos (7 years ago)
press 8
Ashe M (7 years ago)
22 people aren't the musical fruit...
Luis Cueto Campos (7 years ago)
hahahhahahah fue demaciado!! , so funny ajjajajaja
Mahmood Hassan (7 years ago)
Rizwan Azam Kashmiri (7 years ago)
Alain Luna (7 years ago)
The most ever significate oF PWNED
KaitAllegre (7 years ago)
. (7 years ago)
Poor mrbean lol
Cristiano ToSsI (7 years ago)
ha Ha aHa :DD:
Doyoueven sift (7 years ago)
@TheRecklessRock98 actor*
Bigsam1514 (7 years ago)
@obs222 How? they can't see to click it.
Tidgy (7 years ago)
19 people were bling also and accidently clicked the dislike button instead of the like button
Nixivoje NS (7 years ago)
@1:31 ahahaha brm brm brm cssssssssssssss
The Seven Angels (7 years ago)
lol those are the same people from when Mr. Bean met the queen
jingoxthefirst (7 years ago)
THOSE WHO DISLIKES ARE BEANS (not to be rude but hes retarded aint he?)
FineDaMighty (7 years ago)
these who disliked it are dumbs
Bajan Barbie (7 years ago)
hahaha! serves him right
CryHard (7 years ago)
16 blind people missed the like button
JonnyWozza (7 years ago)
Its not that funny coz the dude skipt a whole scene of this bus bit, which was the funniest thing ever
Dave Morrison (7 years ago)
@BarbCat08 i don’t think they saw the funny side
Albert Kurzyński (7 years ago)
słychać Leylanda (na jego licencji powstał sw 680:D:D:D:D) w autobusie:D prawie jak w jelczu;]
habopizza123 (7 years ago)
1:56 i hate too say it but he relly deserved that
Swift (7 years ago)
@CharlieTheKopite Well obviously they couldn't see which one the "Like" button was and guessed wrong!
evanl (7 years ago)
@TheRecklessRock98 actOr
Blah threeonefivesix (7 years ago)
@BarbCat08 I think they dislike all the videos
Esther Choi (7 years ago)
Esther Choi (7 years ago)
LOL, keep pressing 5. XD
Tim (7 years ago)
Karma's a bitch...
Caitlin Bria (8 years ago)
@BarbCat08 Just a few problems with that comment ...
soren ayoub (8 years ago)
14 blind people pressd the wrong buttom
Jason Brake (8 years ago)
Lol mr bean! Keep pressing 1! Lol
Ararara AraraRA (8 years ago)
@Headhunter4Lyf You're so damn stupid you don't realize that all these crappy comments with the amount of dislikes just BEG for thumbs up. Otherwise, what else do they post these shitty comments for?
Herbert Elvis (8 years ago)
@TheRecklessRock98 vaitomar to full
ACE Bandit (8 years ago)
@MrSlash4 lol ya they prolly missed the like button
Jasodor Dowding (8 years ago)
@BarbCat08 I dont think that they can see where is the dislike and like button -__-
SuperMrBentley (8 years ago)
brrrrrbbrrrrbrrrrrr PSSSSTTTT!!!!!!!!

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