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MTG - Is it worth it to buy the Modern Event Deck, March of the Multitudes? Magic: The Gathering

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How To Build A Commander Deck From Scratch: http://youtu.be/Gbphr57jysI Is It Worth It To Buy An Intro Pack: http://youtu.be/r-BPsAgqFtw Limited Edition Force Of Will Unboxing: http://youtu.be/PLVNDkKah9g Which Gaming Case Is The Best: http://youtu.be/2Aw3j3Mj5Ls This deck is a surprise success from Wizards of the Coast. It is selling for less than MSRP, it contains a playable competitive deck that worth the cost for someone either new to the Modern format, or whose early attempts at Modern decks have left them unsatisfied. Anyone interested in playing Modern but not know where to start can turn with confidence to the Modern event deck, March of the Multitudes. Music Courtesy Of: "Gonna Start v2" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/ "Deliberate Thought" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/
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Text Comments (402)
Pablo Clairmont (3 months ago)
great stuff
Enchanted Celebi (6 months ago)
huh to think that four years from this video we get a card called March of the multitudes
Ignis Flames (5 months ago)
Enchanted Celebi lol yes
Mrtfarrugia (8 months ago)
How would this play against the Challenger decks.
Tie Dye Disco Guy (8 months ago)
haha reprint search lands funny
Joachim Eckert (9 months ago)
Is this still a competitive Deck in 2018?
Alastair Jack (11 months ago)
Why didn't they continue making Modern Event Decks?
BlankoPie (1 year ago)
I used this to start my White/Blue spirit deck. Added and subtracted a ton to make it gross, but great value.
bmay81 (1 year ago)
Fuckin Hell, These are damn near 100 a piece now, since so many ass holes bought them to part out.
Probably its rare now since its idk 3-5 years ahead?
is it worth it to buy a commander's arsenal?
Grant Christnacht (2 years ago)
Can I get a list of witch cards to replace with what cards thanks it was hard for me to figure out what to replace with the cards you mentioned in the vid
Luis Torres (2 years ago)
I love the plainswalker sleeves. Oh and to this day I play B/W tokens. I recently removed Elspeth an sword to max shrine of loyal legions
xX1NORM1Xx (2 years ago)
shame they didn't continue this it looks awesome
Wyatt Maniscalco (2 years ago)
I bought this just as trade fodder and the sword. I got my playset of Thoughtseizes
timlamiam (2 years ago)
why did u toss the sleeves lol
curtis mcmillan (2 years ago)
elfs beat merfolk
metalheadhobo1 (2 years ago)
still worth buying in 2017?
SPL (2 years ago)
what would you suggest to get as a modern deck merfolk or this deck
Martin Martinez (2 years ago)
It's 2017... is this deck still a viable starting point for a new player?
FreeCreeperHugs (2 years ago)
Unfortunately, I can't say I have much experience on the topic, but I noticed the deck now has a much-inflated price of MINIMUM $80, up to over $100, when searched on eBay. And considering the singles are probably reduced in price, I don't think the value is nearly as good. However, the playability and strength of the deck probably hasn't changed, so if you can find it on the cheap and are interested, it may be worth looking into (and getting a response from someone with more experience).
TheSushiandme (2 years ago)
xD $89
Logan Hall (2 years ago)
whats wrong with the sleeves?
Jan G. (2 years ago)
I like your V-Logs. =D
TheMonyarm (2 years ago)
this isn't in the is it worth it playlist
Jeremiah Bachmann (2 years ago)
I noticed that most other Event Decks run anywhere from $15 to $25 with a few exceptions while this one goes for $90. Why would it be worth that much of a price increase for a new player just getting into the game? I understand that there might be better cards but $90 is a huge price jump from $15.
Nanofuture87 (2 years ago)
To elaborate a little, since the cards don't rotate they hold their value better. Cards like Path to Exile and Inquisition of Kozilek are Modern staples and likely always will be unless they get banned (which is very doubtful). Those cards alone are worth like $46 right now.
Kurtis Champion (2 years ago)
Jeremiah Bachmann it's because normal event decks are standard decks so they rotate this one is a modern deck so it never rotates
Josh Dracoian (2 years ago)
If I play a black white deck in Modren, it would be based around life gain and loss.
Beo Hibirathi (2 years ago)
Luv ya professor
Gonzalo MB (3 years ago)
I just bought this for 100 € shipping included. Im going to start on Modern so it's a good deal right? This product gives me fresh Mint Cards and its a plus for me. I think this core gives me many options to upgrade. Im looking for Eldrazi and Taxes, i just love how hate decks work.
Jeremy King (3 years ago)
This deck is fun. I've changed a few cards around, well gotten playsets of a few cards.... though I love token decks so I'm probably being biased... it's definitely worth the money seeing what you get in it....
ThePedro1233 (3 years ago)
WeAreInTheMatrix (3 years ago)
Looks like this deck has double in price recently. Up to $100 now, geez. Did a card in this deck go up in price?
Robert James Mcleod (2 years ago)
Inquizition of kozilek went from 6 to 26 (now dropped back to 15 but the event deck hasnt followed) and path to exile isnt seeing reprints so its sitting at 10 instead of 6/7 which it was when this was released
Toasty (3 years ago)
Is the event deck, now worth about $110 on amazon, still worth it? Do you feel like you will ever go back on products that have had prices dramatically change?
PewPew_McPewster (3 years ago)
Is it worth it? EXTREMELY
TheRunaller (3 years ago)
2:30 You left out the horror that is Infect. My G/U Infect is valued at around $50 and has won many local tournaments.
Snazzeo (3 years ago)
what about bitterblossom?
Jeremy King (3 years ago)
The only issue with Bittblossom is the life loss, and this deck (without changes) only has a few cards that gain life.... and you can easily get a lot of 1/1 flyers anyway.... and Dismember can cost up to 4 life to cast as well.... if you were to add in more life gain, then it could be a good choice to add Bitterblossom if you liked the card, but if you were to just add it without having more life gain, then it'd be a bad move.
bluesy92 (3 years ago)
Not only is one bitterblossom more than this deck, but in matchups where you want to race, Raise the Alarm is a better aggro card. Bitterblossom is sideboarded out a lot in the decks that run it, so you need to dedicate sideboard slots to replacing it. Raise the Alarm builds are cheaper, and provide more sideboard flexibility. That being said, Bitterblossom does make some matchups better. But those matchups are already favorable to strategies that put out a lot of creatures, so they're already in our favor anyway.
CommandoPanda (3 years ago)
Can we get some more videos in the Advanced Modern Studies series?
alexsduthie23 (3 years ago)
got one for just $100 New Zealand
leroy jenkins (3 years ago)
I bought this and added in thoughtseizes and hero of bladehold(mirror in besieged) and I haven't lost an fun yet, I also touched up the mana base
leroy jenkins (3 years ago)
Also some elspeth Suns champion
leroy jenkins (3 years ago)
I hate auto correct
Thomas Nguyen (3 years ago)
Wait... so why shouldn't I use the sleeves?
BuriedFlame (3 years ago)
+Tommato 144 Probably split easily, shuffle badly, and can't be used for double-sleeving.
Mega-Star Gaming (3 years ago)
it is funny that it used to be almost 3/4 of the price, and now it costs around 100$
Sully Talks (3 years ago)
Man, thought sieze is like $40 at my local card shop. Might just finish the playset of Duress and be done with it.
IAteYourFedora (3 years ago)
those sleeves look ugly af
An Abra (3 years ago)
why sint wizards doing more of this in 2016?
ThovenTheGamer (3 years ago)
+An Abra I wish they were, but wizards recently suspended event decks, and that includes modern as well. Disappointing, but hopefully they come out with a replacement soon. Now this has gone up to 100$ sealed, which may be sign enough that players wanted this, albeit after the initial release.
bluesy92 (3 years ago)
I removed Elspeth, but the sword sideboard, put 3x Sorin, 3x Godless Shrine, and 2x Hero of Bladehold mainboard. It's not Tier 1. But it's a fun deck to play, and the money I spent on the premade plus my upgrades (not including cards I already pulled) was less than $150. Not a bad price for what the deck is.
Jeremy King (3 years ago)
Even though it's casual, Bladehold isn't great mainboard as he'll be removed immediately.... most people keep it sideboard and bring it in games 2 and 3 as your opponent will most likely side out any spot removal as spot removal isn't really helpful to them... so Bladehold will be able to wreck house since they won't be able to remove him
Dante Chevalier (3 years ago)
What makes a deck tier 2 or 1? What are some things you'd recommend for a Tier 1 deck for someone looking to upgrade? I've been playing with the Born of the Gods event deck. It's done me proud so far but i'm looking to up my game. I don't know what i should look out for.
tornthedark (3 years ago)
My LGS has so many of this deck. I plan to buy some and resell IoKs. I can use a good bunch of the cards for EDH. :D Btw. I use the terrible sleeves for tokens. :)
Noah Crossingham (3 years ago)
Wish I could afford that deck. But I am 14 and only have a paper round to fund magic.
Effectus (3 years ago)
What would be a decent price to get a modern event deck right now?
Thraxx (3 years ago)
So what's the book in the trash container? I couldn't make out the title.
Thraxx (3 years ago)
@Tolarian Community College Thank you! I've watched the video multiple times but never bothered to ask. It was apparent to me that you made a point to have it featured in the bin. Especially after you grabbed the sleeves out but hesitated to grab the book. I love small stuff like that.
TheIsaacMatthews (3 years ago)
+Tolarian Community College Deep Space Nine is my favourite.
+steve Thraxx The Nitpicker's Guide To Deep Space Nine. Terrible book.
Jackson Mccreery (3 years ago)
Managed to snag it for $40 at my FLGS.
Jackson Mccreery (3 years ago)
And Path to Exiles. The sword is pretty sweet, too.
BuriedFlame (3 years ago)
+Tolarian Community College My LGS has had one for the longest time. Hoping next payday to get it for the IoK's, Dismembers, and the Isolated Chapels.
Jackson Mccreery (3 years ago)
Yep. Its really my only Modern deck though. I swapped in a Monastery Mentor for, uh, something, can't remember what, and the Cities of Brass were swapped for Godless Shrines. One Windbrisk was Swapped for a Temple of Silence as well. I had more of them, but I'm experimenting with this build. Some friends recommended I put them all back in, but I dunno, I like the scry. Any advice?
+Jackson Mccreery Great deal! Especially now the Koz's Inquisition is so high.
gmw827 (3 years ago)
Just picked one of these up on Amazon for like $100. Currently, with the inquisitions skyrocketing to 25$ each, the deck is currently somewhere between 150$ and 190$ in value, give or take a few depending on what sources you use to price your cards. With the inquisitions at 25 each, making 50 dollars of the deck, and the sword, 3 paths, relics at 5 each, elspeth, and other cards, anybody who bought this at MSRP should be jumping for joy right now at the amount of value they got.
bluesy92 (3 years ago)
I bought it at MSRP and upgraded it :-)
Ratstail91 (3 years ago)
After the price drop for certain cards, + the inevitable price rise for this sealed product, I'm not sure it's worth it anymore. Still, with 3x Path to Exile, and can justify a slight loss if I had the cash to spare.
InferSader (3 years ago)
@Ratstail91 yea these price spikes have been pretty crazy lately, the card's getting a lot of play out of modern eldrazi.
Ratstail91 (3 years ago)
@InferSader I didn't realize inquisition was son pricey. 
InferSader (3 years ago)
+Ratstail91 Inquisition of Kozilek is $30 and this deck contains two. That's ignoring the Sword ($17), Elspeth ($13), 3xPaths ($9), and 3xRelics of Progenitus ($5).
Scarlet (3 years ago)
What is the book in the trash can?
Aidan Monteith (3 years ago)
Thank you so ok much for this video. I bought the deck and have been upgrading and using it as my signature deck in my playgroup to kick ass ever since I bought it. Just bought my bitterblossoms.
Planeswalker999 (3 years ago)
does anybody know a store that stills sells these besides ebay/amazon at just over msrp?
Jack Seddon (3 years ago)
Im getting one of these in 4 days and im wondering if i should take out the city of brass for like a spirit bonds or something
Jeremy King (3 years ago)
No. Do not add Spirit Bonds to this deck. 95% of the creatures are tokens, which doesn't have synergy with the first ability and 75% of the creatures are spirits which doesn't work with the deck.... If you were wanted to protect your guys, there's heaps of better cards that help... there's a lot of hand disruption in the deck, so you can use them to get rid of removal or board wipes.... and Im sure there's a creature in modern that'll grant protection or some other form to save them.... just don't add Spirit Bonds to this deck.. has very little synergy.
Stamina (3 years ago)
what if i have 120 euros/150$ budget, which deck should i build? every modern deck, even if budget, seems too expensive...
Belinda van der Slot (3 years ago)
+sharkpyro93 Mono green infect, maybe? (though I guess you then would have to work without Inkmoth Nexus). Burn might be an option too.
Kim (3 years ago)
Oh, wow! I made a deck containig 80% of these cards without knowing this Event Deck existed!
chris nelson2 (3 years ago)
hi I'am trying to make a strong and powerful deck of Magic The Gathering cards but i'm looking know the best way try try to get one do you know where to get one ?
noty thx (3 years ago)
wow this is over 1.5 years old... has wotc released a newer modern deck?? I'm thinking of trying to get started in the format and don't have a clue where to begin. I played 20 years ago so all my collection is vintage with maybe a few modern legal reprints
Adam Jackson (3 years ago)
+That Guy Artist that's outdated now :/
That Guy Artist (3 years ago)
+justin emery the professors video on it
dragoniguana (3 years ago)
@justin emery Mono-red burn is the highest tier budget deck. Soul Sisters is tier 2.5-ish, which isn't great, but very budget, and a lot of fun for some people (including me). Bogles/Hexproof is a similarly budget deck. You can build a decent budget-ish (100-200 bucks) Zoo list, as well. Higher-budget competitive Modern stuff is things like Affinity, Splinter Twin, Abzan and Jund. Honestly, the Event Deck is a very decent way to get into Modern. It can easily be upgraded or changed into a bunch of different sorts of decks, or just pulled apart, as it includes a number of Modern staples (Path to Exile, Dismember, etc.). 
noty thx (3 years ago)
+That Guy Artist where can I find a solid list for mono red?
noty thx (3 years ago)
+dragoniguana could u suggest a couple different viable decks in a couple different price ranges? do u think I should ask for this deck for Christmas maybe or would my money be better spent going towards making another stronger higher tier deck?
danielbacot96 (3 years ago)
Your the best Professor.
Tony Ender (3 years ago)
Is this deck any good for tournaments? Because the only deck i have is a blue/black zombie hunt
Tony Ender (3 years ago)
Javin Zipkin (3 years ago)
+Tony Ender I have that deck too :) The zombie deck is probably not good enough for tournaments, but the event deck probably is
Frank Serrata (3 years ago)
Got this and upgraded it to an abzan modern deck, but this deck helped greatly to get me into modern
snikolic (3 years ago)
I decided to play uw control without the snapcasters. It's still affordable. The majour cards that cost money is your playset of paths. There was one deck that was running a one of snapcaster and vendilion clique so you can get your opponent to side in cards that won't be very relevant. After those you just need your cryptics and your land base and your good to go.
RayDai (3 years ago)
hey Professor, I'm trying to make the Polymorph deck on GatheringMagic's channel (with some revisions). I already have some of the components. Since the event deck contains many of the things I need like Path, CIty of Brass, and even the cheaper things like Honor of the Pure and Intangible Virtue, I was wondering if I should buy it.
Miroslav Sedlak (3 years ago)
Would this still be worth it in 2015?
Hungarth (3 years ago)
+Miroslav Sedlak As of right now, the Inquisitions and Paths doubled in price since around this time last year. And while Elspeth and the sword are still about the same after their price drop, the price doubling of the aforementioned cards kept the product's value over MSRP without counting anything under $2.00. If you don't care about card condition, it might not make MSRP without the bulk, but not caring about the condition defeats one of the purposes of sealed product. Of course, people are still selling them for less than MSRP, so shop around and compare.
keiferj0415 (3 years ago)
A while ago I stated out with this deck thanks to your video ; To this day I am still rocking B/W tokens!
The Bird Wizard (3 years ago)
+keiferj0415 I play tokens too! I can post my list if you like :)
John Izzo (3 years ago)
Proffesor! Should I get the Modern Event Deck or FTV Legends?
John Izzo (3 years ago)
My LGS sells Modern Event Deck and FTV:Angels for $60 each
777Lateralus (3 years ago)
anyone try running secure the wastes in this deck?
MaNU_ZID (3 years ago)
I run one copy of it. I splashed red to add young pyromancer bolts and other removal like kolagans command, even sideboard cards like games of masacre to stop combos. the removal is because in my meta, que people play a lot of infect and other decks and I needed way more interaction. I also modified the list to make it more instant oriented with token generators like midnight haunting. As planeswalkers, 3 sorin solemn visitor
avatarofcloud (3 years ago)
This deck, with a bit of tweaking, usually kills by turn 6 I find. No one expects Leyline of the Meek hehehe...
Smee342 (3 years ago)
love my copy, got it at my lgs, for 45.99 on mark down. it was a impulse buy, glad I bought it. im currently upgrading the deck.
Ayli Paolucci (3 years ago)
It's been a year and now I'm wondering whther or not this deck is still worth buying? It's gone up in price since MM2015 and I really want to know whether or not I should buy thus. I'm looking for a second Modern Decks that is easily upgradable and that includes parts that could go into other decks. I am on a budget (roughly $100-150, the latter end of which is seriously pushing it) and I'm stuck between this, BW Midrange, or slowly building up the parts for Boror Bridge Lockdown.
Dexter Mahler (3 years ago)
Looking back at the deck one year later and taking into account that the deck has spiked up in price at least in here in europe i think this is a good buy. 3 Path to exile, 2 Inquisition of Kozilek, 1 Elspeth, Knight-Errant and 1 Sword of Feat and Famine are worth the deck alone. And if you want to play B/W tokens this is a great starting point. Sure the mana base needs a lot of work and the sideboard needs updating to your local meta but beside that the deck is functinal out of the box. Adding Thoughtseizes and Sorins and cutting Shrines and the Sword are logical next steps in the evolution of the deck. The deckbox and the dice are pretty cool as well :D
Jelliot102 (4 years ago)
Im new to Magic,would this deck work for friday night magic.BTW this would be my first purchase.
Ascari (3 years ago)
If your FNM is Modern, then yes, absolutely.
Narax (4 years ago)
@Tolarian Community College Being the kind of person that can't buy a lot of singles and stuff I found the deck it be great, my friends which 3 times out of 10 beat me when I use my custom decks.  Bringing this deck to the table really kicked them down.  :D
theJedikid123 (4 years ago)
I was wondering, I would like to get into modern and haven't built a deck. Is it still a good idea to buy this deck or build something else? I would prefer a budget build as I am new to the format. Thank you! (As always, nice video!)
MaNU_ZID (4 years ago)
@theJedikid123 Yes I bought it for 56$ and is great, I have been playing it for 6 months and I got good results with it. with a few improvements becomes very competitive. Sorin solemn visitor is a boss on this deck, a must own. Also buy one more inquisition, one more path to complete the playset, change your tidehollows for discard spells like thoughseize (or just include 2 duress, budget option from your side to main and works), dismembers on the main deck, and you got a great deck and very competitive. For more improvement, upgrade to shocks is very nice and something you should consider, get some WG fetches if you want, they are great also and now they are cheap. W is your main color so you wont have a problem with them. aurioks and all of that, but you can do it over time. Also white offers the best sideboard cards of modern, so you can improve a lot your sideboard with the variety that white offers. And even you can try other token producers as a 1 or 2 of, like timely reinforcements or secure the wastes (really budget cards and very effective)
Thorous (4 years ago)
I am thinking about getting this deck and breaking it down into a mono white commander deck and possibly others is it still worth
Thorous (4 years ago)
Is this deck still worth getting?
MaNU_ZID (4 years ago)
@Thorous Yes it is, I have been playing it for a long time and is competitive with some improvements, more discard, more removal, less creature spells, and 2 or 3 Sorins solemn visitor. Upgrade to shocks and you got a great deck. You can get it lower than msrp. Dont pay more than 60, I bought it for 56, and is a greeeeat purchase
BasedFuster (4 years ago)
@Thorous It's still a very playable and competitive deck, I have a friend at my LGS who just won his store's modern league by playing an upgraded and optimized version of this deck. If you can get it at MSRP I say yes.
Albert (4 years ago)
That's what I'm wondering, saw it at my shop
SARMANTINE (4 years ago)
What's the difference between Modern and Vintage?
Sota Steelwing (3 years ago)
@SARMANTINE Vintage is a format for the rich. Decks there are at a value for a new car/house.
Slickplayer101 (4 years ago)
Can I ask, what is the distinction between a tier 1 and a tier 2 deck? Ta
odioalospoopers (3 years ago)
The difference is because how much a deck is played
Blóð Hefnd (4 years ago)
I know this video is about a year old but had a question I am coming back to mtg after 15 years I am pretty much a noob. My question is would it be a big difference to not get the fetch lands and just use something like Scoured Barrens which can be used for either a plain or swamp? Again am considering myself a noob and just don't see the advantage of having a card that lets me search for either a plain or a swamp compared to a card that I can just throw down and use for either a plain or a swamp. Thank you in advance for anyone who answers this question.
Blóð Hefnd (4 years ago)
Thank you very much for explaining that James Falconer it makes more sense now.
James Falconer (4 years ago)
@Nick Monterosso Fetch lands have a couple of major advantages over other dual lands such as Scoured Barrens. The first of these is that the land you search for with a fetch land comes into play untapped. By being able to use a land as soon as it is introduced into play, you are limiting your chances of falling behind your opponent in board position or damage output. The second advantage is that fetch lands allow you to more efficiently thin your deck out, making it more likely that you will draw important cards instead of land in the late game.
ackillac (4 years ago)
I have never played magic, but would like to get into it. What exactly is modern and is it compatible with standard? Is this something I could buy and go find a group to play with?
MasterRYANoceros (4 years ago)
What should I take out to upgrade?
MaNU_ZID (4 years ago)
@MasterRYANoceros You can take different aproaches, Im going to describe the one I did. I wanted a deck without creature spells, only token producers (to make my opponent removal unneficient or useless). I added more removal so I got a deck able to act like kind of a control deck. I made these changes: -I removed the Tidehollows and I included discard spells on their place -Change the soulwardens for 2 auriok champions (great agains twin burn and junk matches, improve your win percentage against them a lot),  -2 or 3 solemn visitors in, taking out the artifacts that put tokens in play.  -Remove one honor of the pure and one land and add the 2 dismember of your sideboard to your main deck.  -Buy the 4th path to exile. -Remove the sword and Elspeth -Add one secure the wastes - Of course upgrade the mana base with shocks and GW fetches. In the end I have 6 discard spells, 6 target removal (4paths 2 dismember), 2 areas (zealous persecution), a great disrupting package. 2 Sorin solemn visitor (I want to upgrade to 3, he is so good on this deck...), 6 anthem efects (2 honor, 4 virtue), 2 auriok, 23 lands and the rest is token producers.. These numbers are orientative, I change them every tournament I play. If I dont spect a lot of combo or control strageties, I cut of some discard and removal to include more token producers, it depends
Alex (4 years ago)
How things have changed... Mono U Tron is now a 300+ USD deck.
squallgallardo (4 years ago)
Bought it for 35 dollars in a store in Houston... Guess I was lucky.
Jody Hagan (4 years ago)
I bought this deck at a LGS for $49.99 + sales tax!
Henry Mildenstein (4 years ago)
This has so much if your soul sisters deck and my lgs allows 8 proxies So I got the soul sisters deck for 20$
MiscGunnery (4 years ago)
I ended up buying two of them at $40 each from my LGS. Now I have 4x of everything that I wanted and the Sword + Elspeth are good value for future trades. I'm fine with the bulk. I also found that this deck had a great matchup against modern merfolk and was only difficult/impossible to win with a turn 1 vial. Not bad for a preconstructed deck at all. Thank you again for making this video.
Starstrike Gen (4 years ago)
Can you still play this in modern
MaNU_ZID (4 years ago)
@Starstrike Gen Yes it works I have it and it has great matchups on this meta. Also the people tried to make it work as ledoux said, and now you can find very competitive lists
ledoux cement (4 years ago)
@Starstrike Gen It has never been as relevant as now in my humble opinion people are tryng more and more to make this deck work and it get good result vs many tier 1- tier 2 decks, especially in this aggro meta BW Token rumble strongly and pass through all those individual removal
Chorong1e (4 years ago)
Should I buy this for $89 NZ? That's what my closest card shop sells it for.
Ascari (4 years ago)
Yes. At that price point, it is well worth the cost.
Sasugay Hill (4 years ago)
War Chicken (4 years ago)
I would like to start playing modern, any recommendations for someone with a 150$ budget?
kevin beadle (4 years ago)
You can complete mono red burn for this budget and do well. Bw tokens is a fun deck. Can do a bit of everything. If your looking to play competitive deck look at top teir deck and find a budget alternative and slowly up grade a card or 2 every so often.
isaac john (4 years ago)
cant wait 2 get this!
william d (4 years ago)
how do you store extra sleeves?  
bread_n_butter (4 years ago)
71 dollars in my store. Not worth it anymore?
bread_n_butter (4 years ago)
@Shrewd _GC I bought it and already traded the sword and elsphet and kept the lands; the nice thing is that it contains a lot of quality lands on one place(even though it leaves out fetch lands). Path to exile/Inquisition is another winner deal both money and playwise, not to mention other less pricey but very useful cards. It was a good deal indeed :)
Mister Bearpunch (4 years ago)
@bread_n_butter I just did the math. At current prices, All the cards add up to over $100 dollars. All the easily sellable cards add up to ~$80 TCG mid.
bread_n_butter (4 years ago)
@Rakdos-Prime tnx
Spyder (4 years ago)
Still worth it mate IMO
MrWarptime (4 years ago)
Actually spit a drink out at the $40 for fetch lands. Jesus. If you're willing to pay that much for a card, you deserve to be paying that much for a card. 
MaNU_ZID (4 years ago)
@MrWarptime I bought a playset of GW fetches for that money to play them in the BW tokens xD They accomplish the same and you can use them in future decks like Im doing right now on my naya build
kurt streitenfeld (4 years ago)
Was able to pick this up for $50 CAD at my local card store. I was happy with the buy.
kurt streitenfeld (4 years ago)
In Welland Ontario.
Brandon Vaughan (4 years ago)
I just impulse bought two of these, one to keep as-is or slightly alter, the other to strip down for parts. WHAT HAVE I DONE? 
PokeHunter29 (2 years ago)
Brandon Vaughan what you have done, good sir, is get lots of value
psykopyro (3 years ago)
You have done THE RIGHT THING. FOLLOW YOUR HEART, PLANESWALKER. LET THE LAND'S MANA FLOW THROUGH YOU. Translation: Give Wizards all your money and keep living the power fantasy, my friend <3
Justin Kim (4 years ago)
Is this deck still worth the msrp? Im considering buying it to get a start in modern but im not sure if the prices of these singles havw gone down or not.
minihali (4 years ago)
I want to throw some card draw into this deck, like sign in blood, and skullclamp. Which cards should I swap them for?
Thomas Wayne (4 years ago)
Though seized is actually 25$ as we speak
GARY WONG (4 years ago)
OK, you have pushed me to modern successfully.

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