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Billionaire Wives Documentary - 2019

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Rose Busch (1 day ago)
This is disturbing. What happened to being with someone (not many) for love? The price of these weddings is insane!
Amy Michael (2 days ago)
See disagree a gold digger is a women to marry a rich man pay the part then divorce to get some money .. Then there are women like me who have looked their whole life for that man that does have a nice income but to love him for a better stress free life than alone wants to give this man the best life ever the best sex be honest truthful and faithful and THEIR ARE WONEN OUT THERE THAT APPRECIATE A GOOD MAN WITH MONEY AND LIVE HIM FOR A BETTER LIFE AND THAT ALONE IN TODAYS WORLD IS THE BEST YOU LUVE ON 20 K A YEAR WITH 2 KIDS AND SEE AS A WOMEN HOW MUCH YOU GET FOR THAT STRESS BESIDES YOU RAISE AMAZING KIDS BUT YOUR WORN OUT AND WANT A LITTLE FOR YOURSELF I WOULD LOVE THAT AND IAM VERY EASY TO PLEASE . AND WE ALL KNOW A WOMEN THAT IS DESCENT LOOKING LIKE MYSELF WITH MONEY AND A FEW NICKS HERE AND THERE YOU GOT YOURSELF A HOTTIE MONEY MAKES EVERYTHING LOOK AND FEEL BETTER PLEASE HOW REAL IS THAT .. REAL....
Andrea Baxter (3 days ago)
She had nothing to start with, she could have walked away with 6 million and lived happily ever after with her two daughters not going through the trauma of having their mother go on...and on..and on for years. GREED was her problem and PRIDE. Oh what will my friends say when I won't be able to gucci shop with them every day. This woman should have learned by the age that sh was that there is more to life than money, but 6 million, I mean come on, she could have made it 12,24,48 if she had two brain cells that bumped together to make a spark,
Aghh gold diggers they fucking want the same life styles as a wealthy person !!! Well bitch work for it
A wealthy person will definitely find it difficult finding true love cuz bitches nowadays are all money fucking hungry
Majority of gold diggers are women that's fact
Yvonne Bales (6 days ago)
They start by exploiting people to make they fortune ..than they are exploited by most women ..and everybody else....so what is the problèmes...
pecker wood (11 days ago)
Money can't buy you love!! Never!!
writer james (19 days ago)
If I was rich would never get married, there are too many gold digging bitches out there.
allen epright (22 days ago)
Men always new that women were no good ,,but we still haven't change the laws that allows women to do this to us .
jo Lady (23 days ago)
Prostituting is in levels periodt..... 🤨
Marna Squires (24 days ago)
Nothing like having that Black Credit Card or flying Private miss that life but not the drama
robert sanchez (24 days ago)
so women want men to save them from poverty but wont marry pore men when rich.
robert sanchez (24 days ago)
if she were a man she wood be a pig.
robert sanchez (24 days ago)
women are lazy
Jason Moon (25 days ago)
Pussy is expensive.
Sohair Khan (27 days ago)
Wow they can’t give their wives these presents they have to have like a second younger wife that only like them for their money
Sohair Khan (27 days ago)
Wow they can’t give their wives these presents they have to have like a second younger wife that only like them for their money
F M (29 days ago)
Crap, too bad the men never look for old, fat ugly, poor women. What are we to do? Eat shit and wait to die I guess Damm this shitty life. @13:53 why the $%$&#* didn't I know this at 18 years only to find out after I lost my teeth, grew a mouth stash, hair on my chin but lost it on my head and grew a big fat belly.
kevin (30 days ago)
Women should get nothing
kevin (30 days ago)
Gold diggers watching this taking tips
kevin (30 days ago)
“What could go wrong?” Shows a woman
everrose .P (30 days ago)
I think old mens should marry old women and young boys should marry women ...... So that there is nothing like sugering
Terrisann Brooks (30 days ago)
60million? And people starving in the 🌎
Terrisann Brooks (30 days ago)
Butter it up all u wants it's prostitution
G D (30 days ago)
Im imperfect, not pretty but sure I will love one more time the right men because Im my own wealthy man
Greyhound216 Durbauree (30 days ago)
If i was rich id know to avoid this sugar girl shit
Math!lde (1 month ago)
Such a dumb documentary saying that a woman should keep a mouth shut to please a man that is absolutely ridiculous !! And btw women don’t have to please men in any way !!!
Flaubert (1 month ago)
So can you tell me please the difference between a prostitute and a trophy wife that marries with a 50 mill pay out in mind after 5 years?
Roxy Ramirez (1 month ago)
Well. Let see the case of Nicole smith she was 24th and the wealthy husband was 98th .
LizintheATL (1 month ago)
Roxy Ramirez the mistake Anna Nicole Smith’s husband made was that he didn’t leave her anything. He made it easy for her to contest the will.
Laffin Hyena (1 month ago)
Marry him but Divorce him. Yup, not marrying these gold diggers.
Helen Boula (1 month ago)
With men being men shit happens.
John Clark (1 month ago)
Niggas can get true love if they marry someone they age 😭 niggas be 55 dating a 20yr old bro she don’t Love u 😂😭🤮
John Clark (1 month ago)
Hate bitches like this
John Clark (1 month ago)
It’s his wealth so get you’re own.
John Clark (1 month ago)
Go get a job smuts
John Clark (1 month ago)
Never in my life idc how sexy you are if u not my girl Bitch not even getting a loosie
John Clark (1 month ago)
These bitches whores get a job. Lazy hoe
Alison Brown (1 month ago)
More money than sense.
dcoleman4444 (1 month ago)
Most billionaires don't have the right temperament to be faithful or married. THAT is one of the qualities that make them billionaires.
The Ordinary Girl (1 month ago)
Women need to make their own money and live their lives independantly if they want to be happy. Otherwise you will always have to manipulate to get your way.
animal lover (1 month ago)
I've got better advice "don't get married".
Helen Boula (1 month ago)
Hi it's your bulging wallet they love.
L Miranda (1 month ago)
Sagisli (1 month ago)
If I were forced to depend on a rich man's wealth, I would want a rich father, not a rich husband.
LizintheATL (1 month ago)
Sagisli a rich father is always better than a rich husband.
Cali Angel (1 month ago)
Sharon Cecil (1 month ago)
Poor people and middle class are forever exploited by rich people soo boohoo.
elizabeth brodka (1 month ago)
I thing is nothing different between sugar baby and escort girls,just sugar babies sell damsels for longer time
Maria Vignoni Vargas (1 month ago)
While children in third world countries die in hunger, this opulesce is disgusting, worthless and shameful :(
Matt B (1 month ago)
This is disgusting.
dee stevens (1 month ago)
1 Timothy 6:10: For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.
There is a difference between a marriage for love and a contract marriage (married for money). In here they talk about marriage for money. I think nothing wrong with that.
Cindy Reynolds (1 month ago)
As a woman I say whatever floats your boat kid but my little opinion is this, it really is a load of bullshit for a woman or marry a man who has made his wealth long before he and she ever met and then expect to take half of that for a few years of marriage. Vise versa cause there are also wealthy women now days who are marrying boy toys themselves .
Lorraine Smith. (1 month ago)
They are called hookers....says Jordan Peterson..
Sharon Duke (1 month ago)
Who cares.
Emerson Ravarotii (1 month ago)
this is crazy and this billionaires they should give this money to poor people
Darin Roberts (1 month ago)
Well....my opinion... We all diferent... Money go around... Men....women too😃🌎🌏😃❤❤ We see 1 men merry 3 times... Diferent women... He still the same...so... Just opinions😃🙃 Beter be who we are.. If dont like us... Next😃😃😃😃 Thats how goes with men... Men....baggage😃😃😃😃😃😃 Happpy new 2019🌎🌏❤
Momma Bear (1 month ago)
It’s utterly disgusting what these people spend on a wedding when there are people in this world who are lucky to get one full meal a day. And I don’t understand why these women are willing to go through so much and be treated so badly just to be rich. I don’t know, maybe I should admire their tenacity and ability to swallow their pride. I can understand wanting some security, but if a gift for being a man’s sugar baby is a “designer handbag” or diamond ring, that seems incredibly cheap.
Christina McKenna (1 month ago)
Where do they get these figures?? $15 million for a bridal dress and bridesmaids at Vera Wang? No way-don't believe it.
ACB 2K (1 month ago)
Men, do not get married!
Addi Oussiali (1 month ago)
Men = generosity period. Women? Women are hiding who they are.
christos karagianis (1 month ago)
get f job like disant person to feel life this phony life weakop you ignorant people happiness is head not in the body
Eugene Krabs (1 month ago)
4:54 I checked seekingarrangement.com and Wuhluh! I can't afford it.
Paul Barros (1 month ago)
What did i just watch?🤔
Test1 \test2 (1 month ago)
Payment for a service. I don’t see anything wrong with this. In fact, it takes these types of people out of the dating market for those looking for something real.
Ali Hassan (1 month ago)
I am here eating veggie Magritte pizza happier all of them.
Rly Ok (1 month ago)
700,000 sugar daddies and *2.6 million sugar babies* how many of us are sharing
Rly Ok (1 month ago)
I’m watching this because I’m failing all my classes
Rly Ok (1 month ago)
0:41 how do I marry and divorce overnight
Daniella (1 month ago)
Then she gets kicked to the curb then what lol
Bitter Sweet (1 month ago)
I want to marry a poor but hard working man so that we can work together and be billionaire together and die together 🙏🙏🙏🙏
Stefan Seniuk (1 month ago)
All men should be taught about hypergamy and female psychology from an early age...when it comes to women men are very naive and their libido turns them into a fool...
Renee Londja (1 month ago)
Paula (1 month ago)
My ex husband left me(well let’s just say pretty okay) lol met him while my mom was in the hospital. I had a nice Prada bag worth 2,100 on my arm he was a top cardiologist. Asked me if he could buy me an even higher amount bag I simply told him only if he’d promise me my own personal banking account with at least well let’s say a lot of money lol I’m definitely not hurting for anything made him promise in his prenuptial that he would pay me alimony until my death if I never re-marry and to this day you will not even catch me with a man staying overnight at my house lol what we as women won’t do!☝️
Tony Per (1 month ago)
Today’s females are Black Widows’ with NO sense of decency, therefore Plan accordingly to Hold on to Your Asserts, before enter Any Kind of Entanglement’... Why didn’t these Rich Guys go to Japan and have themselves a real live made to Measure female Clone with attributes thats subservient to the man with flawless looks with a with expiry date... They are likely to be much cheaper and lot less of hassle... Time to wake up are Males to band together and change the system ...|—> MGTOW <—|... MAY GOD BLESS All Brothers And SHOW THE WAY of Safety, Love and Peace... It is not my intention to cause any kind of harassment or abuse, My only intention is to provide alternative view point and comment which is for educational and informative reason only...
The Daily NERD (1 month ago)
sugar baby is just another name for prostitute.
Laure Anctilpte (1 month ago)
Billionaires ...buy dragster race cars for their wives !! .
yushi911 (1 month ago)
A rich men who use a sugar daddy agency to find their future wife deserve what they find. In Quebec prenup contract are illegal. So if you think it encourage the marriage, you are wrong! Almost 50% of the couples live together and raise their children without getting married. There are many many reasons: 1. Most of the population are not religious. 2. Especially in Montreal, 59.1% of the female population of 24-34 year has a university degree 3. After a year living in the same address, the government recognize you as a official couple. If you have kids together, the kids will have a pension of both parents if the couple decide to split. Of course the richer partner will pay more for the kids pension. And the court almost always give the child custody to the mother. 5. Buuuut the poorer parent will not receive a personal pension from the richer partner if they are not married. But in the same time, if both partners salary range are pretty the same, there will be no ex partner pension even you split after been married. 6. A lot of women, including me, are NOT looking for marriage. As a lot women have a good education ...they have their own career so they really look for a life partner who can give us respect, reciprocity and love. I think we live on a peaceful gender equity land. And no I never date or think marring a rich men because i found them arrogant, superficial and do not really invest themself in a long term relationship.
Truth Seeker (1 month ago)
Prenup is just an estate plan. What you bring to a marriage is suppose to be yours. Wonder how these prenups hold up.
Bogdan Iorga (2 months ago)
It would be cheaper to hire an assassin then to get a divorce.
slinkiegirl2001 (2 months ago)
the last slag demanding 150mil what did she bring to the marriage, apart from her leathered handbag body and wrinkles men are really dim when us girls are concerned
slinkiegirl2001 (2 months ago)
what a fascinating documentry, if i was wealthy i would find it hard to trust people and form relationships it would be problematic for me, it is a shallow world for the rich man, as they say money can not buy love, they buy you a higher grade of hookers
slinkiegirl2001 (2 months ago)
these girls are just cheap hos trading there body for trinkets female empowerment what a joke
slinkiegirl2001 (2 months ago)
god this makes me sad men wanting a pre-nup before marrying jesus truly wept, in the grand scheme of things why would a beautiful girl want with an oap if not for his money
A D (2 months ago)
Lol sugar babies..... You mean lazy sluts who would rather open their legs then go out there and make it for themselves .
Hannah Juicy (2 months ago)
May be worth avoiding Eastern European models then as they tend to be the ones who are on the arms of billionaires!
Ginger Boudreaux (2 months ago)
I don't know what turnip truck that advisor fell off of but She needs to jump back on cause She done bumped Her damn head
idecided28 (2 months ago)
lol the b roll
HLM Lynn (2 months ago)
12:30 David you can keep all ur money. Your sexy enough to get whoever you want. I think i am going to move to Sf. 😘
Katieboil Anegg (2 months ago)
Such a Cliché.
Diego (2 months ago)
Disgusting. Nobody get's into my wallet based on this type of crap. Keep a low profile and the rest naturally follows.
Cherice Sims (2 months ago)
Dam there's no melanin in the office
steven holmes (2 months ago)
Got the second part of the name right..BABY.lol
Celestea Deanes (2 months ago)
he can kill you and never answer for it
Theses fucking Hoes giving advice about how to rob a man
Buildgenius (2 months ago)
Nice music
Buildgenius (2 months ago)
Is the reverse scenario of wealthy woman and younger man still so stigmatised
Katy Lynn (2 months ago)
I live and own a couple of acres of land , on the edge of a lake , my little hostel is cute , clean, and ... nothing to do with oppulencce ... well it depends on what you think oppulencce is ... we have fancy dress boxes ,, a beautiful garden , a sacred lalpke to dive into %good food , and non of these dock heads
Katy Lynn (2 months ago)
You are litearally taking the piss
Katy Lynn (2 months ago)
You make me sick, you sad , superficial excuses for female humanity ... shame on you sad excuses for women ,,,, you literally disgust me and I am sure the men you allow to use you laugh at you too .... you are literally the end of concioiousness ....how do you live with your own soul .... idiots ... in the extreme ...

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