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Billionaire Wives Documentary - 2018

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Cash Racks (1 hour ago)
Lmfaoo if i am ever be a sugar baby or wife 🔊🔊🔊 am going to INVEST my money lmfaoo
Cape Fear Family Law (18 hours ago)
Of course they have Pre-Nups!!!! I do so many prenuptial agreements for people with assets over $500,000.00 because they want to preserve their wealth for their children, since most prenuptial agreements are for subsequent (2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc. marriages).
Inez Neal (21 hours ago)
Lol, I better get a fucking Chateaux.
Amanda Carmel (21 hours ago)
I want a billionaire husband! Pick meeee
Mariah Rose (1 day ago)
i'd marry a billionaire. but he's gonna have to put up with living in a normal sized house and normal cars 😂 im sorry, but I hate mansions and sports cars. I would love to be loaded so that I could live comfortably in my normal sized dream house 😂
Tony Per (1 day ago)
Just as well this YouTube video was in 2016 because now it’s totally different... As almost All Human Males are aware of the proven theory that ALL females are WHORES... no halls no balls... no exception... Always have a Prenuptial, Mid-nuptial & Postnuptial Contractural arrange Agreement... No wonder females are look at as second class in some country, only their to be seen and NOT to be heard, it’s only us deluded sympathetic Westerners got duped into believing foolishly these females should be given the same rights as Males, but now females have more rights then males and this is injustice... We must NOT forget that these Females are naturally open to be irresponsible and non-accountable and MUST NOT be given any position of power as it would societies demise... At present as the law stands it favours the females only and this to me is not just full nor should it be a low as women on natural born liars... We Must have Laws to Protect All Males from All Vile Shameful Lying and manipulating females... All females are hard wired to be Manipulators, dystopian weak little girls who never grow-up who wants to be privileged and entitled, so now they have changed the Laws to further entitled them with been able to accuse anyone at will without been questioned of her word, this makes them absolutely true ‘stealth-terrorist’ and the worst part is the ‘Man’ has no clue about it... Fortunately with the feminist movement, the #Metoo movement aand the slut walk has made almost All males to wake up to the reality of this vile Evil creatures game play... I MUST stress that without a doubt these vile creatures are good at Arguing by shaming their victim for no reason to gain dominance over him, so if notice or sense these tactic just say ‘shame on you’ and walk away... Never let yourself be submit to these evil creatures; Large amount of cognitive dissidents of these vile evil creatures mentality is to pray on empathy from others, and when they are losing any fight or when they are found out she was wrong or lying... they weaponise there feminism by scream they are victim card even by shedding their tears to gain sympathy of others, when in-fact they are the perpetrator... Their only end game to have martial things for free ... Absolutely vile evil and shameful creatures... Maybe why They have expiry date when hit 30 and they hit the wall it reminds me of where Eve manipulate Adam to eat the fruit forbidden... ...|—> MGTOW <—|... MAY GOD SHOW YOU THE WAY of Love and Peace BROTHERS... It is not my intention to cause any kind of harassment or abuse, My only intention is to provide alternative view point and comment which is for educational and informative reason only...
Grace Fairley (1 day ago)
kill the rich
Lee Shmurda (22 hours ago)
Get your coin up
Doom Father TM (2 days ago)
That sugar daddy website lol, feminism does not have any valid point all the time that website exists lmfao
nyrryl cadiz (2 days ago)
Men own money. Women own men. Who’s the more powerful one? Hahahahahaha 😂 this is really ridiculous. Men, find yourselves an honest woman.
Lily-Beth Duszynski (2 days ago)
honestly, being a millionaire or billionaire or whatever seems hard. you have to be so careful with who you're friends with, who you date. people start loving the money; not you. i'd rather have not a lot of money and a loving family and friends then money and nobody. no friends or family.
Lau J (3 days ago)
could this be any more sexist? Jeeeeeez
Nhat Le (3 days ago)
High class prostitutions, easy come easy go.. no strings attached. the best part about this is it's legal in every countries.
Valeria Luna (4 days ago)
Oh look it’s my future title
Valeria Luna (4 days ago)
Oh look it’s my future title
Valeria Luna (4 days ago)
Oh look it’s my future title
Brianna Hudson (5 days ago)
I have to correct the lady in the video 17:15 the Escort is a high-class prostitute also they do not pay them to leave they pay them for their services. Rather you sugar babies are having sex with them or not you are still getting paid for your services giving them companionship and company the matter how you try to sugarcoat it. I never understood why sugar babies don’t like being called golddiggers when they know the only reason why they got with these men is because of their assets and money you went on a website for billionaires.
Brianna Hudson (5 days ago)
If you’re a rich man do not get married prenups do not help especially with liberal Usa/UK judges it will never work in your favor.
Sigmund Freud (5 days ago)
so basically if you're rich you're better off marrying someone who's equally as rich as you so that they have no incentive to dig for your wallet.
John Kellett (6 days ago)
Money is wonderful but there lives are not fairy tale perfect......One can't have everything.....
frenchy y (6 days ago)
That’s go nowhere try make money on your own I think they are lazy and how enjoy the moment
Unknown User (7 days ago)
Okay but that woman with the blonde hair just put the feminist movement back by around 80 years 😂😂
Unknown User (7 days ago)
This goes both ways, we need a programme about the men who marry rich women
absolutetruthgirl (8 days ago)
As much as they try to dress this up...in the end, it's prostitution.
Otis Davis (8 days ago)
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z a (8 days ago)
you know that one percent of me that wanted marriage? that part is dead now thanks
Rahr (9 days ago)
The super rich are clearly not looking for love..they are looking for good looks...the good looking women are not looking for love either..they are looking for wealth... Let's not give Love a bad name...if you are looking for love...and you say good looking,rich etc..you are not looking for love..if you are looking for love..you will give your heart a chance to connect with people.. But I see men everywhere who won't even answer a greeting from a woman they don't consider attractive.. I see women who only smile back at a man after doing a financial assessment of his outfit.... These people claim to want love but they either don't know what love is...or don't want it at all!
Will Johnson (9 days ago)
Who ever earned the money or who’s money it is keeps the money. Male or female
Mags Arkadiusz (9 days ago)
He cheats fuck him up to the core. Take it all without mercy. Some men are such whores no self respect or esteem eewww
Mags Arkadiusz (9 days ago)
Hahaha the men believe they are fascinating lmao I'm dying. How delusional are these guys. No wonder they are easy prey for women. The biggest the bank accounts the weaker the character. And that's not an alpha male eeeewwwww
Mags Arkadiusz (9 days ago)
Haha yep money cant buy you happiness and true love and partnership. Women think they can use these men and most of them get away with it and men think they can actually buy a womans love and respect and that will never happen as long as we are in this planet lol. So sad these people have it all yet have nothing
Will Johnson (9 days ago)
Talk about fucking sexism just imagine if this was the other way around
Edward Fuentes (11 days ago)
positive approach (11 days ago)
£3k monthly income for a glamorous prostitute at you feet? ...good deal for sugar daddy....
Sabah Amal (13 days ago)
Great, but are they really happy. Don't want to be rich or poor. Less is more satisfying. Giving to the needy is better than receiving. 👍🇦🇺
Angel (14 days ago)
She said you pay an escort to leave and a sugar baby to stay. Actually you pay an escort to stay then leave. A sugar baby you also pay to stay and then to leave eventually. Both quietly and discretely. So it’s the same thing except the duration of the companionship. How many sugar babies marry the billionaire or how many billionaires are already married. Either way, it’s a transactional relationship. Money / gifts for sex and companionship and who really cares. Each to their own but they shouldn’t sugar coat it with a play on words - duration or expiry date”.🤔 He is looking for a best friend and partner - he super sweet. Hope he finds love and happiness. Also 16 million on dresses for the bride and bridesmaids is enough to make me cry. That’s just awful 😞 when there are so many suffering people in this world.
Tracy Johnson (14 days ago)
Anyone who values only money. Is vain and has no soul. They deserve each other.
amal zuhair (16 days ago)
Well they tend to leave the women who stood by them when they had nothing so it's only time before karma hits.
Yoshimura Hirihito (18 days ago)
Can't believe david agreed to be on Tv xd
Shireen Marian (19 days ago)
I was watching cat videos... how on earth..
Spa in (19 days ago)
But there are no prenups on the young girl’s bodies
Just ask the mouse (19 days ago)
I dated man from wealth... I broke up with him two months Pater because I constantly doubted me, saying i was Just after his Money... I really was not... I Loved him for the person He was and the fun Things we did... I always refused that he spent Money on me... Still bit sad that i lost hin due to distrust...
ElizaUK Samad (20 days ago)
Most well off person unable to show human compassion when it comes to marriage for life till death do you apart... I wish these rich people paid for Marriage of third world country people who have no means to get married.. that'll be good deed for life after death...
Michael Nwobu (20 days ago)
This is utter madness!
Gloria Hufnagel (20 days ago)
Gloria Hufnagel (20 days ago)
I never have seen so many arrogant, out of touch, just so stupid comments. NOT EVERYONE has 200 bucks for a purse. It’s so dumb to say that it’s cheap. And I’m wealthy. But grew up poor. and it PISSES ME THE HELL OFF to see these people who probably either still live with mommy and daddy or never had to stress about money, GROW THE FUCK UP PLEASE. People on here acting like it’s Salvation Army stuff. Bunch of spoiled little children with NO MONEY SENSE. No wonder this country is in this state. People live in an alternate universe, I swear, sometimes.
C D (20 days ago)
This is a horrible video, are they trying to teach women how to "SELL" themselves to men ?
Bee bee Be (20 days ago)
A crock full of manure with people made of the same stuff, make your own living, live your life free of quick fading material pleasures
Dance Fever (21 days ago)
Old men want a young girl with a nice tight body and tight vigina long natural hair not tinted to hide the grey hairs all this so they can feel young again meanwhile the sugar babe want thier money and only their money they they know all they have to do is shut their eyes and hold their breath when he's inside her and fake the orgasms! In a nutshell
Dance Fever (21 days ago)
some of these sugar babies are fucking ugly they're the sort you'd see working at tesco's supermarket they seriosly flatter themselves if they think they're hot so bascially these sugar daddies and babies are marrying money
Gia Love (21 days ago)
It's a trade off. It's a hollow trade off. The money dilutes trust of the wealthy. You can love them, but they are constantly told they are only loved for their money.
Its a like a world of male n female whores ... such a shame !
Leeroy Graham (21 days ago)
whats the difference between this prostitution/escorts and this.... absolutely nothing!!! and its a shame
benny tam (22 days ago)
This reminded me of Meghan Markle.
anni collan (22 days ago)
The obsession for wealth is the one thing these people share! They truly deserve eachother.
Izzy Meadows (22 days ago)
No sympathy for the men or women. It’s all a business arrangement.
Delicia Williams (22 days ago)
I would want someone who had money, maybe not a lot it. All I want is for us to live a stable lifestyle. I think working for money is sooooooooo gratifying though. I literally cringe asking people for money. I just can't see myself marrying someone only for their status. Lol they were describing the rich wives as calm . I'm loud and I'll tell you how it is at times. #caribbeanamerican
Veve Dehavilland (22 days ago)
I need a sugar daddy
DlchMcV (23 days ago)
I find all this such silliness. The cost of these weddings actually shows how idiotic these people are. If they want to marry someone for love only, don’t have a crazy expensive wedding. My husband’s and my wedding cost us each a $1100 ticket to the Caribbean and our hotel threw the wedding for free. My dress was gorgeous but was only $140 (my veil cost more at $160) and we had 25 guests who wanted to come and paid for the trip there themselves. It was an amazing time, everyone enjoyed themselves and my husband and I had no debt for a silly wedding. That was 13 years ago and we’re more in love today than we were back then. It’s true that the less expensive a wedding is, the greater the chance for marriage success and you can see why. If you really want to marry someone, you don’t care about luxuries, you’d marry them at the courthouse and it would be perfect.
Lazarus Douvos (23 days ago)
i stopped watching after seeing the poor elephant draped and walking with chains
Carmen B (23 days ago)
As a woman you should have more arrangements and preparation for the divorce than the wedding. That’s the motto, rich or poor.
True solution (24 days ago)
Watta life to sell yourself  for money you'll  never ever have love in your life.
star808360 b (26 days ago)
I'm sure not all men are bad but I've dated some wealthy men and in my experience there's a cost. That wealth cost my mental, emotional, and physical health, not just for me but for my children. It's better to be wealthy yourself than to be married to the wealthy. I believe in marriage and love but it's extremely difficult to find love regardless of status I think.
Bonnie Devante (27 days ago)
I married a guy and got divorced, all i got was the fake 20 dollar engagment ring from eBay that he gave me lmao.
C. Mamut (2 days ago)
Benjamin Ben-Shimon (28 days ago)
If I was a millionaire or billionaire, I definitely would not marry anyone without a prenuptial agreement. That would be stupid to marry anyone without one. If she got offered or angry at the fact that I wanted a prenuptial agreement, then I would know that she was marring me for my money and she would be gone.
siham dayae (1 month ago)
I prefer to marry the guy I love I don’t care he is rich or poor if I want something I get it myself
Mary Lee (1 month ago)
Sugar babies are prostitutes. Let's not sugar coat it.
lesley brown (1 month ago)
we ALL justify sin! if your not married to the guy and your having sex and taking money and gifts its prostitution-------if he doesnt have money its immorality!! end of!! NOTHING will fill that empty hole in your soul except God------------------------Jesus died to save us from hell and ourselves and the VERY REAL devil!!
Angie Angie (1 month ago)
Can you just cash app me some..Yall want miss it plus mines going on bills... 😜
Talia Sweet (1 month ago)
I am not marry but i do believe that everyone should marry someone that love respect and appreciate you for you. Someone that makes your feel extremely comfortable in your own clothes. Who can make your laugh. Who's also is sincere in their commitment and royalty for you
Talia Sweet (1 month ago)
Very interesting views on the way these individuals think feels and act
Sour Cherry (1 month ago)
it is easy to crean out golddigers for her because she is one of them ...
Alisha Dennis (1 month ago)
The most important part of love, respect, trust, loyalty * marriage isn't money. Women & law & the courts aren't there to devalue women cause it's a rich couple in a divorce. 50% percent split during the marriage * a prenup is very simple. Women pay alimony, child support too. Jay Lo, Britney Spears, Roseane Bar & every day regular couples with women as the bread winner & home owner. I know women who do. Women aren't going to devalue them selves cause there 's a divorce now. We give to much & romance, especially marriage & making babies cost. That's a fact of life. Your bitterness about it dosnt count.
D (1 month ago)
this whole documentary makes me sick. the concept of golddigging is atrocious, and the stupidity of men and women and humanity I just cant cope with lol.
Beverly Estambuli (1 month ago)
Schaiwa S (1 month ago)
Sickeningly detached. All of them.
Marcus NL (1 month ago)
This documentary makes it seems that all billionaires are straight and are looking for women. Guess again ...
Lupa 444 (1 month ago)
All assholes gravitate to assholes. U dnt want a gold digger don't go after a trophy. Don't want be seen a sex object stop flashing ur ASSets. Guys show off money ladies show off their ass. Human nature.
A J (2 months ago)
5:29 .. She doesn't want a layabout but she's quite happy to be a parasite herself
Louise K (2 months ago)
Is that one chick is dating a billionaire and all she got was a Cartier diamond ring? That sucks...
Redz 71 (1 month ago)
+Louise K I agree with what you are saying . She must not be a very good digger 😂😂😂 I've been out with men that have more money than me , which wouldn't be hard😂 and I have to say they were not very nice people. I'm too old now , can't even get a man with no money 😂😂😂
Louise K (1 month ago)
+Redz 71 again... that's it? Her favorite thing? He's a billionaire. I've dated Millionaires and gotten several Cartier rings necklaces etc....just sayin...lol... but again I seen girls on some of these gold digger reality shows and honestly I haven't been impressed 🤣
Redz 71 (1 month ago)
She said it was the favorite thing she got , not the only thing .
A J (2 months ago)
I'm guessing she's doing the sucking
A millz (2 months ago)
🖕🏻this 💩 I rather be a single independent woman n make my own $$$$ not be someone’s bitch....gtfoh time to BOSS up ladies 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼
oldschooldrumcorps (2 months ago)
"There is an epidemic of Gold digging whores" - Bill Burr
jenny nagel (2 months ago)
Just waiting on my fancy corn dogs to be done so I can keep watching 😂
Ashley Johnson (2 months ago)
What is the name of the song starting at 2:01? I can’t recall!!
estelle patella (2 months ago)
Wealthy men are the most boring vacant guys on earth. I have no respect for them because they worship money and they think they can buy you along with your obedience. I never date rich guys. I like real down to earth regular guys who have character and personality and will build things and remodel the bathroom. Women who seek only rich guys are nothing more than whores; codependent nobodies who have no talent, intelligence or anything substantial to offer.
Debra Myers (2 months ago)
Youth & beauty for money & security -- it's a transaction. As long as everybody understands this, no problem. Does a 70 year old billionaire really think marrying a sexy young thing is true love?
Tsetsi (2 months ago)
This video has been reuploaded many times
snsmystic (2 months ago)
Can I find an asexual, romantic, handsome, wealthy, kind, thoughtful, intelligent and wise man? Is that too much to ask? lol
Kyrst O'Keefe (2 months ago)
15:33 'Previous lives'? I don't think she knows what she's actually saying. 19:27 Convenient glitch is convenient. 😒 36:45 It's easy for _anyone_ to want to be a part of it, regardless of whether they are man or woman, beautiful ugly or average to look at. I'd dare to say that the ugly want riches much more than beautiful people because then they can afford surgeries to make their face bearable to look at.
Carlos de Lins (2 months ago)
Sugar daddies / sugar babies? Let's be real: that's high level disguised prostitution. Period!
RASHI TIWARI (2 months ago)
Why I'm so poor. Damn!
French Fry (2 months ago)
Billionaire Husband's.
Orla (2 months ago)
The best thing about these documentaries is the amount of jealousy in the comments. If you’re so poor, documentaries like this trigger you, don’t watch 🤷🏼‍♀️
Maria Duffy (2 months ago)
How sad for these idiots to treat normal people as their products especially women its like you go to a department store purchase a woman keep your receipt 12 months guarantee if it's faulty it can be an exchange or replace these people have no moral no love sad
Yvette Evy Eve Garrett (3 months ago)
There s nothing better than to find an ambitious, intelligent, man with loads of integrity and being the woman that has those same characteristics.
Joyce Taylor (3 months ago)
"sugar baby"? they use to call that a whore
Cameron Clan (3 months ago)
This documentary could have been so much better.
Moldavite Angel (3 months ago)
Virgil Levoux (3 months ago)
I mean let's call a Spade a spade. A sugar baby is s high price prostitute 🤷
Ishwari p (3 months ago)
A mans loyalty is tested when he has everything..
JMG (3 months ago)
All to boring for me. My best and funniest memories have been when things have gone wrong, and weren’t perfect. How exhausting always looking for something better.

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