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Worst Clichés Deleted Scenes and Bloopers

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For deleted scenes, sometimes the joke just ruined the pacing, was unnecessary to talk about, or we just couldn't make the joke work. For the bloopers... well... let's just say we're a bunch of clowns. FOB Equestria http://www.fobequestria.com/
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Text Comments (343)
Zomberablack (5 months ago)
Josh should be demoman not medic in tf2 analysis anarchy.
KestrelDC (10 months ago)
“Frickin Ho-oh” “Aw, man” “I’m so sorry” I love the legit sympathetic reactions!
Thunder Spark (1 year ago)
1:31 "Oh look my powers are Back. 1:32 Lol
Dark Diancie (1 year ago)
(4:05) *Donald Trump becomes president*
Ripex the Crocogator (2 months ago)
+TARDIS915 True.
TARDIS915 (10 months ago)
Emperor Fredbear ooh how edgy
Dark Diancie (1 year ago)
4:05 L E B E S T M O M E N T !
wolf2966 (2 years ago)
If josh was able to avoid swearing during this and when his friends were doing it I gotta give him some props for restraint lol
The Wielder (1 year ago)
Apparently he never swears. When he does those bleep outs in his videos, he probably just says the first and last syllables of the words he's saying
LexiDaRook Reissa (2 years ago)
That reference at the beginning though. I squealed in fangirl happiness.
kirara2516 (2 years ago)
When that Shiny Voltorb Self-destructed, ouch. My sympathies.
Veegunampmon (3 years ago)
It's always a funny thing to see three friends just fuck around and make each other laugh. really lets people know that their basically like all of us and not this you tube channel we look up to.
very mad guy (3 years ago)
#1 bloopers cliché: the commenter breaks out laughing for seemingly no reason
Jak3And3rson3 (2 years ago)
Usually happens because actors/entertainers will get a bit nervous.
Schwifty Stardust (3 years ago)
+very mad guy Yup. it's called Corpsing. Happens in all sorts of media.
VrOOm1337 (3 years ago)
A video with deleted scenes and bloopers is the worst cliché.
DarthBigBen (4 years ago)
0:00. After watching Doctor Who, I finally understood that intro.
silverman1205 (4 years ago)
What was I missing with Alex's Pokemon Trauma?
Red Hood (4 years ago)
after chewie said you win i would have liked it if josh did a little smile
Homura Akemi (4 years ago)
Thankfully, Xerneas and Yveltal keep coming back if you keep losing (assuming you aren't like me and just soft reset for a proper Nature). Do it too much without soft resetting...Enjoy killing deer of life or death bird a lot...
Justin Ekholm (4 years ago)
Don't worry i did the same thing.
Gigenmeister (4 years ago)
Oh you guys!
Niktofin (4 years ago)
ChipperStreams (4 years ago)
the first few seconds priceless
Hello!Nurd (4 years ago)
What part of the military are you in Josh? IDK how to say it, Sorry!
The Wielder (1 year ago)
He was in the Marine Corps Band
kirara2516 (2 years ago)
Andreas Persson (4 years ago)
3:38 I have no Idea what you're doing Josh but it makes me laugh so hard that my stomach hurts! XD
KimonoFlareonGX (11 months ago)
Even better, Alex mentioned the Tourettes Guy! That makes Josh's odd hand movement even better.
BlazeMachine22 , (4 years ago)
Oh Look, My Powers Are Back.... (Le Home Of The Autarch) KA-BOOM!!!!!!!
Stephen Conley (7 months ago)
BlazeMachine22 , best part of the video
BlazeMachine22 , (3 years ago)
Your not alone... Your Forever alone... Nah, just kidding, yeah, I would've like to see that scene in the vid. lol
something (3 years ago)
Am I the only one who thinks that should've been left in the video?
BlazeMachine22 , (3 years ago)
Chewie said that too fast for me to hear it. lol
AgentDC76 (3 years ago)
+Pyrobear 2000 , *join. It's Chewie telling him to join the "actual military." :-p (Which he is a part of, but they're playing up the fact that Josh is in the band as well for laughs.)
Lord Derpy (4 years ago)
2:18-2:24 I am a huge fan of yours Josh, but what did you say?
Sam Case (1 year ago)
Lord Derpy He said, "I can move like an Egyptian."
Gohauld (4 years ago)
This is why Josh does what he's doing^^
Kystar012 (5 years ago)
3:42 Did the Autarch say "Like the Tourettes Guy"?
Tornado Thunder (4 months ago)
Look at the flick of the wrist
fortstriker11 (5 years ago)
Mew FanGirl (5 years ago)
I wish they would've kept the alternate ending to the loss of powers. XD
ThermalsniperN7 (5 years ago)
Name: The Fiery Joker. Background: KABOOOOOOOOM! :3 Description: Do NOT f**k with him, or you will be smeared on a wall!
Sophia Nephelim (5 years ago)
ChristianMetalFan100 (5 years ago)
1:24 they should've put that in
Comic Dans (5 years ago)
Guess you had fun^^
Firehawk376 (5 years ago)
Yes, I know. I actually managed to do it once. After I was done celebrating I took one look at what I had done and immediately started laughing so hard I fell off my couch.
have YOU EVER TRIED to capture Mewtwo with a regular pokeball! you might as well throw a orange covered in VASSLINE
Firehawk376 (5 years ago)
Try Moltres, Zapdos, AND Articuno. That was painful.
Perceival McCleaver (5 years ago)
Ability loss, a giant middle finger to all superhumans everywhere.
Sylphroid (5 years ago)
Me: any legendary (I have horrid luck) :(
Firehawk376 (5 years ago)
I found out about how badass marines are in the best way possible: watching a friend of mine who is a marine take down a drunk jackass. With one hand, and in less than a minute. He never even spilled his drink. My jaw was scraping the floor.
Firehawk376 (5 years ago)
Josh is a US Marine. You do NOT eff with marines.
Firehawk376 (5 years ago)
Try all three legendary birds. The pain is almost unbearable.
ThedeityofIce (5 years ago)
Bloopers are always funnier than the original video Anyways, great job everyone
Aqua-Marine UK (5 years ago)
messing up is always funnier
Nicole Lekagul (5 years ago)
LOL ack! Aflac! XD
Mathew Barret (5 years ago)
You know, the escort mission in Kingdom Hearts 2 in Mickey's castle wasn't bad, but the one for Mickey in that toon world was horrible!
CRIMSON SLASHER (5 years ago)
7 people are half life fans
CRIMSON SLASHER (5 years ago)
still it was funny when you made the comment about the army.... josh: oh look my powers are back KABOOOOOOOOM!!!!!!!!!
Christian Byrd (5 years ago)
Doctor who intro yay.
dead channel (5 years ago)
Ben Wood (5 years ago)
Jenna Leigh (5 years ago)
This seems to be best with headphones
the entity of darkness (5 years ago)
the autarch
Ben Wood (5 years ago)
who the hell is Alex?
sancos (5 years ago)
2:18 Lost it
CRIMSON SLASHER (5 years ago)
this is better than the acual video
Extream (5 years ago)
Me: Suicune
CriticbyMidnight (5 years ago)
....I think I found a new person to subscribe to. :D
XXPedia (5 years ago)
2:19 my favorite part.
YuiNaruka (5 years ago)
me: shiny Zubat...... o.o;
CarlosPlaysSometimes (5 years ago)
Me: Shiny Charizard
Chaos Controller (5 years ago)
One giant middle finger to human sanity ... I mean that in a good way.
CriticbyMidnight (5 years ago)
Army. Marines. Same thing. :P [Also, Josh if your reading this comment. Please do not murder me. I bruise easily] Also, Chewie?
Starweardo (5 years ago)
What happened to Alex in Pokémon that traumatized him so much?
AgentDC76 (5 years ago)
UltimateSpazz (5 years ago)
Okay. Thank you for clearing that up, Chewie. :P
CriticbyMidnight (5 years ago)
Josh is in the Army band.
Swedish X (5 years ago)
I have a feeling 2:11 happened quite a few times.
Momijido11 (5 years ago)
You 3 need to make more tag team vids :3
300-I.Q. Prower (5 years ago)
on second thought the one you used was better
300-I.Q. Prower (5 years ago)
should've gone with this ending
genowhirlz (5 years ago)
Josh's (joshscorcher) is right in the video description. Autarch's (was called peanut 3423, but it looks like he changed it) is generally somewhere in the related videos section. Chewie's...I have no idea. actually I'm not even sure if he has one. You could probably just find Chewie on the chaos theater
The Wielder (1 year ago)
Autarch's Channel is now called Alex Rochon, and he's sadly stopped doing Countdowns
Silver Maxus (5 years ago)
I don't get what Chewie meant when he said "The Band is for n00bz." Can someone explain it to me, please? :S
The Wielder (1 year ago)
At the time of this video. Josh was part of the Marine Corps Band. And they kept using that to make jokes at Josh's expense throughout the video
Oh. (5 years ago)
what are their channelz?
Troy Corley (5 years ago)
the teriets guy lol
Josh. Does Chewie actually mess with you like that about the military stuff?
Taz Breaker (5 years ago)
not a good video unless theres good bloopers
Tserra (5 years ago)
):| you disgust me.
The Speed Buster (5 years ago)
Whoops, sorry XD english is not my mother language so... :3
Queenofdragons6 (5 years ago)
Sung, not sanged, but thanks.
The Speed Buster (5 years ago)
La Donna E Mobile, sanged by Luciano Pavarotti.
Queenofdragons6 (5 years ago)
Does anybody know the name of the song playing during the bloopers?
pjb1234 (5 years ago)
i did, i actually checked my skype
rupturingnightmare97 (5 years ago)
Please do more burning trinity collabs! Also, is it just me, or are the bloopers funnier than the actual comedy in the video?
PeaceBear16 (5 years ago)
probably to stop people from exploding from laughter.
BlazikenGod (5 years ago)
am i the only one who prefers the bloopers rather then the actual countdown?
Dakota Williams (5 years ago)
Lol. I had just gotten to that part of the video when I read your comment.
Extream (5 years ago)
Oh look! My powers are back! DRAGONITE used Outrage! 554/560 HP FUCK!
pow3rstrik3 (5 years ago)
any one heard the random skype message, i am not going to tell you where it is, just find it
dead channel (5 years ago)
Happens again at the end.
NheroArconix (5 years ago)
Peanut, You corpsed again.
Luka Hartman (5 years ago)
What the heck is a "hack director"?XD
well i played pokemon red version and forgot to get the Master ball, so i had to deal with a regular pokeball. IT WAS LIKE TRYING TO CAPTURE IT WITH AN ORANGE COVERED IN VASSELINE!
The Pawn of Vladimir (5 years ago)
dead channel (5 years ago)
3:59 wow Josh your laughter is so amusing...
dead channel (5 years ago)
Favorited solely for that.
Kibou SN (5 years ago)
Josh: Oh look. My powers are back. So, how do we mark that one?
MariktheGunslinger (5 years ago)
Make a decent video and maybe people will care.
Boosted Bonobos Inc. (5 years ago)
thats what i said,lol
SecondDeath777 (5 years ago)
My favorite joshscorcher moment of all time.
VladNorris (5 years ago)
"La Donna e Mobile" of Rigoletto.
VladNorris (5 years ago)
That would be an elitist list, don't you think? Genres are different to everyone's taste, so it would be kind of discriminative to say "RPGs are better than Puzzle games" for example(Personal example. I don't give a crap about RPG and love puzzle games. Not saying RPGs are terrible, just not my cup of tea)
sastgamer (5 years ago)
good comedic releif after trying to beat all games i own on highest diffculty.....

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