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SOMEONE LET ME ON A SUPER YACHT! - Multi million dollar yachts + sports cars

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Last month by accident I stumbled across the Poole boat show over in Poole harbour. Being from Bournemouth I should really have been more on the ball to recognise that this was taking place but anyhow. I got the opportunity to check out the various boats, yacht and sports cars dotted around the marina, as well as the main event, just a couple of truly stunning super yachts, and one which instantly got my attention, a Sunseeker! To those that don't know Sunseeker's HQ is actually in Poole, and this is in fact where all Sunseekers start life. Sunseeker don't usually hold stock so this was actually a recently complete customer order moored up. Assuming this was more of a brand exercise as they actually let a lucky few look around it! I of course jumped at the chance. It's not everyday you get to look around a multi million dollar super yacht! Usually these are to be found in the marinas of Monaco, Pueto Banus and Dubai, but today.. rainy Poole! The boat itself was one of Sunseekers' smaller offerings, at a mere 67 foot haha. It had 4 bedrooms each with an ensuite, a kitchen which would not have looked out of place in Knightsbridge and a main deck entertainment suite. It really was awesome to see, but i wanted to share this with you all - whilst I mainly cover destinations around the world, as well as the travel elements such as planes, ferries etc, why not cover the other end of the scale.. the super yacht!
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Ketih Rendrag (1 year ago)
Who on earth would do that???))) Subscribed!
John Sekhar (2 years ago)
Great vid mate
Trek Trendy (2 years ago)
Thank you John

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