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Playing Would You Rather With My Friend (Awkward)

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Text Comments (23134)
No its fire , water , earth , electricity oh yeah and wind
Kayden Ong (1 hour ago)
Would you rather be a zombie(reply) Or be a ghost(like)
Trina Kerr (2 hours ago)
Ill be mixed
Mike Foley (6 hours ago)
I wuldent wanna be adalf Hitler's parents cuz that dead.
Noah Carranza (8 hours ago)
I think u mean fu**ing King Midas the King that could turn everything he touched to gold and Medusa always wearer sunglasses she turned people into stone with her fu**ing eyes maybe u should start fu**cking learning things btw ur still frame at you tubers tho no offense, I just live Greek Mythology and don’t want anybody getting it confused like two people who have almost the same power but a little different
Noah Carranza (8 hours ago)
Fricking* for this part fu**king
Elise San Juan (8 hours ago)
Would you rather have dirt stuck in your toes forever or be transgender? ( Like for dirt in toes) ( Comment for transgender)
Chase Haney (8 hours ago)
I think people would rather be Hitler's parents because they could beat him or even murder him
Chase Haney (8 hours ago)
Tal: diaherra or diabetes
Kawii Animation gamer (12 hours ago)
I control all the elements because there is also the element of time so Loophole boom
Happyrider n67 Nani (12 hours ago)
If every thing you touched becomes dust you would always be naked.
littlepuppy 70 (12 hours ago)
would you rather date Tal or date Matt ? like for Matt reply for Tal
Misty Morton (13 hours ago)
Rosa Hernandez (14 hours ago)
i would rather be black
mnjuru77 (20 hours ago)
mnjuru77 (20 hours ago)
1:16 That would be stupid
mnjuru77 (20 hours ago)
1:03 u could get even RICHER AND MORE POPULAR ATT THAT
mnjuru77 (20 hours ago)
0:43 -0:44 area 51 cause The people who want to know:YOU KNOW WHAT HAPPENED THERE?! you: yup the people :what do u want for the info?! you:1billion dollar's😎😎😎😎😎
Joseph Kasongo (22 hours ago)
Would you be black or white Some random guy : *"I'M MEXICAN BOIII"*
Viper Waters (22 hours ago)
I would rather blue chair person!
Viper Waters (22 hours ago)
Xandre Graca (1 day ago)
Time is an element
cadence roberts (1 day ago)
Super mario 64 ds metal wario music 2:02
Felicia Vant (1 day ago)
2019 anyone?
GD Cyight (1 day ago)
I would control time to make school shorter
Top Ten Tests (1 day ago)
Technically if u knew exactly what happened in Area 51 wouldn’t you be payed a lot anyway?
Clip215 Gaming (1 day ago)
Lamajah Sims (1 day ago)
Don't judge me but I put my pants past my stomach and I'm a girl
Shawn Ruiz (2 days ago)
It 6e the cringes youtu6erz with the most su6sCri6ers
Zoe Moodie (2 days ago)
Do you know how to speak Spanish if yes please teach us.?
EmmyZebra123 (2 days ago)
Diarrhea or diabetes? - Tal Fishman 2018
Jay Mays (2 days ago)
Being black is the best
Jacob Thomas (2 days ago)
$1 m
You guys are dumb if everything you touch turns to gold then your food and bed will turn bed
Cadence Dyer (2 days ago)
Any one know that song at 3:09
becky l (2 days ago)
I was fine in Arizona with LOOOOOOOOOONG pants
Tommy Le (2 days ago)
Shakthi Shyam (2 days ago)
I would pick time only because then you could go back and pick the elements when you want to
Kailynn Mattingly (2 days ago)
Goliath is broken I didn’t know that It was broken and it was my favorite ride I wanted to ride it so many times but my parents was too scared
mandem from london (2 days ago)
Best Collab Ever
Amirali Mohammadalian (2 days ago)
dude, hunted asylum baby!
Freddy Fazbear (2 days ago)
Im already subed to both
GIRL TEEKAY (2 days ago)
I would be White but I’m not
Gacha Alyssa (2 days ago)
Ondria Yim (3 days ago)
i have no choice....
Ondria Yim (3 days ago)
on the "would you rather" be white or be black i cant choose cause im ......both
Electokid Is op (3 days ago)
8 percant of people guessed the end of avengers infinity war
I would always tell the truth
Would you rather be a youtuber or be a gacha master
Kaka YouTube (3 days ago)
I say tell the truth for that one. If you can’t lie just don’t say anything or respond with a shrug or something idk.
Lanie Playz (3 days ago)
Is or an answer?😂
Chance S (3 days ago)
Who else spent an hour just trying to find the quiz so you can see the results for white vs. White😂😂😂
Alic,. (3 days ago)
What’s wrong being black or white It’s the same but different colour
Icer (3 days ago)
I’m mixed
*Be White* or *Be Black* Well I’m both so you’re busted now
Felix Valle (3 days ago)
I want to meet you because you're my favorite YouTuber in YouTube history of YouTube. I'll send you my location🤞👌😏
EpicLollipopGamer (3 days ago)
1:56 appearently Thanos was part of the 8% that chose option A XD
Jaiden Tingler (3 days ago)
Im white and black becuse half of my family is white and the other half is black
who I (3 days ago)
Half white half black thats us filipinos *dab*
Jesus Lopez (4 days ago)
Im bkack snd white halve
Louise Sevigny (4 days ago)
Ps the goliath got fixed
Teamrocketsspy Meowth (4 days ago)
White Police: do you know why i pulled you over Black Person: cuz im black
Sour milk, at least it's a cup, not too much 😇
Ghost Toast (4 days ago)
Just wear shorts
MR. LÓPEZ (4 days ago)
Would you rather like this coment or awnser it Hope you like it
CrazyNinjaGamingz (4 days ago)
I pick control time because I could kiss my crush after I stop time. :P That’s at 5:43
Tiger's Vlogs (4 days ago)
The broken roller coaster is something for caylus
J J (4 days ago)
1mil so you can pay to know what happened at Area 51
Sports_ 4life (4 days ago)
*would you rather be black or white* -zebra- -panda- *ME* :I’ll be Asian 😂
mnjuru77 (19 hours ago)
Sports_ 4life lol
TTV Gamer_nerd (4 days ago)
Wait so if you tell the truth your lying and if you lie you tell the truth
Kirsty Pass (4 days ago)
3:46 he is out of hear 🤚🏻😂
Kareem Reese (4 days ago)
but time is basically an element
Sophia Iglesias (4 days ago)
medusa=stone king midas=gold what ever you do don't pick time bc of Kronos lord of time father to the three eldest gods Hades Poseidon and Zues
Winter Wolve (4 days ago)
Would you wrather save a puppy or your phone
Jolly Kpd (4 days ago)
Well, I'm black and white 😆💜
Me As always (5 days ago)
Computer:Would you rather be White or black Me:I’m glad I’m lite black
Letho gameing (5 days ago)
I'd rather be black
Teddy Dead_Pool (5 days ago)
"Would u rather be white or Black" Why not be both
Allan Gaming (5 days ago)
WOULD U RATHER... invent something OR wish something
William Doherty (3 days ago)
Wish something so i can invent something.
Martina Albán-Tobar (5 days ago)
It would be awesome to control time My brother would still be alive if I could ;–;
Alpha Studios (5 days ago)
3:13 See for yourself ~The thumbnail~
Tiffany Lane (5 days ago)
I am at 50% Mexican 40% black 30% White I don't know how much percent I have Irish Indian African yeah I know how much I have a back
Vanessa ab Abuiso (5 days ago)
Be white
carlos austin (5 days ago)
Ok if you knew what was going on in Area 51 the government could keep 1mil every month.....
Kate Newswanger (5 days ago)
I would honestly rather wear pants too low, because I can’t stand high-waisted pants. They’re just uncomfortable for me.
victors plays (5 days ago)
What if i could go back in time and choose to control the elements........whould i have both powers????
Steve Morales (5 days ago)
I'm tan
Jay Shelton (5 days ago)
Dude the man was like :would you rather be white or.....😂😂😂😂😂😂3:15
PurpleFox _363 (5 days ago)
White or Black? I'd be a panda. I'm black, white and also asian.
Alexia Delgado (5 days ago)
I am caramel color
Stay Frosty (5 days ago)
I’d like to be black because I don’t need an n word pass
Röses (5 days ago)
I'll be black =,=
Mark Pliska (5 days ago)
Black or white I’ll be a show from the 90s
JazzyLand _x (5 days ago)
What did Osama Bin Laden do?
Charles Forberg (5 days ago)
I’d be black
Alexiea Williams (6 days ago)
3:29 someone doesn't judge me for being both instead they want to be like me
Linda Wynn (6 days ago)
Emma Barrios (6 days ago)
I’ll be or

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