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Casino Backoff for Card Counting - Blackjack Apprenticeship

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Colin is one of the Pros from Blackjack Apprenticeship, as well as the subject of the documentary "Holy Rollers: The True Story of Card Counting Christians." While filming for the documentary, he was followed by undercover cameras to capture what a real backoff is like. After counting cards blatantly for half an hour, this is what the casino did... https://www.blackjackapprenticeship.com/ https://www.facebook.com/blackjackapprenticeship/
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HolySmokes Am Rich (1 day ago)
Cesar A (1 day ago)
The mobs are still alive the casino business is so crooked. I set the rules and tell you how to play is suck a crooked and rigged business.
sebeazzurri (1 day ago)
Fuck that porky pig. I'm not gonna take your action? What a piece of shit.
Jason Stone (1 day ago)
'In my Joe Pesci voice' You dumb muddafucka you!!
Rey Ocasio (4 days ago)
That's crazy so he loses money the only thing he do is go over there play and that's it and make a little video
Proc Obama (4 days ago)
Could this technically be a lawsuit? On camera he’s telling you that you can’t play the same as every one else. I understand that they can just tell you to beat it and not play at all but he’s not saying that he’s saying you have to play how they want you to but everybody else can play however they want. That’s discrimination pretty obviously
Timothy Decker (5 days ago)
That’s such fucking bullshit
Tanner Norris (6 days ago)
“I’m letting you play black jack anyway you want” “so then I’m good” “no” 😂😂
Dr J悟 (7 days ago)
if you win, they will get you, even kill you. if you lose you are more than welcome.
April Mae (7 days ago)
My roommate was into blackjack and right before rent time would loss her entire rent, what extreme BS, definitely for suckers.
Wai Lee (7 days ago)
Fuck this fat mother fucker !!
Dirty Saint (7 days ago)
This should be criminal.
Osiris261 (8 days ago)
everyone can play black jack. unless they win.. then they cant.. the smartest player is the one who dont.
Andrew Hall (8 days ago)
The most crucial aspect is gaining enough deck penetration at +EV for this to work over the long run. Casinos know this in there war against the counters so they have CSM or cut and change the shoe at a level they know counters will have to reset over and start again. It's had it's day ladies and gents but by god it achieved tremendous success and will go down in history. Peace ✌️
Henrik Schmidt (9 days ago)
Okay online?
Jeff Narum (9 days ago)
Tails I will. Heads you lose.
Jason Howell (10 days ago)
This is a small Bitch casino probably a Cali Indian gaming establishment, I invite you Collin to the El Cortez in Vegas, you are free to set up your camera crew at our tables and play. We will accept any bets we will accept any style of play we are not afraid. Even with counting no man can put a dent in the all powerful house edge. Come and prepare to be crushed.
moffettFPV (10 days ago)
Everyone ranting about casinos being for dumb people... although this might be true, dont be salty that you couldn't afford to go if you wanted to
Tyson Downey (11 days ago)
The guy is so high on coke it's hilarious.
Simon Dahl (12 days ago)
Fucking discusting cadinos
this is so lame and fake!!
EIRE FOREVER (13 days ago)
Casino's should be clised down an made illegal. Bunch of greedy cunts. An for the punters,stupid cunts for getting into that addiction 🙄
Goshtic (14 days ago)
Casino is a public place to openly rob uneducated people. That's how they steal money. Now, if you know how the system work and planning to rob them in plain sight like shown in the video, of course they're going to play "police" and apprehend you. You were systemically about to rob them of the money they rob from the other people. That ain't cool, especially the amount you were trying to quickly make. Making small and big bets, like slowly turning the combination number of a safe and slowly cracking it open.
MaineGreen Grower420 (15 days ago)
This pit boss is junk..doesn’t know what a casino wants a pit boss to do...
36FullPress Craps (15 days ago)
That’s some crazy shit!!!
Buck Kahuna (16 days ago)
I think he doesn't want to book his action.
J leezy Pd (16 days ago)
I don’t understand if he’s gonna let him play can’t the guy keep counting not making any bets then when the counts good sit down and make his bets?
Leyland Grey (17 days ago)
Why didn't the Pit Boss just send a random over and mess up the count like they normally do🤔
Mark Rocovich (14 days ago)
Leyland Grey They are called SHILLS..Very few casinos use them these dsys...
High Stakes25 (18 days ago)
check my latest vid, (5000€ win)
zimm1gre (19 days ago)
The mob hard at work right there. He's fortunate he didn't get his knees broken.
Zion 34 (19 days ago)
So what is card counting???
in blackjack, a way to exploit tiny edges over hundreds of hours for profit.
whyfold now (20 days ago)
Pitboss trying to eloquently explain what he barely understands his bosses told him to do lol
sadly this is commonplace.
whyfold now (20 days ago)
What count did you have to go from $5 on one hand to $200 on three hands?
I believe it was any player-advantage count...hopefully Colin is ok with me giving that info out.
BRONERS HOOD (21 days ago)
I love it.
sneakytucky (21 days ago)
all casino games are set up so the odds are in their favour, it's common knowledge, if it wasn't casino's wouldn't exist lol
sad, but true.
Smug Smugly (21 days ago)
Christ almighty, I feel like i'm sitting here playing cards with my brothers kids or something.
Jesus loves you Smug Smugly.
Danny Reeder (21 days ago)
Does anyone know this song that is playing in the background? 1:33?
+Danny Reeder I tried to listen for the lyrics and then Googled them.   And it's not a bad song actually! In an early 2000s, Avril Lavigne kind of way.
Danny Reeder (19 days ago)
+Blackjack Apprenticeship Gus45 oh haha thank you. I took way too much time to. How did you find out btw?
"Chemicals React" by Aly and AJ, and I spent way too much time figuring that out. :)
David Eldar (22 days ago)
you owe my casino at least 750K$ asshole xD
Jason L. Scott (23 days ago)
Just Criminal
boldsign (23 days ago)
Tbh, casinos should be outlawed. Places like Vegas have so many poor people because of it.
I agree with you. It would mean I can't count cards anymore but the boost to society at large would make that ok with me.
Fn casinos have no problem taking everybody's money as long as they are on top...soon as they start getting their asses handed to them they throw you out...smfh....fuck them
sad but true.
IRON MAN (24 days ago)
Fuck the casino..what bet 5 all the way? Idiot..
zakkrick (24 days ago)
My coworker started out with $500 and 5 hours later he won up to 10,000. They pull him aside and asked him if he was a professional blackjack player, so he told them that he wasn’t, so they couldn’t do anything. He was too fast at card counting so they didn’t catch him counting cards.
sometimes you just don't get backed off, sometimes you get backed off instantly. there's no easy way to predict what casinos will do with card counters.
raterus (25 days ago)
The way around this is to get a friend to count the cards and bet the minimum every hand, but have a secret signal for your buddy waiting across the room when the shoe is hot. Your buddy comes, and bets big until the count is bad again, then leaves.
yeah, this is called "spotter-Big Player" or "team play" and the merits of it in strictly EV terms are debatable.
Daniel Webster (25 days ago)
A team of people played a roulette wheel for a month and tracked the wheels bias then bought in big won big. Cassino banned them for life, contacted other casinos so they could also ban them.
Sound City (25 days ago)
You’re too good. You can’t play here anymore.
+Sound City I know nothing about you, your monthly expenses, if you have a spouse/kids, your risk tolerance, your work ethic, your age, your skill level with card counting, etc. etc. etc. I can't answer that question for you, I'm sorry. For some good input, you could sign up for a blackjack apprenticeship membership and post on our forum. Our members would very happily try to answer this question for you. all the best, gus
Sound City (19 days ago)
+Blackjack Apprenticeship Gus45 Question for you Gus. I've been getting into counting, but I don't work a high income job and have heard that it's not worth it unless your BR is expendable. I know I'm not going to die cold on the side of road if I lose my BR and It'll be recoverable, but is it still worth getting a good job first? Or if you work hard enough to learn it well, is it something you can actually rely on assuming your starting with a solid BR? THX!
on to the next casino
Aaron Sutich-Ursell (26 days ago)
Did the reflective glasses count as a tell
reflective glasses?
Dirk Diggler (27 days ago)
I was hoping they give him the hammer. That fat fuck was too nice
yeah, this type of stuff hasn't happened in casinos for decades.
This guy personifies the idea of a sleazy casino rat. Basically telling the man that the rules are different because he is smart. Flat betting? Saying the rules are different for certain people? I think every single person who enjoys playing blackjack at a casino should watch this video. The worst part of it is he tells the guy he cannot bet like everyone else when hes already in debt to the casino for $3500. That's disgusting
Dan Stafford (27 days ago)
If you're going to be a card counter you have to learn some camouflage techniques... if you're getting any heat you should drop back to flat betting and play basic strategy... and play slot machine for a few minutes and come back later to cash out... you have to throw them off your Trail because they really don't know if you're counting or not!
Gary Lu strikes again.
Gary Lu Productions (27 days ago)
I am pretty sure that he knows more camouflage techniques than you do but he does not use them for reasons shown in the beginning of the video.
fodolo craigo (27 days ago)
why play two hands? isn't that super obvious?
two hands will also cut down on what we call "variance" a bit.
Gary Lu Productions (27 days ago)
That’s the point actually. They said that the reason they are filming is to show what a backoff looks like.
muneco803 (28 days ago)
So they don't see the camera
Benjamin Patton (28 days ago)
Wow.... This dude can't do this. Well he can, but bro I have never been to a casino where this happen. And i change hands all the time
David Clawson (29 days ago)
So you can only play if they can keep your money? Sounds legit. smh
sad but true.
Kim Garback (29 days ago)
That sucks, but he seemed reasonable. I thought they would just kick you out, no questions asked.
as backoffs go, this one was fairly kind. there are harsher ones. nothing violent or dangerous though.
Niko Airike (29 days ago)
4:07 dab
Rafael De La Ghetto (29 days ago)
Thank god I get my money from working and my Native American check
Vasilios Gatsiopoulos (30 days ago)
My question is you wanted to get caught there? Can you play and not get noticed like when a certain amount and walk away and they don't know who you are. Because I can lose I can switch my bat I can raise my bad lower my bad that the max and they keep on taking my money and they don't have a problem with it.
yes, Colin wanted to get backed off for the sake of the video.
Guitargreat (30 days ago)
Yeah they just banned Dana white from his 3rd casino for winning legitimately, it’s ridiculous that they can do that, if the guy lost millions instead of winning they don’t have an issue!!! Crooks
b w (30 days ago)
The pit boss looks and walks like mobster. This is why you don't gamble people! It's rigged for morons and rigged against smart people!
Vasilios Gatsiopoulos (30 days ago)
I am one of the morons
shredx81 (30 days ago)
Forgive my ignorance as i'm not a gambler, but why don't Casinos run these games in a way that the players assume all the risk and the casino just has a policy of entrance fees and/or percentages of winnings. Is there not a way to ensure that the house maintains its float without having to infringe on the player's opportunism?
kind of an interesting idea, but casinos make way too much money with their current business model to think about changing it.
Daniel (1 month ago)
How is this even legal?At the very least the casino should have given his original money back if was be would have requested my original money back and made a complaint.
Vasilios Gatsiopoulos (30 days ago)
He didn't request that because he knew he wasn't going to get it back! I wish I had his gift I would win just like a hundred or two every day and walk away keep trying but I guess you can't saw how it works
Leonard Gomez (1 month ago)
I'm so tired of big business. You can't do what we do mentality.
So player took the winnings or pitboss didn't even allowed to take last bet?
Colin was able to cash out. By law, casinos must cash you out, even if you get backed off
Stephen Morgan (1 month ago)
Bfme Fan (1 month ago)
Thank you very much, now i know how to win
the dog said, "if you don't want to lose, I'm not going to let you play." ~ tenderbastard.colm
LG3Gaming (1 month ago)
Poker is one of the few games where the casino has no true advantage other than slight rake and a buy in fee.
Shhh K. (1 month ago)
The guy was nice and just doing his job. The casino's are true cocksuckers
Niko Suavei (1 month ago)
He caught u bc of the drastic bet increase on the rich shoe. An don’t ever agree to counting. When u are pulled for a chat u have no idea what they are talking about. But now ur pic an name will be posted when entering that casino an or maybe others.
such is the life of a card counter
C Hansen (1 month ago)
We should have a group of bone breakers go into casinos and beat the fuck out of those scumbags for taking everyones money! Its okay for rigged slots and other games but someone smarter than black jack cant play!b Fuckin bullshit!
C Hansen (17 days ago)
+Blackjack Apprenticeship Gus45 No, Im totally serious, and Im totally retarded to admit a premeditated assault with a high probability of serious bodily injuries, or worse! Why would I do something like that? I want to experience the comradery that men feel in prison! Yes, of course I was kidding! Whats worse than losing all of your hard earned money to the Casino slots!? Being arrested for retaliating against those corrupt pieces of shit who have stolen Billions from citizens, and get away with it. Thats a double loss! Not for me man!
+C Hansen I am fairly certain you are joking, at least I hope you are.
C Hansen (19 days ago)
+Blackjack Apprenticeship Gus45 so what, a public service will be fulfilled and we will be rewarded when we get out!
your group will find itself in prison rather quickly
Paul-E G'z (1 month ago)
He was down and he got screwed lol
card counters understand that there will be losing days (this was one of them). but they are outweighed by the winning days.
Cringerbread Man (1 month ago)
How is card counting not allowed lol??? Thats fucking stupid
Gary Lu Productions (1 month ago)
Because it gives players an advantage and it decreases the casino’s chance of making money.
Edwards Daniel (1 month ago)
Apparently, casino is money robber.
Sebastian Thorsen (1 month ago)
Whata news flash
Gerard Demma (1 month ago)
Wow you get called out 4 counting cards maybe they should take the game out of the casino then
it makes too much money for casinos to remove it, even with card counters hitting it every once in a while
Jam Ma (1 month ago)
I didn't know Alex Jones was a pit boss
Trump V Obama (28 days ago)
Jam Ma side hustle
Maximus Meridius (1 month ago)
Casinos are ripping people off??! No, never. A sucker is born every minute.
Rosie Ruiz (1 month ago)
lucky they didnt introduce you to cheaters justice
violence perpetrated by casino personnel hasn't happened for decades now
iUseVegas (1 month ago)
fucking thieves, all of them!
Am I crazy or can you play probability a lot better when you play 6or8 deck shoes. For instance you have 5 people at the table and don’t see a single face card or aces for a whole hand and you see 12+ cards burned can’t you say that’s a good chance of getting those face cards/21 on the next hand. It seems to happen a lot for me. I got 2 21’s with a lot of chips out playing this way last night.
there are advantages and disadvantages to playing both at full tables and heads up with the dealer. we discuss this at length on our website
BinGalinG913 (1 month ago)
Fuxk this casino!
Burt (1 month ago)
Unbelievable, the man starting to tap that ass now they want to stop him. Well give the man back what he lost then, and tell him to leave.
Mango Buddhy (1 month ago)
Can't you card count and make reasonable small profits and make it less obvious?
+Mango Buddhy yeah, not at all how card counting usually works out. it would sure be nice though.
Mango Buddhy (19 days ago)
+Blackjack Apprenticeship Gus45 maybe sandwich in a couple of losses but always ensuring that the profits are much larger than the losses?!
it's not how card counters are trained to operate. it sounds ideal but it's just not how it ends up working.
Trying to survive (1 month ago)
I'm shocked to see in my own country people don't care the slightest about the next person, hence the reason I had to turn to all you fine people on YouTube......... Hey all, I need some help, read my story here------>https://gogetfunding.com/your-kind-donation-is-urgently-needed/
Brian Weiss (1 month ago)
They don't want u to have a better chance of winning
philippe f (1 month ago)
If you are counting cards you need to have a team, if you do it alone you will be always busted by the casino..
not true.
Francesco Schettino (1 month ago)
philippe f explain, there are no videos on how it’s done exactly
Reality Swopper (1 month ago)
Casinos are scam artists
Classic Kettlebell (1 month ago)
A casino is for gambling not counting cards. If everyone won all the time they wouldn’t exist!
Classic Kettlebell (1 month ago)
guibox3 You’re supposed to go there with some cash to spare and have a good time. Don’t blame the casino for the idiots who blow their life savings. Perhaps the casinos are counting on it but they’re not forcing anyone to play.
guibox3 (1 month ago)
Counting cards gives you an edge, it doesn't mean you will 'win all the time'. The casinos are making far more money off the suckers gambling than what they are paying off to the card counters. They are just a bunch of greedy bastards
Carlos Flores (1 month ago)
You have thousands of people gambling everyday, lossing around $500,000 in 1 night or more, the casino wants them to lose, But as soon as a person wins too much they get pissed.
guibox3 (1 month ago)
Yeah, no kidding. The casinos are making far more money off the suckers gambling than what they are paying off to the card counters. They are just a bunch of greedy bastards
Juan Taylor (1 month ago)
Since counting cards is a process that happens entirely in the individual's head it is impossible for management to prove anyone was doing it. Conversely they can accuse anyone who is having a good night of counting cards without having to offer any proof.
Gary Lu Productions (30 days ago)
Brandon Pickett If you think that counting in multiple decks is nearly impossible, you most likely watched movies, such as Rain Man, that make it seem like you need to be superhuman to be able to count cards (the security guy said that no one in the world could count into a six deck shoe but that is completely false). In reality, even if there are multiple decks, card counting is something that anyone can learn, even though it is hard to master. I would recommend watching card counting tutorials on YouTube so you could see how easy it is to learn it.
Brandon Pickett (30 days ago)
+Gary Lu Productions dont casinos use multiple decks of cards? I dont know anything about card counting, but isnt it pretty much impossible to count cards when they are pulling from a pile of like 300 cards?
Gary Lu Productions (1 month ago)
Juan Taylor Technically, you should not bet in places where you have a better chance of losing but most gamblers still do. In fact, a vast majority of bets are in favor of the house and people place bets there. That is how the casino makes money. The reason casinos do not like educated players, such as card counters, is that they do not like players having an advantage over the casino.
Juan Taylor (1 month ago)
LOL, placing bets that give you the best chance of winning means being an educated gambler. It is not unethical. Should the individual place bets that give them a better chance of losing?
Juan Taylor when the house has favorable odds and you count cards you bet low until it's in your favor and then you start actually betting
rage690 (1 month ago)
I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say he ain't gonna book your action.
fade2black001 (1 month ago)
They allow cameras at the BJ tables there?
Mike Jones (1 month ago)
Should of forced him to talk to you at the table
fade2black001 (1 month ago)
If he tried that he could of been 86'd
RAguy (1 month ago)
Jumping from 1-120 units. I don't see...what's the big deal?
Gary Lu Productions (1 month ago)
The way card counting works is that the player bets low when the odds are not in their favor and bets high when the odds are in their favor. In the long run, the player wins money. The casinos prefer you do not do that because they do not like players having an advantage over the casino.
bretta3 (1 month ago)
Knowing how to play and winning is cheating to the casinos. If you win you are out. If you agree to loose you can stay.
Funk (1 month ago)
This is why I don't gamble in any way shape or form.
Younghwan Kim (1 month ago)
Seems like he can’t even get what the f hes sayin. Hes mumbling and can’t get his own logic cuz theres no logic in it haha
Chris (1 month ago)
he was down and made it back
George Chamberlain (1 month ago)
I got busted for card counting a bunch of times. I can't think of a casino I can play in. What good is learning to card count if you can't play?
guibox3 (1 month ago)
It helps if you are playing at a table where people are very loose with their bets, betting really high and really low, very erratically. It disguises your methodological betting and doesn't cast suspicion on you when you increase your bets by 5 or 6 units. Who cares about that when the two guys beside you are betting stacks about 6 inches high?
weird (1 month ago)
I need to perform my best acting and be un None 🤣
So u know how dude is playing but ur telling him he cant play a certain way

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