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Casino Backoff for Card Counting - Blackjack Apprenticeship

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Colin is one of the Pros from Blackjack Apprenticeship, as well as the subject of the documentary "Holy Rollers: The True Story of Card Counting Christians." While filming for the documentary, he was followed by undercover cameras to capture what a real backoff is like. After counting cards blatantly for half an hour, this is what the casino did... https://www.blackjackapprenticeship.com/ https://www.facebook.com/blackjackapprenticeship/
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Text Comments (6340)
Fuck casinos
Patrick Blackler (6 hours ago)
That’s a bum ass casino anyway
Mike jerk (8 hours ago)
If he whent down to like 20 and bet 100 to 200 but he whent to 5 and made too much too fast
Mike jerk (8 hours ago)
Ya but he made it too obvious
A.R Shivakumar (13 hours ago)
I think he is going to have good 👍job at royal casinos for setting up cards for 🤑suckers. This art is great for professionals not for 😅suckers
Afro Thunder (13 hours ago)
His shoulder wanted to smack the kid
Shaz Demon (17 hours ago)
He stopped you when you were down so you can't get your money back. Casinos are thieves and if anyone don't know that then you're a sucker
Drinking and Gaming (1 day ago)
Let's blow this motherfucker up, he is refusing a customers service and got caught on camera. What's this dudes name and what casino is this at?
Joseph Robar (1 day ago)
What casino was this at? Haha I did that at a casino in New York OMG they were on my ass fast pushing girls and free drinks on me so I slip haha
Ace Rothstein (1 day ago)
Anyone that plays lots of chips then not many will be flagged.
Ace Rothstein (1 day ago)
That shitty casino looks like it’s in a church basement.
Alfredo Hernandez (1 day ago)
B's casinos
joseph feliciano (1 day ago)
Casinos are sad fucking place they prey on weak minded people who need money or old people they should all be shut down just open up a weed store where they used to be you'll make way more money
tim cardinal (1 day ago)
This ia the democratic party and how they treat the middle class. As soon as your winning. (In life) fuck that they toss you a curve ball.
Neon Black (1 day ago)
I don't understand why the fuck most of you are so surprised??? Didn't you know this all this crap system?
Sheng Jack (1 day ago)
Casino is not clever enough
abbyboyone (1 day ago)
talk about a rip off: u are using ur god given talent to beat the other party (which is the name of the game) but one is not allowed to win?
1BigDave (1 day ago)
This is in Shoreline Wa just north of Seattle. You can have mini casinos (15 tables) in a city by city option in WA. Parkers Roadhouse and 100yo BYOB building now torn down.
George Asik (2 days ago)
How much money did you lose?
Thearmorcav (2 days ago)
another youtube bullshit video
James Davis (2 days ago)
And that place is a death trap fire hazard look at all that s*** in the ceiling next to the lights that's what happened in Russia
1BigDave (2 days ago)
I(t was an OLD roadhouse on HW99 in Seattle and now gone = Parkers
Brian Weiss (2 days ago)
They don't like you being able to beat the house they just want to be able to take ur money without u haveing a chance to win big fucking scoundrels
Mike Saunders (2 days ago)
I want to book his action!
liquidbraino (2 days ago)
Seems like a lawsuit waiting to happen- that could potentially be construed as discrimination. What if you were the only black guy in the Casino for example and you're also the ONLY one that they're being fair to? That would be grounds for a racial discrimination lawsuit.
Deconverted Man (2 days ago)
this just in: casinos are out to make money.
Dave Slaz (2 days ago)
Sweaty meathead isn't tweaking in the slightest !
1BigDave (2 days ago)
Ev (2 days ago)
bwahahahaha wow
Eric Johnson (2 days ago)
You’re counting a shoe? That’s moronic.
Gary Lu Productions (2 days ago)
Eric Johnson Well, counting wins in the long run so it is not moronic.
Is that MaxMoFo or whatever his name is?
DARTH VADER (2 days ago)
MrTruemassa (2 days ago)
if i see that pig out side i beat him conk out and burn his care
Royce Sharp (2 days ago)
What would the Nevada Gaming Commission say about them changing the rules of the bet. Other than just making you leave.
Robert Grimley (2 days ago)
This mans actions show what casinos are about. They should just pull out a gun and take your money at the door!
RWDS (3 days ago)
You don't own NOTHING goy!
vman78vk (3 days ago)
They should be sued. Casino is clearly saying others can bet up and down but not you, clearly a discrimination.
prep stepper (3 days ago)
That's such horse shit!!! He's not cheating and it's not illegal so let the man fucking play dammit!!!
Gary Lu Productions (3 days ago)
prep stepper Well, you cannot blame the casino for not wanting to lose money can you?
Amy Dixon (3 days ago)
Never go to casinos Vegas or otherwise. Vegas is full of hoi polloi getting drunk and losing money they don't have. Its crowded, dirty and full of loud mouthed tattooed dregs. So many other places to see and wonderful things to do in this world then lose hard earned money.
Michael Rea (3 days ago)
It's not gambling if you know what the hand is going to be. You can't just walk in to a casino to take free money it's a business!
Michael Rea (3 days ago)
+Gary Lu Productions Card counting closes the gap if not eliminates, using the right method on house odds, which a casino has to maintain in order to turn profit. You're effectively taking the odds out of the equation. anything that changes the mathematical the odds of the game in your favour will get you kicked out. I know he doesn't know the exact hand but he knows when the hand is positive and he certainley would have won If he kept going.
Gary Lu Productions (3 days ago)
Michael Rea Card counting is not free money though. You have to work for it. Also, when did he say that he knows what the hand is going to be?
Peter Piper (3 days ago)
Damn Rod’s all coked out.
1BigDave (2 days ago)
Not my Rod...LOL...Seattle at Parkers Roadhouse
STAS_ Gamer (3 days ago)
this is your money and casino telling you how to play with ur own money this is a joke.
STAS_ Gamer (3 days ago)
ordinary people bet the same amount of money all the time so they loose money on long run. to win in casino you need bet like he did when u loose you bet small when you win u bet big.
Cathal O'Connor (3 days ago)
So many people here calling it robbery. Its not robbery if you give your money away freely. If you bet and lose that's your choice.
Harman Enterprises (4 days ago)
One of the many reasons I despise Las Vegas!
chris pang (4 days ago)
I though card counting is cheating he lucky he didn’t get black listed he wouldn’t be able to walk in a casino again plus he admitted to card counting as well
Gary Lu Productions (3 days ago)
chris pang Card counting is not cheating. It is just frowned upon by casinos.
CCornelius (4 days ago)
I visited a casino once. Had a pretty good burger. Left.
T Saint (4 days ago)
You like the way the Casino waited till he was down. The guy got on the phone someone told him when to pull him off. The he gave him the guidelines that wouldn't allow him to win.
Piano Man42 (4 days ago)
Anyone who thinks they will get rich gambling; is fooling themselves. I was a "card counter" when I was 21 years old. I read a few books by Ken Uston; and practiced at home extensively. I saved up about a thousand dollars; and quit my job I was so convinced. I went to Vegas and lost everything. I returned home with zero money. I am 46 years old today. Since that time; I have never so much as bought a lottery ticket or gambled again. You see, the reason why you lose at blackjack is because you get the first chance to go bust. Whether the shoe is rich in high cards, or low cards; really does not make a difference. This since; the dealer can be dealt a blackjack when the shoe is hot as well. The dealer can be dealt two queens when the count is favorable; and you get dealt the shit. And then when it is time to take the risk of going over 21 and losing; you take the first chance. Black Jack is not a money maker; work is. I don't care how much of a "professional" you claim to be.
bdonred (4 days ago)
My first time ever playing BJ I was counting, and drunk AF. I started out good, then they took notice and did something to the shoe a couple times and before I knew it I was broke.
Deep-fried south (4 days ago)
If your stupid enough to gamble anyhow, what do you expect? The house always wins!
Gary Lu Productions (3 days ago)
Deep-fried south If you’re stupid enough to spell “you’re” incorrectly, I would expect you to be stupid enough to think that card counting is gambling.
TOM BECK (4 days ago)
fake they wouldn't let this conversation be filmed
William Gates (4 days ago)
Casinos are one big piece of shit that the government let's operate in our community! Anyone working in one dealing with the action in anyway is a big pile of shit and should die, like this Rod guy in this video. Casinos pay the authorities off! That's why these pieces of shit get to operate. I'd rather be a waiter for life, then to work in a casino for 200k a year. Scumbag pieces of shit!
rod elam (4 days ago)
odd that this vid wasnt sent to the gaming authority. they would have a very different story to tell good ole rod. casinos have to go by the law. this place is illegal.
427SuperSnake1 (4 days ago)
Casino managers are bums... If you can count cards in your head you deserve to win...
imnotabotrlyimnot (3 days ago)
Yeah, if they're going to show the cards there's no reason you shouldn't be able to keep track of them. The casino are the real cheaters.
Metal Upyourass (4 days ago)
I love how the house tries to change the rules for the player who has them made. Fuck em!
Gorgi Gibson (4 days ago)
Card counting is just a talent at playing cards I remember being a child it seemed easy to remember the sequence of cards but as I’m older it’s not so easy.
zhēn zhēn líng (4 days ago)
From what i know, card counting is legal, but the casino don't want to lose money, that's why they will kick you out of the casino, very unfortunate to the gambler 😞
Cowboy Yaj (5 days ago)
Casino want to play a fair game of casino 80% chances and you are 20% chances to win. If you want a 50/50 chances, it's not a fair game.
aretee3 (5 days ago)
Casinos, a racket, sanctioned by government, a racket also.
Bill Fishtank (5 days ago)
Very professional pit boss
Mike Fu (5 days ago)
He won't let him "cash out", because he already MADE a profit on the casino with card counting.....so now he's forcing him to play normal(with the exception of jumping bets).
jeff lester (5 days ago)
What a fucking asshole!!!!
Anthony Balsano (6 days ago)
Fucking clown
SilversRylai213 (6 days ago)
Do u people understand what the word gambling means? If u count cards its not gambling anymore. Its as simple as that. U need maybe iq70 to figure that out. God whsts wrong with people
fadsdsdsds (6 days ago)
would have been great if at the end he looked at the camera said what casino he is at then said hello to youtube.
1BigDave (2 days ago)
If so = I am at Parkers Roadhouse Casino in Seattle on HW99...now torn down...actually went broke not paying theirs taxes
IrishPotato86 (6 days ago)
I worked at a casino and we just tossed card counters out. We didn't tell them they couldn't bet or flat bet them. This pit boss is full of shit. We also never accused them of counting cards. We simply ask them to leave and took their info and told them to never come back, we dont want you business. Casino's arent in business to lose money. They are there to make money.
kerpele (6 days ago)
enjoy capitalism =)
taylor sheldon (6 days ago)
it's a business not a charity, buy a drink eat some wings play some games and enjoy yourself
Jimmy Tweedale (6 days ago)
S E (6 days ago)
I don't want your action = I don't want people to bet in a manner that wins.
311mikey (6 days ago)
Amazing how do you dirty casino owners make up their own rules as they go. Just because someone is smart they’re excluding them from the card game because they only want suckers playing. Hey man if you’re smart enough to count the cards and it’s not illegal I don’t see why this guy even came and said anything to you.Even if he was cheating I am still for it because these casinos rob people every day all day.
lazy coconut (6 days ago)
You guys look suspicious as fuck lol couldn't you dress like tourists or something
Gary Lu Productions (5 days ago)
lazy coconut The reason they were recording was to show what a backoff looks like. It would be quicker if they were more suspicious.
Reel Fishing (6 days ago)
What is a counter? And what is a shoe?
Gary Lu Productions (5 days ago)
Reel Fishing A shoe is that long container that the dealer pulls the cards from. They normally hold six decks. Card counting is an advanced strategy that allows players to win in the long run. It works by knowing whether there are more or fewer high cards left and betting according to your odds. It is not illegal but casinos do not like it when players do it because it makes the casino more likely to lose.
J Z (6 days ago)
I would have beat his ass
JokeRGBlazE (6 days ago)
The intelligent card counter practices his game. He doesn't always win he loses on purpose some nights he completely loses but he keeps coming back and he's always up. You got to make it a small victory every other night win 500 to a thousand in one night but make sure you've lost a number of hands. The next day only take away a hundred and fifty. The day after that if you come back lose 250. And then the Friday After Next Friday you win 550 but lose a few hands. You won't get caught if you're losing some
Tiger (6 days ago)
Why gamble at all?
Gary Lu Productions (5 days ago)
Tiger Card counting is not gambling. There is a difference between being a gambler and being a long term winner.
mercsan117 (6 days ago)
I'd find where this guy lived (the casino manager) and light his house on fire, if that happened then.
pat mourassa (6 days ago)
I have always wondered how does someone actually prove that someone is COUNTING CARDS even if it was ILLEGAL?Everything in this WORLD,specially this country is CROOKED,run by CRIMINALS and they have the JUSTICE CRIMINAL system to back them up.
Gary Lu Productions (5 days ago)
It’s simple actually. Card counters vary their bets and some of them make unusual playing decisions (for example, it does not make sense to hit on 16 vs. 10 if you know there are a lot of high cards left in the shoe). Notice that Colin was making sudden changes in his bets so it is actually quite obvious that he is card counting.
Joshua Phillips (6 days ago)
Listen man just accept the fact you were caught. This guy is looking out for you honestly, you're just some punk kid messing with adult men. Try to have some respect, they don't make money being your father or mother, its a casino what do you want from them?
Didn DiDo (6 days ago)
You're accusing him of not letting the casino screw him over?! You're an cretin.
djenn434 (6 days ago)
What casino is this?
1BigDave (2 days ago)
Parkers in Seattle on Aurora North now torn down...I worked poker there...very old roadhouse...all gone...technically in Shorline north of Seattle city limits.
Paul None Ya (6 days ago)
Gambling to me seems very stupid . Why throw your money away.
Gary Lu Productions (4 days ago)
Paul None Ya Alright but many people confuse card counting for gambling.
Paul None Ya (4 days ago)
+Gary Lu Productions that has nothing to do with my comment. I didn't say card counting was stupid, I said gambling was. In general.
Gary Lu Productions (5 days ago)
Paul None Ya Do you even know what card counting is? It wins in the long run if you have enough money to bet.
icimblind (6 days ago)
The pit boss had to get back to the barbecue. No more free chicken! You got to hand it to the pit boss. He knew what he was doing, and made sure he told him to stop before he won back his loss. He played the card counter. As much as people don't like it, that's his job.
D C (7 days ago)
Bunch of bullshit ! Fk casino's!! They look for suckers...
My friends didn’t believe in card counting when I tried to teach them. Then we played a game at home, and raped the dealer lol 😂 💰
DaytonCarCare (7 days ago)
LoL they're OK with you as long as you're losing money. Fuck em! Looks like a cheap shit hole casino anyways
1BigDave (2 days ago)
It was 100 years old...was a bring your own bottle roadhouse on HW99 in Seattle then...now torn down
DKWEBB22 (7 days ago)
Wow that's crazy
Gavin Regan (7 days ago)
It’s a business, they would go out of business letting people count cards, not hard to understand.
Robert Metzger (7 days ago)
That was the nicest robbery i've ever seen.
PrinceOfPlateia (7 days ago)
Never got caught counting cards. There is a way to avoid it you know...
PrinceOfPlateia (5 days ago)
+Gary Lu Productions When I start the day with 1k and at the end of the game I am at 4 or 5k, yes I am doing it right. You just have to know when to lose on purpose. Keeps the pitt Boss at bay.
Gary Lu Productions (7 days ago)
PrinceOfPlateia Are you sure you are even doing it right if you never got caught? Because too much cover decreases your chance of winning.
frontlin3 joker (7 days ago)
Discrimination I would sue
Pmpbreeze Ogah (7 days ago)
This is why I don't gamble because the game is set up for you to loose .
Dixie Normous (7 days ago)
Big Rod is big knob.
81mz2unique (7 days ago)
I thought they were going to take them out back smash his fingers and tell him he better not come back there!
Cyberdyne Systems (7 days ago)
gambling is for fucking idiots. making money with minimum risk is how successful people became a success. thank me when you idiots see the light. I have absolutely no sympathy for problem gamblers either, BULLSHIT it's a disease, it's fucking GREED and bare FOOLISHNESS, you DESERVE to lose! I'm happy when they do, wake up call... helllooooo, any brains there?? nope, gambling again chasing losses, oh dear, we got a total dumb fuck here lol. oh and p.s, the only success you can see in this video is not playing the casino but OWNING the casino. Peace...
Gary Lu Productions (7 days ago)
Cyberdyne Systems Clearly, you have no clue what card counting is.
ideaquest (7 days ago)
You can play BJ but you cannot increase your bets? Got to fix to only one value of bet? How is that fair to the player.
jtomally9681 (7 days ago)
That security (whatever his position is called) was dead wrong. You are ALWAYS allowed to change your bets at the beginning of a hand in Blackjack. But only in the beginning.
Richard Grouper (7 days ago)
How's he supposed to become a lvl35 boss, when even a pathetic lvl1 crook won't let him use his skills? That's how mafia works, I guess.
a clown (8 days ago)
I would have told that fool he cannot fucking tell me how I can bet I'm not breaking any rules so he can fuck off and leave me alone and let me play the game
Jacob Robertson (8 days ago)
How is counting cards possible if they play an unspecified number of decks or burn cards regularly ? I clearly have no clue about this stuff.
J T (8 days ago)
What did you thank him for? The dick did nothing for you.
Michael Ward (8 days ago)
So it's not fair that they can fuck us but we cant fuck them and PMS it's not against the law to count cards they have there tricks

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