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Casino Backoff for Card Counting - Blackjack Apprenticeship

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Colin is one of the Pros from Blackjack Apprenticeship, as well as the subject of the documentary "Holy Rollers: The True Story of Card Counting Christians." While filming for the documentary, he was followed by undercover cameras to capture what a real backoff is like. After counting cards blatantly for half an hour, this is what the casino did... https://www.blackjackapprenticeship.com/ https://www.facebook.com/blackjackapprenticeship/
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Blackjack Apprenticeship (4 months ago)
If you want to learn how card counting actually works, this might be a good place to start: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL4HeBZsaiIf6mJXu-2NPuC5e6VbO-veLb
allan J (2 months ago)
What does he mean I don't want to book your action? Also how much was he down he says he's in for 3000$ it sounds like he's saying he up 3k
J. Rogers (2 months ago)
Darrin Ros  You weren't a casino pit boss, or else you would know that there is no difference between counting a 2 deck shoe vs. a 6 deck shoe.
mikehh8020 (2 months ago)
Casino Verlite Blackjack is the ultimate card counting learning software.
Marty Warner (2 months ago)
+Darrin Ros ... you don't happen to love spaghetti and meatballs ?
Sauce916mcnasty (1 hour ago)
I love this video and I never thought anything fishy until I realized who is filming and how come nobody is acknowledging him
Blackjack Apprenticeship (40 minutes ago)
It was filmed by Bryan Storkel, my oldest friend, when he was making the documentary "Holy Rollers: The True Story of Card Counting Christians." He had a button camera on his dress shirt, so as far as the casino knew, he was just my buddy standing there watching me play, then watching me get backed off. There was no reason to suspect he was filming anything.
Ian Johnson (2 hours ago)
Look, we enjoy fucking ppl over.. and when someone fucks us.. we don't like it. So I'm gonna fuck you in a special way... as long as we're holding the reins on your ball gag, we don't care who you fuck..cool?
Steven Ciechan (5 hours ago)
Wow that’s not the way casinos work, you should be able to bet what you want , when you want.
| mileHIGHpro | (7 hours ago)
What is booking action? What does he mean when he says “I don’t want to book your action”?
Carlos Rosa (15 hours ago)
@Blackjack Apprenticeship Is this illegal what they did to you? Because they are obligating you to play the game at a disadvantage just because they think you are counting cards, they don't even know for sure since they can't get into your head
Blackjack Apprenticeship (14 hours ago)
No, it's legal for them to refuse service to whoever they want. I don't have to play there if I don't want to play by their rules. It's all just the cat and mouse game of beating casinos at their own game!
Mai 3 (16 hours ago)
SAO Anime Freak (19 hours ago)
Why are casinos so damn greedy that they do this shit, they make millions every fucking month!
SAO Anime Freak (19 hours ago)
Isn't this false advertising by the Casinos then? How is that not illegal.
Hailey Mew (1 day ago)
They're the crooks here not him
Its ok for the players to lose money all night long but the casino cant stand to lose? Fuck dat!!! I would love to blow up that casino. Just saying how i feel.
richshooter223 (1 day ago)
Isn’t card counting a strategy though
Eduard Ordukhanov (2 days ago)
I thought most casinos today use an arbitrary number of decks which renders card counting useless?
WhiteOakRidge (2 days ago)
Counting cards was the ONE instance where the people figured out how to gain an advantage on the casino, now the "gaming board" allows them to use countless decks thus eliminating those odds. If this isn't the most obvious example of casinos cheating to get ahead I don't know what is.
truth h (2 days ago)
That's bullshit
A 4 PLAYJUNKIE (2 days ago)
It's OK for them too fuck you, but if you play by the rules your out. Fuck you casinos!
elementalsigil (2 days ago)
Casinos are a blight on our economy. They produce jobs but give unfair games and ruin lives.
Shepherd Fanatic (2 days ago)
elementalsigil half the employees after addicted to neighboring casinos. Its sad.
Ezca (2 days ago)
they only want to get money, not to lose money. lol
George Mollohan (2 days ago)
Coud carnters
John Dory (2 days ago)
Why I never gamble....
Dave Russell (2 days ago)
What a dick
Paul Denet (2 days ago)
Draco Reptilian
Shiffon (2 days ago)
lol what are you guys hoping ? they doing business , not charity, of course they will minimize the chance you win to the lowest, that is how they make money, this is business, you suppose to give them money by your own choice but their rules, that is why i never gambling in casino
15TEEN (2 days ago)
CASINO can cheat the players but the players cant cheat them back.. bunch of bullshit..
Trixxy (2 days ago)
At least they didn’t break your kneecaps like they do in the movies.
Curtis Kechego (2 days ago)
Bullshit.. They just want people to lose
Joe T (2 days ago)
Casino are the biggest cheaters
Jeff Lutz (3 days ago)
I don't understand how this 1:1 discussion between the pitboss and the player were captured via video WITH audio... I get people get barred all the time, however this conversation being captured as such seems bizarre...
It was with a button cam. This was during the filming of "Holy Rollers: The True Story of Card Counting Christians." https://www.imdb.com/title/tt1780862/
yiyodder (3 days ago)
Just don't get to greedy . 2 or 3 hundred a night at different casino's is a hell of a good living and you probably wouldn't get attention coming your way. Am i correct in thinking that or would they still stop you from playing ?
doon714 (3 days ago)
Looks like ROD has a bad tic. LOL
Humberto alanis (3 days ago)
The house always wins
joe estes (3 days ago)
At least he would let you play, instead of plastering your picture all over the strip!
Robert Despaw (3 days ago)
I'm a good blackjack player..that's all I'm gonna say but if this guy was smart he would of just played like the pit boss asked him to play instead of making it look extremely obvious that your counting cards..you could have still won a ton of money but in a slower pace and its harder to prove your counting cards if your not maxing the bet...just saying you could have still walked out with more than you came in with if you weren't so aggressive..you even admitted that your counting..why would you ever admit to counting cards to a pit boss???
Mike Saunders (4 days ago)
I think he should book his action!
James Horan (4 days ago)
At least he didn't get the cattle prod from Mr. Armstrong or the hammer and the buzzsaw in the back room from Sam.
Amini moose (4 days ago)
Basically casinos are not to be seen as money-makers, just time wasters. If you do something win, you're cheating. If you win and don't get pinched, you get taxed. You're supposed to come in to spend money on getting drinks and get confused.
Gerry Durran (4 days ago)
What's the point in learning how to count cards and you can't play lol.. Mugs game.. 👍
Chris Grieve (4 days ago)
Easy solution to card counting is make a few hundred every couple days and don't get greedy. If they notice you're clearing say a few thousand everytime you come in of course they will be suspicious.
GrexTheCrabasitor (4 days ago)
Thus is why gambling stays illegal in most parts
J B (4 days ago)
How did you get cameras into a casino?
thor bradshaw (4 days ago)
Thanks rod for stealing my money, gov and casinos rig the game and its so obvious! Sue those bitches for your money back.
Minh Hieu (4 days ago)
Casino build to rob your money , they are NOT charity place. Only low IQ player think that they can out win casino...wrong. You don't play ...you are big winner already!
Cheeks Washington (4 days ago)
Could give a crap if you card count at my table long as your tipping me dealers make money on tips and card counters about 98 percent of the time don’t tip
SeSe (5 days ago)
Why is this trending? Lol
Kayla Zayyad (5 days ago)
This looks so staged
Austin Carlson (5 days ago)
Ban casinos
Austin Carlson (5 days ago)
Saw or the money can't have both.
M.D.rydin215 (5 days ago)
Casinos are in business to win. But the gamblers can’t be in it to win or they get rolled. I think that’s bullshit. They want the odds in their favor but the second someone evens the playing field he gets flagged. They can’t prove your counting, it becomes suspicious when you fluctuate your bets.
Jx42 (5 days ago)
To all the guys saying the casino shouldn't be allowed to kick him out. It's a buisness. Casinos only exist because they make a profit. If they let him count cards they could just as well give out free money.
ozell (6 days ago)
What fucking crooks
Myun Joo Jang (6 days ago)
Both of you guys are Fucking idiots. I don't think he is counting cards he is just lucky to know how to play black jack in poor casino which can't handle any lose bigger than thousand dollars
Joseph 99 (7 days ago)
Oh yeah, you can play regular black jack, just as long as your chances of winning are lowered and you can’t make any money back
EL APRENDIZ (7 days ago)
Like si no entiendes el titulo ni los comentarios
A A (7 days ago)
Well if the casino wants to back him off at least the casino should man up and tell the truth that they only let suckers play and back off players who legally beat the system (Card Counting). Look at what the Pit Boss said. Statement: We don't allow Card Counters Reason: We just don't book your action. We want people to play regular blackjack.
Nico Harmse (8 days ago)
What backwards casino still deals from a shoe? Dont they have enough money for a shuffler
Why So Serious? (8 days ago)
Was für ein Hurensohn
Ace Hafiz (8 days ago)
Till this day I cant understand how this counting cards work.
Jimmy Wang (8 days ago)
Any time you vary your bet like that, we will call out check play to let the floor notice and see if you are counting. I am an 20 years casino dealer/Floor Supervisor and we scope you out immediately. Do not fool the casino, we are NOT stupid and it happens all the time where we back off players like him. Now you are stuck and it is your problem. Tip the dealer well and we might keep your mouth shut. I see players like this every day and they are almost reliably all stiffs so we really want to beat the hell out of you. We are trained at single deck to know how many aces and 10 are in our hand or we will not pass the audition for the casino job. We are waiting for you. It is my job to protect the house from losing.
Richard Long (8 days ago)
yasmin sparrow (9 days ago)
what casino was this?
yasmin sparrow (8 days ago)
THANK YOU+Blackjack Apprenticeship
Parker's Casino in Seattle, WA.
Ken Call (9 days ago)
Crooked cocksuckers
Stu Pidasso (9 days ago)
So what you're saying is that you don't want to book his action?
Andrew Smyth (9 days ago)
As everyone know - the house ALWAYS wins.
Caden Grossman (10 days ago)
I dont understand why people get mad at casinos for not letting card counters in. Casinos exist so the house can make money. If they let card counters in then they will likely lose money. They would be an idiotic business practice.
dgretlein (10 days ago)
Hmm, what’s the name of this casino? Seems like a place not worth going to if you can’t play “regular blackjack” where anyone would apply basic logic such as I’m down $20, I’ll bet $30 to catch up .... or double-up once in awhile. While some comments paint Rod as being polite, he is trying to signal with his right shoulder ticks he is a tough wise guy and will hurt you if you don’t play his way ....
Ga Fin (11 days ago)
Can you card count on the video poker machines? I've never played one.
K770 (10 days ago)
Ga Fin no
azolivas (11 days ago)
what casino is this? Key Largo?
Unite At Once (11 days ago)
If I owned a Casino, I'd violate you too. I'd do anything to take all your cash and when I see you coming back, I'd do anything to stop you. Right???
Tim-J.Swan (11 days ago)
I wish the guy would just be honest and say, "We want to make money off people. That's the truth. Bye."
Mike Litoris (12 days ago)
Rod acting like he's giving the money from his own bank account. maybe it's a strategy, maybe it's counting cards, maybe is maybelline.
Kram78 (12 days ago)
Haha and the real looser is..........?
K770 (10 days ago)
Kram78 ppl who cant spell loser
ylekiote99999 (13 days ago)
I like how this pit boss doesn't pull any punches. Hey bottom line is they have the right to refuse service to anyone.
Anonymous Person (13 days ago)
Even a player that is counting, doesn't even the odds with the house. It just closes the gap a couple of percentage points. But the house does rely on those couple of percentage points to make money. Doesn't sound fair, but casinos weren't built on winners!
M. Kingery (13 days ago)
I can’t be sure but I think that guy doesn’t want to book his action
M. Kingery (12 days ago)
+sakamuras s lol
sakamuras s (12 days ago)
i can't be sure but i think that joke is like 5 years old....
Shawn Dunbar (13 days ago)
That should be illegal what that pit boss did
Noah Zwart (14 days ago)
Just play online casino how are they gonna check you ?
donronn 71 (14 days ago)
Aberfoyle Samson (14 days ago)
I know that rod guy, i used to bang his wife, good guy.
Therrmal (14 days ago)
To sum things up Casino's are a scam
I AM BAYTOR (14 days ago)
Playing properly = cheating
justin baas (15 days ago)
Keep going man take there money somebody needs too
John Burton (15 days ago)
Fuck them. I hope someone fills that pit boss with lead! And any other pit boss who acts the same way.
Corey Hostetler (15 days ago)
I'll say this loud and clear only stupid idiots go to casinos. The odds are not in your favor period! If it was they wouldn't be in business. My advice is stay away.
sakamuras s (12 days ago)
actually, i count cards and there are still plenty of casinos that book my action.... i've made over 6 figures in each of the past 12 years...
JAMIE CUGEE (15 days ago)
That's really a plain INTIMIDATION . They don't want you seeing winning money, all they want is get your money. It happened to me one time with my friend when we went to Vegas visiting from another country as a tourist. The guard approached my female friend asked for her I.D. because my friend was winning a lot. Good thing our relative in the states who was with us at that time is a corporate and criminal lawyer, and when they found out they are dealing with a lawyer, they started making excuses for their behavior
Rui Ge (15 days ago)
Old story. Card counting wont work nowadays.
sakamuras s (12 days ago)
sure it does...just have to be real patient with the 6+ deck shoes
Musa Masih (16 days ago)
In that case I will never play cart anymore in casino
sakamuras s (12 days ago)
super mario version?
Treeface (17 days ago)
Well, at least it's not like in the movies where they take you in a back room and crack your skull with a baseball bat 😉
Deminus (17 days ago)
And this is why i'll just never go to a casino ever in my life
jOSE Cant SEE (18 days ago)
I rolled 7 straight winners in dice. I don’t remember how many times I had roll the dice to get there and it was my first time ever in a casino. Some guy from Texas was Standing up there and heard me talking about how I had never been in a casino so he asked me to roll for him. I rolled the 7 straight winners and the floor guy came over and checked the dice after the 4th and 7th rolls and said he didn’t want me rolling anymore. The people were all going nuts on him...why I don’t know, because after the 3rd winner I think more people were betting I would lose because of the odds. And I was betting nothing. So the Texas guy gave me $100 or so and they made me stop.
IndustrialDonut (18 days ago)
What is "book your action" anyway??
Tyler Lyons (20 days ago)
Casinos are dicks
Mihhail Kulikov (21 days ago)
Casinos shall be closed. Rip off!
John Jenks (23 days ago)
This must very old you can't card count 5 decks impossible bot even rainman could do that!😂😀😂
Lol. Yes, you can count cards at a 6 deck shoe, or even 8 deck. That's how we still make most of our money.
QuIgYx (24 days ago)
No he has to refund you or allow you to continue. Should have pressed charges and not admitted.
Daf XF105 (25 days ago)
Why doesn't the manager tell lad with camera to move away when he is backing off the blackjack player ? Even though he is unaware of the camera I would have thought he was trying to have a private conversation . He never once looks in direction of other lad .
Bruce Starkweather (26 days ago)
From the sound of it its his own fault. If u are good at counting cards thats awesome. Dont do it at a rate u going to pull alot of attention to you thou. That should be common sense no? Ya want to get much as ya can from me. To me thou once they know what ya doing then ya screwed
Sasha Sauber (27 days ago)
i wonder if somebody counts cards at a casino, what should they do to not blow their cover? what would be a reasonable amount to win and leave the table without drawing any attention.?
AzrielJale (30 days ago)
Wait....if somebody is smart enough.. and just cant help it but count cards.... this is retarded... its like kicking out somebody who started to breath manually.. By the way you are now breathing manually, and now you are blinking manually too...;^)
AzrielJale (24 days ago)
+Don’t Tripp I guess... a casino run by gonverment establishment, would be forced to adhere to whatever rules the people democratically decide on. But private establishments can do whatever the hell they want.
Don’t Tripp (24 days ago)
AzrielJale it’s the same with online sports betting if they see that you won’t be a profitable player then they just limit bets, ban you from any type of angle you had or just close the account. Then They just say internal management decisions and legally the player carnt do a thing about it
Ben B (1 month ago)
just count cards online.they wont ban you there. easy money
bandhsilvers1 (1 month ago)
Surely this breaks the law

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