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Talking Angela’s Q&As - Food, Friends and Pets

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You guys had so many more questions for me, I just had to make another video! Subscribe to Angela’s YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/TalkingAngelaCat?sub_confirmation=1 Watch my videos in Russian: https://www.youtube.com/c/TomFriendsRu Watch my videos in Portuguese: https://www.youtube.com/c/TomFriendsBr Don't forget to check out my super cool app: http://o7n.co/MyAngela Check out the Talking Tom and Friends YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/TalkingFriends Here’s Tom’s very popular YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/TalkingTomCat Don’t miss out on Talking Ginger’s YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/TalkingGingerTM My website: http://talkingtomandfriends.com/angela/ My Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TalkingAngela My Twitter: https://twitter.com/TalkingAngelaTM My Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/talkingangela/ My Instagram: https://instagram.com/talkingangela Vkontakte: http://vk.com/talkingangelaofficial Talking Tom and Friends Shop: http://talkingfriends.com/ Outfit7 Limited: http://outfit7.com/
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Text Comments (1885)
Holly Woods (11 days ago)
Angela do you like pom poms?
Holly Woods (11 days ago)
I love you Angela! <3
Bruce Bond (1 month ago)
does angela have a best friend
Minha fathima (1 month ago)
Mmm....... Angela, well I'm waiting for talking tom and friends season 4 episode 2 and above..............when will it start?
Emma Doolan (1 month ago)
Little boy Joshua 😄 😄 😄 😄 😄 5
Azel Mae Sobrecido (4 months ago)
Hi... Please create a new games... Like my talking angela.. And upgrades.. Please💛💛
Mukta Soni (4 months ago)
Angela i have a question for you . There are 3 options . What do you like the best of all ? 1 : birthday parties 2: holidays 3 : chatting with friends Pick one answer ! Tell me in the comments .
Mukta Soni (4 months ago)
Tom + Angela = ? Tangela .
Sangita Gangopadhyay (4 months ago)
School tips
Sangita Gangopadhyay (4 months ago)
We want to see school tips
Kids Annoo (5 months ago)
Hi Angela I love you so much I love love your videos about the tips and tricks it teaches me allot when I was sick I watch the video when you were sick the sick routine I told my ant about it 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘❤❤❤❤❤💙💙💙💙💙🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈
MonicaAndKate Fan2003 (5 months ago)
Do Angela Wear Purple Shirt #LittleKitties
Francis Sitjar (5 months ago)
Eden Sibakwe (5 months ago)
Girl, you are one healthy grown-up cat!!!!! OH MY [email protected]
Mukta Soni (5 months ago)
I love Angela very much 😍😍😀
Joana Semedo (6 months ago)
Walrus (7 months ago)
1. I like junk food 2. I like to eat cake 3. I love animals 4. Gingela 5. I have not made videos 6. I don't Russian 7. I have Instagram 8. My key to happiness is bolt
Shresthi Maurya (8 months ago)
What is your age Angela
Max de Vrind (10 months ago)
Ken jou dutch
mike/// sam (10 months ago)
alex rodriguez (10 months ago)
Does Angela Miss Emily Yeung?
Muslima Chowdhury (10 months ago)
do u know/like BTS.
DanteTube Rocks (10 months ago)
Do you like pizza
Adam Sillivan (11 months ago)
Costin Ramona Ștefania (11 months ago)
Yaska Hu (11 months ago)
Niya Ben Edayanal Benoy (11 months ago)
love 💗 you
Emma Gacha and ropelays (11 months ago)
Do you like the fashion in Paris
Aiste Sidlauskas (11 months ago)
Analia Keppes (11 months ago)
Angela is great!❤😄
Verena Gaxhiqi (11 months ago)
Do you life your fashon
Haoua Herhira (11 months ago)
Of Kors I Love YOU Angela <9😘😘😘😘😘😘😘
Adithya B (11 months ago)
#AskTalkingAngela . Which is your favourite city?😃
mamta rishi (1 year ago)
Do love going to school
mamta rishi (1 year ago)
Dear Angela do you like makeup
Anamshahid Khan (1 year ago)
what about tom and Angela ? tomgela
I'm your big fan Angela pls
Noor Elsayed (1 year ago)
Can u make beauty things
Jose Cerrate (1 year ago)
#little kitties
raj singh (1 year ago)
What is your age and what is your thing
paula pomper (1 year ago)
wath is your best calor.
8 1 (1 year ago)
Love Angela💙💚💛💜💜💛💚💙
Maribel Marquez (1 year ago)
Pixel Castillo (1 year ago)
I love your app 🤗so do you want to talk to me and my name is pixel like a phone but it is not a phone ok can you call me please 😃👩
Zoey B Adventures (1 year ago)
Do the eat it or wear it challenge.
Stuti sharma (1 year ago)
Do u have Channel in Hindi
hokage bros (1 year ago)
Girls can dream everything like me
Do you like clowns? #AskTalkingAngela
Siddharth Venkatesan (1 year ago)
do you like cup cakes
Fuzzy Winter Bun (1 year ago)
People? More like kitties
OB KD (1 year ago)
What r your favorite unicorn diys? I love unicorn cupcakes and unicorn headbands
Gaminmonkey .S. (1 year ago)
Poo is you
Gaminmonkey .S. (1 year ago)
zino guernah (1 year ago)
What do you like to do
Rezwana Islam (1 year ago)
Angela do you like school.
kremit the frog (1 year ago)
And now a team against Alex and Angela? Alexla?
kremit the frog (1 year ago)
So let me get this straight, you don't like cake or love it? That's a pretty dumb answer.
Elongated Musket (1 year ago)
Do you have a crush on tom 🤔💕😍😡😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😓😓😘👍😔😘
Bob Gutierrez (1 year ago)
Hi burnard
Virginia Velazquez (1 year ago)
I love you : ]
sharon harrison (1 year ago)
I just told my girl that girl was just like she told me she was told her me her that she told me her that she was told she was just told her she told
Anitha Narain (1 year ago)
Do you like tom
Stereotypes Dudes (1 year ago)
Do you like tom,hank,ginger,or Ben more?
Stereotypes Dudes (1 year ago)
Do you like fall,spring,summer,or winter?
Sureshkumar Mani (1 year ago)
What is your favorite song
Thomas Joseph (1 year ago)
How old are you??
ruchika g (1 year ago)
Angela where is your family??
Alex Mari (1 year ago)
Do like the song they gos havena how na na ey half of my heart is in havena hoo na na?
Melissa Sanchez (1 year ago)
CatGamer 321 (1 year ago)
Hacks, and ONLY HACKS
J. F. (1 year ago)
Talking angela es mamá de mi talking angela
Perez Feliciano (1 year ago)
love you
GACHA ALEX (1 year ago)
Angela. How old are you????
Erin G. 🍁 (1 year ago)
Ilove youuuu and your app it says what i say
Jean Jalcovik (1 year ago)
Do you have Instagram
Jean Jalcovik (1 year ago)
Food 🥘 cake 🎂 chocolate 🍫 milk 🥛 🕷 bengeala hankal
Soumik Dutta (1 year ago)
talking Angela how to download the Talking Angela color splash game
Soumik Dutta (1 year ago)
can you like to bake cakes
Jean Jalcovik (1 year ago)
Soy Sauce_453 (1 year ago)
Do you ever cry?😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Jennia Tiktok (1 year ago)
angela i know your favorite animal horse or unicorns
In lumea Emiliei (1 year ago)
I LOVE LOVE You , Angela!!!!😘😘😘😘😍😍😍😍💟💟💟❤❤❤
Primarina The Seal (1 year ago)
Angela can you dab
Cute Pretty (1 year ago)
I'm Level 25
Rafat Khan (1 year ago)
I hate the people that don't like your videos
Rafat Khan (1 year ago)
I am fine thanks how are you? Plz answer my question
Rafat Khan (1 year ago)
Hi how many videos can you make in one day P.s. my guess is ten am
Rafat Khan (1 year ago)
Ellyssa Vale Unknown (1 year ago)
dafina selmani (1 year ago)
Angela do you like playing your app
funtime fox luna (1 year ago)
Do you like tom
Archana Singh (1 year ago)
Dear Angela your voice is music to my ears
lobo mendoza (1 year ago)
odio tus videos
Julz Javier (1 year ago)
who is your pet?
Do you have a pet?
do you like the Polar Express? #AskTalkingAngela
I luv diy videos of talking Angela ?
Judith Rodriguez (1 year ago)
Angela what is your favorite thing to do when you are not making videos and are not haning out with your friends.
Judith Rodriguez (1 year ago)
Very good.
Pavithra Jayaraman (1 year ago)
do you love cats
@GACHA ALEX it's true!
GACHA ALEX (1 year ago)
Angela is a cat

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