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Ultimate Bite Alarm Review - Fox Micron, Delkim, ATTs, NGT, Nash Siren, Chub Neuron

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Bite alarm review for Fox Micron M+, Fox Micron MX+, NGT Vx-1, Delkim Txi+ and receiver, Gardner ATTs, Nash Siren S5, Chub Neuron T5, and several bite alarms and bite indicators from Amazon.com. You can buy most of these alarms at http://www.bigcarptackle.com/bite-indication/bite-alarms You can learn more about bite alarms at http://catsandcarp.com/gear/bite-alarms/ Here are links to the products in this video: NGT VX-1 http://www.bigcarptackle.com/bite-indication/bite-alarms/ngt-vx1-bite-alarm-w-volume-control Fox Micron M+ http://www.bigcarptackle.com/fox-micron-m-alarm Fox Micron MX+ http://www.bigcarptackle.com/fox-micron-mx Delkim Txi+ http://www.bigcarptackle.com/delkim-plus-tx-i-series-alarms-receiver Nash Siren S5 http://www.bigcarptackle.com/bite-indication/bite-alarms/nash-s-5-bite-alarm Gardner ATTs http://www.bigcarptackle.com/atts-silent-alarm Bank Sticks http://www.bigcarptackle.com/pods/pods-and-components/banksticks-storm-poles Bite Alarm Hangers http://www.bigcarptackle.com/bite-indication/bite-indicators
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Text Comments (292)
tajma70 (6 days ago)
When you demonstrated the Freetoo clip on, the only reason it didn't fit you rod is because you had the rubber part attached wrong.
Krom1hell (18 days ago)
The last bite alarm is more of a feeder fishing bite alarm....And it comes with a plastic on the battery ... If you removed that, then screw the cap firmly, and put it on your rod tip ;)......It will be set off by movements of the rod tip...But those movements are somewhat harsh in my opinion . I have 4 of them and they seem to do the job when you're going after monster carp or catfish..... For the rest of the fishing journeys, I use Prologic's SMX WTS with Windblades...Witch were 300$, 4 of them with the transmitter, and the windblades (that can be hangers or swingers or tensioners).... Can't say that there will be another better alarm set than that for me :D.
the eabster (25 days ago)
The last fish alarm that you have reviewed and the video have you tried to remove the plastic that's in between the batteries ? There is usually plastic or sometimes they turn the batteries upside down to stop it from draining the batteries while sitting on the shelf
Paul Franciosi (1 month ago)
Delkim TXI for me.Big sellers here in the UK.Delkim vibration arm much better than a roller wheel.
Azzur azazel (1 month ago)
The last bite alarm. The white one. You're suppose to clip it to your rod. The rubber pad inside serve as a pressure point. It grips the rods and only then the alarm will work
Live2Fish (1 month ago)
Where do i get the rod holders or the stand for the alarm? Like the stick/pole it attaches to?
Catfish and Carp (1 month ago)
bank sticks and rod pods are sold at bigcarptackle.com
Antonio Simon (1 month ago)
You could not get the $6.00 alarm to fit because you did not put the adapter strap correctly
Team Mainlake (1 month ago)
Thank you
all fishing uk (1 month ago)
The reason that the clip on one was loose was because you are supposed to put the white rubber thing over the clip so It will fit on any rod
Josh Kuempfel (1 month ago)
Just got some delkim ev and they are so cool
Vincent Maree (2 months ago)
You just taught me something. Now I can get a Nash S5R reciever and my S5 sirens will have a reciever. They are bang on reliable, Nash don't disappoint when it comes to their quality. Even if it's an entry level product. Great review man 👍
Robert Goddard (2 months ago)
Where are the Steve Neville’s?
Josh Kuempfel (3 months ago)
Here in the UK the s5 alarm costs £20
Jamiel266 6 (3 months ago)
You should check out the new direction s9 alarms they are Bluetooth and have an app to change the colours and the tones
l.I (5 months ago)
Nash Sirene R3 ich sag nur eins alle 5 wochen batterien lehr . Beim dem reciver und auch bei den bissanzeigern . Und nein die waren vieleicht in der zeit 20 stunden am Wasser. Den Rest der Zeit lagen sie aus im Keller. Kann ja nicht sein die Batterie da da rein kommen sind ja auch nicht Standard dem entsprechenden teuer und nicht überall zu bekommen.
Gone Fishing (5 months ago)
Great review. I've had Fox RX alarms in the past and currently now have Delkims. And I can honestly say the Delkims are in a different league with the vibration sensing, and when fishing with slack lines the alarm will sound before the line tightens. Most excellent!
Mark Dyson (6 months ago)
your use of the word obnoxious is obnoxious
sherifsalem77able (6 months ago)
The last one i have one its working in night fishing you can put it in the last point in your rod after that tie the screw of the lamp from up to be more until the light apear when your rod have any vibration its changing the light from grean to red. By the way its in UAE as a cheap alarm.
G. oxygen (6 months ago)
My friend i love the fact that you are an amazing father. Having the kid around you always like that just makes me wanna cry because i cant do the same with my kid(4years old).. He loves stuff like these but me i cant handle him because i am like mr monk (from the film if you know) who puts everything in order and hates it when someone is touching his things.. But i am sure that this will change in a few years and my kid will be more easy to handle.. Well done again. Lovely kids you have.......
thelolipopkidz (7 months ago)
Hey luke, is there any new bite alarms you’ve tested in the past two years since this video? I know your constantly going through equipment and id love to see another video like this or maybe some suggestions...KEEP UP THE GREAT CONTENT MAN!👍
thelolipopkidz (7 months ago)
Catfish and Carp glad they lasted you! Currently looking at the sonik sks seems like a pretty good deal... not sure what the bivvy light it comes with does but i guess ill find out haha
Catfish and Carp (7 months ago)
I am still rocking my delkims
tim (7 months ago)
Let me ask, is there a alarm that will work with bail open, so fish can run then swallow bait then set hook?
tim (7 months ago)
Catfish and Carp ok thx I bought some of the freetoo alarms I’ll try them out at the Colorado River this weekend.
Catfish and Carp (7 months ago)
tim jordan  Every one of the bite alarms in this video that screw into a bank stick can do that.
tim (7 months ago)
Can you direct me to it. I looked online but can’t find one. Thx.
Catfish and Carp (7 months ago)
Jbay2608 (8 months ago)
I've had Fox Warriors since 2009, they still work perfectly even after going through several sessions of extremely bad weather. Considering they were Fox's entry level alarms at the time I can't realy ask for me.
Dan Bowler (8 months ago)
Nash siren r5 are alright but compare if you have used the siren r3 you would never look back from them!
Rob Summerville (8 months ago)
where do you get the tri pod stand and holder
Catfish and Carp (8 months ago)
African Twin (9 months ago)
I like the AliExpress alarms. No need for overpriced Fox beepers, and swing arms.
Me enbia uns alarmes???
c allen (10 months ago)
Question for you or anyone who could answer. I'm in Idaho fishing for channel cats, and some sturgeon, but want to know how I can get a solid steel rod or something connected to a bite alarm, or if they make something that you can pound into a really rocky shoreline. I'm needing something TOUGH AS NAILS to be able to drive it into sand and gravel. Thanks in advance!
Catfish and Carp (10 months ago)
Called a Bankstick buy at www.bigcarptackle.com
Ilija Kavedžić (10 months ago)
You can't buy wireless recivier for nash sirene s5 in the video. Only for sirene s5R.
SuperRommelPotter013 (8 months ago)
Ilija Kavedžić yep
Ilija Kavedžić (8 months ago)
+SuperRommelPotter013 and the price ofc
Ilija Kavedžić (8 months ago)
+SuperRommelPotter013 looks the same. Only difference between s5 and s5r is wireless receiver capability.
SuperRommelPotter013 (8 months ago)
Ilija Kavedžić its the same basically
S.A Unkown (11 months ago)
lol just use the R3 the best bite alarms evaaa
JamieL26 6 (11 months ago)
Is the fox micron plus waterproof?
Lewis Cain (11 months ago)
I don’t recommend the NGT bite alarms, I have owned many of them over the years and they just keep braking. I recommend saving your money and buying a higher quality alarm that will last longer and work better.
Josh Kuempfel (3 months ago)
I had the same problem
vast active (1 year ago)
Get some snag ears if your worried about snag ears
vast active (1 year ago)
On the U.K. everyone knows don’t buy ngt better listening to the carp swimming I’d rather watch tin foil on my line
all fishing uk (1 month ago)
The only good thing from ngt is their lead weights because they're cheap Anything else from them us useless
Garrett Bacik (1 year ago)
You got grate ideas for food for carp and cats and device's
balf1111117373 (1 year ago)
Good tip is to REMOVE the battery’s after use and leave them in your tackle box. The battery’s can rust and corrode if you don’t use them over time and will ruin your bite alarm device
Don't judge me -_- (1 year ago)
I have the delkim's
TheBestIsYetToBe (1 year ago)
Is the bite alarm only suitable for carp and catfish ?
Catfish and Carp (1 year ago)
Paul Le (1 year ago)
Heh Catfish and Carp! Can you put the link of the batteries for the NGT VX1?
rhyspullingerfishing (1 year ago)
Delkims used to be alarms I used and loved them but I got the nash siren R3 and I would never look back at Delkims you should try them mate
alex p. 2084 2000 (2 months ago)
rhyspullingerfishing Same.
Dapper DoN (1 year ago)
What is the name of the stick that holds the alarm??
Catfish and Carp (1 year ago)
Catfish and Carp (1 year ago)
+Dapper DoN called a bank stick
Dapper DoN (1 year ago)
That it goes in the alarm
aaberetta33 (1 year ago)
You have to flip batteries over for the little white light ones
Ilvars Ilvars (1 year ago)
I have ten bite alarms. Me: there's seven In front of you
gazzertrn (1 year ago)
wow look you caught a kid ! Joking aside good informative vid thanks , makes things a lot clearer to a novice like me .
lee'll do for now. (1 year ago)
delkim is number 1 in my book.
Catfish and Carp (1 year ago)
+skinny lee mine too
hugo (1 year ago)
hugo (1 year ago)
HariKumar (1 year ago)
denny last (1 year ago)
Hi. How do you keep the carp from taking your rod in the water? Do you set the drag really light and adjust once you get a bite? I've had carp realize theyve been hooked and launch my rod into the water out of the rod holder at light speed lol. Wondering how they stay in these bite alarms when you get a bite. Thanks.
S Magraw (1 year ago)
Check out the freespool reels like the baitrunners, they have 2 drags so after you have cast out and set up your bobbins you can switch on the baitrunner, so when you get a bite it will allow line to be taken, then when you turn the reel handle it will disengage and switch to your main drag, it is cool when you get a screaming run, good luck!
denny last (1 year ago)
Where I fish
denny last (1 year ago)
There's huge grass carp where u fish. 80 lb plus
F minus (1 year ago)
I own 3 x15yr old Delkim txi's and two latest standard models and you wont get better.
Lambert Olivier (1 year ago)
abruti quand tu présente quelque chose, fais le bien...
Peter B (1 year ago)
Still using my 15 year old Delkims. Love them, wouldn't use anything else.
Beef Supreme (1 year ago)
run the silicon grip around the inside of the clip. not around the outside
Virgil Bouwens (1 year ago)
delkim ev plus or fox the ones u can change tone and stuff
James Lynch (1 year ago)
Great review
Xx0kXX300X (1 year ago)
22:15 that is why they gave you a silicone strip, it goes inside the clip to grip rods. Still looks like a POS though.
Richard Sword (1 year ago)
Shiddy they actually work great on tight or slack lines. If the grip is set up right no issues. I use thoes all the time.
Ignition Vapes (2 years ago)
like the stand u use in your catfishing video that sticks in the ground but its a double ended stand if that makes any sense man
Ignition Vapes (2 years ago)
where did you get the little stands that these alarms will go on my dad and i use the little stands that have like reel holders red ends like forks
Catfish and Carp (2 years ago)
+cory burleson www.bigcarptackle.com bank sticks and rod pods
Dave carp (2 years ago)
why no nevilles ? these are the best
Catfish and Carp (2 years ago)
+Dave Aertgeerts they don't sell them in US so can't get some to review
Flatheadfletch (2 years ago)
Hey, if I'm sleeping, will alarm be loud enough to wake me ? Fox MX+
Flatheadfletch (2 years ago)
Thanx. Your reviews here saved me a head ache and some $$
Catfish and Carp (2 years ago)
+Flatheadfletch yeah
Jimmy Gilbert (2 years ago)
The Nash siren s5 is a great Alam
Fish 4 Fun (2 years ago)
These alarms would be going off all the time with these Kansas winds we have 90% of the time
Catfish and Carp (2 years ago)
+Google Reviewer not if you get the right alarm. That is where high end alarms make a difference. The Delkims do very well in high wind
travis dunn (2 years ago)
This is a year old, but in case you never noticed, you're using the clip wrong at 21:15 xD
Ben Wicker (2 years ago)
I fish with my rods an 45 degree angle not flat out .
Danny Hernandez (2 years ago)
Can you use it for salt water??
Catfish and Carp (2 years ago)
+Danny Hernandez yes
Aussie Carp Fisho's (2 years ago)
Would I be right in thinking Bigcarptackle.com sponsor you in some way? I picked up a set from Ebay which included 4 alarms, A remote & case to keep it all in. Are you able to do reviews on products like the Ebay ones? I had 2 ducks get tangled in one of my lines over the weekend & take off side ways without the rod jumping out, It has adjustable sensitivity, Various tones, Port for Hangers ect. Personally I think they are brilliant for the price paid. I would love to see you do a review on them. http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Carp-Fishing-Wireless-Digital-Fishing-Alarm-Set-Bite-Alarm-Receiver-NEW-F3V4-/131797517515?hash=item1eafbe84cb:g:074AAOSwubRXJDKu
Beef Supreme (1 year ago)
the problem with reviewing gear from amazon and EBAY is. its really nearly impossible to return the crud if its garbage. and you would just be out the loss if you never use it. but could always do a giveaway lol But i am thinking about getting this set http://www.ebay.com/itm/New-Fishing-Wireless-Dropback-Running-LED-Carp-Bite-Alarms-Receiver-Case-US-/142360263930 which looks to be exactly the same.
Aussie Carp Fisho's (2 years ago)
We dont have anyone in Australia that promotes Carp fishing. Like with you guys they are seen as a pest & nothing more by most. I love them as a sport fish. Im yet to taste one.
Catfish and Carp (2 years ago)
+Aussie Carp Fisho's they are the only major carp gear distributor in the US so it's a common referral
Aussie Carp Fisho's (2 years ago)
No worries mate. You mention them so many times I thought they must of. Maybe they should. I did enjoy the review & enjoy many of your videos mate. Keep it up.
Catfish and Carp (2 years ago)
+Aussie Carp Fisho's they don't sponsor me.
Robert Collier (2 years ago)
Mitch (2 years ago)
I was wondering if these were good bite alarms for the price. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Michigan-Piece-Wireless-Fishing-Reciever/dp/B00Q8Y5ZPM/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1490994963&sr=8-2&keywords=michigan+bite+alarm
Catfish and Carp (2 years ago)
I have never seen those.
Nate Williams (2 years ago)
whats that clip bite alarm that you always use
Catfish and Carp (2 years ago)
+Nate Williams Its a no-name brand I got on Amazon.com
William Dawson (2 years ago)
abd I'm over here happy with a stick on my.line
Pablo Fishing (2 years ago)
What's your opinion on the Delkim EV + (Plus) the only difference between Standard + ; I saw was (adjustable led brightness , low battery alarm) ?
Paul Franciosi (1 month ago)
Ev is the bottom of the delkim range has not got as. Many features as the standard plus which are actually the same as the TXI but without the transmitter in.
Maximus Mathers (2 years ago)
Thanks so much. You answered a few of my issues. Now what bite alarm rod holder do you use?
Geoff Saunderson (2 years ago)
Shame, best bite alarm ever built....wait for it...FOX M lol, no really these things did the job for me for years, never let me down, ok the atts is a little fiddle but you can get an illuminated wheel for it, so when you get a bite it just explodes in light! Very sexy. Ps why did you put the rubber grip like that? What did you think that bit of rubber was for? Lol
rooster booster (2 years ago)
You missed out the fox ntxr, great review tho 👍🏼
Jacquie Anderson (2 years ago)
Nash siren R3 is the best bite alarm in my opinion.
Then your opinion is bollocks; carp angler no doubt and therefore not an angler at all. A noddy.
walter campbell (2 years ago)
the strike indicator that goes on your rod tip. you have too unscrew and open it up so you can flip the battery around an then screw it back together it's pretty bright and it does flash when it's shook. a pain to use in the cold but it does what they say it does I use them all the time. I got mine for a buck apiece. free shipping!
Slayer Metallica (2 years ago)
You should so a intro to catfish gear
Dämon Zozo (1 year ago)
American or european catfish gear? I doubt that you need 120 pound braid and or 0.55 to 0.6 mono and rods with cast weight of 12+ ounzes
William Dawson (2 years ago)
Slayer Metallica he has in his how to catfish on a budget videos ( metallica and slayer are great bands)
Jeff m (2 years ago)
if fishing slack line method, do you have to have the bobbin/chain? or will the alarm still be able to detect a bite without?
Catfish and Carp (2 years ago)
Its hard on slack line. THe bite detection is not consistent without the bobbin
Connor Gibson (2 years ago)
in UK MX+s are £40 each and the m+ is £25-£30
Kevin Veltmeijer (2 years ago)
i use the last one on my spinning rod its work fine because you put the rubber protective thing on wrong it dont fits good on youre rods
William Dawson (2 years ago)
It's OK.I felt like being a douche
Kevin Veltmeijer (2 years ago)
William Dawson im dutch so english isnt my fist langues
William Dawson (2 years ago)
Kevin Veltmeijer your* (sorry I had to
SHARKYMILARKY (2 years ago)
the yolo bite alarm worked really well for me
Wayne Williams (2 years ago)
thanks Luke for your video I'm trying to put together a starter kit carp setup been doing some research on rods carp care slings reels which I like the video of the ones you got off amazon the 3500 reels but any ways this was on my list to get next thanks for the advice and videos for the help of which ones I needed that best fits me and a wireless receiver was definitely out of the question just debating on the delkim or the fox
Jeff m (2 years ago)
can the delkim and fox alarms be used with the slack line method? or does it have to be tight line
Catfish and Carp (2 years ago)
+Jeff m a hanger is a chain that attaches to the alarm and helps detect drop back bites and improves sensitivity. Here is an example. https://youtu.be/4oG2rtPMDF4
Jeff m (2 years ago)
Forgive my stupidity. Not very familiar with these things. What exactly is a hanger?
Catfish and Carp (2 years ago)
+Jeff m slack works fine. Especially with hangers
Hydro2oo9 (2 years ago)
My advice would be to never buy anything NGT full stop as it's tack, falls to pieces and in the end you will end up opting for a better alarm anyway, which just means a waste of money. I personally like the Fox Microns as they aren't expensive, yet are very durable and do the job nicely. Fox are also a reliable brand who have a lot of trust in me as a buyer. NGT stuff falls to bits within a month while fox stuff lasts you a lifetime, even their "budget" range. I used to have the Micron MX(the originals which have been discontinued) while my mates had the Micron Ms(also discontinued now and replaced by the "+" versions), but even though the MXs had more features I liked the look of the Ms due to them being smaller and would say either alarm will do the job perfectly. Either way, I sold all my tackle in about 2004(including my MXs) before taking the sport back up again 5 year ago and I went straight for the Micron M+ alarms, which have lasted me ever since and still look brand new. for £25 per alarm you cannot complain. The Delkims are the best alarms without a doubt, but I personally like to stick on a budget(although not too tight of one), while still going for the top brands and due to this I own the Fox Microns.
Andy H (2 years ago)
NGT stuff is mostly junk, except their luggage which is very tough, lasts for years
Mad Maize (2 years ago)
thanks for this great review. i just want to ask what is the most sensitive alarm for you, im looking for a alarm with ultimate sensitivity which reacts to very small nuisance fishes.
Beef Supreme (1 year ago)
fishes? wth is that meaning?
Mad Maize (2 years ago)
Catfish and Carp (2 years ago)
Delkims - hands down
Prox (2 years ago)
I can get a chub t3 alarm for 15$ should I go for it can't find any t5s
Their after sales service is fantastic.
oliver Bramhill (2 years ago)
Don't know if this helps but Delkim will repair out of warranty just have to give them a call
Prox (2 years ago)
Catfish and Carp great I had a look around and found 2 delkim ev plus alarms for 90 $ for just out of warranty though they look in great condition, do delkim still repair out of warranty alarms if they broke? Thanks
Prox (2 years ago)
Catfish and Carp great I had a look around and found 2 delkim ev plus alarms for 90 $ for just out of warranty though they look in great condition, do delkim still repair out of warranty alarms if they broke? Thanks
Prox (2 years ago)
Catfish and Carp great I had a look around and found 2 delkim ev plus alarms for 90 $ for just out of warranty though they look in great condition, do delkim still repair out of warranty alarms if they broke? Thanks
Serhiy Rostotskyy (2 years ago)
delkim would be #1, but compared to the prize and quality carp academy #1 for me and it comes with hard case ( but really hard to to find them for sale)
Catfishbill 66 (2 years ago)
does the stand come with them or what do you use
Catfish and Carp (2 years ago)
www.bigcarptackle.com yep
Catfishbill 66 (2 years ago)
can I order them at the same place with the bite alarms
Catfish and Carp (2 years ago)
No you buy the stands or bank sticks separately they are all the same thread pattern though.
Jeff m (2 years ago)
Im guessing none of these can be used with a spincast (closed face) reel?
Jeff m (2 years ago)
Catfish and Carp (2 years ago)
Just depends whether you want to fish with your rod tips up or rod tips level or down.
Jeff m (2 years ago)
Catfish and Carp what length bank stick would you recommend?
Catfish and Carp (2 years ago)
Yep, line side down.
Jeff m (2 years ago)
+Catfish and Carp You would have to have your rod up aide down though correct? Also which do you think would be best for slack line fishing. I like to use the free line method for carp. I have never had much luck with tight line when ot comes to carp
Alistair Wilkins (2 years ago)
I just baught 3 Nash siren s5 and recover to find out they arnt actually wireless
Alistair Wilkins (2 years ago)
But it's actually the Nash siren s5R that's wireless
Catfish and Carp (2 years ago)
Yeah, i am not a fan of the Nash Sirens
JOSEPH MONROE (2 years ago)
You're a candidate for the "Father Of The Year" award. Keep up the good work.
Catfish and Carp (2 years ago)
Clive Sinclair (2 years ago)
Check out New Direction alarms - the company that makes many other branded alarms. Now they decided to make them under their own brand name.
rhinohd (2 years ago)
Luke, Can you recommend a bite alarm to go with my new Monster Rod holders? I fish for flatheads and channels from shore.
rhinohd (2 years ago)
I am just a little puzzled as too which one would work best on monster rod holders?
Catfish and Carp (2 years ago)
+rhinohd check out this video https://youtu.be/tp6k3EEOJK0
Alistair Wilkins (2 years ago)
delkim or one with a sensitiveity change
vu tran (2 years ago)
bobb613 fishin'pa (2 years ago)
new to bite alarms. suggestion on what to start with?
bobb613 fishin'pa (2 years ago)
ok would you suggest certain ones or styles? my rods currently i use rod props and/or my monster rod holders. i fish 100% from banks. some are rocky banks others dirt/grass
Catfish and Carp (2 years ago)
bobb613 fishin'pa (2 years ago)
guess i need to get a stick for the alarms as well or a pod.
Catfish and Carp (2 years ago)
The NGT one or the clip on alarms.
bobb613 fishin'pa (2 years ago)
i catfish from shore at night in local river and lakes. thought these would help. been using glow tips type of things to see rod tips in dark. looking for good startup alarm. will these go off if grass or stick hits your line as it floats by? thinking of adding carp fishing to my list as well. havent tried targeting them but they are fun to catch.
Jonathan Robertson (2 years ago)
excellent review mate
Catfish and Carp (2 years ago)
may moua (2 years ago)
what bite alarm can i start with. pls tell me
Catfish and Carp (2 years ago)
The NGT, the Micron and the Delkims are my favorites
rabbit vasquez (2 years ago)
ebro clip 8.22 each on amazon . who did you get yours from
Jackson Lovich (2 years ago)
Where do u get the poles that connect to the bait alarm?
Catfish and Carp (2 years ago)
they are called bank sticks and are sold at www.bigcarptackle.com
EpicOlogy (2 years ago)
With the clip on bite alarms the grip is supposed to be inside to stop it moving
EpicOlogy (2 years ago)
+Catfish and Carp Yeah I agree, it would of been better with instructions. Love your videos man
Catfish and Carp (2 years ago)
You are the 10th person to say that, the problem is that they don't have any pictures or instructions on the box and it doesn't come assembled so how is anyone to know what on earth the rubber piece is for?

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