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25 Tips To Get More Instagram Followers | Hacks From A Full Time Instagrammer

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...My Instagram hacks series... https://youtu.be/mC7_Rr45YXs https://youtu.be/Dg3azZxyT1c Want to get more Instagram followers? My Instagram tips will teach you just that and show you how I was able to gain 82,000 followers in 2 years - and get up to 4,000 likes per image! I am all about honesty and want to show you how to get more Instagram followers without following others or engaging in any other spammy activity. These tips are as real as they get and you can have a look at my account below if you'd like to make sure I'm legit: ... MY INSTAGRAM: http://instagram.com/girlvsglobe ... ... ICONOSQUARE: http://ssqt.co/mQcqm93 If you’d like to gain Instagram followers and get more likes, this is the video for you. I’ll show you how to beat the Instagram algorithm with fresh tips, optimised for the latest algorithm changes! Here are just some of the ways to get more Instagram followers in 2017... 1. Do not cheat the system (02:29) 2. Improve your photography (03:12) 3. Develop a consistent editing style (03:49) 4. Be an active Instagram user (04:41) 5. Interact with the right people (05:16) 6. Change your profile picture (05:46) 7. Optimise your bio (06:13) 8. Use all the hashtags (06:33) 9. Choose the right hashtags (07:04) 10. Geotag your photos (07:26) 11. Experiment with captions (07:40) 12. Include a call to action (08:30) 13. Tag others in your photos (08:50) 14. Stay on topic (09:27) 15. Work in big trending topics (10:11) Watch the entire video to get the remaining 10 Instagram hacks. Trust me, you'll want to hear them! I’ve also written a post full of tips on how to get more followers on Instagram. You can view it right here: http://girlvsglobe.com/increase-instagram-engagement. If you'd like to figure out your Instagram engagement rate and whether it's 'good enough' here's another post you'll probably really enjoy: . If you enjoyed this 2017 get Instagram followers guide, then please comment below. Do you have any other tips on how to get followers on Instagram that I've missed out? Let me know - I'd love to know and would be happy to create a part 2 of this video. Thank you for watching - now go get famous on Instagram! ...FOLLOW ME... BLOG: http://www.girlvsglobe.com INSTAGRAM: http://instagram.com/girlvsglobe TWITTER: http://www.twitter.com/girlvsglobe FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/girlvsglobe PINTEREST: http://pinterest.com/girlvsglobe ...SIGN UP TO MY MONTHLY NEWSLETTER... http://eepurl.com/9KoZ9 Sabina Trojanova aka girlvsglobe is a full-time UK-based lifestyle blogger, travel blogger, fashion blogger and YouTuber. I'm all about responsible travel, sustainable fashion, natural beauty and vegan food. If that's your kind of thing go ahead and subscribe for more! :)
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Girl vs Globe (1 year ago)
So many of you have asked me to do a video about HASHTAGS and I have! :) I'm getting lots of great comments on it already and hope you'll find it helpful as well: https://youtu.be/mC7_Rr45YXs
Iqra Khadim (10 days ago)
Girl vs Globe so helpful video it was, i was doing so many mistakes, thank you for guidance 😘💕
jessie smith (21 days ago)
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Stephenie G. Yeiyah (9 days ago)
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Stephenie G. Yeiyah (9 days ago)
Dm @loytdot_yes for any help. She is a professional hacker in all aspect.
Stephenie G. Yeiyah (9 days ago)
Dm @loytdot_yes for any help. She is a professional hacker in all aspect.
JAZMINE PEREZ (16 minutes ago)
Thank you so much😊
Gloria Arredondo (4 hours ago)
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Daniela Ortiz (7 hours ago)
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Chris fuck you Reilly (10 hours ago)
You're going to get recognition because you are attractive, also you clearly have the ability, to travel! That's going to make it poplar!!! But for the rest of us you should make a tutorial, on how the average Joe, who looks like s***, or just looks average, becomes a somebody, on a stupid f****** social media site! Thank you!
Hannah Silverman (14 hours ago)
When you say "buy followers" and you say it is controversial, are you referring to spending money on promoting your IG posts?
Mina Henkin (15 hours ago)
really enjoyed this video! tons of tips for helping myself grow
scarlett dunn (15 hours ago)
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madison fleming (13 hours ago)
Azha Amirul (15 hours ago)
Great tips!
Mellissa Anderson (16 hours ago)
Follow me on instagram @theislandgirl_ I'm trying to get to 1k
Viviane B (17 hours ago)
I just found your channel because I'm curious on how to grow my ig account (@viv.imagines). New sub here! Thank you for the video. You are very charismatic and friendly I loved that! 😃 I wish you success on your journey.
Nicky Nicholson (18 hours ago)
Really helpful, thank you for taking the time to do this video 😊
Patrick Tem (1 day ago)
Anyone watching this in 2019?
Very helpful! Thanks!
Kyubi Paths (1 day ago)
You said buying followers is bad but some people don't buy them and get fake followers I have a friend who got deleted a week ago cause of this is you know how to stop them
Z Gardner (1 day ago)
Thank God you mentioned the follow/unfollow thing at the beginning I HATE IT SO MUCH. Btw if any of y’all like food, follow me on Instagram @veganallthethyme 🤗
Jodi Salice (1 day ago)
Girl, I am so encouraged by your enthusiasm! Thank you so very much for making this video and sharing all of these helpful tips. This has been a superior crash-course for me on Instagram, and I am looking so much forward to some new exposure. Thanks again, and may you have everything you ever want in life! <3
tyler spring (1 day ago)
IG tylerstephenspring
Flame Chapel (1 day ago)
This was definitely helpful. Thank you so much!
K TaVonne (1 day ago)
Loved it
Fazeela Siddiqui (1 day ago)
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Rikki B (2 days ago)
I would love an editing tutorial! this is an awesome video!
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MBoyVlogs (2 days ago)
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Sam Warren (2 days ago)
Thank you for your tips I’m older and still trying to get to terms with having a lot of strokes . I keep forgetting my instagram and have decided I wanted to know more about getting more followers and likes and have watched a few videos but yours has been the most helpful, so again thank you and I’ll be trying your tips out ASAP 😃
Yes this video helps. Thanks for making it.
Peter Curley (2 days ago)
I am new to Instagram - Thank you - Just great info and you have a beautiful energy....
Mo XDB (3 days ago)
Great tips here, thanks.
sadeg48 (3 days ago)
what is hashtage?
betty (3 days ago)
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gouwaa peters (3 days ago)
thanks for the tips
Celia Daisy (3 days ago)
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Jenny Cortez (4 days ago)
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Jessica (4 days ago)
MADAME B (4 days ago)
Excellent tips girl thank you!
lilia rae (4 days ago)
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Very helpful video!!! Thank you!
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Kathy Rushing (6 days ago)
Really helpful—thanks so much for the tips!
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Very helpful!!
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The Prasun Shakya (7 days ago)
Thanks for the tips
jenna Neiman (7 days ago)
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Q Vo (7 days ago)
This was helpful, thank you.
Subham Karmakar (7 days ago)
Can you please do in tutorial example type!!!
hayley blaiberg (7 days ago)
That was great, thanks so much, I know I'm a bit late to viewing this video but better late than never :) Going to go and check out your Instagram hashtags video now :)
AshleyJessicaVEVO (7 days ago)
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Be superior (7 days ago)
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NikelaWildlife (7 days ago)
Really learned a lot thanks Sabina. Do you think IG is a good space for a charity? We travel Africa to help people saving wildlife. Got some amazing images (not Nat Geo quality but decent.) Your thought are much appreciated.
NikelaWildlife (3 hours ago)
Thanks Ashley. We're just playing around and getting started. Any feedback from you would be most welcome. Our handle is @NikelaWildlife
NikelaWildlife that would be an amazing Instagram!! What’s your handle? Definitely interested in checking that out
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infinity nadine (9 days ago)
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Be superior (9 days ago)
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Kellie Lightfoot (9 days ago)
Thank you for sharing these awesome tips! I’m just getting started and can use almost all of these!
Emma Carruthers (10 days ago)
Great video - very helpful! A hashtag tutorial would be great.
Very enjoyable video!!
Sweet Magnolias (10 days ago)
Thank you for all the helpful tips!❤️ I know there are so many ways to make money online, I get kind of lost!
Mark Wheeler (10 days ago)
Thanks for all the tips. I saved this to watch later so I can make some notes.
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Janwilmer (10 days ago)
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