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Toukiden: Kiwami Gameplay |PSVITA|

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Interested in Toukiden: Kiwami for the PlayStation Vita. Well here's some gameplay for you to help with your decision. :) Donate to my channel here; https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_donations&business=J43RN5ZUAVSXA&lc=US&item_name=Mrpsvitareviews&currency_code=USD&bn=PP%2dDonationsBF%3abtn_donateCC_LG%2egif%3aNonHosted I get this question a lot. How do you capture the video? Well I purchased a capture Vita from a website called 3dsvideocapture.com It wasn't cheap roughly 470 US Dollars all said and done. Took about 1 and half months to arrive. Visit http://thevitalounge.net for everything Playstation Vita, whether it be reviews, news, rumors, or giveaways, The Vita Lounge is the number one Playstation Vita site there is! Thank you for taking the time to watch my video and visit the site take care! Thank you for watching! Please remember to like, and subscribe for future videos and giveaways! Also come find me on Twitter @MrPsVitaReviews Music by Kyle Von send him an email if you're interested in getting some music made for your videos! [email protected]
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Text Comments (21)
King Smurf (2 years ago)
hopefully you come back and do more reviews we miss you bro
Billy Frost (2 years ago)
i find it hilarious that this game was released for psp and for the vita but not on ps3. They took time and spent probably millions to port a ps4 game over to a portable console similar to a ps2 but not for the ps3 XD
Lightning Elemental (2 years ago)
This game is to fucking massive
erikmiller11 (2 years ago)
Hey i'm just wondering; i have Kiwami on my PS4, and I bought the DLC on my PS4; when I get my Vita, will the DLC carry over to this version?
x- InViNCiBle -z (3 years ago)
wave how is your psn name on your vita because i have toukiden
Montel Jefferson (3 years ago)
how did you get the soul sacrifice costume
JayYun (4 years ago)
Definitely buying this, Looks awesome.
Graphics are amazing, i'm playin it right now!
rageID2011 (4 years ago)
This looks alot more like Monster Hunter, I'm gonna go check it out later on!
TheFallenOne250 (4 years ago)
I never played the original. Definitely planning on picking this one up.
Wave (4 years ago)
Wait, so this isn't an actual sequel to Age of Demons? Basically an HD remaster with added dlc kind of thing? Welp, if it is, bummer since I bought the original Toukiden 4 days ago for $40!
Kenneth Monfil (2 years ago)
+MrPSVITAREVIEWS how much was the cost of this game when it 1st came out in "North America"?
Wave (4 years ago)
+MrPSVITAREVIEWS Refund and Sony Costumer Service don't go well together.
Green (4 years ago)
+MrPSVITAREVIEWS So are there any chain-type weapons in this game?
Tyler Olthoff (4 years ago)
+Wave I think if you play your cards right you can get a refund if you call Sony costumer service.
Wave (4 years ago)
+MrPSVITAREVIEWS Sadly, bought the digital version...
Rayo X (4 years ago)
Soul Sacrifice Delta>All
Nonscpo (4 years ago)
You know I am >_< P.S. Any chance you'll be playing more competitively now? How about with oyher youtubers like PixelPolish or GadgetGirlKylie?
Cheister L (4 years ago)
Soul sacrifice *o*
Jouz Barosa (4 years ago)
cool video

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