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Go-to-market strategy examples

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We’ll give you three examples to best build a go-to-market strategy that will help you make money and drive long-term growth. Get a free trial of our new sales and marketing planning software at: http://register.funnelplan.com/ -------------- The right strategy doesn't depend on your product, but your buyers. Let's take a look at the companies, their buyers, and their strategy. At the end I'll give you a model for working this out for yourself. Desktop Computers For my first example, let's take a company that wants to own the desktop computing market. Firstly, come up with something that's truly amazing and different, clever, unique. Take that to as broad a market as you possibly can, and this is what the company I'm about to talk about did. Take it to as broad a market as you possibly can. Find out from that early market experience what group of buyers are likely to be a good market for you to focus on in the future. Start very broadly, selling very widely. Find the pattern and then find a niche that you think might be worth dominating, and then completely change the strategy and focus just on that. Leader in an enterprise software category For my second go to market strategy example, I'm going to pick an established player in an established market. Very different story. This established player in an established market had done such a good job of riding the enterprise applications market, that they were near dominant in that space. That's good news, but it's also bad news. The bad news is that pretty much all of the market, the enterprise market, had already bought either from this company, or from one of their competitors. Whilst they enjoyed the lion's share of the market, the market was pretty much drying up. Everybody had bought a product like this from either them or from their competitor. Challenger in enterprise software For my third go to market strategy example, again I'll stick to a mature market, but this time the company's not the gorilla. In fact, they're probably fourth on a good day. Maybe less, maybe fifth or sixth in the market. It's a big market, and they've done well, they've profited, and they've used those profits to continue to invest in sales and marketing as well as R&D. The problem is that as the market started to decline, their fortunes declined. They'll continue to invest, but they're investing in order to grow their share in a market that was pretty much consolidating. Now we're losing money hand over fist. What's the right strategy then? Read the full version here: https://align.me/b2b-marketing-blog/go-to-market-strategy-examples/ Get more B2B sales and marketing insights at: https://align.me/b2b-marketing-blog Find out more about what align.me does here: https://align.me/
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Sibusiso Huren Nkosie (2 months ago)
very perfect , please can i have your email, i need your help
align.me (2 months ago)
Hi Sibusiso. Drop us a note at [email protected] and we'll be happy to pick up the conversation
Young Ho (8 months ago)
really helpfull
Anthony Dadzie (8 months ago)
Brilliant piece..
align.me (8 months ago)
Thanks Anthony. In this video I'm really just honouring the work of Geoffrey Moore. His 'chasm theory' is evergreen. We've baked chasm theory and McKinsey's portfolio analysis, together with three of our own models (buyer's journey, funnel velocity and sales marketing alignment) into Funnel Plan, as we believe those 5 elements define every good go-to-market plan. Glad you enjoyed.
Good Video
align.me (2 years ago)
We've re-filmed this video with better audio quality and visuals: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9pMtCHq3WYk.Thank you for watching this show. If you're interested on B2B Marketing and Sales topics, subscribe to our new channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRGyofKJ7sXkx5vHGNVVASg
Sarah Gregorio (2 years ago)
align.me (2 years ago)
Many thanks, Sarah. glad you liked it.

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