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【 SpeedPaint 】 Draw Anime Girl on MS Paint - Aqua

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Dont forget Like, Share And SUBSCRIBE :3 . Drawing Aqua on Paint using mouse music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_ExeHOPxyP0
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Text Comments (1789)
Ferris Senpai (10 hours ago)
Useless goddes
Luna owo (23 hours ago)
My laptop is touch screebpn so i would just draw with my fingers
test subject (1 day ago)
Aqua trashh
炫音蠢喵 (2 days ago)
oh my god.....
farrel dzikrian (2 days ago)
Yeah, but she still useless from the anime 😂😂😂
나는유나린 (3 days ago)
와하우.... 그림판으로.. 대단하십나다..😍
晨光 (3 days ago)
It's really great to be able to draw comic characters with a little painter
Angie plus Andrew (3 days ago)
Yay that’s pretty good
misia gacha stories (3 days ago)
you drawnin paint no speedpaint XD
Cosmic Cosmic (3 days ago)
Who are you??? What are you??? Gimmme ur address....
jean michel (4 days ago)
Roman (4 days ago)
Genkeii (4 days ago)
Aqua is still best girl👌🏻
Gasai Yukiteru (6 days ago)
a huge inspiration -0-
*I d o n ' t g e t I t*
Shoham Tzubery (7 days ago)
I refuse to call aqua an anime girl...
Jupiter Mapping (8 days ago)
I can't even draw a freaking circle, and you draw this... You're an Alien! I don't think we are ready to meet Aliens...
Mrs. Pinky Butts (8 days ago)
Others:MS PAINT IS THE WORST! 3eSsOo:Hold my beer.
midnight stars (8 days ago)
Am I the only one or does she look like nagisa from assassination classroom
Ailyn Nguyen (7 days ago)
Me too
Hoshiro Hamada (8 days ago)
Hope this channel uploads more
Ç l ø ü d D ü s t (8 days ago)
I draw on Ms. Paint. I like it. But the problem is. I cant draw well. I need to try Paint Tool Sai ;-;. Since I cant even draw a circle without using those shapes.
weshuiz13 (8 days ago)
why bother drawing aqua *it's useless*
æ æ (8 days ago)
at 0:47 , how did you erase the pink lines without erasing the black lines? that's awesome! 🌈
ImCakeCat OwO (7 days ago)
Its a bit complicated, I want to explain it, but I'm lazy xD
NJSZaj Cryz (9 days ago)
You hooman..? *Disappoints my master everytime I draw different perspectives but not if it's straight face direction..
NJSZaj Cryz (9 days ago)
She so cuuuuuuuteeeee!!!!
Vampi Chan ÒwÓ (9 days ago)
Consegue fazer minha personagem do canal?
x Little Emily x (10 days ago)
*proof of human talent, colourised:*
Thái Tuấn Trinh (10 days ago)
aqua kawaii
That nose is above my level already
mimi gacha (10 days ago)
Я одна российская? Am I one Russian?
Flame the Vulpix (10 days ago)
Everyone:MS paint is the worst drawing app! This person: hold my beer
Sir mayhem (6 days ago)
Hold my mouse
Zodiac (6 days ago)
It is a bad drawing app but he's just good at it. or she
JonelKingas (11 days ago)
i hate aqua... shes only good for jerking off nothing more (Be Gone thot !)
Emme Smith (11 days ago)
Cear Farseer (11 days ago)
Yeah I'm still waiting on a new season. It's on my top 10 list.
WALTER D1 PH (11 days ago)
teach me pls
anime AMV (11 days ago)
Good pro
Yukuri Yuni (11 days ago)
*Anime artists. Exe. Has stopped*
Natsu Dragneel (11 days ago)
When you realize that even MS paint is more useful than aqua
Shelly Yummy (8 days ago)
Lol Poor Aqua Even tho she's Goddes still gets roasted
MlpLuna Gamer Plays (8 days ago)
Roasted 😂😂😂
SyncV2001 (10 days ago)
Hakura San (11 days ago)
Wey te diste cuenta que la chava tenía caspa :V Ok no XD P. D: no se que comentar ;<;
Itz Shiv (12 days ago)
why u not upload anymore ?
BiO Lincfer (12 days ago)
Так вот откуда делают аниме ! ( Шучу )
Thicc All Might (12 days ago)
hanna kyun (12 days ago)
thats amazing aaaa-
Mya Angeliena (12 days ago)
DarkBlack Lilyz (12 days ago)
I can't even draw a circle with a mouse...
[Your Senpie] (13 days ago)
СБ200Э (13 days ago)
Still useless.... smh
durable Owo (13 days ago)
Link Legendary (14 days ago)
a w o k i n a (14 days ago)
Supakorn Saeung (14 days ago)
Corail Abysses (15 days ago)
With paint do you do it? I'm rotten as a result! 😂😂😂
Dennis Low (15 days ago)
Nice drawing. Bravo.
SimplyAcke (16 days ago)
Nature's Beauty!
Erwin Smith (16 days ago)
momochiidesu • - (16 days ago)
This person is a legend
Continued 1:31 pls
Zahra. C (17 days ago)
Are you just using mouse??
JasmineChu YT (17 days ago)
How are you not ded And why are you ded (〒︿〒)
Me: Wow! i getting better at MS paint! ^^ (sees the video and title) *ANXIETY INTENSITIES*
Nghia Nguyen (17 days ago)
용Inai (18 days ago)
*when someone draws better than you with a mouse* Seriously, how do you draw with a mouse and make it still bootiful?
I love anime pictures 😘😘😘
ELUU GT (21 days ago)
That's Aqua form Konosuba?
Little sister MILI (22 days ago)
Nanish _ (22 days ago)
Wait, is that aqua?
Haruki (23 days ago)
Agh ms paint..
Carina Reyes (25 days ago)
so good i love it!!! :3 TvT im crying with tears of joy for amazing art love Carina Reyes
Sarah Williams (25 days ago)
{ igis VN } (25 days ago)
You like pink?
Potato King (26 days ago)
if i had 1 wish it would be for a ray gun that turns inanimate objects into real living things
Conflier (27 days ago)
I have decided that i want to die
GOD_of_CHICKENS I (28 days ago)
You deserve a million subs
GOD_of_CHICKENS I (28 days ago)
You deserve a million subs
Wolfy Plays_YT (28 days ago)
How do you do this on computer!!!
Tiến Nguyễn (29 days ago)
Aqua is water by mean Then............
Sammy Boi (1 month ago)
Can you imagine it? The ideal Aqua...an Aqua which is not useless at all and have a heroine's qualities... Just...damn!
Alika (1 month ago)
I have to be honest I think you need to add some Blush a little bit😂😂😂
TomatoTamato (1 month ago)
Useless gurl
gacha grizzle (1 month ago)
:o Hm HmM I see this drawing... I can't think anymore.
Brianna McLaughlin (1 month ago)
It's amazing how people use apps that usually don't get used for digital art a lot can make really good art, even tho it's free.
POLTERGEIST (2 months ago)
3:59 go ahed and take dat perfect screenshoot
POLTERGEIST (2 months ago)
I remember the time when i drew mangle ad the security gaurd in suggar version
DarkKepler (2 months ago)
How u add the extra layer?
Heather Pearce (2 months ago)
How the hell did you just in 30 seconds you made a face me it would take me 13 hours
James Mikila (2 months ago)
I Wish I Could Draw On Mouse.
Im a Unicorn (2 months ago)
On ms paint??!!!!
DirtMouseXD (3 months ago)
Is Aqua useful yet? I will wait for that day to come, but pretty sure it’ll never happen
Calvin Chia (3 months ago)
Are you a human? Cause you just draw so good!! I can’t draw that using a computer even on paper
هونوكا سان (3 months ago)
كيوت اعرف ما حدا راح يفهمني 😂😂😂😂
EU SOU O DOGLAS (3 months ago)
Janeeta P.C (3 months ago)
You..... Kidding..... Me...... Right..... You are INCREDIBLE!!!!!
Danish Mapping (3 months ago)
Teach me pls i can draw good only on paper
MathCM 000 (3 months ago)
Omg its already hard to draw with a pencil and paper, now with an PC bruh
The CoolCat Family (3 months ago)
You're the reason I began using MS Paint again
ZikAnims (3 months ago)
"You can't make professional art in paint'' 3eSsOo: hold mah beer
Kyo The Fox (4 months ago)
I'm a noob and still learning...please check out my videos...teach me your was masterrr!!😖😖 I'm still 11...so I'll get better soon if I keep trying! I hope...😇
I cant even draw a circle how is she doing that
Mates tiktok je cri (4 months ago)
Very nice.
Vandana Pathak (4 months ago)
Neither Can draw it nicely on notebook nor on desktop

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