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【 SpeedPaint 】 Draw Anime Girl on MS Paint - Aqua

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Dont forget Like, Share And SUBSCRIBE :3 . Drawing Aqua on Paint using mouse music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_ExeHOPxyP0
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Text Comments (1839)
Mr.Cytryna (2 days ago)
kitty playz (5 days ago)
Coot from hevan to eart :3
Chim Chim (7 days ago)
Oniiii-Chaaaan!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🤣
lock2view (12 days ago)
you're based
Bakuretsu Loli (13 days ago)
u s e l e s s
somecrispyboi :P (24 days ago)
SO KAWAII!!!!!!!
Pham Thuy Trang (1 month ago)
wow! it was so cool! i like it! one like! :3
Legend Gamer (1 month ago)
Look's real (1 like and 1 subscribe)
Luann Taylor-Charles (1 month ago)
I tried, it looked so easy but it wasn't......
Liu Play (1 month ago)
wow u using mouse right
Les Kut (1 month ago)
This probably took for hours! I'm impressed! Good job! 3eSsOo! You're great I will subscribe! This a great time to say Yay! What about you? Idk what you are going to do next! Well, what are you doing next?
Les Kut (1 month ago)
So yeah! Sincerely Les Kut!
Les Kut (1 month ago)
You probably took your time doing this! My drawing could be better but they're not your the best!
Kizumaki kotaro (1 month ago)
this is amazing really amazing master art !!
Dindy Lobo (1 month ago)
*I can do this effortlessly*
karla michelle (1 month ago)
dude you should totally make a tutorial on how you made this
Undefinied Jauhari (1 month ago)
Please make more slowly and avaible in download, i hope can download this video
Magix YT (1 month ago)
me: 1.- make a circle 2.- does not come out 3.- cry :c
sj Animates (1 month ago)
How did u get layers on ms paint??? Some please tell me!!!! Plz!
sj Animates (1 month ago)
How did u get laters in ms paint???? Someone plz tell me!!!!
RP Artist (1 month ago)
Hey that’s Aqua from KonoSuba!
Elizabeth White (1 month ago)
WOAH That's good! On MS paint?!
Jurassic Lizardz (1 month ago)
Its Melissa (1 month ago)
2018? Anyon3?
Star891 (1 month ago)
Faijon Ekah (1 month ago)
Aqua? I'm pretty sure you just drew 'Useless'
Monse Vargas (1 month ago)
Totallynotitsuki - (1 month ago)
Um.... *uhm* how?! Please tell
CHIN LE XUAN Student (1 month ago)
Oh. My. GAWD. How did u do this?! Gonna give u a 101/100 for this
Fru09 Gaming AnimeShunz (2 months ago)
Gonna sketch that on paper tho its so good
Unib [̲̅α̲̅J̲̅] (2 months ago)
you're really inspiring to me, I keep trying and trying to draw anime using your type of dash (I do not dash) but I see how you do and try to imitate <3
SON_ Zeldris An1mator (2 months ago)
wow paint? 1+ like
SuperInky [GD] (2 months ago)
so this is what an real artist is
Complete Trash (2 months ago)
Do u use a drawing tablet? If so can I get a link
Lionaire Xaxon (2 months ago)
Yes, MS Paint isn't useless
Kindly KatelynYT (2 months ago)
Imagine if your mom founds out what you've been watching Me: *Watching anime* Mom: honey your dinner is here! Me: k mom Mom: *looks at my phone* Mom:Ooo you've been watching this heh Me : *eating* Me :Mom wheres my desert? Mom:oh yeah i forgot *AFTER DESSERT* Me: *Looks at Comment* Me: Shit my mom knows FBI: *FBI OPEN UP* Mom:Aaa Shit Me:o-< wink
bedosone2 - ROBLOX (2 months ago)
How tf do you outline your lines then erase the rest without the black disappearing? Bro, are you using those PC Pad pens? this is too legendary for mouses...
bedosone2 - ROBLOX (2 months ago)
RockitMan (2 months ago)
Yay Aqua !
Blue Wolfy (2 months ago)
I need one
Xx RainbowDog xX (2 months ago)
you can do that when I can barley draw good anime eyes on it XD
Сестрица Чи (2 months ago)
Это прибавление лучше чем саи).
Noob Zem (2 months ago)
wow it so cute ;)
Rebekah W. (2 months ago)
I cant even make my art lok clear ob paint u makr paint look like one of the things u pay for
Bundit Niyomwanisha (2 months ago)
Come back please!
Fififomaclub Crafter (2 months ago)
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Fififomaclub Crafter (2 months ago)
This took me so long to do so plz like this commet
L.G.M Spazz (3 months ago)
???? Who?
Gaming Hacker (3 months ago)
Bang gambarkan aku dong:3
Ratefy Niaina (3 months ago)
did you use mouse to draw
Darklight Vortex (3 months ago)
Ainme shuuya 2 (3 months ago)
I wanna be this good at drawing someday. I dont know if I can do it though. I've been drawing anime for like a week now and I cant even figure out how to draw the face shape and face. 😖😖😟
PariStath (3 months ago)
i want to draw my own character :(
Leplath M (3 months ago)
You're breakin the rules of Paint! ^ ^ Awesome bro.
Its not that hard i tryed it but it reaquires a lot of time
intro YouTube (3 months ago)
Can u teach me how to learn it
Devil 101 (3 months ago)
U made ms paint worth it!!!
Berna Almaraz (3 months ago)
looks like wolfychu without wolf ears😅
Hello! I know that it's very stupid of me to ask, but how much can you order an art for?
clark Lana (4 months ago)
I so love anime
Petalbreeze ! (4 months ago)
It’s so cute!! You did it on paint the App right? When I draw on paint the brush is always blocky! You have major talent!!
Cô bạn nhỏ xíu (4 months ago)
You draw very cute..
Mela Isabel (4 months ago)
This is such a cute drawing you are an excellent drawer
Seven Awesome Girls (4 months ago)
For a second I thought that was Nagisa from Assassination Classroom because of the hair and the eyes but alas was I wrong olol
Torch Striker (4 months ago)
This made me subscribe
Cute Hamster Plays (4 months ago)
art program?
Yakime Shirayuki (4 months ago)
oh my god like
scorpion game (4 months ago)
i like the music
Black Dragon (4 months ago)
Wow wow wow👌👌💞💞💞
Janet the Wolf (4 months ago)
Wow!!! it's so amazing art ! Please draw Puppet girl
BlueHydra MC (4 months ago)
Very impressive i like it it's so good i am gonna die! :)
Brian Harvey Garcia (4 months ago)
I wish could draw, any good youtube channels out there that teach drawing in series? 3D is not my type
مينا العزي (4 months ago)
He lie he not drawing with mouse because wacom intuos tablet is having
Iara Santiago Dias (5 months ago)
Não consigo nem fazer uma pessoa de palito imagine isso
Shivali Sahu (5 months ago)
Woah I made that!! Thanks for teaching us how to do that on ms paint.
Naomiih Okumura (5 months ago)
cara desenhista
Billjek Cortes (5 months ago)
How do you draw that good with a mouse I barely can't even make a stickman with a mouse .
Jezette Manaloto (5 months ago)
Did you use Paint?? o.O I thought is was really hard to do art on Paint...
Michochay (5 months ago)
At 0:50 how do you rub out the pink but not the black? I want to know how to rub out single colours since I use paint alot and it would be very helpful.
scorpion game (5 months ago)
omg you forget to save
Fan Tsukiuta (5 months ago)
Satoh Chitoji (5 months ago)
Marisa girl verson
Satoh Chitoji (5 months ago)
Oops its Nagisa from assassination class not Marisa XD
mysticvanalope 101 (5 months ago)
how long did it take you to draw on ms paint?
tianaigbedion (5 months ago)
GGpants (5 months ago)
In fucking PAINT???
Keiida Reyu (5 months ago)
How u can erase that pink line back of black line ???
『•xKitts•』 (5 months ago)
You make it look so easy....oml 💗
Vincent Bishop (5 months ago)
Guys...... Please like my comment ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°)
PastelCøffee (5 months ago)
Yusuf Seyyit Biçen (5 months ago)
THİS girl is useless
The Global Stalker (5 months ago)
Kawaii But how?
Bonz Wardoyo (5 months ago)
I realy love it
Pidgeot (5 months ago)
Colors palet?
luis perez (5 months ago)
SomeGuyCreates (5 months ago)
But... how..?
Sorry, not trying to brag... But... I can draw a circle.
Shoyo Hinata (5 months ago)
KonoSuba and a great draw, this draw is so cool!
Kizumaki kotaro (5 months ago)
Wow it so amazing !!
Abd Algafar (5 months ago)
This is the best drawing video that i'm watched ........I dont know if you can talk arabic but .........فيديو رائع استمر على ابداعاتك يا مبدع
Abra Kadabra (5 months ago)
… i have no words.
ゲンドヤシモト (5 months ago)
Manga Draw (5 months ago)

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