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The Blonds ➤ Spring/Summer 2013 Full Fashion Show

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Phillipe Blond for The Blonds Sept 2012 / New York Full Fashion Show in HD Original Soundtrack
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Ant Nonie (4 years ago)
The Blond's models KNOW how to walk a catwalk like no other!!!! Absolutely fantastic! This is what a fashion show should be! I'm inspired to be more beautiful after watching these shows!!!
Miguel Angel (4 years ago)
Max Headroom (6 years ago)
Great designs but how the hell did that bloody Mormon Twitt get his ad on this video ?
Paris Hamilton (6 years ago)
i love the blonds
khen bernardino (6 years ago)
The fudge did I just watched ?!!!!
jatv23a (6 years ago)
All thr models are GORGEOUS!! especially Phillipe!!

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