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Jodah's Treasures | Guilds of Ravnica 5-Color Deck [Magic Arena]

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🎨 Thumbnail Art: https://scryfall.com/card/dom/198/jodah-archmage-eternal 📝 Decklist: https://mtgarena.pro/decks/o-518/ ✔️ Twitch: https://twitch.tv/ProfessorNoxLive ✔️ Twitter: https://twitter.com/coL_noxious ✔️ Discord: https://discord.gg/Dm3CUfw ✔️ Tip Jar: https://streamelements.com/professornoxlive/tip All card images are from Scryfall.com
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Text Comments (107)
simone fioroni (1 month ago)
hi man i was playing a penta in the same way , dont even knew there was other guys crazy as me playing Penta!! what about experimental fuzzy ? with Omniescence u could cast all deck probably before the 6th turn
Jeff B (1 month ago)
Decklist link does not show any cards fyi
PP gamer (1 month ago)
Warum zeigst du das Deck nicht nochmal komplett ? Als Liste wäre das besser
VERSUS (2 months ago)
deck list pls ???
jinblood sanchis (2 months ago)
Que risas cuando ganas a un bronce no ? Hoooo que merito
teaizizu (2 months ago)
decklist link broken, please update. thank you
Tom Ctout (2 months ago)
hey guys do you have a link for a Jodah's deck updated ??
Paulo César (2 months ago)
This decklist was deleted so anyone know another url?
Perra métete con alguien de tu level como yo
this decklist was deleted so anyone know another url?
Ishio Ramo (2 months ago)
winning with revel in riches is so satistying haha
Max M (2 months ago)
There are not enough people who pronounce jodah yoda
7Ahilles (2 months ago)
13:25 also hex can be killed by aoe
jesus christ (2 months ago)
this dude deadass looks like james murray from impractical jokers
Stratus (3 months ago)
Whats that crazy combo xD?
Ken Swank (3 months ago)
The most colorful deck I've ever seen
JT Purdin (3 months ago)
Austin Maxie (3 months ago)
Somebody give nox some money so he'll work on mardu
Tommy Hogan (3 months ago)
The link to the decklist doesn't show me anything. Could someone post it?
nevin herren (3 months ago)
And on that day wizards said let full jank win
Fire Kracken (3 months ago)
I can't view the decklist... someone plez help or send me it.
Diego Rampazzio (3 months ago)
the deck list link does not open
Tenebras (3 months ago)
I would love to play this meme deck so much, but the way you acquire cards in MTG:A is so skull fucked there is no way i can afford it. These are cards worth nothing in RL but no fucking way i build this deck in MTG:A way to expensive...
JT Inve (4 months ago)
Jodah was definitely needed in this deck for turn 5 omniscience
2019 Patrick Shenefield (4 months ago)
The deck list isn't coming up could you just add it somewhere.
Lukas Arvidsson (4 months ago)
The alternative win condition I would like to see in this deck if you don't draw the revel is just to banefire the opponents face with an uncounterable 20 or so dmg
kaloan999 (3 months ago)
Problem is if the enemy is playing lifegain deck that would be really hard to pull off
SHFHS VOMVOLAKIS (4 months ago)
i was watching the first game and i was like <<wtf is even happening >>
Francesco Maniscalco (4 months ago)
You remind me Iniesta, a lot!
Daniel Rad (4 months ago)
Just one question: why did you not play overflowing insight? Then you draw 7 cards, and can play them all for free...
BamaBoys Gaming (2 months ago)
It's for the memes, Insight and omniscience are already a thing
Daniel Rad (3 months ago)
+Asmodin but you cannot cast a lot of things with the red mana... so it does not give you "real value" overflowing insight gives you cards you can play later, costs less mana, you keep the cards... i play both cards.... overflowing insight definitively better
Asmodin (3 months ago)
Propably because it REQUIRES omniscience to be good, whereas apex always gets value as long as you get to cast it
Sacha Raphard (4 months ago)
This deck is pure genius oh my lord
Michael McBride (4 months ago)
8:41 They do have a clue though, because Revel in Riches got revealed off of the Apex of Power.
GoiabaAFK (4 months ago)
nah, this deck is jank meme trash *turn 4 omniscience*
M reapr (4 months ago)
I get why you went that direction with the deck but i personally dont like it if your gunna go five color jodah into omnscience big juicy spells is where its at not a riches combo.
Finally, Reveal in richies will be a tier 1, Gg easy, 🙆
COZYTW (4 months ago)
So, Nox, I've been thinking a bit about Hearthstone, and I think one of the problems with Hearthstone is confining the players to a gradually increase mana-pool to a limit of 10. In other games (MtG or Hex for example) the mana pool isn't confined at 10. Do you think that this fixed mana system contributed to the game's problem significantly, considerably, or minimally?
mujexzilla (4 months ago)
I've noticed a common theme throughout most card games: the best top tier decks are the most straight forward and boring. And fucked up jank like this are the most fun to play.
X X (4 months ago)
Fun, pure fun
Matrickx Went (4 months ago)
Very nice deck
Kipernip (4 months ago)
This is why I've recently fallen in love with magic, realizing there was so much jank 🤣
gundamxcreator (4 months ago)
Jodah is by far my favourite character in the lore.
GingerTrain (4 months ago)
Only showed 2 games because that's how many the deck won :^ )
Alien (3 months ago)
+Manliusque Blessed Or any control deck. Or any deck that run a counter spell.
Manliusque Blessed (3 months ago)
I have this deck...and it wins 50% of times, really weak against flash decks
Cracenman Allman (4 months ago)
Hello, i have idea, but i can not reales it: put 2 beamsplitter mage on the battlefield and then use gravitic punch - does it make recursion and leatal? HMMMMMMMMM...
Caleb Wright (4 months ago)
I always laugh at your jank just wrecks the playing field 😆 never stop dude.
Moises Mela (4 months ago)
Well, someone's going to deckbuilding hell. I loved this thing though. This is really going down in history.
Charge Target (4 months ago)
Santi Productions (4 months ago)
I like how this could have been an easy jund deck using green for ramp red for brass’s bounty and black for RIR, but my man is dedicated to the memes. Respect.
Oscar Croton (4 months ago)
I've always wanted to see a deck that utilizes the ultimate of the Angrath from I think Ixilan that does damage to an enemy equal to the cards in their graveyard and Psychic Corrosion. Don't know if it's possible, but I think it'd be interesting
Aaron Noble (4 months ago)
Eyo youtube, wtf is this video not in my subscriptions? I want a LIST not a goddamn curated experience.
The Archanjel (4 months ago)
Amazing. This is the jank I play MTG for.
Gordon Stewart (4 months ago)
isnt that blue draw 7 just better than apex in this deck?
exsimon (4 months ago)
Jodah + big creatures is more intertaining to watch :/
KoSiNeK (4 months ago)
Unsubbed during HS rage days. Subbing back since you seem calm and well again. AND making jank in mtg <3 much love
Mathis Wagner (4 months ago)
You remind me so much of Krip (in a good way)
Sm00thWizard (4 months ago)
That's why I love Nox! Jank ftw 😁
Maximiliano Mascias (4 months ago)
Mi lord
Vermidian (4 months ago)
What if WotC developed a "Kudos" system, perhaps similar to the current Overwatch Endorsement system, and the matchmaking AI tried to put players with similar kudos together? That way, players who leave matches immediately get paired with those who do the same, and vice versa. This would essentially be an encouragement to not concede before an opponent can get their fill, and generally makes playing more fun for those who want that kind of match.
Lukáš Rychnovský (4 months ago)
Please, dont. I do not want to sit there for 40 minutes just for Teferi to loop himself into the deck while removing my lands with Teferi emblem. Conceding is a legitimate strat to speed up things, lets not be punished for good behavior.
Kurt Crean (4 months ago)
Conceding is a legitimate strategy. I don't want to be forced to sit through someone teferi looping or be punished.
Balazs Taladriz (4 months ago)
Yo Nox. I wanna get into MTG, but have no idea where to start. Why don't you make some videos for us noobs. Let me know what to get for different prices ($10, $20, $50 etc)
Baconomics101 (4 months ago)
No Chamber Sentry :(
Cheezus Christ (4 months ago)
Does sunbird's trigger if you play a card with omniscience?
thechrisgrice (4 months ago)
It would, yes.
Toxically Masculine (4 months ago)
i like playing 4 thran temporal gateways in a 200 card deck but thats just me
KawaiiPower (4 months ago)
Revel in reaches decks are my favorite
Dan Wilson (4 months ago)
If you wanted Ultimate Jank, you need to run 5 Color Thousand Year Storm.
Manliusque Blessed (3 months ago)
@DavideZagami it works!!! :)
Kenzo Darera (3 months ago)
and this is the idea for the evening game
Danilo Oliveira (4 months ago)
all my yes
Davide Zagami (4 months ago)
I actually have such a deck and it's super fun 😂 I hadn't thought about jodah and riches though! I'm gonna brew everything together lol
Billy Kid (4 months ago)
such meme :D
Billy Kid (4 months ago)
can you play against friends in MTG arena?
BamaBoys Gaming (2 months ago)
You can now
Jason Fiumefreddo (4 months ago)
Not yet, they are working on it.
lordjagus (4 months ago)
You should thank your lucky stars that Revel in Riches didn't get negated turn 40
Jin Kim (4 months ago)
I like it!
kamilrioru (4 months ago)
How do I add a custom hero portrait in this game? Can't find a way.
Rage League (4 months ago)
Not sure what you mean. If you want to change your avatar go to profile in the main screen.
Hamsa Hamsa (4 months ago)
I made you a planeswalker portrait. Can I send it? It's funny. :)
Matthew Wilson (4 months ago)
what if you added thousand year storm and a bunch of card draw and a little bit of burn for an alternate win con
Bryce Galloway (4 months ago)
I've played 3 games today, and they have all been people spamming "good game" what is up with that level of toxicity in Arena? I get it's a public Beta, but this isn't League of Legends, Magic's community should and typically is better than this.. Thank you, Nox for not being like these 3 I have encountered today..
Sepi (4 months ago)
You can mute the other players by just clicking on the enemies face and pressing "Squelch"
Zerox (4 months ago)
Its sensitive people like you why we cant have chat in arena.
Tyrus Dalet (4 months ago)
Bryce Galloway how the hell does spamming good game equal toxicity? That’s like saying that the word hello is offensive
Genital Thunderstorm (4 months ago)
2:23 to skip Manlet intro.
face punch (4 months ago)
very much fun
Supanuu (4 months ago)
So much meme, I love it XD
SmashPortal (4 months ago)
Gameplay @ 2:21
ranotifity (4 months ago)
10 mana spell on turn 4. they still blame hearthstone
권선징악 (2 months ago)
+7Ahilles agree
7Ahilles (2 months ago)
Played heartstone from start to wichwood. HS always was a trash casual. 3-4 mana to kill any creature in HS. 5-6 Decks meta no space of creativity just clone decks in ledder
Hor (4 months ago)
Nice deck XD
Phil Carpenter (4 months ago)
That's disgusting lmfao I love it
Atanar89 (4 months ago)
Full-on-meme would have been "all guildgates+Glaive of the Guildpact"
Hazerithious (1 month ago)
+Icebite Twitch I'd say pre-release would be day 0?
Icebite Twitch (2 months ago)
+sfs 22 day 0? that's not a thing.
sfs 22 (4 months ago)
I remember a sealed on day 0 where he did exactly that... went 7 and 1 if i remember correctly.
johnathan harbeck (4 months ago)
Ooo, so someone finally built a jodah deck? This will be interesting
johnathan harbeck (4 months ago)
+Genital Thunderstorm Gonna have to check it out, thanks!
Genital Thunderstorm (4 months ago)
Merchant did this before Nox got it in his head, jank's been floating around.
ION Studios (4 months ago)
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