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Three Day Guide to Paris, Big Bus Tour, Seine River Cruise, Louvre Museum, Steps Up The Eiffel Tower

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Paris is the second most expensive city in the world and if you're not careful costs can add up quickly. We tried our best to cut corners where we could without sacrificing the quality of the trip. Take a trip with us and see all of the sights of Paris without breaking the bank! Full write-up on our 3 days in Paris itinerary and travel tips check out: http://thetradingtravelers.com/3-days-in-paris-itinerary-and-travel-tips Check out the Paris Pass for entry into the best attractions, including the Big Bus Tour and a river cruise AND you get to skip the lines http://bit.ly/2uf34Aq For just the Big Bus Tour hop-on-hop-off tickets click here http://bit.ly/2vBp08m Click to sign up for AirBnb here and receive up to $40 toward your next booking http://bit.ly/2vDuCQh Video By: http://thetradingtravelers.com
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Text Comments (30)
Ferry Anolin (29 days ago)
Love Paris! Awesome!
Lux Major (1 month ago)
Marvelous video , thank you/ merci! Music at the start of video could be improved, perhaps the French style music tracks!👏🏻
silvia andrea guzman (2 months ago)
Majestueux video culturelle sur la belle et historique ville de Paris, Magnific video cultural on the beautiful city of Paris
Lalita Mukherjee (4 months ago)
Nice... also watch "EIFFEL TOWER, PARIS, FRANCE, LATIKAS WORLD" https://youtu.be/gdXMBkRIziA
fuckyoubastard fuck (7 months ago)
the Palace of Versailles = the largest castle in the world! the Louvre Museum = the largest museum in the world! the Eiffel Tower = the most visited monument in the world !!!
Foxes on the Go (10 months ago)
Your video is very nice. My family and I just got back from a 3 week European vacation where we visited the country town of Belluwood and Paris. There is so much to see and do. We can't wait to go back and explore more.
Trading Traveler (10 months ago)
Foxes on the Go agree! France is beautiful. One of our best trips ever was in the French Alps. Would love to explore more!!
DanVsWorld (1 year ago)
Great travel guide, you hit all the best parts, I love the Jardin and all the crepes!
Trading Traveler (1 year ago)
DanVsWorld oh yes the crepes!! So good!
Paulo Munoz (1 year ago)
Did you use a gopro?
Trading Traveler (1 year ago)
I believe all of this was shot on iPhone (an older one at that)
Trading Traveler (1 year ago)
To skip the lines and get right in to the Top Paris Attractions...check out the Paris Pass --> http://bit.ly/2uf34Aq You can also get free rides on the metro and bus system, a cruise on the Seine River, use of the hop-on-hop-off bus, and more!
Ghost 87 (1 year ago)
Did you stay at any Hyatt properties in Paris?
Trading Traveler (1 year ago)
No we didn't, just an AirBNB
Sandeep Mohanty (1 year ago)
Nice video. I appreciate your money saving tips on other video.
Suman Das (1 year ago)
beautyful city
when you ordered the tickets for seine river cruise, did they choose the time when the boat is leaving or did you just go there and took the boat?
fuckyoubastard fuck (7 months ago)
you can eat between lovers on the fly boats !!
Trading Traveler (2 years ago)
Louise Maristela Te Dela Cruz If I remember correctly I believe they had a schedule of all of the departure times for the day and you could just pick whatever time you wanted. Just show up for whichever time fit in your schedule and show them your ticket.
Adventure Everywhere (2 years ago)
Happy to say we've never waited in line at the Louvre for longer than 15 minutes (we go to the line downstairs), but we haven't ever done the stairs at the Eiffel Tower. Quite a workout, eh?
Jehanzeb Khan (1 year ago)
X n xx
Adventure Everywhere (2 years ago)
cool. Next time we're trying the stairs.
Trading Traveler (2 years ago)
oh good to know! The stairs really weren't too bad ( from what I remember anyway). Its always easy to say that AFTER the fact I suppose ;-) I do remember thinking it was sooo worth it though rather than wasting time waiting in line. Up and back down in no time!
Dream331 (3 years ago)
Excellent video. My wife and I will be going next month. I was wondering about that bridge with the love locks. Is it still there? I read where the locks were removed.
Boris Nemtsov (1 year ago)
yes the locks are removed and they installed windows to avoid the installation of new locks
Laurel Gurley (3 years ago)
At Versialles , Louve ect you can purchase tickets/tours in advance and skip these lines. no waiting walk right in
Laurel Gurley (3 years ago)
+Maddy Bil buy online in advance or in Paris search Paris pass
Maddy Bil (3 years ago)
+Laurel Gurley where can i purchase them?
Daytona*Beach (3 years ago)
My wife is dying to go to Paris...The tour and info the video entails is greatly appreciated my dude...thanks
Trading Traveler (3 years ago)
+Daytona*Beach Glad you found it helpful. No doubt your wife would love it...every woman's dream I think!

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