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Dota 2 Funny Movie

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Awwww Rampage (Y)
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Text Comments (104)
O0F3R G4M1NG (1 month ago)
9:34 *pause it* I miss drow's old SEXY body
Gladlee (2 months ago)
0:00 start intro - end intro 1:22 that all
marie cris (9 months ago)
its not funny
Dennis Canales (1 year ago)
Kim Jeeyeol (1 year ago)
What the jug
Kim Jeeyeol (1 year ago)
Noob tidehunter
Tegshee Bataa (1 year ago)
Vely Stid (1 year ago)
Joshua James (1 year ago)
Juggernaut and akasha is one epic scene
mille lopid (1 year ago)
Drow is so ugly hahahahahahaha
alex Lnt (1 year ago)
sniper and clock sticktogther. nightstaker came, sniper first 1 to run away hahhahhahhah. sooo true...
Beatlesblqqd (1 year ago)
WTF Jugg and Queen!!
BluePh4ntom (1 year ago)
Wish I was Jugg. so I can get some QoP Pussy xD
the sven and clockwerk scene was mixed with TF2's taunt that allows u to ride a car XD
Julius Laurella (2 years ago)
ramachandra pradhan (6 months ago)
Julius Laurella F2f
Edwin Yanga (2 years ago)
Azusa Shinoh (2 years ago)
stupid dire , tht io should be killed a while ago .hahahah
Edson Nuñez (2 years ago)
nice video
v. CC (2 years ago)
poor pa
Jonh Paul Benedit (2 years ago)
Sven is rampage
Radin Nidar (2 years ago)
poor tidehunter. 😂😂😂
Trần Minh Vương (2 years ago)
i love it,so fun
Demon Sitri Soul (2 years ago)
666 subscribers 😱
RifqiSyafiY (2 years ago)
+Karl Andrei Benitez yeah thx for it :)
where i can find the last scene (that one with song) pls answer
Keen Rojette Rollon (2 years ago)
hahaha olol moments
pablo araujo (2 years ago)
me gusto
Iman Mukhris Fadli (2 years ago)
fucking juggernaut and qop 😂😂
Francisco Blanco (2 years ago)
Nice video! keep it up!!
mrHook (2 years ago)
hmmm i wonder why jugg has 2 swords...
Let's Play with Zyei (2 years ago)
becuz,why not?
Fancy Wings (2 years ago)
Joker Gaming (2 years ago)
What juggernaut doing with queen of pain
iserialkill (2 years ago)
360p ... we meet again
IPopOutFrom Nowhere (2 years ago)
tidehunter noob ,
Nick W (2 years ago)
im the general bitch? that subtitle lmao
felix delima (2 years ago)
omg i like dota :D :* :P
Dezza Dell (2 years ago)
sven's laugh turns me on
Slim Potato (2 years ago)
you mean you get horny ? 😂
Energy Rider (2 years ago)
Так с женщиной не поступают. Бедная Фантомка
Geronimo Craft (2 years ago)
Жалко и СМ И фантомку
Energy Rider (2 years ago)
Согласен с тобой на все 100 %
Zai Che Lee Palmones (2 years ago)
hahahaha.. ganon :)
Mr. Viaches (2 years ago)
how do you have the models
будто отыскать трек? 3.38 how to find a track 3.38
3.38-4.44 КАК отыскать трек? 3.38-4.44 How to find a song ?
Reggie Mar R.Castro (2 years ago)
hahaha...Nice DOTA 2 ..!
Emmanuel Aguilar (2 years ago)
hahahaha tidehunter is funny
Dave Psycho (2 years ago)
Really Funny Nice Keep it Up go Upload more 😂
Jordan Ash (2 years ago)
Ez way to win a arcane Exalted Tempest Helm of the Thundergod Arcana (Zeus) twitter.com/938casrac/status/771342371044859905?
thaidude (2 years ago)
Jug and Qop wtf?
vichetcheav (2 years ago)
can somebody tell me..what is the title of the last part ??
Mr. Like (2 years ago)
mr96 cajes (2 years ago)
TIAN (2 years ago)
Oh the feels :'(
Jaylo Dizon (2 years ago)
your video is really funny keep up the good work:)
RifqiSyafiY (2 years ago)
Thx Broo, you're awesome
Ω Ray Ω (2 years ago)
Nice Movie
Onyx (2 years ago)
This is so lame only the tidehunter and kunkka part was amazing
360 элита до сих пор...даже спустя 3 ебаных месяца
KEIN (2 years ago)
please give me track where sven had fight with juggernaut
Paul ray Arong (2 years ago)
pirated video. ez
Akhsarul Ilman (2 years ago)
ojk alay meng....???
Akhsarul Ilman (2 years ago)
+RifqiSyafiY gpp
RifqiSyafiY (2 years ago)
Wkwkwkwk ILMAN komen
Tony Chang (2 years ago)
2:16 BH face: wtf? wtf u think u r doing? haha!!!
Raviel (2 years ago)
i was like , WATCHED .. WATCHED .. ALREADY WATCH .. Clicked the Comment Section so tell this .. then clicked dislike then back button.
heri arbianto (2 years ago)
Nc video
__HyPeR__ (2 years ago)
4:50 another way , sven destroy jugg
slark ryoma (2 years ago)
Juggernut <3 Qop the best ;)
Jv Germin (2 years ago)
Jonathan Hu (2 years ago)
tide is feeder
Rajansh Mamoria (2 years ago)
I felt sad for cm when snipe left her. but karma paid him well
IPopOutFrom Nowhere (2 years ago)
:( that why support have really bad time . put ward , help carry , go offlane.
ST1TCH SHM0TZ (2 years ago)
can anyone explain what happened to sniper when he tried kissing drow
slark ryoma (2 years ago)
Naga siren use her ulti to make enemy sleep . . Then they all come to gank that sniper . . Fly Away~
Drakesula Yamoda (2 years ago)
Kunkka is just beating up tide hunter in the movie hahahaha
Mehtab Singh (2 years ago)
better video quality plz
Sing Lee (2 years ago)
highest resolution 360p, is this 2016 or 1998?
Grom Kroll (2 years ago)
Daniel Ursaciuc (2 years ago)
the end was nice :)) when they rushed in the van like taliban mob =))
nick V_extra (2 years ago)
drow ranger and juggernaut so cool
Shashao Calmerin (2 years ago)
朱睿 (2 years ago)
all in io!
thats why io should have arcana
Ahmed Anindya (2 years ago)
RifqiSyafiY (2 years ago)
Im under attack
BieBie Boka (2 years ago)
so love it this video. cool.. 👏👏👏
RifqiSyafiY (2 years ago)
Thx brroo :D
Jaelyn Wolf (2 years ago)
The qop and jug scene was not expected at all, but I liked it
Beatlesblqqd (1 year ago)
Harold Limbaga (2 years ago)
dota is my life (2 years ago)
DENDI is still the best #ClicksThisVideo
RifqiSyafiY นิ นิ นอ
KEIN (2 years ago)
what was track in sven vs jugg ??
Gid eon (2 years ago)
nice one .I like ur video keep it up even if the people say it's lame or something.
KEIN (2 years ago)
what was music when sven fought with juggernaut??
RifqiSyafiY (2 years ago)
Thx broo, you're the best
Ali Amirdivan (2 years ago)
that lina clip was lame , she should just get rekt
RifqiSyafiY (2 years ago)
hahaha nice girl
Choirul achmad (2 years ago)

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