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Mother of all Blackjack Sessions

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Mother of blackjack sessions! Do not try this at home. Dem Bois To check out online casinos visit https://lordsofblackjack.com To watch me stream live catch me on https://twitch.tv/davoslots
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Text Comments (657)
Guchu Sokukuki (11 minutes ago)
imagine how much he would have won had he not placed on the sidebets...
Der Gewinnt auch sehr viele Hände, muss schon gut laufen wenn man einen guten Lauf hat.
Baccarat Baccaratato (2 days ago)
Anthony Hardy (3 days ago)
Why play till you lose,you can't afford to lose 20 grand,let alone 10dollars😀😀😀😀😀😀😀
Anthony Hardy (3 days ago)
He was going to say we will keep going till we lose what a tool not real money we all know now!!!!!
Viktor Nikolayenko (4 days ago)
Hardcore play buddy! Well done and good luck!
Ryan Baugher (5 days ago)
What online casino is this????
Paul Chronicles (5 days ago)
she is so fired.
NezEtY (6 days ago)
May i ask question ? How can you say they are cheating IF you can see every day shuffler besides table whos taking out 8 new decks - with every single deck makes fam and you can see that the all cards are there. Than dealer makes shemy shuffle and collects all the cards and gives to the shuffler whos shuffling now those cards and than you playing with them. That all happening in front of your eye from a to the z. I can`t quite understand those people - you see box,all 8 decks with all cards in fam, schemy shufflle ,regular shufflle and game is on - where the hell there is cheating ? in scanners thay scan cards with ? where ? (sry for bad english -not my native one -learning so far)
Reed Gang (7 days ago)
This guy looks like Jimmy Tatro
Anonymous (7 days ago)
I don't know how blackjack works but this was sick
karim lavji (7 days ago)
Fired fired all of you
Ryan Gregory (8 days ago)
How do these online tables work? is the money you win equivalent to real money or a percentage or what?
doogyjay1 (8 days ago)
Why is a 6500 bet only a 10k win?
TrollFaceMask Guy (8 days ago)
I always stop gambling when Im up 60-85$ in blackjack. By then, I already had my fun. When gambling stops being entertainment and becomes a way to make money, your fucked. I bet this guy put it all back and then some.
Prime2.0 (8 days ago)
He lost it all the next day
hey ney (10 days ago)
dont understand. he got 13 and dealer 14. Why dealer gets another card if she has already won. 14 >13
hey ney (7 days ago)
+Ray Chan whyyy dude. explain me
Ray Chan (8 days ago)
hey ney u r fucking stupid
laura the explorer (8 days ago)
Nates Pics (11 days ago)
What are those side bets?
Nates Pics (11 days ago)
What are u doing? That bitch tried to slip the card back into the shoe and pull a different one.
Devin Brauer (12 days ago)
What are those side bets he's making?
Miggy sergi (14 days ago)
I subbed at 5.44
Don Dooley (14 days ago)
hahaha @ 2:51
Coach Spaceman (15 days ago)
give it a week before its all gone unfortunately
Slavomír Krafčák (17 days ago)
Casino staff :-D
Himel Ahmed (18 days ago)
Thank you very much dude u just teach me how to end up! Now I always End up with a lose if Win then Happy End up.
Oh Yeahyeah (19 days ago)
You’re out the hoolie
prerit kumar (21 days ago)
Wtf cunt!
Jay Reno (22 days ago)
I have no idea what is happening.. never played blackjack before
Bryant Bee (23 days ago)
Your an idiot
Francesco Pallotta (23 days ago)
Bet 2000 win 2800 What??
Will (23 days ago)
Davo, Im in aus also And ive struggled to find a place to play live blackjack? Were you playin it?
Will (22 days ago)
+Davo Slots cheers ya fuckin legend
Davo Slots (22 days ago)
lordsofblackjack.com bud
Ryan (24 days ago)
Wow. What skill.
Tom Yazel (25 days ago)
second dealer...broom gilda...
Tom Yazel (25 days ago)
she's cute AF...wow.
Tom Yazel (25 days ago)
although she looks sad.
Jmaniacs (27 days ago)
I keep without understanding how the dealers see the chat, or the camera, because i see the tables on the back, and i dont see nothing like a camera pointing on them xd
Jewish Sex Lerner (28 days ago)
What website is this?
The Rock (29 days ago)
My best BJ session is 8x. I don't stay for the crazy good sessions, I get out before it turns. Yes, I'm down overall - duh. What are your best sessions?
Rg Rg (29 days ago)
He needs a chick
Rg Rg (29 days ago)
Hes watching a video and commenting on it hes such a low life
Konrad Kozyrski (30 days ago)
you know you run good when you bet someones whole year of income on one hand
flatearth crypto (30 days ago)
do ppl link this site with their actual bank accounts
wtechh (1 month ago)
https://bit.ly/2vmuUsP dice - roulette
Joshua Leaper (1 month ago)
That game of blackjack is rigged
Lasa Anthony (1 month ago)
That shit was hectic to watch mate! Keep it up.
PianoKeyz (1 month ago)
8:05 we made it mum, F that's a disaster, BOOM goes the dynamite LMAO
Tim Smith (1 month ago)
cant play strategy but i guess when ur hot ur hot lucky cunt
derrawhide (1 month ago)
hahahah her Face when every Round Bet is higher then her Month income ... Priceless
Crypto Miljonair (1 month ago)
[email protected]! And its GONE!!!
Kornilios D. (1 month ago)
i Have made myself from 67 Euro 13k so i don't believe this is staged. I have also made from 50-60 euro again to 4-5k Live. this guy's luck was with him for some hours and he is richer by 40k thats all. Its possible and true.
Ajmal Nazari (1 month ago)
This is no mother of all black jack session i won £86000 in 40 mnts not online but in an actual mayfair casino in 2008 i bought £3700 in chips but lost almost all of the money in 4 months
Shang Tsung (1 month ago)
*winner winner chicken dinner*
jin ethan (1 month ago)
siiiik bro, I am leaving for Vegas right now
Michael Vandehey II (1 month ago)
Please PM me the site you gamble on!
John Louisot (1 month ago)
dont belive this shit
bigbudha168 (1 month ago)
his reactions are fucking stupid!
BennyXD (1 month ago)
What website is he using
Andrew Lewis (1 month ago)
That was fuking mAd!
James Cop (1 month ago)
Hey, are you counting the cards? 😂
Benjamin Harms (1 month ago)
She tried to swap her card at 2:55
JJ JJ (1 month ago)
How much did he cash out ?
FreshChalk (1 month ago)
8:12 the most dramatic hit on a 5k hand and its cut out? the fuck?
Zihao Chen (1 month ago)
Wait, is the dealer a real person or a computer, seems so real to me.
This is phishing customers. Take a look at his other videos. 😂😂😂
Michael Simoner (1 month ago)
why is he won at 0:48 ???? its must be an equal ( push ) !
Tomas Alvarez Sielaff (1 month ago)
Because he won a side bet.
James Cannon (1 month ago)
Just made 46000$ USD in profit in a day.....
WiiOrigamiMii a (1 month ago)
0:49 why he won if they both got 20 ?
WiiOrigamiMii a (1 month ago)
+alooha11 lmao thx
alooha11 (1 month ago)
WiiOrigamiMii a whenever money comes back it says win, it was a draw but money went to his chips again
ArticruciA Williams (1 month ago)
shoulda hit that bllackjack at 2:45
ninip (1 month ago)
The look of her face she looked so pissed :D
Yoel Pardo Codes (1 month ago)
Just passing by... congrats dude! Amazing luck!
Christopher Sines (1 month ago)
Don’t gamble
OtakuSnake (1 month ago)
He won 40k betting 6k that's very small league in online casino trust me.
Eric Koo (1 month ago)
If I was the owner of this, I would just say "you cant withdraw at moment" and keep saying it until he loses everything.. lol this is why i dont play online. they will scam u
HypliX' (1 month ago)
Nerdybet-com (1 month ago)
Your passion.. Love it!
Carvalho (1 month ago)
This feels staged. It's like he's certain he is gonna win. Idk, maybe just lucky, but there's a weird feeling to it.
Doyle C (1 month ago)
20,000 euro equal to 32,400$ canadian wow
teamhex (1 month ago)
I wanted to say he should quit multiple times, but it looks like it worked out well in the end for him.
DankDaddy5150 (1 month ago)
Did you ever get the money in your hand?
Tokyo Jones (1 month ago)
U can tell hes really addicted to it
Andy H (1 month ago)
you were lucky you got away with staying in it after hitting 40k... you said you were leaving 3times and didn't.. degenerates anonymous ahoy
tyson145 (1 month ago)
So, how much did you win?
senpai Darky (1 month ago)
Hei sir can u give me 5$ i wanna buy something from mcdonald , ty
Oktavian (1 month ago)
Ever since I stopped gambling I really enjoy watching videos like this one to feel the rush and happiness simply by looking at the player and the hands and winnings. I'm happy for you and your great session
Aj Porreca (1 month ago)
4k into 40k. Wild . I'm surprised they didn't cut his connection to the server lol. Either that or this is staged to bait people in.
nz trucker (7 days ago)
+Dawn HvH yeah an that's why online casinos are in Malta. Cause it's not regulated like us or europ
Syrtech (1 month ago)
Dawn HvH you can’t sue someone or a business that’s not from the US in a US court...
mattyy101 (1 month ago)
+Dawn HvH ive been banned from tote sport from turning 100 to 800
mattyy101 (1 month ago)
It can happen ...
Prime Nipsy (1 month ago)
This dude living the dream... Damn.. Im happy for him
Toppenny (1 month ago)
Thats how mafia works
Oliver Päär (1 month ago)
Oliver Päär (1 month ago)
u stupid fuck u have lost 100 000$ i think more and u post this shit :D
spike (1 month ago)
Thanks for curing my itch to go to the cino
Marco Martins (1 month ago)
What's he's name?
Quintin oliver (1 month ago)
The shorts made me laugh
Is his name huge jhon
Grant Richardson (1 month ago)
I wouldn't leave the house to gamble either. ....not with that fucking shirt on anyway....
Chris Henderson (1 month ago)
Can I borrow some money bro
Bless 7.30.2016 (1 month ago)
firat glen (1 month ago)
you will never win gambling is like lsd when things are going well you have the feeling to be the best and the world is so beautiful but who do you wake up in your own puke and owe for your life I can not be happy because I know what to expect
Thomas Hampton (1 month ago)
Who told Jimmy Tatro to play blackjack?
paolo joosten (1 month ago)
I'm an ex-dealer!Blackjack is the best game to play!My advice is never to play the same bet.For example,someone who bets always 5 eu whole night,will defenitly go home with a loss!PS i dont understand why a lot of casino's still shuffle the cards manualy...!?
Anonymous Clips (1 month ago)
How tf does he still wins money when the dealer wins. can anyone explain? For example 6:55
he was making those side bets, which one is that he will get a 20 in his hand, and the other one I'm not sure about.

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