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Mother of all Blackjack Sessions

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Mother of blackjack sessions! Do not try this at home. Dem Bois To check out online casinos visit https://lordsofblackjack.com To watch me stream live catch me on https://twitch.tv/davoslots
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Text Comments (372)
Rubén Enrich (7 hours ago)
Ludópata en potencia. Siempre farda de lo ganado, pero a saber lo que habrá perdido, viendo como juega.
BREBMONT (17 hours ago)
Dude, you got my sub. Absolutely incredible session! I laughed so hard when the BJs kept flowing in
Федя Федоров (21 hours ago)
Ебать чувак бабла поднял 40 к евро 💶, это 3 арбуза ёпта, вообщем норм попросту ох
Gaming Master 213 (1 day ago)
Luv this such good comedy 2 😆👌
Vaddix 99 (1 day ago)
You're a fucking loser dude. Nobody thinks you're hot shit.
Vaddix 99 (1 day ago)
Oh I see. You're one of those faggots who think the rest of the world needs to suck your asshole or something. You acting like an autistic twat with your queer reactions isn't entertaining. Your mother was incorrect. You're nothing special. Don't want backlash, get off of Youtube. Cocksucker.
Davo Slots (1 day ago)
Nice work +Niall Turner. Dealing with suckers like this all the time sure is entertaining. Small dick fuck!!!
Niall Turner (1 day ago)
Vaddix 99. Get a fucking clue mate. I am a meteorologist in New Mexico and I have done further research into the department of inadequate penis size and what davoslots is saying is completely accurate. I have done three different thesis' on this topic. Cheers.
Davo Slots (1 day ago)
Yo bro, I've literally replied to 3 people on this video- None the less. Can tell without doing any sort of further background investigation that you are most likely inadequate in the penis department- not a problem of mine. go chase a rabbit or something. Peace and love man.
Big Sexty (1 day ago)
Dam, one hell of a run!!! As we say in America, that takes major balls bro!!! Congratulations!!!
Will Murdoch (1 day ago)
How many times did he say 'until we lose' , lose, and then bet again!! The road has one ending, massive debts and a couple of metres of rope.
Warren Kirkpatrick (1 day ago)
Can you count cards with online BJ like this?
Tobi Hamburg (2 days ago)
47 k why Not Cash out
Daniel Wellard (2 days ago)
That was insane.. I don't think I've ever seen blackjack win like that well done pal. I was happy I won £40 on the footy can't even imagine the feeling you had that night haha.. do you upload often?
Lugueiro (2 days ago)
Cagada do caralho kkkkkk
Adam West (2 days ago)
Can someone explain how he won 2900 @ :49 when it was a push... ?
Brandon Larsen (2 days ago)
what are you talking about straights and flushes for its blackjack
aakka p (22 hours ago)
its a bonus game
Black Hornet (3 days ago)
hahahah nice roll
Mateusz Rogalski (3 days ago)
Nice play :)
jim kruis (3 days ago)
Why want's the dealer 1 card more if she already get 14 and the player 13 .....
mike ross (3 days ago)
Hopefully this place pays him. I have been screwed almost 100% of time by online casinos. They don't pay
comfibold (3 days ago)
That's a tenfold return of your starting bank. Superb!
typical gambler.. you SIR have a problem..
HypliX' (4 days ago)
Love the Steve Irwin accent😂😂 has she got a set of thangs on her or whooot
Hayley Artigue (5 days ago)
This guy will lose everything in his life , gambling is not the way forward lol .. You can never win no matter what they will take take take , FIXED to the max , Betting shops are terrible , Online is disgusting .. They are all the same .. they are there to MAKE MONEY , Not GIVE ffs lol
geme men (3 days ago)
he made 40K and you say you can never win at casinos and that they take money from you. Hahaha didn't you just see that they gave him 40k ??
George Porge (5 days ago)
what a twat really.
and i never cashing out casue i am retarded
B (5 days ago)
how the fuck do you pull that many straights and flushes!!
Money Talkzz (5 days ago)
Casino: shit Wrong deck
Luxe Leventje (6 days ago)
The only limit is your imagination
педик в картузе
Antonio Montana (8 days ago)
5:00 "bitch gonna get fired" lolol
ZECK (8 days ago)
Mad respect on them plays bro, what a result!
Steven C (8 days ago)
Are you allowed to cash out in the middle of a hand like that?
Drd20 (9 days ago)
don't go back unless your dumb.
Nico Zerafa (9 days ago)
Dude that was AMAZING!
mosk11tto (9 days ago)
If you are not addicted to gambling and you are wondering what it looks like, here is the perfect example.
David Cook (11 days ago)
What a fucking waste in side bets.
Mike Larsen (12 days ago)
Fake video. It happened about 3 times where you had the same as the dealer, and it gave you win.. that's not true tho..
Brandon Griffith (13 days ago)
FUCKING BEAUTIFUL!! Its amazing what can be done counting cards. People make careers out of blackjack.
L L (13 days ago)
What happened betwenn 2:50 and 3:00?
aakka p (22 hours ago)
he lost a hand.
Brian Kuiken (14 days ago)
I literally haven't laughed out loud this hard in a long time. Congrats mate enjoy the $$$ and thanks for the laughs :)
HeeYong Lee (16 days ago)
I havent seen ever . Unbelievable
Sack doll (16 days ago)
Haha you look like Colin Ferrell
Scream Maex (16 days ago)
Sub back bruh..u play so good
TheLucidDreamer (16 days ago)
Learn to count some damn cards and try not to get caught
Geoff 213 (17 days ago)
davos, can you resolve your copyright problem. one viewer.
Fred Bloggs (17 days ago)
Clearly an addict.
Polarbear (17 days ago)
Hey fellow degenrate gambling c*nts. where can an aussie now play poker online???????? I love poker, but aside from ignition and depositing via crypto for americas card room has anyone got a solution?? Thanks in advance fuckers!
I have no idea how i ended up here but those videos are so addicting
Gavir Gopal (17 days ago)
fuck I thought that was lifeaccordingtojimmy when I clicked on the video
bogonogy (17 days ago)
all it takes is money and NO brains to gamble your life away
Red Screen Ninjas (17 days ago)
I though playing slot machines was nerve wrecking but watching you play, WOWZERS!!!
Moe Shehebar (17 days ago)
no matter how much you win, you will end up loosing way more, simply you won’t quit playing until it’s way too late, when become an addict, you will lose your job, family, friends, your life and you will end up regretting every single second you gambled.
bet 5500 - won 10000 bet 6000 - won 10000 bet 6500 - won 10000 bet 6500 - (black jack) won 12500 it´s a miracle that you've won MAYBE IT'S JUST RIGGED .....................
Ranjit Singh (17 days ago)
Pressing it when your how it how you run it the fuck up, congrats man, dont degen it all away. And nice job actually calling it quits, I've seen a lot of people be up a shitload and then lose a couple hands and then go on a rampage trying to win it back (even though they were still way ahead) and end up losing it all.
berlin7und40 (17 days ago)
Great advertising
Tarik Avdović T.A. (17 days ago)
GG WP dont play anymore ever again!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bigga Winna Crapsa (17 days ago)
In Blackjack you can have the winning hand and turn it into a loser. Example: you are alone at the table (or last to act before dealer, if there are others playing) and you have a hard 12, 13, 14, 15, or 16 against the dealer's up facecard. You hit and bust and the dealer then turns over his 16. You HAD a winning hand and blew it, turning it into a losing hand. Now you have to make up that loss before gaining any more ground against his chip rack. In Baccarat, no such situation ever presents itself. Once the cards are cut at the start of the shoe, the outcome of all hands is determined. It is so superior to Blackjack that I am amazed that anyone still plays Blackjack.
Johnny Wong (17 days ago)
Kid Nice (17 days ago)
As star wars music Kicks in 10,000$ win Not bad Man.
Brad Jones (17 days ago)
M8 get out while you're ahead!!
88Blackmontana (17 days ago)
Oh fuck this star wars music is epic
ROMEYYOUROCK (17 days ago)
3:36 the dealer had 21 and it said you win?!?!
Cslash D (16 days ago)
ROMEYYOUROCK blackjack beats cards adding to 21, everyone knows that
Nova B (18 days ago)
lol this guy is going to lose so much money unless he quits as soon as possible.
Calicoe 313 (18 days ago)
At 11min the hand his holding is 16 and takes a card and it’s a 3 and it says he busted wtf watch at 11min the game is fake.
Live 2Learn (14 days ago)
LOL you are completely off mate. when he is holding a 16 and takes a card, its a Jack of Clubs, not a 3.... If i were you I'd get my eyes examined asap.
Tommy Jo (18 days ago)
Son the fucking balls on you
This guy really tilt me so hard. I need to hit something right now, fuck
mr meseeks (18 days ago)
Man needs to upload more
Braden McGuire (18 days ago)
This is fucking ridiculous
Aryan Alan (18 days ago)
He lost all that plus more by now.easy we all know casinos always up
ofek zelig (18 days ago)
A game that requires no skill and that will bleed all of your money away. How can anyone be fucked enough in the head to stream it? You literally suck balls at the game. I'd say I hope you lose out overall. But the house always wins. And the casino's got your money claimed alrrady. Get out when you can you mediocre idiot. Gg.
Matthew Birt (18 days ago)
I built my blackjack balance up to 86 grand (pounds) then blew it all. I fantasied getting to 100 K then I thought I get get up to 1 million. I have now spent 2 years clearing off 15 K worth of debt. It will destroy your decision making, relationships and mental health. Are you a kiwi by the way as I am myself 😀
Live 2Learn (14 days ago)
Jeezus man You mustve been betting big i know that feeling hard to get up and leave the table. i can see when ur shooting for 100 k and instead u are losing and are down to 45k from original 86k, that mindset u almost would rather lose it all than just get up off the table or take a break etc
Can Gunduz (18 days ago)
What in the fuck did i just watch?
nathan harrison (18 days ago)
You’re a dumbass
Nigger Guy (18 days ago)
So basically you can card count pretty easily on this sites. Also that dealer looks like she was recently retired/promoted from a life as a sex slave
rhinoknife (18 days ago)
You had an 11 and dealer had a 6 up and you don’t double down. You don’t even know basic strategy, dude!
sad resident (18 days ago)
Wow, I would of cash out when you hit 47k that was insane, new subscriber here
hgffize (18 days ago)
Pure joy watching him win
hgffize (18 days ago)
Ive never seen that type of run ever
Brandon Seamons (18 days ago)
Nice dude
kinggimped (18 days ago)
Hey, can somebody please explain the side betting that's going on? Does the flush/straight only count on the initial 3 cards showing, or does it factor in at the end of the hand? What's the return on the side bets? Anyway, hell of a lucky streak. Wonder if he carried on after this video cuts off and lost it all. All the "one last hand" stuff got quite uncomfortable to watch after a while.
Brad Oldridge (18 days ago)
Side bets are calculated from your two cards and sometimes the dealers face card. For perfect pairs there's 3 winning outcomes and the dealers face card doesn't play a role. 06:1 for a mixed pair, e.g: King of Hearts - King of Spades. 12:1 Payout for a coloured pair, e.g: King of Hearts - King of Diamonds (Red) 25:1 Perfect pair, e.g King of Hearts - King of Hearts. 21+3 side bet(s) involve the dealers face card. 5:1 Flush, meaning your 2 cards and the dealers face card are the same suit, e.g: 10 of clubs, Jack of clubs - 2 of clubs (Dealer) all 3 face cards are clubs meaning 5:1 win. 10:1 for a straight. e.g: 10 of clubs, jack of spades - 9 of spades (Dealer) 30:1 for three of a kind, e.g: 10 of clubs, 10 of hearts - 10 of hearts (Dealer) All 3 cards are the same, you'd win 30:1 for trips +6:1 mixed pair. 40:1 payout for a straight flush, same as the 10:1 straight, however if all 3 cards are of the same suit, it goes from 10:1 up to 40:1. 100:1 What everyone dreams of winning. Being dealt perfect pair 25:1 e.g: Ace of Spades, Ace of Spades and the dealer also being dealt an Ace of Spades. You win 25:1 on the perfect pair side bets + 100+1 on 21+3 sidebet.
firewing6 (18 days ago)
Thank you for posting.
truthsmiles (18 days ago)
Many years ago I was a blackjack dealer. One night, a young guy came in and bought $1,000 in chips and started playing $100 per hand. Soon he was up to $500 on 3 hands (the max for that table), and in less than 15 minutes he cleaned out my entire tray (I figure about $32k total). I was paying him in red and white by the end - super annoying to everyone, but also kind of thrilling. I had never seen a run like that before and never saw it again. PS - In case you're wondering, I had called the floor for an emergency fill when I was down to about $10k, but they were slow, the guy got impatient, scooped up his chips, and went to the table right next to mine. By the time I left work a couple hours later, he had lost almost all of it back. I hope he cashed out at least $1,000 up that night.
lazybeastz182 (15 days ago)
dam he shoulda quit while he was rolling in the ching ching chow la!!
BetoVsky V2 (18 days ago)
I like the 1st crupier😘
vladimir makarov (18 days ago)
the first ones always on the house... said the drug dealer
SN011GlobeTrot (18 days ago)
I just lost 6 grand doing that and now 3k in debt trying that myself so theres the dark side... At least I've just had terrible luck in such things for real though!
Sack doll (15 days ago)
+ofek zelig ok one word just popped in my head , about what said earlier... That word is desperation
Sack doll (15 days ago)
+ofek zelig mmm ok you are right .
ofek zelig (16 days ago)
No amount of good gambling stories could convince me. They're greatly outnumbered by the bad ones.
SN011GlobeTrot (16 days ago)
Ya I sure did and kind of runs in my family. Down about 25-30k lifetime to it all I couldn't afford I'm the def of a problem gambler...My brother on the other hands a highly successful poker player. Up around 1.5-2m in it and never touched gambling except once where he went up a G then never returned :D
ofek zelig (16 days ago)
You don't develop an addiction when you're in debt. You develop an addiction when you have cash to burn. And then it burns and it burns and you're still addicted and poor and getting poorer.
Da Realist (18 days ago)
Fuck yea love seeing runs like this fuck the casinos
2:11 - 2:15 The dealer already won. She didn't need to hit another card. It was the dealer's mistake.
aakka p (22 hours ago)
thats biggest bullshit i have ever heard. no matter what, dealer has to hit with less than 17. the amount of players cant make a difference. only thing that differs in 1 on 1 is that dealer doesn't have to take any cards if the player busts.
Chris Alcocer (17 days ago)
TheBest KeyboardWarrior you sir are retarded.
ExcaliburSticks100 (17 days ago)
That's not how it works in the United States and I suspect anywhere in the world. Please get it on video, it would be amazing. The reason being, the house would have a huge edge if they're able to just stop hitting after beating the player. No one in their right mind would gamble under those conditions.
You have to guess if I'm a troll or stupid? I don't have to guess, you're stupid. Dealer's rule is strictly set by Casino. The general rule is that once all players' options are dealt, the dealer must hit with less than 17 in hand (A6 is another story, depends on Casino). When the dealer is dealing 1 on 1, 99% of the Casino (unless they're stupid like you) will imply strict rule to stand once the dealer has beat the solo player. I can get this on video if you want, on ANY Casino within my reach.
Brad Oldridge (18 days ago)
Judging by your username, either a troll, or just plain stupid. Saying that, either way the later is relevant.. Seriously, why are you here if you don't even understand how to play blackjack?
Bernard Chapin (18 days ago)
Aaron Walderslade (18 days ago)
You don't know when to stop do you? Be strict when you say "this is my target and if I miss it I'm done." Then stick by that! I don't win huge amounts at blackjack, but I've paid for dinner a few times, because that was my aim and I had a target to stop at. You MUST have a target. Watch "Owning Mahoney"
real talk (18 days ago)
Raver watch this over porn
Nice wom
Pete F (18 days ago)
I like the part where the music kicks in and he win $10,000 Euros then kicks the chair over lmao, as a degenerate BJ player myself I must say, you got very lucky this time around.. and we all know it doesn't happen often especially all those side wagers you kept hitting usually one would say those are "sucker bets" however you kept nailing them so it is what it is just don't expect this type of run to happen the next time you play because odds are it won't but anyway very nice win hopefully you did something productive with your profits rather than giving it back to the casino.
Free bonus https://cuu.su/hci/
Lol and Og (18 days ago)
4-40 rq
TheJudgeOfGood (18 days ago)
This asshole is a grown man acting like he’s 5.
IrishThreeFour (18 days ago)
This moron needs to learn how to play with 16. Stays one hand. Hits the next. Make up your mind! Nothing worse than playing with someone inconsistent. Especially the anchor. If you "have a feeling" what the next card is going to be, please remove yourself from the table so other players don't have to suffer from the stupidity of people who play like assholes
Pete F (18 days ago)
I understand where you are coming from however even BJ Experts have said that bad players choices won't affect a good players outcome in the long run
Mr. Zavri (18 days ago)
should of cashed out at that 40k break. And never play there again.
Chacha Da Don (18 days ago)
Lol holy shit, fun to watch him ride the wave.
Sack doll (16 days ago)
That's what I call gambling ... The wave
Shoober Doober (18 days ago)
Jimmy Tatro?
Dimitris Dim (18 days ago)
Doctor 🤔.👨‍⚕️. 😴💤💤 🤑💰💵💰🤑
Richard Gagne (18 days ago)
Title did not disappoint :D

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