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Mother of all Blackjack Sessions

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Mother of blackjack sessions! Do not try this at home. Dem Bois To watch me stream live catch me on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/blackjacklords/ To watch me stream live catch me on https://twitch.tv/davoslots
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Text Comments (766)
Zack Linton (2 days ago)
wheres the new content bro i need your degen material to fuel my admiring gambling habits
claus vanhelsing (11 days ago)
Are there dutch teamplayers Here hit me up
This shit is all staged, no way in shit that people can go on that big winning streak. He works for the casino obv
Henk Jojo (12 days ago)
This isnt possible right, all these videos with massive wins getting blackjack with first 2 cards while I get fucked over and over with just 10€. They say blackjack is quite profitable but whenever I just enter the table the dealer wins over and over
ette Productions (12 days ago)
Where the videos at?
sy in (14 days ago)
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂that facking chair kick.
RCM2210 (20 days ago)
This guy probably has millions and he’s just doing this for the thrill and to get people to watch
KoRaYy 38 (21 days ago)
HolySmokes Am Rich (25 days ago)
Loving your Shorts 🥰🥰💖Nice legs.
his chances of winning decrease after each round...yet he bets more
+sad boys Firstly, the house edge is always higher. Meaning you have a 52-56% chance of losing in the long run. So out of 100 games, you'll lose 52-56 hands. Those extra 2-6 hands are what will kill your bank. Second reason has more statistical odds. Although your odds never actually change each hand, they do statistically. Example: The odds of winning 5 games in a row, are let's hypothetically say 15%. That 15% will decrease exponentially. So the odds of you winning 10 games in a row, will drop to 0.018% (something like that). So you'd need to play 10,000 games (or less if you're lucky), before you come close to hitting 10 games in a row. Keep in mind these numbers aren't accurate, but the concept is accurate.
sad boys (25 days ago)
just curious, how do his chances go down mathematically speaking?
Nick Szell (26 days ago)
Is this before or after the £77.000 davo and £150.000 win? Fucking love u brother😎😎
Jacob Jackson (27 days ago)
why is he winning money on pushes?
f0t0b0y (28 days ago)
Dear Davi of the past, you are going to have an insane session in the near future! 😂
Mickenzy (1 month ago)
This my children is an addict
Mitchell M (1 month ago)
40k euro to Australian dollars is almost $100k not bad.
Flav (1 month ago)
Big wins = Big lost
Uplexa Dice (1 month ago)
Hello everyone! ​@t is offering 1,000 uPlexa to the first 10 users that sign up on our site. The Dice Roller and Roulette Wheel are waiting! Please message admins after registering. Thank you.
Hack Ringo (1 month ago)
Started at 4k and went up to 40k XD
M.R GAMER (1 month ago)
Davo how can I chat you bro
Heng Baby (1 month ago)
I can’t play on my phone
A.Kadir KARADAĞ (1 month ago)
Alonzo Stanway (1 month ago)
Idiots in the chat thinking that the dealers are going to get fired 😅
laaarsas (1 month ago)
Wtf is this shit? He's obviously beeing fed by the casinos. Do you really buy this shit? Don't play internet casinos, you will feel much better
MrEthan Quinn (1 month ago)
What did I just watch
OneQBit (1 month ago)
8.06 has to be the best bet of that round!! And the reaction with the chair!! Omfg .. i was in tears!! Love your work davo!!
Francisco rivera (1 month ago)
Dude try to chilling a little bit, You might get a heart attack.
Danny Jennings (1 month ago)
That was fucking awesome mate,got some balls on ya!! Subbed.
DT123 (1 month ago)
Think u won a shitload. Cheers mate
Ryan (1 month ago)
Staged advertising shit, lol.
Juliy Z (1 month ago)
Crazy sun of a bitch
Hidde Delissen (1 month ago)
his balance at the end is more then 30000 bucks
big wood (1 month ago)
It this a real black jack online
Gian Boria (1 month ago)
Whats this shit for 10 min thinking it was Jimmy Tatro lol
Luca Poulsen (1 month ago)
Is it real game?
David duFresne (1 month ago)
I don't know if my luck is normal, but I'd say in my life, sessions like this happen about 1% of the time where you up your initial stake around ten times. You have to press your bets, 200 to 300, 300 to 450 to 600 to 900 etc otherwise you won't profit all that much. I see some comments about online casinos not paying out. The one I use is @t and they pay out within about 30 minutes. No document check if you use bitcoin. They also let you surrender if an Ace is showing BEFORE checking for blackjack. If you're not already a blackjack player DON'T start because the odds are with them in the long run, but if you do play this is the best run casino that I've played at.
Myles Knudsen (1 month ago)
I’m trying to figure out if that was an animation or like live footage of the dealer
dejan Frommann (1 month ago)
10.04 best voice
dom jo (1 month ago)
Stifler is that you? 😂😂
native pride (1 month ago)
Bait! For all you fish
Mike Kleinsteuber (2 months ago)
May I say you're a terrible, terrible BJ player. You may have got lucky but unless you change you'll lose it all in the end...
Kimbo Slice (2 months ago)
Mike Kleinsteuber even if you follow perfect strategy you will lose it all in the end unless you are doing some sort of card counting.
joetri10 (2 months ago)
I watched the first 2 minutes at him just under 10k and thought, yeh 'ok' it's just gona be that. Then i skipped 10 minutes.... :|
MOON LEAP (2 months ago)
i have no fucking idea whats going on
Edward Bangs (2 months ago)
Take all your cash and short the fuck out of Boeing. Take those profits and play stocks/options, better chance at financial freedom than a casino.
BialyOrzel777 (2 months ago)
@11:42 you was about to end it wins with 17 then Blackjack after it Epic reaction haha that was a rare good shoe
Pisach404 (2 months ago)
Man you are crazy i had to passare a holyday with u it can be very interessant
Jack Larage (2 months ago)
Those shorts bro. American flag I'm from Vegas but live in Belgium. Your very entertaining thank you.
Simon Curtis (2 months ago)
Look at his skinny pigeon legs lol
Steven (2 months ago)
Cody ko ?
Destroy ZOG (2 months ago)
Playing so bad u actually deserved to lose. But still a nice profit :)
SDoren _ (2 months ago)
Nice. Fucking. Run.
Don't Ask What my Name (2 months ago)
I usually don’t like winning too much, cuz I feel like I m using my lifetime luck on one day
Mango Man (2 months ago)
haha same
Jordan Chan (2 months ago)
Happy for a day, miserable for a lifetime.
So true
Mike Ramey (2 months ago)
To bad it's not real money...
Nolan Wilson (2 months ago)
ive watched this 5 times.. great video but man I have a problem
BFinFlavin (2 months ago)
Didnt hit on a 16!!!!!
Kyle Albrecht (2 months ago)
How many times did he say once we lose we're done and lost but kept on playing
Carlhartt (2 months ago)
Madness my man!! WD
codamo le (2 months ago)
believe it or not he probably knows the dealer also im 99% sure they tied on 20 at 0:45 then she pulled another card. terrible mistake or they scamming the employer
codamo le (2 months ago)
i dont know they probably are scanned but it doesn't calculate the worth automatically right? and who shuffles them the dealer or their boss
Joe Shaloom (2 months ago)
The cards are scanned as she pulls them. If it's a scam it comes from way above the dealer
0ak53 d (2 months ago)
저기 영상은 진짜 사람이하는거임?
Dominic Lawson (2 months ago)
What website is that and does I️t pay out to the US??
Vladimir Kudrin (2 months ago)
Что за хунта
QuiDaFrank (2 months ago)
Dave C (2 months ago)
Obvious great run...But he admitted himself the game at other times got the better of him.
BarbieXL (2 months ago)
i wanna buy that shirt! where can i order it
Echo 9970 (2 months ago)
Calm the fuck down. And he will throw it all back in the next day or so. These gamblers don't or can't stop. That just one more always gets them good.
Small fIsH (2 months ago)
side bets give higher edge to house, never play side bets
EZ $$$
bill Murray (2 months ago)
Can you tip the dealer?
I don't understand: 2:40 Davo has 13 and dealer has 14. Why does the dealer, deal another card to bust? She already won?
Terje Lunde (2 months ago)
dealer always has to hit unless dealer has 17 or above, then dealer must stand. basic blackjack rules
Warmonger YT (2 months ago)
Buddy Van Cigrit (2 months ago)
The guy looked 40k inside
KaiSau (2 months ago)
9:42 that will get her fired
Bruce Lee (2 months ago)
yeah didnt get that either , why would she hit a 15 when player has 13
No Name (2 months ago)
you gotta know when to stop.
Aaron Silvestro (2 months ago)
He was saying flush, straight etc but playing blackjack???
Nati Michelle (2 months ago)
He was referring to the 21+3 side bet.
n z (2 months ago)
i cringed so hard everytime he says just one last hand brings back bad memories
Brandon Male (2 months ago)
Pretty fun to feel the excitement through you being an avid gambler as well! What a run! That sidebet action was insane!
Zachary Davis (2 months ago)
Cash out mate
AUSSIE NINJA23 (2 months ago)
U funny cunt
xXHulkXx HD (2 months ago)
hey davo, got a question how did you earn that much money to be able to play with these huge amounts, greetings from germany :D
lisa starves (2 months ago)
I got to go to the casino soon.. AGAIN.. one DAY
Mixing Slowly (2 months ago)
Good acting
Preston 1127 (2 months ago)
At 2:13 why did she not stand at 13 when he only had 12? Can someone explain this?
Community (2 months ago)
I just checked they have to draw to at least 17
God's Boy (3 months ago)
Look, as someone who has literally blown between 1.5 - 2M USD over a 30 year spand I can say YES you will from time to time have lucky streaks like this, I myself was up 150K in one month BUT we all know compulsive, degenerate gamblers such as this guy, myself, and many others always give it back whether it is the next day, week month, year, at some point the casino will get all that money back + more! BJ is a house game, you can win once in awhile especially if you play using basic strategy but even then the odds are still in the house's favor. It took me many years to rebuild my life I now have access to 100K worth of credit, I have a decent amount in the bank and i'll tell ya what, the casino will never get another nickel out of me. Financially, gambling is worse than drugs, alcohol, cigarettes all put together! very high suicide rate with it too, I had days where I wanted to not only kill myself but others as well luckily I no longer think like that but I am just speaking from experience stay the fuck away from the casinos they exist solely to take YOUR money. All the comps and free shit they give you mean NOTHING compared to the money that you give to them.
Yusuf Sumarlin (15 hours ago)
@God's Boy want to join the community too
sanharib younan (15 days ago)
great comment congrats
Tim Van Loo (1 month ago)
+God's Boy GitGutScrub
+dave marnell .
dave marnell (1 month ago)
If you're a gambler, why would you have wanted to kill other people? Killing yourself I get, but why kill anyone else because you lost, unless perhaps you
King of slots MILLION (3 months ago)
is this game available in the U.S.A
Max Narodov (3 months ago)
Tja Crypto (3 months ago)
Yannick van Grootel (3 months ago)
He's working with the casino
Venkatachalam Perumal (3 months ago)
4k to 40k is nothing, I've made 1k to 78k and lost it all in 6 hours
God's Boy (3 months ago)
At'a boy, write a book about it.
Guchu Sokukuki (3 months ago)
imagine how much he would have won had he not placed on the sidebets...
Paul Playboyhäschen (3 months ago)
Der Gewinnt auch sehr viele Hände, muss schon gut laufen wenn man einen guten Lauf hat.
Baccarat Baccaratato (3 months ago)
Anthony Hardy (3 months ago)
Why play till you lose,you can't afford to lose 20 grand,let alone 10dollars😀😀😀😀😀😀😀
Anthony Hardy (3 months ago)
He was going to say we will keep going till we lose what a tool not real money we all know now!!!!!
Viktor Nikolayenko (3 months ago)
Hardcore play buddy! Well done and good luck!
Ryan Baugher (3 months ago)
What online casino is this????
Paul Chronicles (3 months ago)
she is so fired.
NezEtY (3 months ago)
May i ask question ? How can you say they are cheating IF you can see every day shuffler besides table whos taking out 8 new decks - with every single deck makes fam and you can see that the all cards are there. Than dealer makes shemy shuffle and collects all the cards and gives to the shuffler whos shuffling now those cards and than you playing with them. That all happening in front of your eye from a to the z. I can`t quite understand those people - you see box,all 8 decks with all cards in fam, schemy shufflle ,regular shufflle and game is on - where the hell there is cheating ? in scanners thay scan cards with ? where ? (sry for bad english -not my native one -learning so far)
Reed Gang (3 months ago)
This guy looks like Jimmy Tatro
Free Assange (3 months ago)
I don't know how blackjack works but this was sick
karim lavji (3 months ago)
Fired fired all of you
Ryan (3 months ago)
How do these online tables work? is the money you win equivalent to real money or a percentage or what?

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