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D&D Story: A Most Abserd Character

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This animated Dungeons and Dragons Story comes from a funny game when I played a ridiculous character named Abserd, who was an absurd collection of classes. Hope you guys enjoy! You can watch the video of the live game here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLz3eRfQfVDYM-QrDH7vc94t-aCX2Yk29V Music: "Sunshine Samba" from Youtube Audio Library
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Text Comments (4948)
Wolfy (14 hours ago)
Wait why do some of them look like Vax, Kiki, Mollymauk and Caleb? lol
Penguin Guy (18 hours ago)
Later: hello there it is me absurd again I can still talk in side of your mind because I am still a warlock also I killed the person with my magical powers so I am heading back to you I’m going to teleport just wait A second
Sky Adventurer (18 hours ago)
This entire story is really just..... goofy
Daniel Mann (20 hours ago)
This is a dumb story. Just because something is animated, does not make it good. I love you.
Nathan Brownsberger (20 hours ago)
So he is basically Benny from the 1999 movie "The Mummy" with a knock off voice of Tommy Wiseau
Marguns21 (20 hours ago)
What is that mind warlock power? I cant find it..
Unit Scout (17 hours ago)
It's an ability not a spell from phb
K.G. Donathan (1 day ago)
A jack of all trades is a king of none.
georgie (1 day ago)
we had bardbarians
TaranAlvein (1 day ago)
I love this character. The voice is the best part.
Molly Taylor (1 day ago)
I did not hit her. I did nooot. Oh hi mark.
MrScathgadai (1 day ago)
this is amazing
Karl Miller (2 days ago)
Yeah one of my guys had a fear of tech he could not use anything more advanced than mechanical tech lucky for my group the GM didn’t count the match after I kill 3 of four 20 level members oops and that was the beginning of the end of my D&D gaming needless to say I rolled and winner two months later again most of my party died 10min in and that was all she wrote I was banded from the only group in my area. Now I’m just a team killer online I finally found my place in the game
Andrei Radulescu (2 days ago)
so pretty much a bard
hj lin (2 days ago)
That character is absurd. Badum-tsss
Vincent Tavani (2 days ago)
I don't like this
wILLIAM Vuchetich (2 days ago)
can u send a link to the packet i wanna play abserd :D
voidcritter (2 days ago)
Here's how you make this character legally: Use standard array or point buy, then make your character a half-elf. You dump CON and INT - the first because you don't need it to qualify for any class, and the second because as per RAW, you don't need to qualify for your first class when multiclassing (Abserd started as a wizard, which is the only class that uses INT) The rules say you need at least a 13 in a stat before you can multiclass into a class that uses it heavily (like someone multiclassing into Barbarian needs 13 STR). Put that 12 into CHA to get that up to 13 because of the half-elf's racial bonuses, and if you're using standard array, you have a 13, a 14, and a 15 left.
voidcritter (3 days ago)
I mean this makes a character who isn't that great at anything and only a fool dumps CON, but this was a oneshot, so
george jordan (3 days ago)
I laughed so hard at this. Keeper going!
River (3 days ago)
So he just talks like Gru?
hollow soul (3 days ago)
Would you mind sending me the character packet for Abserd? I'm interested in making him a NPC in a campaign I'm going to be writing for a group of friends. And when I say NPC I mean I plan on making him the main villain of the campaign. If not the character packet then could I get some advice on how to make a NPC that day so essentially the same?
JS Official (4 days ago)
Sounds like Tommy Wiseau
Patrick Oliver (4 days ago)
I can just imagine this character's voice sounding like a bad Tommy Wiseau impression.
Enrico Boccardi (3 days ago)
It's not that absurd. at level 14 a character is a hero, so it's plausible to have done a lot of stuff. a decent build for it would be a level 3 fighter, level 1 everything else ( champion fighter, goo warlock, knowledge or light domain cleric, wild magic sorcerer ) that uses monk weapons ( staves mostly) and has a lot of dexterity to handle its foes. Armor at pleasure. Those subclasses are picked out in order to have the least scaling based on ability scores, unless you pick light cleric that has the same scaling as the monk ( wisdom). Magics should be picked because they are rituals or because they provide utility and don't rely on spell saving throws. Champion is preferred in order to increase the crit and the damage roll for every other attack, and wild magic in order to have more favorable rolls for sneak attacks. Otherwise a level 2-3 warlock pact of hexblade can be good enough, since it provides crit and some higher level magic if 3, or do not weight too much on bonus action economy if kept at 2 with a level 2 fighter ( so it takes action surge). Otherwise, if you don't mind wasting a monk level, just attack with eldritch blast, get 3 levels of warlock, get agonizing blast and stack charisma. Not having eztra attack hurts melee attackers and you won't be able to use sneak attacks, but oh well.
ytubeanon (4 days ago)
he should equip a football as a main weapon
pixle power (4 days ago)
That was absurd
kapitan19969838 (4 days ago)
3:13 ''James''?
Nicolas M (4 days ago)
Good ol cumular.
Jesus Christ (4 days ago)
Your character is approved.
stacker55 (4 days ago)
man your stories are great in the middle and so anticlimactic
ecogreen 123 (4 days ago)
i cant wait to see where this character goes, if anywhere XD
Lydia_Bug Art (4 days ago)
Absurd is the same as a boy in my classes 😂
Stinky Finger (4 days ago)
After you failed your saving throw, I would have put a collar and leash on you and you would lived the rest of your existence as my pet. I would sew you lips together, because you are never allowed to speak...you may moan in agony. Or I don't know... you are rather annoying... perhaps I would make you into a goulash appetizer course for my brood of capacious toe worms. That should keep those nibbling bastards happy... for awhile at least... or give them indigestion so that their vomit would sooth my bunions.
True gold Struck (4 days ago)
This is... *Absurd.*
Thea Queen (4 days ago)
I feel like you're a nightmare to play with...
donotgettmeseriously (5 days ago)
and, at the barbarians I knew you where going to take all the classes in the book XD
Lungisa Nduna (5 days ago)
that was so amazing .
6 plyrich (5 days ago)
But what about old man Henderson?
man you suck as a storyteller. your premise is that you get to make an OP, absolutely absurd character. Then you set it up as being pretty much all classes. But you dont even build it as some weird pick and choose character that has a convenient collection of skills from all classes to make it some sort of invincible thing that kills on touch. Instead, your idea of an "absurd character" is just a guy with a weird voice.
+Rémy Boivin you didnt answe my question.
Rémy Boivin (2 days ago)
+RALEIGH SOLILOGUY You have the right to be wrong while having an opinion.
+Rémy Boivin did you read anything i said, or just skip it all to say im wrong because you disagree?
Rémy Boivin (3 days ago)
+RALEIGH SOLILOGUY You don't get it. The name, the build, the voice. There is more then this but you can't see it. Rewatch the video as I said. It's like you chose to skip everything but the title.
+Rémy Boivin yes he went about learning things from different classes but always got kicked out, this doesnt change the fact that the only absurd thing about the character in the end is that it has a funny voice. You seem confused, i dont think you understand the point im trying to make.
Dumpinator (5 days ago)
Abserd sounds really close to the dutch word "absurd" which means ridiculous. Kind of fitting really.
Darkest Dweller (5 days ago)
I was a Third Party class... Detective. I had literally any power that would allow me to solve mysteries. Talk to Spirits, See Past Events of an Area, Force people to tell the truth, and a whole crapload of skills. I essentially was a skill monkey and carried a crew to the final boss against a Necromancer. My companions didn't know I became a serial killer. I teamed up with the Necromancer, sacrificed my friends, and proposed to the Necromancer. He rejected me, and I killed him. From then on, I was The Lonely Harvester.
William Lu (5 days ago)
I thought it was a DM (dungeon master)
cade mcmanus (5 days ago)
Anybody else notice he misspelled "Absurd" LOL
Joshua Knoerr (5 days ago)
I love Abserd >< lol
Holly (5 days ago)
ur the only youtube which videos i watch more then once xD
HonorBound Fate (5 days ago)
abserd escaped by annoying the witch to death literally and then he became the mayor of a town.
Ranosian (5 days ago)
I created a charactor called the Axe Slinger. He was a Warrior Bard that used Guitars as Axes.
Veleslav Kalabin (5 days ago)
Absord: *I hAvE a WeRy pOweRfULL*
Brandon Matthew (5 days ago)
A Bardbarian is an actual thing in Diablo 2. I don't see a problem with the lore.
Lo_d_rocket-12 (6 days ago)
hahahahahahahahaha lol
HikoSeijuroXIII (6 days ago)
A fucking bandolier on his neck of all the gods he worshiped.
Milo Curran (6 days ago)
are u YMS?
Alexisasheep (6 days ago)
I did nat hit her, I did naaat
Shelly Hamersley (6 days ago)
Dude if that's absurd for dnd standards then my ideas are fucking idiotic
mercurylince0531 (6 days ago)
what--what does he do against?? is he just like level 1 versions of every class at the same time?
Hi (6 days ago)
Jared Mannarino (6 days ago)
You made D&D Tommy Wiseau
MrLTiger (6 days ago)
this is my favorite character
John Martin (6 days ago)
LOL love the dudley do right voice
Sam Somerday (6 days ago)
loving those neck-ears
Sam Somerday (6 days ago)
just neck-ear things
fangedladybug (6 days ago)
Abserd sounds like Tommy Wiseau.
TheZXKUQYB (6 days ago)
Almost started to cry from laughing so hard when 6:10 came around.
Mistah J (7 days ago)
Fuck i want to kill Absurd.
C L Y D E (7 days ago)
"Hey, um, I'd like to play a multiclass character" "Oh sure, what classes?" "...*All of them*"
Rex2D2 (7 days ago)
Such a character
cat gamer (7 days ago)
Monolith Preacher (7 days ago)
Brilliant character, zero story. The video could've been half as long and nothing would've been lost at all. Still, it is a brilliant character.
ToothTheWolfDragon (7 days ago)
Not as bad as him tho if you've seen it he's true evil....
ToothTheWolfDragon (7 days ago)
red lion alpha (7 days ago)
So he was literally cthulu spawn of madness
Caleb Perkins (7 days ago)
6:16-This Is The Best Part
E3lcpl (7 days ago)
I want to play with you guys
Francisco Garay (7 days ago)
I DM'd a game were one player made a hafling character named Nuisance. In the end the party put him in a canvas bag, tied him up and tortured him until they got bored and roasted him alive on an open fire like a pig. I would bring him back as an NPC whenever they were bad. He was burnt disfigured, and vengeful. But they got off on re killing him until I shelved him.
Hank J. Wimbleton (7 days ago)
Notice how the backstory changes from third person to first person mid-story? Thats a sign of an invested player
Loljy (7 days ago)
I play the 2nd edition and we were stuck in a time looping haunted house.
Super Spaceship (7 days ago)
Whats the difference between a DM and a GM?
King Glac (7 days ago)
Abserd returns, and now is level 20 in literally every class
EliteF36 (7 days ago)
Would it be... ABSERD... to have a troglodyte as a character. If not what do you think would be funny to do with him
Marinus van Zyl (7 days ago)
07:30. With heroes like that, who needs villians? ;)
Marinus van Zyl (7 days ago)
07:01. And at this point I'm going: Abserd is so screwed right now...
Marinus van Zyl (7 days ago)
Why does your character always sound like a shifty Euro-criminal? ;P
Marinus van Zyl (7 days ago)
03:36. So when looking at your "jack of all trades pile" I see a lot of overlap. Why didn't you just settle for a couple (2-3) classes, and just have the character pick up some additional tweaks and fixes along the way? Like for example have a "big" fighter (no need for barbarian), a broad range spellcaster (that could combine the wizard, mage, etc.), a combined "holy/heal" ability or character (Cleric/Paladin), combined street fighter (rogue, monk) and combined naturalist (druid, ranger) class. You could have had a versatile character with a few backstory events (2 or 3) that could easily have rolled all that into one, like a holy magical fighter that grew up in the streets of a city after having being kicked out of a mystical monastery as a child? Or you could just be Guy Ritchie's King Arthur? ;)
Marinus van Zyl (7 days ago)
THAT CTHULHU doesn't have enough tentacles. Cheek fins don't count. ;) :P
jaykwali (7 days ago)
the bardbarians killed me omg
Marcell Ákos Molnár (7 days ago)
id like to try this game out one zime
Eyal Lev (8 days ago)
so in the end, he saved the day
Haydes (8 days ago)
Onion knight
JABS991 (8 days ago)
Abserd... with the undeniable power to annoy.
ToothTheWolfDragon (8 days ago)
I would've pulled a sniper on you at this point XD
Fennec Besixdouze (8 days ago)
So you multiclassed wow so unique like wow like so creative literally nobody has ever thought of that before.
Brandon Latour (8 days ago)
TELL ME Absurd doesn’t sound like zoidberg
ShadowRuler0 (8 days ago)
I want to know how many levels in each class he took.
Christian Cruce (8 days ago)
I know Abserd probably isn't that great in combat... But his skill proficiencies are probably something else!
Mr. Froglegs (8 days ago)
Holy shit abserd is literally brüno
A very angry cat (8 days ago)
I dont play D&D
xcmodev (8 days ago)
Wait, so you turned _Tommy Wiseau_ into a DnD character? Noice
Darren Hudson (8 days ago)
Dude...why did you put Tommy Wiseau into the game?
Bruno Rix (8 days ago)
kill him ples for the love of god, put an end to this abomination, can't you see he's suffered enough?
Trid (9 days ago)
"I multiclassed so I could have all the annoying parts of every class"
Romanos Dochtsis (9 days ago)
I've wasted around an hour of my life rewatching and rewatching and rewatching Abserd OoOoOOOh THat WaS GreAT IdEa!!! >.<
Just Saying (10 days ago)

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