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D&D Story: A Most Abserd Character

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This animated Dungeons and Dragons Story comes from a funny game when I played a ridiculous character named Abserd, who was an absurd collection of classes. Hope you guys enjoy! You can watch the video of the live game here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLz3eRfQfVDYM-QrDH7vc94t-aCX2Yk29V Music: "Sunshine Samba" from Youtube Audio Library
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Text Comments (5328)
Bennett Hobbitt (13 hours ago)
5:16 that face though
Saltlake Seattelite (1 day ago)
I can only like this video once, that sucks... I've watched nearly a dozen times and I still ROFLMAO... I show this to every D&D buddy I have and/or make. Pure PF and Youtube GOLD!
"Is that even legal?" "I'm pretty sure"
Common sense 404 (3 days ago)
You forgot mystic and artificer
Hippo Pilot (4 days ago)
DCR, Disney comic relief.
ROMTHIRTY (4 days ago)
Gets kicked out of everything... even his friends circle.
noobpro 97 (5 days ago)
Minus the german accent and talking too much about nothing i am basically absurd.
King of Conundrums (7 days ago)
Marta Galdamez (7 days ago)
MattS_RANTZ49 (8 days ago)
How Abserd. 🤣🤣🤣🤣
SamWeltzin (9 days ago)
I know a guy who keeps doing lesser versions of Abserd and doesn't understand why his character isn't as effective as everyone else.
SamWeltzin (8 days ago)
+HairyHariyama Damn right. XD
HairyHariyama (9 days ago)
Because it's a *lesser* version obviously!
Bryan Hernandez (10 days ago)
Well. You basicaly made a Garry Stew. No wonder they hate the character.
MasterrangerABR (10 days ago)
Hey I scary thought just entered my head, if none of the gods abserd is claimed by want him, does that mean he's immortal?
Kevin Kiker (10 days ago)
So Tommy Wiseau the D&D character
Cathy Waldrop (11 days ago)
This guy is fucking terrible at drawing the people who consider this good they must have been dropped on the head multiple times a day
Iain 97 (3 days ago)
Cathy Waldrop when did anyone say he was good
Sky Rafaello Obusan (12 days ago)
How does this have 2 million views, he can't even spell his own thumbnail title right. Smh
Orbit O (12 days ago)
You can't blame him for this. You would do the exact same thing to
Sophia (13 days ago)
Just hearing one shot game was surprising to hear lmao
Agria Arts Studio (13 days ago)
Abserd is exactly as hilarious as he needs to be and i love it
TheOtioseFanatic (14 days ago)
Funny story. I’ve actually played a Bardbarian. Good times tbh
Dread2012death (15 days ago)
At max he gets 2 levels in each.
GettinMe-Mallet (16 days ago)
Dbza be damned
SticKyfInGAz95 (16 days ago)
Oh my God this whole video has me rolling
Connor DeMerchant (17 days ago)
Yeah, 5th editions multi classing is... questionable. Like for instance, why would you ever single class as a wizard? There is no reason to. Here's what you do. Play the first 2 - 3 levels as a fighter, and then switch classes to a wizard! You keep all your proficiency in armor and are able to cast spells! Another plus is, as the players handbook states, if your proficient in armor, you can cast in that armor! So now congrats you can sling spells in plate mail. Games broken!
Justin Brown (17 days ago)
Hank J. Wimbleton (18 days ago)
it would've been funny of abserd returned as a DM controlled NPC group member, who turned out to be a villain. The entire time it was an act. The dumb voice, the irrational behavior, the oblivious nature: all pretend, to cover for the supreme dark power he possessed.
BobvanKay (19 days ago)
I'm laying in bed watching with my cat, as soon as Abserd started talking the cat got really annoyed, contemplating sleeping somewhere else.
WolfAshB4n3 (19 days ago)
And this is why I won't say "I want to be a jack of all trades" when I play a multi-class character because all I'll think of is this
dragon boy gaming (20 days ago)
can i get a copy of the shet
Cyclonic Enigma (20 days ago)
5:30 - 5:39 be like https://youtu.be/ne49DaLbo2I?t=45
Adventure H.Q. (22 days ago)
*Slowly pushes Abserd closer and closer to evil lady :)
Chase Bailey (23 days ago)
I love Abserd. I come back and rewatch this clip everytime I need a laugh.
Master Gamer873 (24 days ago)
Abserd the Anime Protagonist.
Truce Truce (24 days ago)
Lol they didn’t even take the prisoner at the end
ChickenFunk (25 days ago)
This was amazing and awesome!! Consider me subscribed based on this character!!!
porkypig destroy (26 days ago)
__ (26 days ago)
i used this voice for bowler the rainbow chest guy in enter the gungion
Isaac Perreault (27 days ago)
Do I see Yosuke?
Ice Chewer (27 days ago)
I just watched this last night and l loved it so much i drew a picture of absurd and painted it. Awesome content love watching your stuff well done.
bird on the internet (27 days ago)
Nitin Dasiah (28 days ago)
I thought you needed special abiltiy scores to multiclass into certain classes
Super Nofa (27 days ago)
Yes, if you have at least 13 on all stats except constitution (since no class needs constitution to multiclass into them) you can multiclass into every class in the game, this is possible with standard point buy and even easier as a human since you get +1 on every stat.
Jeff!! YT (1 month ago)
I don’t know I liked Abserd....
Gobaith (1 month ago)
Red Games (1 month ago)
So he can do everything but it all cancels out
Ichigo Kurosaki (1 month ago)
Ive done this before XD
YoloNerd (1 month ago)
you could've just made him into a demigod who was banished by whatever god or gods took care of you
Deathnotefan97 (1 month ago)
I found a playlist containing the campaign this occurred in: www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLz3eRfQfVDYM-QrDH7vc94t-aCX2Yk29V
David Holmes II (1 month ago)
I dunno. I made an aaracokran rouge/monk. Movement speed is 240 feet per round. Walking. His flight speed is double and he is a path of ninja creation. I would dare say Tamoda is beast
GrayestWinter 89 (1 month ago)
Abserd: you have fallen for my deception, abserd is very sneaky! ;D PF: And then he was stabbed.
Guerra dos Bichos (1 month ago)
please please please stop translating titles
Lemon Leaf (1 month ago)
Ima use this next level 14 game
QQQ QQQ (1 month ago)
Fairy Foal (1 month ago)
HatsODoom (1 month ago)
The "all of them" line is the best.
claire montgomery (1 month ago)
are we not going to talk about Abserd using a silly straw?
Pyro Mania (1 month ago)
I made a bird cleric healer who was a female and I regret it she's my best character buuuutttt every single time some one gets hurt in my squad all I hear is "GET UR FEATHERY CUNT OVER HERE"
Kainui Penaloza (1 month ago)
4:28 Oh Hello, nice to be making aquatic with you! I am absurd. Yes. You are. Your freakish abomination.
TONY PRO (1 month ago)
I’m in an 21st level campaign rn so 14 Dosent seem like much
Merlin And Polaris (1 month ago)
I am playing shadow of the demon lord on session 1 and absurd is my charater but worse every one was so unique a rouge saved clockwork and the clockwork so happend to be a healer and killer there was a dwarf the only other humans father was the leader of the blood kings soldiers and i am a random girl who steal s things from a traving merchant s guild. There was a wizard clockwork robot and a goblin who was a very sneaky boi but i was the weaking and they were the strong ones outill i found of a lev 5 demon a moon sage trapped in the moon somehow got inside of a small mirror that a goblin was holding
8 eyed guy (1 month ago)
Won't it be the king of all traits
Rédunca (1 month ago)
Kinda wish I Abserd tell me when I get a message on the phone... That would be of great fun ! Abserd will tell me of this message I just have received ! And everyone will hate me for that... Good times
con566 (1 month ago)
I was once a half gold dragon barbarian who was basically a man child and a prince who killed his hole town on accident and could break the 4th wall. I was like the group dog who would literally be thrown into battles. And i mean literally thrown.... we even built a catapult.
Sam Dickenson (1 month ago)
3:53 sounds like everyone in KonoSuba.
Vagabond (1 month ago)
This is by far my favorite of your vids Puffy, it's the one I always return to while awaiting your next creations :
Jorge Washingmachine (1 month ago)
Why is it a GM? Not DM?
And remember DnD is NOT about roleplaying, it's about hacking things
sensei _ (1 month ago)
GM: is that even legal? Pf: hold my beer
sensei _ (1 month ago)
You could say his backstory is *absurd*
Bryn R (1 month ago)
“There is great daaanger” is my new motto
SirCadmire (1 month ago)
Did you base his appearance (and voice) off of Benny, from the first Mummy movie??
Galaxy 9Radio (1 month ago)
Koda T. (1 month ago)
I-is that Sjin the rat King?
Mads Hvelplund (1 month ago)
Douchebag ruins friends' DnD game. Not exactly a new story ...
Aqua (1 month ago)
Aqua: Hi Abserd Abserd: ABSERD SAYS HELLO!!!!! Aqua: o–o
Anvil Evolution (1 month ago)
hAhA ThAt wAs iLlUsIoN! AbSeRd wAs aCtUaLlY BeHiNd yOuUuUuUuUuUuUuUu!
fuge74 (1 month ago)
shouldn't you be able to use the mass of levels to spam the enemy with low level spells and abilities because you have every class? how does that work?
ToxNox (1 month ago)
O.m.g. this is PERFECT!
Henry (1 month ago)
Taking20 copied you
Heavenlyhounds96 (1 month ago)
So basically Tommy Wisseau as a D&D character
Go Isles (1 month ago)
I don't know if you were going for a Tommy Wiseau vibe, but this character absolutely has a Tommy Wiseau vibe. This is bullshit I did not crit her this is not true I did not crit her I did nahhht. Oh I Mark.
HonooRyu Perrone (1 month ago)
That's absurd! No actually it's abserd, a character with level 5 annoying
HonooRyu Perrone (1 month ago)
+Kiwwat but it stacks
Kiwwat (1 month ago)
No, He's lvl 1 annoying, lvl 1 grating, lvl 1 nuisance, lvl 1 irritating, lvl 1 vexing...
Travalodge 123 (1 month ago)
Hit or Miss!!!
Lamar Gagen (1 month ago)
Why just a de factotum and you are realy an jack of all trades....4e//and 3.5e addition. You can rage like the barbarian and you can use magic and cantrips .But you not as strong as a full class caster.
Master Gamer873 (1 month ago)
A far better backstory: He once was a fighter in a group, for years they adventured and became a family-notfamily, that is until they came to an dungeon and encountered a specific event that required a specific skill that none of them had, by the end he was the only one standing, traumatized by the horrific deaths of his familynotfamily, he fell back to a less mature personality, gaining a strange accent, and having an undying goal of which he was *VERY* determined to reach: Having capability in any and every field, skill, and class possible. His new personality has no exact idea why, but if he thinks very hard, he comes up with the idea of preventing what happened to his friends from happening to another person.
Metal boy (1 month ago)
4:36 Leths gooooh!
sharpthecat (1 month ago)
I....almost choked when he started to use telepathy to talk to them. This is comical as f#%k
Klaital1 (1 month ago)
So assuming they used point buy for stats, his stats had to be 13 in everything except con to be able to multiclass to everything, so he only had two points left for con 10.
Steely (1 month ago)
Abserd gets stabbed.... "You are tearing me apart, Lisa!!"
TD Gransit (1 month ago)
Seems like a character you'd see in Adventure Time.
Sirwin (1 month ago)
My main character name is KanyeSouthwestAirlines
Travelling Spud (1 month ago)
Reminds me of Mister Mxyzptlk from Superman. What are his powers? Everything! Except Abserd is still powerless.
LuigiBones (2 months ago)
I'm glad to say this video is the FIRST youtube search result for the word "absurd"
Sentry Ward (2 months ago)
6:13 I legit burst out laughing in a elevader at work man well done
olstar18 (2 months ago)
At an online dnd game someone asked if you could make a character that was a literal circus. I gave them this video. The dm told me to go fuck myself. lol
Matthew Mazzetti (2 months ago)
Sounds like a real jackass of all trades.
Imagine Existance (2 months ago)
D&d is the only ok roleplaying situation
Felover (2 months ago)
I wanna know how met the pre-reqs for all those classes, he would need 13+s in all stats, so he must’ve rolled really well...
Sam Sikora (2 months ago)
Abserd sounds like Gru
Comrade Kilonova (2 months ago)
Klingons are basically Bard-Barians
screamingiraffe (2 months ago)
This is my fav video

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