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D&D Story: A Most Abserd Character

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This animated Dungeons and Dragons Story comes from a funny game when I played a ridiculous character named Abserd, who was an absurd collection of classes. Hope you guys enjoy! You can watch the video of the live game here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLz3eRfQfVDYM-QrDH7vc94t-aCX2Yk29V Music: "Sunshine Samba" from Youtube Audio Library
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Text Comments (5432)
yanger (1 hour ago)
do you still have that character sheet?? :D
Arella17 (13 hours ago)
I have a Goliath Bardbarian named Bacon. She grew up wanting nothing more than to be a 🌟
Anonymous Anonymous (14 hours ago)
dingopuffin puffindingo ...best youtube couple dingo + puffin
Theflyinghamburger (16 hours ago)
Have you ever considered sharing his character folder?
ID10TANK (22 hours ago)
I did a character that had 1 level in 12 different classes, I called him Jack, as he was a jack of all trades, master of none.
Polgeria Sucks (2 days ago)
i want to fuck this guy in his fat fuckin ass. i want to push him down on the sidewallk and fuck him
Tachanka Is God (2 days ago)
Jack of all trades, master of none, better than the master of one
Bret Sheeley (2 days ago)
I noticed that even though they sacrificed Abserd, they kinda forgot the kidnapped victim when they were leaving. ... Oh well. Priorities. (Christ, it was like if Balki Bartokomous and Zoidberg had a child.)
Xelights (2 days ago)
You wouldnt be a jack of all trades of you picked all classes. You would be worthless in all trades.
DJ Price (4 days ago)
SUBSCRIBE to pewdiepie
Jack Lawrence (4 days ago)
I want the character packet
Oda Swifteye (4 days ago)
I'd like to think that the character is utility only. He didn't have enough points to do any combat skills but at least had enough points to do all the utility skills. That's how I would have negotiated that character. Would have consolidated that packet into a sheet of all the abilities he could reasonably used and then filled the game with puzzles and traps to validate him.
nick castellani (5 days ago)
A note to all DnD players. The game is awesome, incredible, amazing. If you want to represent that to others. DO NOT DO VOICES!!
Appingtown (5 days ago)
Funny video, cool story. Thanks for sharing.
Chaos: International (6 days ago)
i dont even play dd..? why am i here? what is this place? help!?!?!
Ash Mon (6 days ago)
Loved the cart man joke there lmao
miqvPL (6 days ago)
I don't have a book nearby but would that be a bad character? It definitely has a good amount of hitpoints, could have proficiency in a lot of weapons and armor, a wide arsenal of spells and spellslots like a 6th level caster which could allow for bringing those 1th level spells to 3rd level slots while having a shitload of cantrips that deal up to 3d12 damage on 14th character level. While it's not amazing it's not useless either , with some feats it could be pretty fun
Mytru Mara (6 days ago)
kaleidoscope characters are completely legal but also really suck. My DM allows these sorts of characters as long as you're fine with the fact that you may, at some point, die.
Ryan Philbrick (6 days ago)
Do you have a patreon? you are the first youtuber I ever wanted to support.
Halorym (7 days ago)
Should have gone with the sorcerer
Galaxy Wolf (7 days ago)
What your characters name mine is Nedda Goodbarrel 😃
Sound Gardener (7 days ago)
He has 666 hair.
SlisOfBwed Gaming (7 days ago)
So I'm running a DND sidequest and I'm using his backstory We are abserd's body guards and he gets: All the loot All the exp All the items We get: ... nothing
mandi coelho (7 days ago)
You know why his name is upsrud It's because he is absurd
American Boy (8 days ago)
ok so my character would be Assassin/Thief and i would be a master in illusion magic
vsgfilmgroup (8 days ago)
Right now I'm playing a schizophrenic gnome who believes he's a king, believes his cloth hand puppet is actually his mother, and is the pawn in a challenge between two rival goddesses. Even with that, I still almost would chuck it all out to play a bard-barian.
Louzy (8 days ago)
You sound like yms.org
Water Vlogs (8 days ago)
can you release Abserd's character packet
Alphon YT (8 days ago)
Abserd would be the ultamate villan
Tim Cummings (9 days ago)
Closed Captions: (Sounds like Tommy Wiseau) "Lets' go!"
Dave Rounds (9 days ago)
Abserd = Golden Boy. Hilarious older anime, only 5 episodes. Do yourself the favor of watching it!
Folk Punk Fist Fuck (9 days ago)
could be worse,I'm making a chaotic evil high elf wizard named "The Smeg Wizard" where i cast home brewed spells to give people paralyzing orgasms,and then i stab them to death. Or I use my 17 charisma to lure people into sex,kill them,and loot,becoming the best serial killer in all the land. o yea,and I can't talk,only moan
manda506 (9 days ago)
I don't think ive laughed this hard all day.
casey trelka (9 days ago)
This one broke me. Hilarious.
phoenixfireblazer (9 days ago)
It's actually amazing how a voice can make a party instantly hate a character. For a recent session 0 I was part of to bring somebody new into out campaign and I made a character called Gregory Smith, but he goes by Satoshi Weabson. Basically he's a weaboo and the voice I gave him makes everybody hate him so much. The continent my GM made has the elves on a small island which has a culture which is inspired by Eastern cultures (which is a bit ironic because the island of Sevrpul is in the west of the continent) and Satoshi lives in his mother's basement not too far away from Sevrpul. He collects erotica of elves and catfolk and whatnot. He seems like a weak little nerd, but he's actually a very powerul summoner. He can summon a skeletal Eidolon he calls Skelechan. I also gave him a snort when he breathes. However, our new party member used his perfume to get rid of it. I've shown the rest of the party the voice and they all despise Gregory even though they've never met him. To give them incentive to keep my current character alive, I've promised them that should his death be their fault he will be replaced by Gregory.
Daniel Clark-hughes (10 days ago)
Pugiron (10 days ago)
You know you can get attention other ways than just annoying the few people that let you hang out with them?
Leisure (10 days ago)
Did they betrayed abserd or no? If they did I hope he killed em all.
Dragonlord 885 (10 days ago)
I hope his character sheet is used again
too too funny! XD
Shane hardesty (10 days ago)
I will forever remember this video and this story lmao
inertjohnjunk (10 days ago)
But... That was just 14 classes... I'm pretty sure there are more than 14 classes... Of course, you would need a multi-volume novel of backstories to justify ALL the classes... But... Y'know... Props for creativity...
Z S (10 days ago)
I.. kinda want to see that character packet now..
Dr Pancake Face (10 days ago)
So this guy is basically Benny from the Mummy movie.
Kekada (11 days ago)
god i love obserd please give us more
Ryan Maciver (11 days ago)
I fucking love ABSERD
Dallas Reinhart (11 days ago)
Yeah, as the GM I would have plotted to murder the ever loving hell out of this character. I dealt with one before, it's not a unique concept. In the end the character kept trying to make the campaign all about them and wouldn't let anyone else get their moment in the sun. Having to accomodate a campaign for one attention hungry special case was annoying as hell.
hengdegietttre (11 days ago)
3:36 being both paladin AND barbarian is NOT legal
DarkWolf Gaming (11 days ago)
“Ah you have fallen for my deception” I died of laughter
StainlessSteve (11 days ago)
Holy shit this guys voice is so annoying.
Ulyanin (11 days ago)
His content isn't for everyone... Then again, no single youtuber's content is for everyone... So, it's a good thing you've learned about something you don't like so that you can avoid it...
dark flux (11 days ago)
yes, nothing is more annoying than the Jews. especially the extra Jew-y Jews. i think Hitler did what he did after a D&D session with this guy...
dark flux (11 days ago)
+Ulyanin i'm not a big fan of Zombie Jesus Day either. mostly because it's not even really an official birthday of the fellow. the Catholic Church just stole a day from the pagans and made it up (like they did almost everything else). secondly, i don't really care about celebrating birthdays. thirdly, i don't celebrate most traditional holidays anyways. my friends call me an iconoclast. my family calls me an @$$hole.
Ulyanin (11 days ago)
I don't find Jews in and of themselves annoying... I find the more extreme practitioners of a particular inherently exclusive monotheistic religion to be especially despicable. And the resentment and discrimination that I will personally subject this group to will definitely fall upon them when they spout and rant about the supposed fallacies of belief systems that are not theirs. In short... Happy Late Zombie Jesus Day.
Captain Delta (11 days ago)
This game is so absurd
M. A. Packer (12 days ago)
This is why I stopped playing D&D. Class systems are far too restrictive. If I want to wear armor, swing a sword, and cast fireballs, I shouldn't have to wait a billion levels. Friends don't let friends play D&D.
Baalur (9 days ago)
+Ulyanin I think he wants to play a class-less tabletop game. So RuneQUEST/Mythras would be better. Or maybe GURPS. There are some. Many better than D&D.
Ulyanin (11 days ago)
You want a class-fluid game...? Play runescape...
30noir (12 days ago)
I think the stat requirements would make it illegal.
Michael Carson (12 days ago)
That is hilarious. How'd you get stats high enough for all that multiclassing?
Michael Carson (9 days ago)
That makes sense; thank you!
Devil's Advocate (9 days ago)
Point buy, probably. In 5th Edition, that option lets you start with five 13s (and one 10) which is all that you need to take ALL of the classes. (Nothing requires Constitution.) Making the character human increases the 13s to 14s, thereby making him mediocre at most stuff by player character standards, which is pretty much the idea here. Meanwhile, a single-classed character has enough Ability Score Increases by 14th level to raise a score of 14 to 20. But this build doesn't suffer from a low primary stat because it HAS no primary stat.
Jason Kim (12 days ago)
This was Abserd
TheKitsuneCavalier (12 days ago)
This ending reminded me of the short story "Ransom of Red Chief." In other words, I picture Absurd being set free because it was too annoying to keep as a prisoner! LOL
Ulrik Wolfmane (12 days ago)
3 MIN into this character I hated him and I wanted to feed it to a pit lord... lol
Casual King (12 days ago)
3:30 Abserd isn't a jack of all trades, he's jacked WITH all the trades.
Link Geek (10 days ago)
WEEEEEEELL, he has some bard levels, and in two classes he is level 2, SOOOOOO he could be a jack of all trades, jacked WITH all trades, with Jack of all Trades XD
SoraDonaldGoofy99 (12 days ago)
Is Bard-Barian a legal class?
Seth Haugland (12 days ago)
“So what class are you gonna play? “ “Yes.”
Michael Woody (12 days ago)
So...Abserd was basically Tommy Wiseau...
Abserd (12 days ago)
OooOoOOoh hello there! It is me, Abserd, you can hear my voice in your head as you are reading this because Abserd is so powerful!
Shadowkey392 (12 days ago)
We need more Abserd stuff. It’s just so enjoyably Abserd.
Genex SGX Voice Talent (13 days ago)
I hope you don’t mind, but Im using Abserd as an NPC in my campaign that always seems to be living in different towns in different jobs as the party arrives. They asked me how I came up with him and I explained that I didn’t, then I told them about your videos, and now they notify me of a new video within MINUTES of you uploading. Wanted to let you know. Have a nice day! 😄
CyberCheese (13 days ago)
Im pretty sure you and I wouldn't get along irl.
Sennith (13 days ago)
Mhh... was bingewatching your stuff every now and then. Seems I was unsubscribed from your channel? May just missremember and I wasn't subbed to you, though why are you always present in my sidelist then? Anyhow enjoy your... aparently long due sub. Sincerly, confused person with seemingly onset dementia.
Lauren Hoskins (13 days ago)
Love your content!
FluffeyPanda's World (13 days ago)
lol I love this.
Jay Eisenhardt (13 days ago)
Here I was on the short stack thinking of holding back with just two as well. Jack of ALL trades. Worth!
Grotte Ratte (13 days ago)
I remember when I was doing a DnD campaign that our DM gave up on cause My character had an armor class of 28 cause I massively went for dex
Klas Mattsson (11 days ago)
25 is the highest I'm aware you can get (barbarian with maxed dex and con in rage with a shield and specialty). How did you get 28?
LunarMadness (13 days ago)
how do i stop this from being in my reccomended because i haven't wached a dnd video once.
PineappleKai (13 days ago)
I have a character that has a pineapple for a head.
squick1842 (13 days ago)
Tommy Wiseau
Eaglegroove (14 days ago)
Love it. Is the character sheet available for download? Would be fun to run this char as an npc for my players now and then 😜
Pascal Günzler (14 days ago)
14th level including xp table racial mali? like for example a troll werewolf would take a lot more xp from lvl 14 to 15 than a normal charakter
Matthew Housham (14 days ago)
Should have played him as an idiot-savant. Stupid as all get-out, but ridiculously gifted.
Talus Xelen (14 days ago)
What was Abserd's saving throws like as a lvl 14, one of everything? His Hp pool, too.
johnlong765 (14 days ago)
It's like a mix of zoidberg and tommy wiseau
BVargas78 (14 days ago)
Is Abserd based on real life youtuber (and also d&d fan) Vee?
artistic cactus (14 days ago)
is it bad that i was in a group of three and we were fighting some gnolls the other two gung up on one leaving the barbarian druid (me) to fight the other three, and what happened was i killed two of them and scared off the other one and they still hadn't killed the fourth yet
Alvaro Miranda (14 days ago)
It would actually be pretty cool to have multiple abilities and learn all the classes but it makes more sense to be the rogue first to learn the jack of all trades...
Bohemian Monk (15 days ago)
I've listened to this about two dozen times and it makes me laugh every single time. Never imagined anyone would model a character off of Benny from The Mummy. Classic.
Padpaw22 (15 days ago)
sounds like you made medan from world of warcraft
Thomas te Groen (15 days ago)
This is just the Kingkiller Chronicles out of order.
Brian McGloughlin (15 days ago)
God I love this story, it's hilarious!
TEQ Snukka (15 days ago)
Abserd is now my favorite fictional character. Ever. :D
Bonedragon1300 (15 days ago)
I hope you still have the character lying around so you can use them next chance you get
Jeremy Glassford (15 days ago)
I've had players multiclass every class, its not uncommon. Jeffery is one of my best friend's favorite multiclass character that he plays in every game he can.
Smoola :3 (16 days ago)
Sounds like something I would do
sick puppy (16 days ago)
i do this when characters wish for levels
Chris Schoenthaler (17 days ago)
You know a story is going to be interesting when it starts with an exchange like that. GM: “Is that even a legal character?” Player: “I-I think so... I’m *pretty* sure it is.” GM: “If you can make it legally, I’ll allow it.”
funny cartoon. haven't played in ages but it's funny to see that shit like this still goes down xD
AnaklusmosTheGamer (17 days ago)
She’s lying! I didn’t hit her! She’s lying! Oh hi jack. That’s what I hear when I hear that voice.
chaosmastermind (17 days ago)
Favorite character ever.
anthony livesay (17 days ago)
That was Inconceivable!!!!
Ni ck (18 days ago)
Making an abserdly with many powers, that is .... absolutly useless :D
alec christiaen (18 days ago)
so basically: abserd was SO OBNOXIOUS that no single mentor could teach him a second level.
Wesley Randall (18 days ago)
JFC it's like playing D&D with tommy wiseau
warhammernerd52 (18 days ago)
General Lotz did a video on a game of Warhammer 40K involving 'Chakats'

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