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Sia - Big Girls Cry (Official Video)

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SUBSCRIBE to Sia: http://bit.ly/1sudphS Official video for Big Girls Cry the new UK single, out now. Download on iTunes http://bit.ly/1kwammClisten on Spotify http://spoti.fi/1yAVLKh Watch the video for Elastic Heart, the US single https://youtu.be/KWZGAExj-es download Elastic Heart on iTunes http://smarturl.it/SiaElasticHeart listen on Spotify http://spoti.fi/17bGRD4 Big Girls Cry directed by Sia and Daniel Askill, featuring Maddie Ziegler, and choreographed by Ryan Heffington. 1000 Forms of Fearout now - download on iTunes http://bit.ly/1kwammC Amazon http://amzn.to/1mvfWGq or listen on Spotifyhttp://spoti.fi/1zdiMWn Sia wigs, dogs, & unicorns OH MY! Play the new Sia app/game Bob Job in the App Store and Google Play. It's free to download, and supports Best Friends Animal Society. Download the game: http://smarturl.it/bobjob Website: http://siamusic.net Twitter: http://twitter.com/sia Facebook: http://facebook.com/siamusic YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/sia Spotify: http://spoti.fi/1fKpbS0 Playlist Best of Sia https://goo.gl/99ubCj Subscribe for more https://goo.gl/UA7cug"
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Text Comments (74645)
zeinab BM (3 hours ago)
Latifa Khal (5 hours ago)
This video is clear!! She is possessed. Satanic and illuminati video !!!!
EDWARD CHOE (12 hours ago)
(1:34) i wonder what that meant? The " ok " hand symbol to the eye?
Giovanni Faria (13 hours ago)
Fergie discord
Damaris Espinoza (13 hours ago)
Sia 🦋💜🌻
Its your boi Fresh (1 day ago)
Got this song on repeat. Just amazing so real
Its your boi Fresh (1 day ago)
her voice is incredible
SM Yureka (1 day ago)
Sick Video !!
Maria Nadeau (1 day ago)
The motion Maddie does at 0:20 is Sign Language for "addicted"
Céline Dufrenne (2 days ago)
This music is a cure
Abe Takumi (2 days ago)
2018 anyone ?
Lizbeth Garcia (2 days ago)
This song is from escape the night
Danelle Pointer (2 days ago)
2018? This song makes me want to cry idk why
joan Astudillo (2 days ago)
A lo ve you maddie
isa santos (2 days ago)
I Love dia✌🌻🐾🎭
Vessy N (2 days ago)
October 2018---still cant stop listening to that song...this is me.....
Dominko (2 days ago)
Marcos FQPCC (2 days ago)
I wanted a friend for me practice my speaking in english ! Belive me is true ! I want very ... I'm from Brazilian :)
Na mente vale ? (2 days ago)
Hi Meddie.
Melike YAZGAN (3 days ago)
3.14 çomak gösteriuo amk fjfkfjgj kopuyom fnfkgjgjgjgjjg
yüksel alagöz (3 days ago)
giih lima (3 days ago)
child cheap first fire cant you but stereo elastic crazy dealing wants to be gets control shake ride umbrella what? your voice good actually being music dancing awesome this the is single happy
Jasica William (4 days ago)
Anybody here I feel alone 😌😌
아 아 (4 days ago)
謎 だけど 惹かれる
Amira Ruiz (4 days ago)
La representación de los diversos estados en que se puede encontrar la mente. Impactante. Maddie magistral.
toxic FoXx (4 days ago)
I feel like maddies expressions tell a murder story.... XD
Lucas S. (5 days ago)
Im sorry but I really tired of sia using her as character, I know she dont like to show up but she could use different characters...
Sara Ken (13 hours ago)
Lucas S. Yes but sia has a series, and is telling a story and maddie is the main charcter
Lucas S. (17 hours ago)
+Sara Ken I still rather when sia used to show up for get music videos like Breath Me, Clap Your Hands and Soon will be Found
Sara Ken (17 hours ago)
Lucas S. Sia uses her to tell a story, maddie is a very important factor to sias music videos
Daryen Sanchez (5 days ago)
Old Garden (5 days ago)
beautifull song
paris diga (5 days ago)
i miss this song
BLACKPİNK BTS (5 days ago)
What are yok doing ?00:45
1 like=1 prayer for her face !! 😂😂😂
Bernice Aguilar (6 days ago)
Producers: your goal is mess up the wig. Maddie: Got it!
Eric Kabylbek (6 days ago)
My sister too cry.....
anderson Souza silva (6 days ago)
Cia love you
Giusy Spinazzola (6 days ago)
2018 ?
Sluga Bunny (6 days ago)
this is art
SIA es mi cantante faborita de POP
Basti Guillermo (7 days ago)
Now she ugry
Basti Guillermo (7 days ago)
This video makes me mad
Cool song, but i can't watch this peace of dance (shit)!!!
Nannci3 xxx (7 days ago)
I use to love her on dance moms. I would put my child on that show.
KingZach Allen (7 days ago)
But baby do they deserve the beauty.
Christo Benno (3 days ago)
You might want to have them change your meds.
KingZach Allen (7 days ago)
I’ll get my wings back. Angels have fallen.
KingZach Allen (7 days ago)
I wish you could still walk in to my home. Say hi mom.
KingZach Allen (7 days ago)
Never jumped since day one. I’m sorry ladyyyyyy. Deja vu and nightmares is all they’re making.
KingZach Allen (7 days ago)
You acting like sia shiplock...? I’d kill her to. Better know your plaaace.
Jamie (7 days ago)
meddie you make here..fyi..
Vivin Abinav (8 days ago)
Someone help her to control hers hand
mariano romero (8 days ago)
I love you song
Сама Сия , ПРОСТО ОГОНЬ, однако девчушка танцующая в ее клипах ,попросту ПОЖАР , такая пластика
Gunel Abdurahmanova (9 days ago)
Maddie is so talented👍
Capitão Bolsonaro 17 (9 days ago)
Música linda.
Just why Travis (9 days ago)
This song makes me sad, but it’s such a good song!!
Azizul Shekh (9 days ago)
nice song
That Poppy (10 days ago)
2 0 1 Sia 💖 8
Victor Larios (10 days ago)
No estoy llorando tu lo estás 💔😭
Iago Donizete (10 days ago)
I love this song
Maddie looks like sia sometimes I think Maddie is sia
Totojoy Rcigal (10 days ago)
She Is Amazing And so r u
Joy Lucas (10 days ago)
Mas mainam p n umiiyak aq ng patago or pg mày luha s mata q n pinipigilan q tumulo.kc it means n nd aq depress ngpapakstrong lang aq.pro pg wl nang lumalabas n tears s mata q khit o duraan aq s mukha at batukan aq at slitaan aq ng msskit.delikado n un kc ns icp q nlang prti ay mgsuicide.ky nga mahalaga sken n may pinangakuan aq at may mga tao aq nkikita n ngliwanag n mga mata.dhil sumasaya pkiramdam q.nababawasa nraramdaman q sadness..yan ang katotohanan.
伊奈海人 (11 days ago)
Mir Mir (11 days ago)
Big girls cry when their hearts are breaking....описание моей души...
sneha chaurasia (11 days ago)
This is called masterpiece
쿤 쿤 (11 days ago)
Arafat Hossain (11 days ago)
Maddie is ill and mad
Marmar Tandoki (11 days ago)
i love your music
frisco0077 (11 days ago)
sorry all, Maddie is a distraction ,,,,,,,,,,,,Sia the greatest ever needs to sing alone
Lindiwe Motloung (11 days ago)
Swear to God am crazy about Sia songs the lyrics are relatable ...ce to south Africa
Hothy Memster (11 days ago)
so many people masturbated to this
Naomi Dasilva Bauer (12 days ago)
Robby Firly (12 days ago)
So tallanted
Nur Yıldırım (13 days ago)
Şizoffren gibi bu ne be
SophieSophs (13 days ago)
This song is such an emotional song but I don’t know if I’d feel the amount of emotion I do if it wasn’t for Maddie acting all this out. What a piece of art. I’ve watched this so many times and it makes me cry every time. She represents how we all start out innocent but as we grow up we face so many problems and this is the young self in all of us screaming out.
Jay Gaikwad (13 days ago)
Even big boys Cry !!😔
Alexces Jayne Cientos (13 days ago)
I will always be fascinated by Maddie's actions
I love is song, is nice
nova grolli thug (13 days ago)
Heden Henrique Oficial (14 days ago)
Essa coreografia foi montada pela galera do PT...
KingN. (14 days ago)
Big guys cry too lol
Fiona Kallis (14 days ago)
Maddie is super cool! I know who puted the hands on Maddie. Sia did!!
João Pereira (14 days ago)
I I I l I lo I lov I love I love s I love si I love sia I love si I love s I love I lov I lo I l I
Thimy Andrade (10 days ago)
M Me Me t Me to Me too Me to Me t Me M
Yuko Razune (15 days ago)
Roland Hörmann (15 days ago)
song is soo much heart touching.... and its real big girls cry ....
Miss Keisha (15 days ago)
me in class having a mental breakdown
Очень жутко!( Отцы дочерей вафлят! Из-за таких пидаропапикофф девченки нормально существовать не могут...
Colin Paddock (15 days ago)
Face Dancer. Strangely mesmerizing.
Maribel Melendez (16 days ago)
SIN PALABRAS. Interpretacion de Maddie excelente, voz de SIA Excelente. Definitivamente ARTE.
VAnidpDa Thebe (16 days ago)
Simon Says (16 days ago)
how it feels to chew five gum
Cesar Caldeira (17 days ago)
1030Raerae (17 days ago)
when someone says there’s food on my face
ヨッシーです (17 days ago)
3L Tâçø ėStLÅr (17 days ago)
I’m the only one how see that the hands have tings written like “whatever ****”and the other “*** l**y”, (i don’t now, it’s what i see :v) and i now the interpretation of the hands, i just wanna now if somebody now what it says :v.
Karine Perreault (17 days ago)
est completement possédé de satan elle
Antonia Zuñiga (17 days ago)
Sia and love
LocoGamer 17 (17 days ago)
sia i so love you my best
придёт пора. и у нас в стране - наша родина будут почетать искуство!!!___!!!
Lorenna Heyttor (17 days ago)
Love 💜 💜

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