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How to draw a Manga girl —slow tutorial

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Text Comments (13475)
Nida malikl (7 hours ago)
Freedom Gaming (1 day ago)
Thank Alot, But,My Way is Not Copying Someone Tips & How he do it .......Thats my way Then why i watch this?
Gofies (1 day ago)
lost at getting a pencil
hatty playz roblox (2 days ago)
So I'm just trying to find an eASY vid for drawing anime.. Ah this one! *DRAWING EYES FOR LIKE HOURS THANKFULLY WITH THE VID PAUSED* hmmm Oh well THEY NEED TO BE BIGGER my person is yOuNg *ERASING FOR HOURS* Redrawing them.. what are all these details she looks like shes not even trying!! HOUR LATER *drawing ears* THESE ARE LIKE TOO SLANTED FOR HOW MY CHARACTER IS FACING I GIVE UP
Princess Peach (2 days ago)
First eye√. Second eye😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠
Grim Restoff bb oc (2 days ago)
my head be looking like an egg
So yeah, this tutorial is TOTALLY slow and TOTALLY is SOOOOO easy. Now ummm if you excuse me I’m going back to the class to learn how to hold a pencil
Letícia Peres (2 days ago)
The name of FIRST music
Enderquake (2 days ago)
My head looks more like a flirting man's head
Florence Toplis (3 days ago)
It would have been better with a voiceover because personally I can't look at something and read it and then draw it before the next step came up. also would have been better if slower. I know it said slow tutorial but I couldn't catch up. Apart from that, amazing artist and I houroughly enjoyed it!
seloveheart (4 days ago)
My girl looked like one male and one female eye, crazy hair and in pain .. 😐
Chelsea Loves to Draw (5 days ago)
You’re the best! thank you
Chelsea Loves to Draw (5 days ago)
augH!!!!! I hate ads (Uber Eats!!)
Chelsea Loves to Draw (5 days ago)
why would you put ads to make more money WHY!!!
shitpost kid (6 days ago)
I love manga
Touma Takahashi (6 days ago)
Video: First draw a rough circle Me:....... *searches on YouTube* How to draw a circle
Kat InKorporated (6 days ago)
Yeah i noticed whenever I watch another animator do these videos it takes them like 10 minutes to finish the skull. I just enjoy seeing others' work but it makes me think about what about another part of the body? Those things all fit to size and shapes but the artist has to apply the basic forms from the get go. Apply those forms and use the principles of art according to context, shape, contrast, subject, texture, lighting and....well you get the idea. Hopefully those who do start out can understand that art is not about perfection, but about getting messy until you get to the FINAL PRODUCT.
Battlepro77 (6 days ago)
What pencils do you use and when? I want to draw but need to know if it’s like B or B4 or hb or h2 or something. Thanks in advance.
Diamond Gaming (7 days ago)
I'm 9 and I love manga
Shyamala Madhavan (8 days ago)
I am a BTS army and suddenly SERENDIPITY shows up as a ad....Me:Mom,I am blessed
Shyamala Madhavan (5 days ago)
+Natalie A Don't know....Even when I was going to listen Kokobop of Exo,Singularity showed up....I didn't skip the ad😉
Natalie A (5 days ago)
heyy ARMY me too! but why on this vid lol???
Shelby Storyville (8 days ago)
You are a great teacher but I'm a bad student if you were an art teacher I would get an f
Gamer jajaj (9 days ago)
You teach me
•Emily Edits• (11 days ago)
Thank you sooo much this helped allot!
black sheep (12 days ago)
why cant i draw hair smh
Alice _anime (12 days ago)
Lmao i cant eaven draw a sircel 😩😩😩
Vahnoma (13 days ago)
Old ass tutorial, btw if ur gonna do a tutorial step by step, dont just say 'ThIs iS hOw tHe haiR Is DraWn" then just have no steps
roogue XD (15 days ago)
Brain: Easy! Hand:Hold my popcorn.
Hannah Gerlach (16 days ago)
I LOVE THIS! helped so much even though it took 5 try's for the eyes to look the same XD
Noura Allawneh (16 days ago)
So I just drew a great beautiful manga .... Then started acting like some kind on artist and said hmmm I should fix this and that then 3 seconds later ... I HAVE A FREAKING POTATO ON MY PAPER !!!!! Like for real gurl wth !!!!
Betsytdm master (16 days ago)
omg it worked!!! for me:))
Marcostacos78 Loquendo (17 days ago)
Shynull (18 days ago)
Great tutorial, but the backroundmusic at the start lowkey reminds me of the calssic Minecraft music.
I don't care (18 days ago)
How can people draw a circle that well?
Joanna Mielnicka (18 days ago)
For some reason i cant draw a proper circle Life if you cant toooooo
Pocket Gacha Stories (18 days ago)
Me: This is so easy I could do this *LATER* Me: Ugh this is the 7,234th time I erased
XxP0tat0Sick xX (19 days ago)
Welp mine turned into a complete nightmare 😃👌🏻
Mimi R.Y G-M (19 days ago)
If you went a little slow at that work better for me so I'm just going To go to another video
Betschir Jakupi (20 days ago)
Betschir Jakupi (20 days ago)
SUB TO KING PEWDS (21 days ago)
Alright anyone wanna explain why their eraser doesn’t leave any marks???
6:43 is when the party starts ! Lol
Roses are red violets are blue. Art is hard. I can't ryhme. Neither can you.
Noor Hawre (23 days ago)
I learned Anime in age of 5
NightCore Land (23 days ago)
AGHHH I LIKE THIS BUT I DON'T LIKE THE ADS !!!!AGHHH... (mobile legends ads)
Zenkia Star (24 days ago)
What's the name of these music
Chenie Amria (24 days ago)
you are maybe the first artist I've seen without using a mechanical pencil. It's good to see a artist like you using a pencil, because I don't have a mechanical pencil, and know that I can relate the art making of drawing without the difference of utensils. It makes it easer for me.
a random tree (25 days ago)
me: ooo ima try my drawing skills ! 'after watching... me: Ok time to see results results/drawing: eyes are legit different from eachother, one looks OK and the other looks like a potato me: CRI
Lauren Sweets (25 days ago)
a random tree hey sorry for this irrelevant comment I’m a drawing channel I’m 12 do you mind subbing I’ll sub back ❤️
zshadow 22 (26 days ago)
It's pretty cool, shading is hard tho, ended up f wording my whole drawing
Lauren Sweets (25 days ago)
zshadow 22 hey sorry for this irrelevant comment I’m a drawing channel I’m 12 do you mind subbing I’ll sub back ❤️
John Marston (27 days ago)
Erase the lines instruction unclear now I have to restart
Amni And Fluffy (28 days ago)
EEEEE This was sooooooo helpful!!!
Amni And Fluffy (28 days ago)
First three steps in a nutshell: *your figure should look like a t-posing stickman without legs and a line in the middle of it's head, if ya know what I'm sayin'*
Jarry (28 days ago)
*watches video* Me:I'm so gonna make my own manga First step: *FAIL*
cami p (29 days ago)
This is soo amazing! It helps me a lot and I'm understanding everything, Thank u so much ♥️!
Moira Croft (29 days ago)
Mohamed basoomi (1 month ago)
mr Ross (1 month ago)
i watched this 2-3 years ago. and tried it out. and i improved my art since then. the past 2-3 years. iv'e become better. all because of this video. thank you so much for helping me improving my art. (im a girl btw just in my sisters husband account)
oona meriläinen (1 month ago)
My parents: you will be an artist someday! Video: draw a line. Me: **fails** Also me: you f*cking liars.
Potatoe Fat (1 month ago)
*Me at the start*: Ooh this looks easy as lemons! Doing the face: Looking gud The shading on the eyes: 0.0 I'm shook The hair: *I'M GIVING UP MATE* I swear there is magic in those hands. [When you like your comment coz no one else will] >~>
aesi (1 month ago)
I was so motivated..... I WAS.....
ksa ahmad (1 month ago)
First draw a circle Me: Draws a square
Era Nirvana (1 month ago)
really that music....4 mins ZZZzzzz....
Ainblot Tezh (1 month ago)
me: the video is only 13 minutes so i think i can do it in 15 minutes 2000 years later me: what date is it...........the end of the world
mario paraschiv (1 month ago)
your eyes that you've drawn look so mild while mine look like they have seen murder while you where a psychopath
Sweet Bun Bunny (1 month ago)
I failed I’m horrible at drawing like this 😭
love your commitment to your art work
T.S.G.I Studios (1 month ago)
It’s so hard to draw these when your left handed
KRAZZ (1 month ago)
To all of the people who think they're being funny by saying "I'm going back to stick people", just shut up. Either git gud or get out.
Paramjir kaur (1 month ago)
Justice to every stroke😍😍😍
Paige Shadbolt (1 month ago)
ok so cant even draw a line I'm jealous of my friends being able to draw but I'm trying really hard please keep trying please don't give I believe u will become famous give it time I'm 13 btw
AntDeGamer :D (1 month ago)
Me. Drawing the circle 10 times to get it perfect. Re drawing the eyes ton of times. Hair goes wrong and weird. The nose it alright and the mouth and all together what o made looks kinda good but not the best due to my bad drawing
Barack Obama (1 month ago)
Practice makes perfect you dumb shits
CHERUSCI 14 (1 month ago)
I cant even draw a circle to start with.
april evora (1 month ago)
this helped me learn how to draw anime, thankyou so much!
Apost (1 month ago)
Looks easy when u watch someone does it Looks hard af when you do it on ur own.
Kus Partuti (1 month ago)
Ndjdjdb hznznsnzk (1 month ago)
Yours is the Gucci version mine is the goodwill version
cian grace (1 month ago)
I usually cant even draw a circle when im watching tutorials and im like... NOPE but today i was blessed and could draw a circle :D
Aditya Roy (1 month ago)
And I can't even draw a freaking apple
steve4drawing (1 month ago)
vikrant Tambe (1 month ago)
Me: drawing a beautiful girls face. *1hour*later Me: accidentally Drew's Voldomod face
Uneclipsed Gamer (1 month ago)
I can’t even draw a circle.
Uneclipsed Gamer (1 month ago)
You think I’m kidding I’m so serious
veteran trainer1994 (1 month ago)
My first attempt came out ehh, but I'll keep practicing
Lily (1 month ago)
Is this just me or does this look kinda creepy?🧐 It’s still an amazing sketch though
sleepycacilocat :3 (1 month ago)
Bruh i come here to see how u draw the lips and that's the part u skip?
W̲̅èa̲̅u̲̅ツ (1 month ago)
Twinkle twinkle little star now i wanna die rn cause its so flippin hard to draw (Btw i made this story up so you might say it doesn't rhyme =p)
Amy Koski (1 month ago)
Me: draws this Shows it to my friends I don’t have Fake friends: wow nice blobfish
Logoz (1 month ago)
Lady, you are an artist!
Amy Lee (1 month ago)
She keeps making mistakes not cool dislike
Man137 (1 month ago)
Thank you very much, I actually drew something :D
Sathyanarayanan P.L. (1 month ago)
Thx it was an easy video my friends loved it
xxxXxSiren xXxxx (1 month ago)
Sometimes I could only do the eye and can’t draw it again same with the hands and others 😐
PewDieРie ` (1 month ago)
s-senpai-kun xD
LunaMoon _ (1 month ago)
This drawing kinda reminds me of Misaki from Maid Sama. 💖💓
Natalie A (5 days ago)
yess! that's what i thought!
Grazia Playz (1 month ago)
I can't draw the other eye so I'm gonna be creative and try doing something else with the other eye
Mark Juresh (1 month ago)
Me: about to start also me: brings out entire maths stationery set
Lemon_boy (1 month ago)
I can draw a perfect manga girl hair and body but I can't draw the eyes so that's the problem for me.
neodayskz. (1 month ago)
Vero Ramona (1 month ago)
I can't even draw a normal circle😂😂😐 BUT I WON'T GIVE UP EVEN IF IT MEANS THAT I'M DRAWING THIS STUPID CIRCLE OVER AND OVER AGAIN!! * 10 seconds later* Crap, I'm giving up. It's too hard
Cukkie (1 month ago)
TYSM!! This is sooooo helpful!
Mr. Artist (1 month ago)
watch me drawing saitama the most powerfull anime man in my youtube channel
Ririna Zaberi (1 month ago)
I wish I could have a pencil like that.

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