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Akiba's Trip Review: Femtrooper

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Femtrooper reviews Akiba's Trip review www.thefemtrooper.com www.facebook.com/thefemtrooper www.twitter.com/thefemtrooper
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Text Comments (41)
Lee Dilloway (1 month ago)
If you're reviewing a game it helps if you actually show some of the game instead of making us stare at your ugly ass feministic up-speaking mug. Kill yourself
Digistrom X (4 months ago)
I couldn't agree more about English accents completely butchering the vibe of JRPGs. Goes for anime and movies too.
Connor Butters (7 months ago)
I've got 200 hrs on Akiba's trip...
Sebastian Medina (11 months ago)
I understand that your a female gamer. But the way you go about presenting your channel is like. This is a game a girl would enjoy. Girl power. If anything it’s a backwards thing to do. Instead of empowerment. It’s like your purposely reviewing easy and casual games or overly cute ones, and it’s almost like your trying to say with your whole channel. Ok girls. When your boyfriends not playing anything try this! I’m so sorry if this offends. I grew up in a role reversal family. And my mother was the bread winner. I’ve seen your videos in my feed and maybe you do have other content but that’s what your page looks like to someone who isn’t subscribed.
Harry Tran (1 year ago)
To be fair the game first releashed the North American. Btw this games also on the PS3 not only on the PS4.
Sinica Cade (1 year ago)
hmm was lookin 4 a review of this game and came upon your page...... think i will sub to you... .. Your. interesting. ..
Sohel khan Khan (1 year ago)
(femtrooper) will u marry me
7force (1 year ago)
I enjoyed it, though as far as "strip-em-ups" go, I think the Senran Kagura games have much better gameplay, among other things. Maybe give those a shot if you have the time, the characters are entertaining, the OSTs are great, and Estival Versus in particular (the sequel to Shinovi Versus) had a surprisingly feelsy story. Anyway, nice review, I agree. Especially that English voice track. Like, I love Brina Palencia, Jamieson Price, and many other voice actors in the game, but they were miscast as hell. The Japanese track, on the other hand, (at the risk of sounding like a super-weeaboo) everyone fit their roles.
zen fu (1 year ago)
Can I ripoff your cloths you sleazy vampire you ;)
Wyrdwad (2 years ago)
Little late to comment on this, but FYI, the game *does* actually feature the full Japanese voiceover track, story lines and all -- you just need to fully exit back out to the title screen, then reload, before it'll switch all the way over. It does tell you to do this when you switch languages, though I understand the temptation not to, especially when some of the voices change over right away.
spock_elvis (2 years ago)
Well aren't you adorable...
silver lord films (2 years ago)
femtrooper (2 years ago)
+silver lord films Thanks!
Jimmy a Geek (2 years ago)
Is the Game World Like GTA ?
femtrooper (2 years ago)
+Jimmy a Geek Thanks!!! That means a lot! :)
Jimmy a Geek (2 years ago)
+femtrooper Thanks But Still Buying and Love Your Reviews
femtrooper (2 years ago)
+Jimmy a Geek It tries to be open world, and it is at times, but nothing like GTA.
Isaias Cattaneo (2 years ago)
HAHAHAHA, the best review of this game ever... I TOTALY agree with you, 100% I'm SLOWLY going through it, the dialogues are SO bad... the story is lame... the fan service is not senran kagura either, but still... advancing slowly... now that I think about it... why I keep playing it?
jms209 (2 years ago)
TBH I actually really like this game. The vita doesn't have many fun/hack n slash games. Had fun with switching weapons and upgrading my items. Side missions were amusing. Having to fight some yakuza? looking gangs haha One thing i can say, is that it's repetitive, but fun. I did play this maybe 1-2 hours a day and not all at once, which likely helped me not get annoyed with it. If you can get past the stripping, the game is fun.
David Fernandez (3 years ago)
I always thought it was called "Akiba's STRIP", it's expensive and it doesn't really appeal to me, pulling people's clothes off in public is for perverts and I love the Japanese and their video games but their sense of humor is a bit awkward sometimes, I wonder though if we reverse it and make a game with 'mooning' at people as a mechanic, whether that would be more offensive in the East. I remember rogue trader Nick Leeson did this in the early 1990s and he got arrested in Hong Kong.
HUNT3R (3 years ago)
Game sucks, you're kinda cute, but what's with the glasses?
Wasabi Galaxy (3 years ago)
Great Review! More of this please! I still have mine in the shrink wrap. Need to get to it at some point. Too many games so little time ( ̄◇ ̄;)
Thefunnynerd (3 years ago)
Ha I think this game sells itself on exactly what it is, no hidden gimmicks or got you moments. I wont be picking it up but love listening to reviews. Nice one btw.
femtrooper (3 years ago)
+thefunnynerd.com Haha, thanks!  Yeah, it's not for everyone, and honestly, the silly stuff is funny to me, it just would have been a lot better if it had been a better story.
Bryan Synek (3 years ago)
dear femtrooper do you have a po box ive been watching your show for awhile and i have a game that i think you might like have you played the shin megamai tensei  devil survivor seriesits like if fire emblem anda turn based rpg had a baby  but the story is bat shit crazy but it is like one ofthose story games like dangya roopa it is awesome if your interested let me know you do an awesome job keep doing what you do your the shit
StephsTooDef (3 years ago)
Plan on picking this up once the price drops a bit. My hopes aren't super high and just want to try it out because it seems so whacky! Thanks for the awesome review!!
femtrooper (3 years ago)
+StephsTooDef Yeah, worth a try for sure, but don't expect much!
jbinminot (3 years ago)
When I play a game, I don't really care about the story as long as the gameplay is interesting.
femtrooper (3 years ago)
+jbinminot That's fair, sometimes gameplay can surpass story for me, like in the FE series, but if it's not interesting...I don't want to play it.
SNESmapper (3 years ago)
I know most people have the same complains as the ones you mention in here but even then I still want to get this game at one point or another. The setting and overall wackiness seem to be enough of a good reason to at least try the game out haha
femtrooper (3 years ago)
+SNESmapper I feel like we all have to play it to truly see for ourselves, which is why I still bought it despite people telling me it was sort of so-so.  The visuals are great though and it definitely has something to offer.
anthony brizuela (3 years ago)
Awesome review also what was your prefered weapon mine was the god like boxing gloves p.s i got a game over at the very beginning of the game cause i made my chracter complain about his dam figurines lolol
femtrooper (3 years ago)
+anthony brizuela Haha, I used the golf club a lot, lol
Noah Isaac (3 years ago)
hey Femtrooper since you like Visual Novel's you check out Steins Gate, it was released on Vita a while ago, you can Import it from E.U. not sure if it was released in the U.S yet but it's really good check it if you haven't yet.
Aerodynamisch (3 years ago)
+Noah Isaac It is the next Vita game she will play, or Aero will be removing gamer cards....:)
UltimateFloyd1 (3 years ago)
Great review. Game seems exactly like what I expected it to be, will most likely never pick this up lol
femtrooper (3 years ago)
+UltimateFloyd1 haha, yep!  This is probably a skip, haha, I just had to finish it just to say I finished it, lol.
Tanerion (3 years ago)
I for one love the game. Not so much for the story as all the wackiness and references to other games and actual real manga/anime series (stuff that usually gets censored out when put into a game). And there are plenty of games and anime where the dubs are better than the original Japanese. And picking German as an example was a poor choice on your part since their dubs are generally pretty good.
femtrooper (3 years ago)
+Tanerion I love anime in Japanese for the most part, like I said, for the most part, some dubs are actually fantastic, I just generally don't like them.
lurock (3 years ago)
This review is so real! I thought this game was absolutely mediocre. It wasn't great, but it wasn't awful. Gonna forward this video all over the internet. brb!
femtrooper (3 years ago)
+Kanamit Thanks!!!  Appreciate it!  This game was blah though haha

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