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Blind Man Experiment Gone Wrong

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Text Comments (2909)
daryanti yanti (8 hours ago)
here u go that women here more show good heart
Mohamed Refaat (14 hours ago)
هو في ناس كدة في الدول المتقدمة ههههههههههه يبقي دي عدوي لدي البشرية هههههه In people as in developed countries, it is a human disease HHHHHHHH
Méo (3 days ago)
Unblur those assholes
Nguyễn Quang Sơn (7 days ago)
Wow, 50pounds is not a big thing, he is blind, and some got it from him and they were even so calm when they did it
Nurlan Alizade (1 month ago)
only girls help !
themiya umayanga (1 month ago)
shooting pranks please
kevykev38 (2 months ago)
That's not US currency
Abubakar Sadik (4 months ago)
I'm sorry the man is not honest but rather a thief 😅😅😅
Om Pandey (4 months ago)
Honesty is a best policy
Nikola Pavlovic (5 months ago)
Fat guy saying he feels like an asshole.. well he is one.
Yameen Raza (5 months ago)
Girls is honest
Gurunathan B (6 months ago)
Lyn Vejera (6 months ago)
So men are gold digger.. haha lol
Michael McGinley (6 months ago)
Shivu Maradi (6 months ago)
Super alla are people not a honest... Somebody honest.
televisionalternativ (6 months ago)
really? They rob a blind man and they'll wonder why his life sucks
لااسف الناس طماعه
chijin kumar (7 months ago)
The fat man pick up the purse before he asks for the change.
Daniel Whyte (7 months ago)
Adam Arbab (7 months ago)
Women are more honest than men
Humanoid Ver 3.0.2 (7 months ago)
Women are better at human values.
md rois Rois (7 months ago)
ladies is gt
Gideon Omoragbon (7 months ago)
Women I respect you all....
Rick Braden (7 months ago)
Some people are so pathetic.
raju razu (8 months ago)
Girl r good
Sunita Dhirendra (8 months ago)
It's UV (8 months ago)
Who the fuck said that girls are gold digger
ali ahmad (8 months ago)
All of boys cheated 😀😁😀😁😀😊
PrinceSs NiCole (8 months ago)
how about this couple 2:20
Adie Eddie (8 months ago)
Funny oo
Latif Sharan (8 months ago)
Fuck these peoples they still
Tapan kumar bagh (8 months ago)
I feel too better after watching this video....
Moonlight Dancer83 (8 months ago)
Those ppl who took the fifty should be ashamed of themselves
skyhigh travels786 (8 months ago)
Nikitha mannar niki (8 months ago)
Wwomen r always kind hearted princess
Human beings (8 months ago)
Honest and dishonest both kind everywhere not in Australia only.... Salute to honest people 👍😊
Sadiya S (8 months ago)
God bless all the non-greedy people who told him the truth
Roni Yusuf (8 months ago)
Don't be an asshole by make a fool on a blindmen
M77S tv (8 months ago)
my hsar my facebook pj
Deepak kumar (8 months ago)
Female r honest
Royal Shadow (8 months ago)
You done very well job bro
Ayush Singh Raghuwanshi (8 months ago)
Nice video Love from India.
doria botteon (8 months ago)
White people OMG
Modustollens1 (8 months ago)
idiotube Personality (8 months ago)
Woman are good
Janith D.M. (8 months ago)
3.40 he is the thug in this video😂😂😂
NFTU 1317 (8 months ago)
Блин made in uzb
angel marte (8 months ago)
It is sad to see how people placea value that is so low on their integrity. We have criminals, liars, rapists, thieves, cheaters, yet I have never met one that told me what he/she was; conclusion: Expect the good from people, but never believe they are what they seem to be.
AERO PILOT (8 months ago)
There are bad boys and bad girls everywhere. Good humans has got no nation. Bad humans will lose all the time
Erdet Petriti (8 months ago)
Hahahaa l'honnête...!
Ron Carnel (8 months ago)
don't blur the face of the piece of shit (biped not human) like that everybody will recognize them...
True Gentleman (8 months ago)
Beautiful world with greedy people's...
Astar Sheran (8 months ago)
Soul ツ (9 months ago)
See ya 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Son Nefes (9 months ago)
Very bad what a people
Zizeel Shout (9 months ago)
Honestly i love second girls. 😍😍
fumblerooskie (9 months ago)
Dollars? Isn't this in Britain?
stealthbiker45 (9 months ago)
not only does he feel like an asshole, but he is an asshole
kenneth moore (9 months ago)
they should have shown the faces of the thieves and what they said to them after they were caught.
Joey Pascua (9 months ago)
good experiment
Apexx (9 months ago)
I'm actually disgusted how people treat other people. We are a race we need to help and support each other that's why we exist
AG 1997 (9 months ago)
unbelievable..this world is full of faggots
Roblox & Fortnite (9 months ago)
Women are too nice! But the men close to the end where kind! THE FIRST 1 WAS MESSUD UP THO FOR DA INTRO!
mark lepka (9 months ago)
Why do they cut off the part when they get exposed
Ackxrmvnn (9 months ago)
PRANK HOURS (9 months ago)
Fasail Ali (9 months ago)
Ohh look at the last man
Abhishek Singh Shekhu (9 months ago)
Women ❤️
Stevey Production (9 months ago)
aussie people r so nice
mamun alam (9 months ago)
ora naki sovvo jati
Xion games (9 months ago)
those guys or girls got the 50 dollars are punks
Fahim Mohammadi (9 months ago)
oh women is more honest than men
Shoaib Hussain (9 months ago)
Girls Rocks.
Zain Abid (9 months ago)
All Girls are honest.
Mary (9 months ago)
Just remember thieves, what goes around comes around. What a bunch of jerks! To all the honest people, God bless you and yours! Keep up the good work!
Saurav Das (9 months ago)
good bro...
Habibi i (9 months ago)
Girls made the day nd greedy guys so pity 🙏🙏Girls love from pakistani guy😘😘😘😘
Girls are honest
man kal (9 months ago)
What a f$$$k, blur man what did they eat, God will burn you in hell
woman are more honest than man
The Hacker (9 months ago)
Girls are trusted....lol
Rahat Khan (9 months ago)
nice video Freand
BOSS (9 months ago)
This video tells lot. All ladies honest (you can treat most). Elderly people are honest. Youngster (male) more dishonest.. Is it humanity in future ?
Johnson Fino (10 months ago)
Some people are so desperate 😂🙆
local feminists (10 months ago)
gone wrong
Tech Media (10 months ago)
Women are honest ....
Irshad Irshad (10 months ago)
i am prom pakistan i see your vedio every day but i reialy like this vedio so honist gratniss far hanist guose
Abraham (10 months ago)
*And then they tell us what we have used, the net if they are right but I am not like that :) I live in a place where there are many Americans and I am Mexican xD*
RDThePredator (10 months ago)
Girls are more polite and honest except that tatooed girl.
Marvell GDM (10 months ago)
There really is some arse holes in the world good video mate
wong ngapak (10 months ago)
Savage Shell (10 months ago)
u are in uk
Of course grown men are the greediest
ChristianMuscle (10 months ago)
Honest people are cool 😎
NoobGamer 0 (10 months ago)
Only girls are honest you can see that
Adam Vargas (10 months ago)
Man, even though I'm a man, the men are d**ks (Well some of them are)
revolutionary man seck (10 months ago)
All girl are so nice
debasish patra (10 months ago)
Actually young men has the tendency
Ahmed rosty (10 months ago)
what the ####..😆😆😆
Rocky handsome (10 months ago)
American great again 🤔

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