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Blind Man Bar Prank - The Woman in Red (1984)

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Blind Man Bar Prank from a movie: "The Woman in Red" (1984).
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Noah Rosenblatt (4 months ago)
such an underrated scene and movie.
Patrick Band (5 months ago)
Snap Crackle (6 months ago)
Was Charles Grodin's character gay in this movie. I was trying to figure out the scene with the bracelet
Fred Flintstone (8 months ago)
Grodin is brilliant! One of my favorite scenes of his!
The 7th Decade (1 year ago)
How funny. At 1:22 that's my brother Russ to the blind man's left. Both Russ and my brother-in-law Dale said Gene Wilder was the most down to earth actor they ever worked with.
Tommy Kovac (5 months ago)
Awesome, this was shot in my hometown as well, SF!
John Smith (1 year ago)
Nice to know that, I love this movie for many years.
Paul Casali (2 years ago)

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