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SOLO TRIP TO PARIS TRAVEL VLOG | Eiffel Tower, Catacombs of Paris + Arc de Triomphe

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As the semester begins to reach a close, I realized just how many days off that I let go to waste. I decided that a cancelled class on Thursday was a sign from God himself, and booked a day trip to Paris solely for the pictures and views of the Eiffel Tower. I'm in love with this city, and hope to make a return at least one more time before I go back to the United States! SOCIAL MEDIA: Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/rachelsilva96/ VSCO: http://vsco.co/rachelsilva96 Tumblr: http://in-effable.tumblr.com/
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Text Comments (34)
Daniel Klaps (3 months ago)
Are the remains real
Daniel Klaps (3 months ago)
Rachel Silva wow
Rachel Silva (3 months ago)
yes they are!
HereWeGoMel (4 months ago)
Did you know french before you went on this trip?
Rachel Silva (3 months ago)
Yes! I had studied it at university for a year before going, so I was pretty conversational by the time I got to France.
Esmé (10 months ago)
Hey, did you feel safe all through?
Rachel Silva (10 months ago)
Beyond the pickpocketers, Paris felt safer than other regions because of how crowded it is. I'd be wary in smaller towns (basically the rest of France tho) because I was personally followed to my apartment one night, girls were getting followed to school, and my other friend had to end her trip a semester early because it was that unsafe. The rural areas are no joke.
flowerbean10 (11 months ago)
It’s weird how you only have 200 subs you deserve like 45k subs
Rachel Silva (11 months ago)
This is honestly the nicest thing, thank you. It's me own fault tho, I'm so inconsistent with my channel!! Hopefully time will free up after graduation.
dreamwithsahar (1 year ago)
hey! I've just posted my first vlog ever! So feel free to check it out! thank you
You went to Paris so jealous lol
Rachel Silva how was it?
Rachel Silva (1 year ago)
it was truly beautiful! Sad that I missed it during better weather tho!
Alexia M (1 year ago)
Such a good vlog! Traveling alone seems fun!
Rachel Silva (1 year ago)
Ah thank you! It's a bit nerve wrecking, but I'm glad that I spoke the language!
Ministry 5MT (1 year ago)
James (1 year ago)
Where did you travel from? Thanks for the video
Rachel Silva (1 year ago)
I went from Reims, a small city in the Champagne region, to Paris! It was about 45 minutes away by train :)
Erika Silviana (1 year ago)
Hey! What a great video, enjoyed watching. Ive dropped a sub. I do similar content, give it a watch!
Going to Paris in July love this video. I've subscribed. I have my own travel channel would love if you could check it out and subscribe!
Valentine Click (2 years ago)
Nice trip and beautiful footage! I always feel awkward vlogging in public too! haha :)
Rachel Silva (2 years ago)
Valentine Click it's the worst!
OctavioVlogs (2 years ago)
Were we on the same trip? Lol, I got you with the sub back
Rachel Silva (2 years ago)
OctavioVlogs everyone goes to see the same landmarks so when you think about it, the whole world's on the same trip!!
Great travel vlog Beautiful Paris trip .I just subscribed . I hope you will also checkout my channel thanks
Rachel Silva (2 years ago)
TASTE BEST AND TRAVEL thank you! I definitely will :)
Travel The World (2 years ago)
Amazing video and YouTube channel! Are you interested in supporting eachother to help our channels grow.
Rachel Silva (2 years ago)
Travel The World I would love that! I love meeting other adventurers. Subbing to your channel :)
Daniela Kotivirta (2 years ago)
Great vid!
Rachel Silva (2 years ago)
Daniela Kotivirta thank you!!😊
meowwchannel (2 years ago)
i feel you with vlogging in public!
Rachel Silva (2 years ago)
meowwchannel it gets worse when you're with friends you just made 😩
Rocie Benavent (2 years ago)
Ah you got to see a lot! So jealous! I vlogged a recent trip to Paris too if you could check it out 💁🏻 Subscribed for more like this!
Rachel Silva (2 years ago)
I'd love to see what you experienced!! :)

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