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TrekTrendy - July/August Romania, Moldova, Transnistria, Ukraine epic adventure - Country #7/8 of 12

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In July/August 2015 my friends and I visited 4 very interesting and unique countries in Eastern Europe in a week long journey. Arriving in Bucharest Romania, saw partying, a waterpark, a healthy dose of culture and wonderful Romanian cuisine. Next, we took a 12 hour mini bus ride up to Chișinău in Moldova. We stayed for a few nights here, touring the city, enjoying incredibly priced food, played giant chess, and even had a workout, Moldovan style complete with a Sauna. We then boarded a train which went through our third stop Transnistria, allowing us a short time near the capital city of Tiraspol. This tiny soviet state fascinated us, and I managed to get some footage of this rarely documented hermit nation. It actually seemed quite nice in the August sunshine. Our train terminated in the Ukrainian port town of Odessa. We were staying in the resort district of Arcadia, on the beach and in the heart of some of the most incredible partying we had ever experienced. I would most recommend Ibiza, a superclub on the beach. We also toured Odessa city and saw the famous catacombs under the city. Finally we took a short flight up to Kiev to finish our adventure in the Ukrainian capital with a days sightseeing and final nights partying. All in all a fantastic trip with memories which will last a lifetime.
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andrea giambrone (21 days ago)
Transnistria, Romania, Moldova, Ukraine, still today are part of a medieval world Where there is no infrastructure, factories, they have only anarchy and life without rules We are in 2019 Romania wants to enter Europe, how it is possible to enter Europe if they do not respect any rule, and politicians ask for money to have beautiful cars, beautiful houses and the people die pharmacies without basic or life-saving hospitals, hospitals without helicopters, or ambulances, open the border to us Europeans if we leave the customs police 5 euros, or do not let you in, corruption you have maximum levels Moldova, Georgia, Ukraine, Transnistria, do the same thing in a statistic there are more carts with horses than cars or buses Children in the street who take drugs of glue, health can not do analysis because it costs or because they have broken machine analysis in 2016 Italy, Belgium, England, Germany, France donated to 110 hospitals in 4 countries, new machines for first aid and operation, still in 2019 are in parcels because no doctor can use machines for withdrawals and free operation room to help these nations, the fault is not of the Romanian but of their ignorance by doctors without wanting to study to help progress and sick people
saul cuando (2 months ago)
I'm planning to travel to Ukraine, stay for a few days and from there ride a bus or train to Moldova or brasov Romania, my goal is to visit the bran castle . Any ideas?? Does anybody know the cost or should I fly from cities to cities?? Please any advice you guys can give me I will appreciate, please don't do rude comments I'm just a Mexican American that wants to travel to Eastern Europe and have a good time with all due respect for everyone
30192 (5 months ago)
@Trek Tendy - What do you think the biggest diff betwen these 3 ( 4 I guess if you count Transnistria as a country ) are from your prespective ?
Flavian GaminG (6 months ago)
Chișinău not Chissanau :))))))))
TheJohnSG1 (7 months ago)
Transnistria the North Korea of Europe
Letzebourger (5 months ago)
And Romania is the dirtiest shithole of Europe!
Flav C (5 months ago)
Marrow (1 year ago)
Thanks for the video. It helps other people like me plan future trips.
Alex Official (2 years ago)
moldova and trasnistria are romania !!!!!
30192 (5 months ago)
Transnistria is not Romania idiot .. - romanian
Flav C (5 months ago)
+Letzebourger, you're a real inbred dumb fuck. Romania doesn't need your fake Transnistria soviet shithole.
Oricand (6 months ago)
+Letzebourger Stay mad jew.
Letzebourger (1 year ago)
+Alex Gaming I know what the glorious Romanians did in Transnistria with the Jews. Nothing to be proud about. Thanks for your sexual insults - romanian culture at its best!
Letzebourger (1 year ago)
Alex Gaming Yes thats true - and Austalia and Congo and USA are romania as well! Prost!
Gabi X (2 years ago)
Where did you like it more ? Romania or Ukraine ?
Stevio Gaming (2 years ago)
Aww I thought you were actually going to be staying in Transnistria
Trek Trendy (2 years ago)
Only passing through this time, but hope to visit properly in the future, i'm sure that would be an experience!
Alex 05 (2 years ago)
România ba prostule nu "Romeinia"🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕
Alex 05 (2 years ago)
Denisa Dosca da stiu :P
Denisa Dosca (2 years ago)
asa se pronunta in engleza. Tot asa cum noi spunem Londra, ei spun London.
El señor delfín (2 years ago)
You all looked damn pooped about stepping on Transnistrian floor and you didn't even visit a crap of it!! They ain't going to kidnap you ah! It would've been great to have spent at least a day out in Tiraspol!
Tee B (2 years ago)
hey would u ever consider moving there from uk? I have a job offer there and it's a contract to stay there for a while. as a British person which place would say is safe to live? (close shopping markets, transport etc)
Friendly Ukrainian (2 years ago)
Hi my friend i from Ukraine :)
THE SAND GYPSY (2 years ago)
this is awesome!!!!!
Trek Trendy (2 years ago)
Thank you was soo much fun :)
Veronika j (2 years ago)
Did you get robbed? I would never travel to this places, its not atractive enough, not safe. I Like to feel safe.Its the most important thing when I travel.
Letzebourger (5 months ago)
+flav Flav C is just an insect from Romania. His brain was damaged by DDT! Romania is a dirty and stinking country with a negative trade balance cause of the lazyness of the local population. People are corrupt and a lot females from RO are working as prostitutes in Austria or Germany! All the people in RO are gypsies! Rom. products are not even mediocre, and even for the no tech car DACIA rom. "experts" or "engineers" needed support from french engineers. I think rom. engineers are to stupid to construct a bike!
Flav C (5 months ago)
+Letzebourger is just an idiot who hates Romania. Probably a Russian ethnic from Moldova or from fake country, Transnistria with an American flag on his profile just to look more relevant. I see him trashing Romanians all over Youtube. Romania is an EU country and a lot safer than many other places and you don't need to bribe anybody.
The Noob Gamer (1 year ago)
Ops I meant they don't
The Noob Gamer (1 year ago)
Jochen Kissly Oh shut up! Romania is not a crap country, first of all were not Gypsies, The gypsies or Roma are a people of travellers from India who went out of India to find a better place to live, they made it to every continent ( except Antarctica ) and mostly in the Balkan and Eastern European countries like Greece, Turkey, Bulgaria, Moldova, Serbia, Poland, Ukraine, Russia and Romania are they a large part of the population but they normally make up 1 to 5% and not all Eastern Europeans and Romanians are Gypsies, yes there are pickpocketers but they are theives every here, UK, USA, Australia, Japan, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, China, everyone has theifs, even Canada has crime! Look up 4th World countries and Romania dosent come up, it's countries like Afghanistan, Ethiopia, Sudan and Chad, we're not in Poverty, do some research before saying shit bout a country that you know nothing about, it's you stupid Americans and Brits that judge countries stereotypical, you probably belive that everyone in Germany has moustaches, eats sausages, drinks beer and shouts nein all the time, well how about learning something new, they do and have none of that and btw Ukraine is not a lot better than us, we're pretty much the same and Moldova is the poorest country in Europe, I hope you learned something new and please stop judging countries stereotypicaly.
Veronika j (1 year ago)
Abac Dervant I would rather be an ignorant than a victim of human trafficking or a victim of other illegal activity. I have been robbed by them twice in past, that is why I'm carefull. Fact of life!
Underpressure11 (2 years ago)
and apparently you just passed by transnistria, you didn't sleep there? :P
Underpressure11 (2 years ago)
you should record more streets rather than yourself though..
Jim White (2 years ago)
This is really well made buddy! Watching that made me really want to travel! Keep it up :) And well done for responding so calmly and reasonably when you're challenged in the comments :)
Trek Trendy (2 years ago)
Thanks Jim. And yes the Youtube comments section can always surprise you. But then again challenging comments I think quite often translate as jealously or frustration. I'm here to produce engaging and interesting content and even if it's met with negativity at least it's another person who's seen my video. As I mentioned on Facebook i've checked out your channel and subscribed as very much enjoyed your latest video!
Gab M (2 years ago)
Letzebourger (2 years ago)
So, the ignorant guy is travelling to Tshisinow! Wonderfull - the city is called Kishinow or in russian: Kishiniov. Better stay at home and read about the places you are going to. You are a disgrace to travellers. Go home, and over there back to school - you need a lot to learn!
Letzebourger (1 year ago)
+Abac Dervant For your information: The official language in the Republic of Moldova is Moldovian. In fact its very much Romanian - but the government prefers to call it "moldovian"! So your statement is somehow true and somehow not. Nevertheless a lot of people speak russian - especially in Transnistria (PMR), where romanian language is written in cyrrilic letters. Somehow strange when not being used to that way of writing a roman language.
Letzebourger (1 year ago)
+orasul prost Thanks for your compliments! I dont know what I did to you, why you insult me. I will never understand this kind of behaviour!
Vlad Grinch (1 year ago)
The official language in Moldova is Romanian and the correct form for the capital is Chişinău and nothing else. Kishinev is what russians call it cause they can't pronounce it correctly.
Underpressure11 (2 years ago)
man, i understand you are from russian side but in moldavia, the romanian way is more used. as you know. on any occidental map in the planet it will be written chisinau, and not kishinev..
Letzebourger (2 years ago)
No, I am talking about Kishinev! Got it? And because its a noun, its Chisinau. One more proof about your "intelligence", limey!
Caleb Suko (2 years ago)
So you went through Transnistria, I always go around when traveling to Moldova to try to avoid problems with customs.
Letzebourger (2 years ago)
+Caleb Suko You miss a lot when avoiding Transnistria (PMR) - its very different from Moldova. Two years ago the new president ordered to be more friendly to tourists and since that time its a lot easier going to PMR. Tiraspol is a lot cleaner than Chisinau, you are not molested by the police and its very safe. The only disadvantage is the registration with the police when staying over night! And the brandy (KVINT) they produce is really excellent and makes a good souvenir! Come and see!
Trek Trendy (2 years ago)
+Caleb Suko Yeah I did read a lot about the issues beforehand and found that going towards Ukraine seemed the safest. Thankfully all ok, and certainly an experience. I've heard a lot about problems coming back the other way. In fact we were met by EU officials who were overseeing the boarder crossings who said there's been a lot of work to cut corruption. I can see you're based in Odessa, love the place!
Aaron Explores (2 years ago)
Another great video, it's funny I should stumble across this because a friend and I were actually talking about flying to Moldova then getting the train to Odessa.
Aaron Explores (2 years ago)
That's nice to know, as I always hear story's about people getting robbed on the train. Nice one bro :)
Trek Trendy (2 years ago)
+AJ CoolClips Thanks AJ - yes the train is quite the experience and despite popular believe, totally safe and uncorrupt. In fact we were met on the Transnistria/Ukraine border by a Swedish EU representative, making sure that everyone had a smooth transition. If you have any questions planning your trip I'd be happy to help out where I can :)
Travel.Life.Tips (2 years ago)
Great travel great video!!! Someday you should go to Western of Ukraine to Lviv city and Carpathian Mountains
Trek Trendy (2 years ago)
+Travel.Life.Tips Thank you! Agreed, Lviv is next on my list - i'm going to Odessa in the summer but think I'll combine with Lviv also as i've heard great things :)
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Letzebourger (1 year ago)
Городские легенды Just work - instead of begging here. Instead of spending your money for internet - work and pay for university. You are a parasit!
Stevio Gaming (2 years ago)
Городские легенды no

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