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Taylor Swift - Look What You Made Me Do

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Text Comments (739516)
Mari silvia flores (2 minutes ago)
I love her músic she IS THE Best
نوف الظفيري (3 minutes ago)
اولها مليار مشاهده بس الله❌😂
Fire Brew (5 minutes ago)
1.2million must have thought that the button was for like
ivonne mayers (41 minutes ago)
Brooklynn Carothers (46 minutes ago)
She has some good songs
MéL C (55 minutes ago)
Aisha Granger (1 hour ago)
Is it just me or does Tay Tay look a little like Nicole Kidman?
Kaiden Cox (2 hours ago)
Sounds amazing my friend and me can't stop singing this song lol
Jonicraft Gaimer (2 hours ago)
CAT Lover27 (2 hours ago)
Goodbye EMF , if Howard , Kym , and Denna don't have to do it , why should I for some criminally insane , bribed , lied , corrupted , and prostituted judges , not even letting me stay under the Christian Constitution or 1776 Constitution and 1789 Bill of Rights , when above average people with ADD, ADHD and worse , get punished , so you can place blame , curses , and torture on them. So I can not do it , not even with the U.S. Congress , U.S. Supreme Court , and Ohio Courts. All rejected kids or adult kids get guitars and piano keyboards , Howie D. Of the Backstreet Boys is paying.
CAT Lover27 (2 hours ago)
My uncle right there , she pretends to be in red.
CAT Lover27 (2 hours ago)
What Kimberly Johnson and Denna Anton Levay / " Clone Taylor Swift " look like. You witches, stealing music and Backstreet Boys .
Nihad Mahmutovic (4 hours ago)
Lepa pjesma ali strašna
Kazhiar Adl (5 hours ago)
?? ?? (5 hours ago)
She has a punchable face
swift 13 (3 hours ago)
Too bad you exist
Ulzzang Tarzı (6 hours ago)
2019 !?
Emily Gomes (7 hours ago)
queen in music
manjunath karnati (7 hours ago)
Finally guys 🙌 it's 1Billion 😍😘
I know you guys love her and her lyric but really listen to what your listen to this is very demontic and satanic, your are worshiping the devil and not even realizing it.. I realize as I am writing this someone will take offense,and rub people the wrong way while you are busy bashing me in the comment I have gotten use to the back lash but I ask you to sincerly humble your self and take in consideration the advice I am giving.Please my friend seek God stop idolizing these stars you don't want to go where they are going.
Roka Abouelfadl (8 hours ago)
The beginning made me scared
Aruna Bala (8 hours ago)
Fans of Taylor Swift hit likes here👍
Gianni Pinotto (8 hours ago)
I love her
Am I alone in 2019? Yes? Ok
Haraga (10 hours ago)
Todrick ♡
Zero SenPai (10 hours ago)
I cant stop watching this???? LOOK WHAT YOU MADE ME DO!!!!!
Razane BEKKAYE (10 hours ago)
Abir Pink (10 hours ago)
Indian king (10 hours ago)
Nice song
anisha rai (10 hours ago)
I don't trust nobody n.....nobody trust meh....😎
رائع 😀😂😘
Maxx ii (11 hours ago)
alessandro (12 hours ago)
Sujata Badhia (12 hours ago)
2:21 don't worry Taylor Swift we all trust you Like here who trusts Taylor Swift
Jayden Hunter (11 hours ago)
She's a queen!!😍😍😍
Caleb Wrubleski (12 hours ago)
joseph did a great job. i love pop taylor
Natalie Chua (12 hours ago)
Well, I mean at least she can make fun of herself
MOACIR NETO (12 hours ago)
TITANIUM 1 (12 hours ago)
It even sound like shit despite the looks of it course
No Name (13 hours ago)
Здесь кушать российские?
Tellai Yacine (13 hours ago)
Hi I'm Yacine form Algeria
Cookie Swirl C (15 hours ago)
rip taylor swift turned into a zombie crazy
Lucia Abate (15 hours ago)
Spiderman Lxc (16 hours ago)
6 taylor swift in one world
*-P R-* (17 hours ago)
Taylor Swift is the best for me❤💓
twinkle singh (17 hours ago)
Oh Taylor u r so amazing ,ur songs are telling that u r so independent u r my inspiration ,u r my ideal I love you so much
Adan Alsadig (18 hours ago)
في حدا عربي هنا
Sk Shaon (18 hours ago)
1st view...
Karissa Wiggins (19 hours ago)
I just realized todrick hall was in this video
Mousumi Bhattacharya (20 hours ago)
C'mon Swifties, can we reach 2B?
vandeci maria (21 hours ago)
Delilah Salas (22 hours ago)
I love u 😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇
Delilah Salas (22 hours ago)
S-g313ml Ace 4 Lite (22 hours ago)
Alguien de costa rica si lo eres dale like
Dj Games (22 hours ago)
Ouuuu look what you made me do
Dj Games (22 hours ago)
I don’t like your little games
Lily Durik (22 hours ago)
you broke all the comandments
Denjii :/ (23 hours ago)
loli kanna (1 day ago)
R.A Ladybug (1 day ago)
The zombie taylor is from out of the woods
Maui Sanchez (1 day ago)
She protecc She atacc But mostly She eats human brains for a snacc
Just a Nobody (1 day ago)
Valine (1 day ago)
I do not like Taylor swith
Obviously Quentin (1 day ago)
Sorry views
Obviously Quentin (1 day ago)
Nikoru H (1 day ago)
She's a genius
UniLolo (1 day ago)
The old Taylor can’t come to the phone right now Why Because she dose not have one You get it if you are a kid like me sorry if I copped it I did not mean to
UniLolo (1 day ago)
Congrats we hit 1 bill GO SWIFTS
some one (1 day ago)
١ Billion Dollars 🤤💖🔥🔥🔥
Lucas Souza (1 day ago)
Manfred Petersen (1 day ago)
Love the music love your writing get closer to writing the beautifully songs you write
MOLYA BROXEN (1 day ago)
anyone in 2019??
Veronica Brenner (1 day ago)
3:44 and on. Also it was her personalities too
Veronica Brenner (1 day ago)
3:44 and on. Are those all the Taylors from her other music videos?
Joy Knight (1 day ago)
Is your fav color black?
Hυzαιfα (1 day ago)
1B 😕😕😕 R u serious YouTube
Luke Gent (1 day ago)
Her new cd reputation is awesome This song is one of the best
Luke Gent (1 day ago)
I like her
yasin albayrak (1 day ago)
Of cok iyi ya
reuf zejnelagic (1 day ago)
LƯC LÊ (1 day ago)
Please sign up for a chance to help me achieve my goal of 1000 enrollments and show youtube thanks
OMG 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
El Danilin (1 day ago)
Sorry the old Taylor can't come to the phone why she's dead
lisha gambhir (1 day ago)
Profesora Básica (1 day ago)
Is really sjjita derbbama
Zelin 24 (1 day ago)
19 March 2019 ??
Nilsa Watanave (1 day ago)
They are like harley queen
Saim Tariq (1 day ago)
Taylor you rock 💞💞
Uuuuu bad kitty
sophia Rodrigues (1 day ago)
Eu te adoro
Those 1.2M dislikes are from katy perry in different accs😂
Damon Salvatore (1 day ago)
Congrats queen for another billion
PRANEETH E (1 day ago)
Who's here after 1 M dislikes?
AJDF HD (1 day ago)
Farah Ila (1 day ago)
For me: this is the best music video in the world✨✨✨✨🎉🎉
Carolina Calizaya (1 day ago)
Amara que linda COPY you :o
Lidia Adj (1 day ago)
رائعة و معربة في نفسي الوقت لي حب الله يخطب جام
Chiara Cokieng (1 day ago)
i hate this song
Zelin 24 (1 day ago)
+Chiara Cokieng Why are you listening to this song?
Angel White (1 day ago)
They will pay our Tay tay if you watch add for over 20 sec
And the zombie
3:43 the girl in Havana lolol

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