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Taylor Swift - Look What You Made Me Do

8199932 ratings | 1008296834 views
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Text Comments (733587)
Fc (2 minutes ago)
Jansamut Suriyavong (27 minutes ago) B
Keira Gomez (33 minutes ago)
GAMEY 64 (33 minutes ago)
Foxy Vixen Girl (43 minutes ago)
Soooooo, anyone here after watching Jacksfilms?
biebe08 (57 minutes ago)
both has 32 m subs...
Selin Turgut (1 hour ago)
Spy :b (1 hour ago)
Taylor or Katy? :0
matt mc (1 hour ago)
Found that last part funny
Louena Aguilar (1 hour ago)
Blood of Jesus Christ Taylor is a witchcraft a. You guys still don’t get it the demons in this video is the real Taylor an the other people was cloned an on of say to her she’s fake in the end of the music she is tired of the Illuminati thank good for showing me the truth about this video glory be to Jesus Christ the son of god
Cassy holmes (1 hour ago)
I think the closest one at that time was the lady in a golden cage. She is just avoiding to talk at the end not to disclose herself.
Cassy holmes (1 hour ago)
No, even the fake one was fake, it had been using a picture found on the internet to pretend being another identity. The real one had not even been on the stage this is why she is on the plane. The real one had still not been pictured apart from a "T" which does not mean anything. Not yet disclosed.
Haley H (1 hour ago)
Wish I could see her with a different hair color
adrian guintu (2 hours ago)
Imean... This is better than yt rewind
fatima zhra (2 hours ago)
إلي عربي لايك انشوف كم عدد العربيين الذين يشاهدون هده الأغنية وكتب من أي بلد أنت
fatima zhra (2 hours ago)
Roman Rains (3 hours ago)
LOOK What u made me To do 👵
nuhash Adnan (3 hours ago)
Ehhh how did you get in that cage in that high swing
Nay Jaroudi (4 hours ago)
Omg stuck in my head when I go to school I always sing it
swift 13 (23 minutes ago)
I relate😂😂😂😂
Christy Ui (4 hours ago)
Ran Isaac (4 hours ago)
2020? Anyone?
mnl48 shipper (4 hours ago)
hey swifties out there its already 1B🙌
Sainath Kale (4 hours ago)
1B finally😍
Тейлор- перл шоу-бизнеса, любой клип - создание искусства👏👍💟
Jean Ey (5 hours ago)
I billion views. Wtf!
HLEST Serg (5 hours ago)
Super 3.26👍) 3.36) spectacularly
V P (5 hours ago)
Jacksfilms anyone??
Atreus orlando (5 hours ago)
1 billion!
camila (5 hours ago)
This has to be the greatest comeback of all times
Ron Ruddick (6 hours ago)
4, and 7 and 9
sammy cordoba (6 hours ago)
Abby & Vic (7 hours ago)
Anyone else notice something on Taylor's lip at 3:04?
Paul SingH (7 hours ago)
super star swift why did you have the gay influence meaning men in heels on your video, nice song but not nice video because of that!
Samara Lundy (7 hours ago)
Swifty country is gone now
Valentina Orellana (7 hours ago)
My Queen 🐍🐍🐍
cute viewer (7 hours ago)
Avid_Snxke (7 hours ago)
jacksfilms version was better.
Ezra Prime (25 minutes ago)
Then go watch Jacksfilms instead
yo this concept fits her so well
la venganza no lleva a nada nuevo... pero bueno
tamir Yamir (8 hours ago)
Susie (9 hours ago)
_I get smarter I get harder_ *_HMMMMM_*
j hadaway (9 hours ago)
I'm your biggest fan ever
Paul B. (9 hours ago)
Maria Eduarda (9 hours ago)
Eu sou a única BR?
oink (9 hours ago)
taylor swft is not only a coward closet racist, but a huge phoney. just try and start a normal conversation with this pigshit lol.
Federico Sanabria (9 hours ago)
Wtf this song have 1 million dislikes?
styleesta (10 hours ago)
Your Song Sounds Dead 💀💀💀💀☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️🕸🕸🕸🕸🕸
styleesta (10 hours ago)
I'm not even going out today but my phone 📱 is a little bit more working than the. Last time I'm your biggest fan ☠️💀🕸☠️💀 👗
Alluma Nati (10 hours ago)
Guess what happens when I run out of steam Dr's, yep, angry anal exams!
Lamia Adel (10 hours ago)
1 Billion ❤💃🏻!
Adrián Martínez Pérez (10 hours ago)
Bom en tu cara Katy Perry :v
Alicia Duete (10 hours ago)
Nayeon Son (10 hours ago)
Roberto Vasquez soberon (11 hours ago)
She is stupid
Cassidy Sauve (12 hours ago)
love this song so so so so so so much
Shyann Cain (12 hours ago)
This is my absolute favorite video of all time! Love u T Swift! Ur reputation concert was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!! Like if u agree
Amanda Rose (12 hours ago)
I-L-L-U-M-I-N-A-T-I. Don't @ me if you disagree, morons! Keep sleeping
Rachael Olivia (12 hours ago)
Ya 1B
Inaya Begum (12 hours ago)
So creepyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
Fernanda Sánchez (12 hours ago)
Y haté you
Valeria Sierra (13 hours ago)
Ron Ruddick (13 hours ago)
someone did it wrong then...
Hailey Davis (13 hours ago)
Taylor do you like Katy parry
Ezra Prime (25 minutes ago)
They are friend now. The feud is over
Mari Styles (13 hours ago)
The better, less intense version of Anaconda 😂
Sara Tommy (13 hours ago)
fifi la Jayne (14 hours ago)
How can anyone dislike this?
aisha hisham (14 hours ago)
I love T S ❤
aisha hisham (1 hour ago)
+I like my cookies with milk hello ,😊 how are you
aisha hisham hi.
Şeyma Chan (15 hours ago)
Are you crazy
Adriana Ramirez (15 hours ago)
sad kurama (15 hours ago)
1 billion!! 🌚
arantxa m.c. (15 hours ago)
محمد الحربي (15 hours ago)
وينكم ياعرب🇯🇴🇰🇲🇰🇼🇴🇲🇲🇦🇸🇾🇸🇦🇶🇦🇦🇪🇪🇭🇮🇶🇩🇿🇱🇾🇪🇬🇸🇩🇵🇸🇾🇪💚💚🇩🇯
Marinette Dupain (16 hours ago)
Alguien que hable español???
Luna Juez (15 hours ago)
yo hablo español 😂
Furryprincess (16 hours ago)
DARYA (17 hours ago)
o' Hiding Man (17 hours ago)
Here from Jacksfilms
Benedict Susanto (17 hours ago)
Aye aye.. 2019
LizziesDoseofBeauty (17 hours ago)
*Who else is here before 2B??* 🙌🏼 Btw, I am a small Youtuber!
陳令恩 (17 hours ago)
kepop_ dünyası (18 hours ago)
Estella Marques (18 hours ago)
Lucas Centurion (18 hours ago)
En el minuto 0:42 En la velocidad 0.25x Se puede ver el reflejo taylor Aplaudiendo mientras la verdadera taylor No esta aplaudiendo
hey em (18 hours ago)
00:41 wait don't scroll See this time 00:41 in speed of 0.5 x and you will see the Taylor clapping in mirror It got me scared seriously see it 😱😱😱 Only Taylor can do it such weired things 😱
Lucas Centurion (18 hours ago)
Esta aplaudiendo
Ayan Nor (18 hours ago)
You Are Cool Taylor Swift.
hold up this after my birthday
Your voice is beautifull
Xx Xx (19 hours ago)
I Love this Song.
اكو عرب بالطياره😂😂
Manoj M (19 hours ago)
2019???? Are u here?
Руские вы здесь????
Гарри Поттер (19 hours ago)
Abbi Huertas (19 hours ago)
Jaja me meto Los cuchillos mentira
salomão santtos (19 hours ago)
❤❤❤❤ ❤❤❤❤ ❤❤❤❤
Sherry 13 (20 hours ago)
Ugh the ending is so iconic
kvlie nguyen (20 hours ago)
Number 13
Caleb Ledbetter (20 hours ago)
Billion was hit
dinh thao (20 hours ago)
Diego Perez Sarabia (20 hours ago)
Y encima inglesa y puta dislike todos por juegagerman
Diego Perez Sarabia (20 hours ago)
Tu hija de puta quitando el puesto a juegagerman putaputaputaputaputaputaputaputaputaputaputaputaputaputaputaputaputaputa
Swifties TS (21 hours ago)
please keep str*aming this music video

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