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Drawing Anime girl in Kimono

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My Manga BOOK on Amazon: https://goo.gl/ZlfsXB ✿ Subscribe to my channel: http://goo.gl/XxtJ0s ✿ Manga workshop characters (my tutorial book) : http://goo.gl/mp79Wg Website: https://www.sophie-chan.com FB: https://www.facebook.com/page.sophiec... Twitter: https://twitter.com/Sophiechan90 [enable annotations for tools used] This is actually a gift for the Japanese ambassador, without her support, I wouldn't have continued learning Japanese language. I decided to share the making of this painting, from the very beginning to the end. I hope this speed paint inspired you to continue learning Manga. Thank you for your support! Next video is a tutorial! =) Sophie-chan Music: (Rains will fall, Gymnopedie, zenbasuru) Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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Text Comments (3736)
I really love your drawing style ❤️
rahmat X Art (1 month ago)
Awesome ^^
Ketan Wagh (1 month ago)
Man I also draw but not is good as you that drawing stole my god damm heart
Damon Singh (1 month ago)
That was so satisfying to watch! Also , loved the pastel combo with copics
Lu-lu-chan (2 months ago)
Ohhhh! I would love to draw like you! You're so talented!
Barbara Barbee (3 months ago)
How to color hair
Bijoy Laishram (3 months ago)
Your drawings are freaking awesome Sophie chan
Nandikha Munary (3 months ago)
Are you god 😲😲😲
Audrey Aund (4 months ago)
Great work your even better than me WOW just just it’s Beautiful! <3
Papetra Zeno Morgan (4 months ago)
I love the way you draw anime
HeyIts Keiz (4 months ago)
Cat cookie (4 months ago)
you draw so good you are amazing
Sophie chan:yay completed my drawing Me:oh looks so simple(sits there for a whole day tryin'na draw a circle)
عسوله عسوله (5 months ago)
Trần-kun TV TV (5 months ago)
Wao good
Heba Gouda (6 months ago)
The japan flag is on her rubber 🇯🇵
Heba Gouda (6 months ago)
W O N D E R F U L Wonderful!😍❤️
Fjgd Cjhdf (7 months ago)
wow cool
Dr samarendra sarma (7 months ago)
Slow down
Misaa Chaan ! (7 months ago)
Ptdrr j'avais pris ton manuel pour comment dessiner les mangas. A vrai dire ça m'a beaucoup servi. ^-^
Sampa Roy (7 months ago)
What did U use to colour it?
Rebekah Ju (7 months ago)
My friends say that using material for drawing is cheating
Rachael Tuglavina (7 months ago)
Once I tried to draw anime but I failed to much I quit but I still try to draw it yet
K H (8 months ago)
sure nice i want to be like you but im just a hopeless kid this is my dads acount:(
Konsm Gullick (8 months ago)
TheAri SK (8 months ago)
*you are amazing!*
KarriAnttoni Nummela (8 months ago)
2k18? ;D
mitsuki Kakashimi (9 months ago)
I draw manga all the time
Cubus32 (9 months ago)
I never knew about copic's before this. Thank you for inspiring me to draw and learning to get better!
jocelyn gimpayan (10 months ago)
You are drawing senpai
Pavel Slavětínský (10 months ago)
If this is 6 years ago, where are you now? :-)
Nadia Rossi (10 months ago)
ѕιяιηєヅ (10 months ago)
M. (11 months ago)
how can someone dislike this they might just have some mental issues!! oh plus hey 6 years later ;)
eCapter (11 months ago)
omg is this black Magic?
Dave TKL (11 months ago)
OMG it is so cool
Brena Santos (11 months ago)
It's so perfect!
Ayano Aishi (11 months ago)
Who watching this in 2017?
Nada Safira Ramadhani (11 months ago)
Thats so very much beautiful...
Nada Safira Ramadhani (11 months ago)
I cant to draw thats... 😦😟😣😳
Meganthropus erectus (11 months ago)
Please uploud again shopie chan
Nazzila (1 year ago)
your so talented, and it inspires me
ιтz нєяѕнєу (1 year ago)
Yeah, Sophie manga are just pics but nice drawing :3
Fox Lover (1 year ago)
Did anyone notice her eraser is a sushi?
Fox Lover (1 year ago)
I dont know why but...whe she started coloring i thought she used sharpies for a bit..
Laleshka Caliboso (1 year ago)
what type of marker do you have?
Ur mom (1 year ago)
even tho this is not a tutorial this pretty much helps- as a tutorial idk why im weird- but thx for le tutorial ^w^
MaskyKat (1 year ago)
well ur drawing is awesome but need more improvement on the face and appearance
OST Anime Indonesia (1 year ago)
Charity's Art Club (1 year ago)
*Triggered People Who Draw Stickmen Disliked This*
Luan Nguyen (1 year ago)
Kim Ngưu (1 year ago)
Em thay tic Nên bong ben Thi dep hon
Handsome Squidward (1 year ago)
I was just looking at anime art, then I see your username.... O.o
Armeen Baig (1 year ago)
best as always
وردة السلام (1 year ago)
احسنت أحب الرسم واعرف قليلا
anime lover (1 year ago)
Solar Flare :3 (1 year ago)
You have a sushi eraser
Penny Delly (1 year ago)
Who is watching 2017 - 2018?????
Putra Jane (1 year ago)
sophie miss u </3
Anthony Arredondo (1 year ago)
when you loki lose hope in being this good xD
GS Kang (1 year ago)
Hello madam I am beginner in the drawing. You can help me how to I start drawing
Sky Cat Girl (1 year ago)
how do you do this????
Otoshi- -sama (1 year ago)
Lol why'd the sad music ;-; Please change it to a happier music :|
Daniel Lima (1 year ago)
Great and wonderfull.
Charity's Art Club (1 year ago)
You just earned a new subscriber! (PS its me!)
Joshoa Sasaki (1 year ago)
What brand did you use to add colorsss
Seven Shores (1 year ago)
I remember watching this all the time. I even got my parents to put it on the TV once! I was probably six at the time, now I'm eleven and I won a prize for winning an art competition at school! I gotta say this inspired me LOADS to pursue my art career as a comic artist/animator! And it was all because of this video (I think I was inspired because I thought it looked cool :D).
겨울 (1 year ago)
Sara Kähkönen (1 year ago)
أجمل رسمة أتمنة أصير رسامة
Snow Lunnyplayz (1 year ago)
Who is watching this in 2017?XD I just wanna know how many ppls who still watch this lol
Jumin Han (1 year ago)
What did u use in coloring?
Sinister chan (1 year ago)
Wait...What is the difference between Anime and Manga?
chandrika thahira (1 year ago)
can I know with are u colouring.I am 13 now .I will draw a bit but I want to improve my skill
Rycoon (1 year ago)
wow that's amazing
hateUmankind (1 year ago)
Art come to the mind heart soul Harmony & Passion & love for the art make a great art piece & practice make prefect & work & Dedication & Patience can have reward for hard work if they no passion for the your work of art it is useless with no value at all be possessive & the artwork will not do it self no fun at all & just make the best of what you do with art & be creative be Possessive & love what you doing with art put all you heart & soul into drawing & focus on you work art till the very end & it come with Reward & share your love for you passion work & best of lucky & love for you artwork & bless you & have the best time of what you do with life & love of Art & Cheer to all you Amen
Vanilla (1 year ago)
Amazing ;) We were made in Gods image and my he created us beautiful.
Văn Ban Ta (1 year ago)
it is so beautiful
Văn Ban Ta (1 year ago)
I can get the picture in your video
Larisa (1 year ago)
I can't even draw head
My name is UGLY (1 year ago)
The thing I hate about drawing anime eyes is that when you finally get one eye, the big struggle is the second ;-; So I cover it with hair ;-;
Sonia Chen (1 year ago)
instagram xiuxiu7447
Wenqi Zhou (1 year ago)
Who is watching this in 2017? Me 🌞
كل من يحب قنات سبيستون فل يشترك معي
Norikon channel (1 year ago)
Wow,I like the shading and the eyes.This is useful for me:3
Potato (1 year ago)
anyone else just feel so touched by the music
Fearful Knights (1 year ago)
Erika (1 year ago)
I think I could watch you draw hair all day long ^.^ So good!
James Tse (1 year ago)
do anyone of you know what is the anime that she is drawing?? i know the girl is call kimono ,but i want to know what anime is it!
parvin sultana (1 year ago)
thought liked ur video a lot
parvin sultana (1 year ago)
I will appreciate if u do at list one video please
parvin sultana (1 year ago)
without copies
parvin sultana (1 year ago)
could u do a pencil colouring anime or manga tutorial please please
-boba- (1 year ago)
0:06 if that is a rough sketch, i am going nowhere
E'enfant (1 year ago)
Alawi Hameed (1 year ago)
عجبتني كتير انا ارسم انمي كمان وبنت خالي كمان تحياتي
Artsy Emma (1 year ago)
Little drawing youtuber here ! 🌸🌹 Would you like to be ytb buddies ? 😁
wiw 👍👍👍👍👍 coooole
雨諾音 (1 year ago)

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